YUNGBLUD - mars (Official Video)

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Music video by YUNGBLUD performing mars. © 2020 Locomotion Recordings Limited, under exclusive license to Geffen Records


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27. 11. 2020





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Miriam Ferreira
Miriam Ferreira Před 7 hodinami
representation and Art
Just A Random Frog On Your Lawn
The way his voice breaks towards the end tho.... I relate so hard to this
dallas thekid
dallas thekid Před 9 hodinami
Thanks for taking that punch for us dom ❤️❤️❤️
Guadalene Baxter
Guadalene Baxter Před 10 hodinami
Grayson_ Tomlinson_
Grayson_ Tomlinson_ Před 11 hodinami
This is my third favorite song from yungblud
Erin Calvert
Erin Calvert Před 12 hodinami
this song and video is so powerful ur songs r great i hope to see u live sometime
Trino Leon
Trino Leon Před 13 hodinami
This message sends nothing but chills down my spine I fucken love this it’s so powerful and beautiful
Vivien Szabó
Vivien Szabó Před 14 hodinami
trans is beautiful. can't prove me otherwise
sovoxo Před 15 hodinami
full body chills the whole song
Erin Stalcup
Erin Stalcup Před 15 hodinami
Chills, every single time I see this. Every. time.
PUMK1N Před 16 hodinami
Hello my name is Ashley/Ash Im 17 and I'm to scared to come out to my friends and family as a girl, I'm so grateful for artists spreading awareness and helping people like me feel accepted
Sofia Jaid Plantevin
Sofia Jaid Plantevin Před 20 hodinami
How is that redhead girl? what's her name?
Sarah duffy
Sarah duffy Před 20 hodinami
I love this song im obsessed 💖❤
Валентин Valentin
Валентин Valentin Před 21 hodinou
She ?!
Peppa Pig
Peppa Pig Před 8 hodinami
jamil Ashy
jamil Ashy Před 22 hodinami
This song make my tears run some times and some time make me wish leave on mars
Gustavo Adolfo Hernandez
Yungblud ha hecho algo que a muchos les cuesta trabajo. Poner como principal ingrediente a su música las emociones reales! Amo a este cabron por eso y muchas cosas más
Juana Bottelli Chaher
I love this person so much, trans people are valid!
QR Před dnem
me being black and pan and 13 doesnt even have to do with the emotions this song made me feel, thank you yungblud you are truly the best
Melissa Arrington
Wow this gave me chills and its message of acceptance of yourself is powerful
Queen to the King
I put the one hour version on and listen to it all day (8 and 1/2 hours) at work... gets me through the day 😭❤
-nashly- Před dnem
la historia de tras de esta cancion .......... te amo mucho
Larry Es Real
Larry Es Real Před dnem
michael kurland
michael kurland Před dnem
This song reminds me so Much of Polygraph eyes witch I love
kylie huff
kylie huff Před dnem
I love this song so much
Lorimer Davidson
Lorimer Davidson Před dnem
44 year old cis male and this has me in tears every time the suffering my trans brothers and sisters have to go through just to them selfs.
Calistus Jay
Calistus Jay Před 2 dny
The kid with black hair looks so much like the actor from The End Of The Fucking World. Looks like they can act just as amazingly too. Their performance was outstanding.
Daniel Conte
Daniel Conte Před 2 dny
this made me cry i love it thank you yungblud for bringing us music😭
StormKid Před 2 dny
Is it bad that I relate to this song but I'm not trans? I'm just a masculine female. I just feel this song goes with my sexuality..
Charlotte Martin
Charlotte Martin Před 2 dny
That blonde girl has lips like a Disney Princess and I said what I said. Also this song is emotional as fuck and I love it
ella Před 2 dny
i fr have full-body chills oh my god..
Rachell Lopez
Rachell Lopez Před 2 dny
The blood of youngblood mouth is not real
Jayden Hodgson
Jayden Hodgson Před 2 dny
The bit when the people are trying to stop them hits different
limoncit0 enferm0
limoncit0 enferm0 Před 2 dny
thank you so much, to all of you, really ♡.
illuminaughty Před 2 dny
Elon wya?
Owen Před 2 dny
He's definitely going for the David Bowie style with this.
Zeynep Ornc
Zeynep Ornc Před 2 dny
Truth can hurts like hell
Olivia Campanaro
Olivia Campanaro Před 3 dny
Wowwww ❤️👏
wow, this is song is so... awesome and show us how peoples live is hard
Charlie Caturnip
Charlie Caturnip Před 3 dny
I came from mrs yéyé cover, this song gave me shiver, it's so emotional
Coochie Lice
Coochie Lice Před 3 dny
This is a great song
Gustavietsub Před 3 dny
goosebumps every single time. love this song
Raven Adams
Raven Adams Před 3 dny
As soon as I got to the first chorus I was in tears cuz I relate to this on so many levels not being trans but being abused by my dad for being me loving who I love and being me 😭😭😭
julia Pedraza castedo
la mejor canción
Marie Cantenys
Marie Cantenys Před 3 dny
Excellent 💖
Bob The Best
Bob The Best Před 3 dny
We all need to love each other.
martacruz Před 3 dny
She was only 17 Had the saddest pair of eyes that you ever seen Wore them lips in the cold, it was matching green But she can't be herself when she's somebody else In the morning, she would take her Mothers wedding ring But school got pretty tough when they see it gleam So she hid herself under the mezzanine, re-enacting scenes, yeah She dreamed she'd go to California There everyone would adore her And all her mates will call her 'Til four in the morning Is there any life on Mars? Is there any life on Mars? Is there any life on Mars? Yeah, yeah Every morning she would wake up with another plan Yeah, her Mum and Dad, they couldn't understand Why she couldn't turn it off, become a better man All this therapy Eats away gently at the side of her mind that she never had Yeah, this story told too many times, it makes me sad I bet the author made a fortune on the autograph Give her the money back 'cause She dreamed she'd go to California There everyone would adore her And all her mates will call her 'Til four in the morning Is there any life on Mars? Is there any life on Mars? Is there any life on Mars? Yeah, yeah Is there any life on Mars? Is there any life on Mars? Is there any life on Mars? Yeah, yeah Do you feel like you're irrelevant? Do you feel like you're irrelevant? Do you feel like you're just scared as f-? Do you feel like you're irrelevant? Do you feel like you're irrelevant? Do you feel like you're just scared as f-? Is there any life on Mars? Is there any life on Mars? Is there any life on Mars? Yeah, yeah Is there any life on Mars? Is there any life on Mars? Is there any life on Mars? Yeah, yeah Is there any life on Mars? Is there any life on Mars? Is there any life on Mars? Is there any life on Mars? Is there any life on Mars? Is there any life on Mars?
Sharieli Jah Nuñal
I can never listen to this without having goosebumps, I just wanna cry myself to sleep
Anna Lina
Anna Lina Před 3 dny
He finally hit 2milion!!!! I’m so proud ur work is Fantastic!!!!
Bloopy Gåchä
Bloopy Gåchä Před 3 dny
i do feel scared
Matthew Watkins
Matthew Watkins Před 3 dny
In the morning is there any life in Marks is there any life on Mars is there any iPhone now yeah yeah everyone and she will check the weather never crap anymore and I blame as she understands what she can turn it off because of bad at
Classic rock freak
Classic rock freak Před 3 dny
I think David Bowie could answer that question
Velid Trako
Velid Trako Před 3 dny
u jebo te šta je ovo
wow so mcr really did that huh
who came here to cry?
Kiralea Kiralea
Kiralea Kiralea Před 4 dny
How I feel everyday. Thank you for making music that we can relate to. Love you Dom🖤. #relatable #BlackHeartsClub
Tito Před 4 dny
This song is ass
F1zz Před 4 dny
Welp I’m not sleeping tonight!!!
youngmike 999
youngmike 999 Před 4 dny
In the context of the cosmos your thoughts dont actually mean anything and once you realize that you naturally create a distance from your thought process - sadhguru
Richard Chambers
Richard Chambers Před 4 dny
love this, artic monkeys, oasis and a heap of other british influence in this. next gen of music is in safe hands.
ace the rat twink
ace the rat twink Před 4 dny
ik this isnt reinvent to the song but can one of yall pls help me find out who the white guy with the really black hair is
noralex777 Před 4 dny
Damn, might I say that these people felt the heck out of that song. The emotion is 👌
Katycat Před 4 dny
does anyone know the last guy? like it really hits with that last tear
Al G
Al G Před 4 dny
As a trans non-binary teen, this song hits hard
Max !
Max ! Před 4 dny
Guys we did it! We hit 2M!
Mason chill out
Mason chill out Před 4 dny
Lowkey he would make an amazing joker.
Lucy Michela
Lucy Michela Před 4 dny
Regardless of how amazing this song is, and how it became my favourite song ever almost isntantly for how much it means to me as a trans person, I also LOVE how much Dom lets his accent shine through. I'm not often patriotic, but I love how Dom is from here in the UK and blowing up fast. Now can someone stop cutting onions everytime i watch this video?!
Tatjana Toffifee
Tatjana Toffifee Před 4 dny
Thank you for this Song and the message. Im crying ♡
Plush world woods
Plush world woods Před 4 dny
He just got 2m cus he awesome
Alp Před 4 dny
güzel olmuş afrm
Alex Před 4 dny
I'm an asexual. "Do you feel like you're irrelevant, do you feel like you're just scared as fuck." hits really hard
Laura Webb
Laura Webb Před 15 hodinami
Yeah, same. Especially that last part
Phoebe MOORE
Phoebe MOORE Před 5 dny
The guy at the end 😭🖤
petr filip Vacek
petr filip Vacek Před 5 dny
Rip David Bowie
Just another Brain fart
Ok,ok I know this is rlly inappropriate buttttttttt did he come to set in the pink socks tho
A nonny Mouse
A nonny Mouse Před 5 dny
This song scares me but inspires me as I'm closeted
smiley Před 5 dny
I cant believe it's already been a month
Mari M
Mari M Před 5 dny
I'm non-binary and struggle because my parents think it's a joke or that I just want to be special.. it's really uncomfortable being called "she" but there is no other option in my language so I guess I just have to go with it and at least use my true name online.. My love goes out to all trans people, I can only imagine how tough it must be to be trapped in a different body and not having your loved ones support.. at least we can be ourselves online right ..? Thank you Yungblud ily :3
Ruel Imagines
Ruel Imagines Před 5 dny
my dad just told my little brothers that he would disown them if they ever put makeup or a dress on and then yelled at me bc i said i would always support them and also got in trouble bc i was getting emotional abt it bc i really feel for them and other ppl and kids going through the same thing. so now im here
Mari M
Mari M Před 5 dny
That's tough, I'm sorry I hope you feel better now. It's sad to think your father won't change his mind.. but at least your brothers have a wonderful sibling who will always supports them :3 I wish mine would do that.
Fifi_ Flower
Fifi_ Flower Před 5 dny
i cry every time i hear this song. i love you so much.
Michell Zúñiga
Michell Zúñiga Před 5 dny
Gabriela Rossini Brum
This music makes me feel alive
Taco Cat
Taco Cat Před 5 dny
I fucking love this.
Yes Před 5 dny
I’m in pain
Leyla Ali
Leyla Ali Před 5 dny
That is makes me cry
Saar Hooftman
Saar Hooftman Před 5 dny
ALMOST 2.000.000 !!!!!
Yasmin Chard
Yasmin Chard Před 6 dny
this song saved my life in a way i love him so much x hope i get to meet him one day
Yasmin Chard
Yasmin Chard Před 6 dny
but I'm not trance gender but it still hit me
Micheal Boots
Micheal Boots Před 6 dny
Do you see me Mom? Dad? Am I what you wanted when you said it was just a phase? Are you joking? Please tell me you see me! Please tell me I'm not your daughter I'm your son! I WOULD DO ANYTHING! The hate you give to me is horrible but ill take it, if that means I have a chance to open your eyes to me being trans. So Mama, Dad, do you finally see me? Do you see Micheal not ? Do you see him/they not she/her? Can you see past my breasts and vagina? Can you see past the "F" on my birth certificate, can you see past the "F" that will be on my learners permit and my drivers license? Tell me you see me.. Because I want you to see the me I want. The me I dream of, the me that I will become..
-Juicy Frog-
-Juicy Frog- Před 6 dny
My parents: why would you watch this it’s so dumb and the music sucks Me: this is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen with every detail correct with layers
Nair Teffé
Nair Teffé Před 6 dny
Nem te conheço direito mas te amo
Sa Ya
Sa Ya Před 6 dny
I love this song so Much
Rey .s.g
Rey .s.g Před 6 dny
I’m crying this song means so much
Ava Dennis
Ava Dennis Před 6 dny
Wait why am I crying
bakugou katsuki
bakugou katsuki Před 6 dny
I only had one friend and we got in trouble for skipping school since we got caught but we did it bc we just gave up and we didnt feel anything ive make alot of stupid disisions after that.
teresa yeh
teresa yeh Před 6 dny
Does that makeup come from David Bowie's "Life on Mars"?
Поліна Гудухіна
Можно пажалуйста песні без мата і крові мне просто не разрішают ето слушать патамушто я ещё маленькая УМАЛЯЮ можно без матааааа і крові🙏🏻 Спасібо
Monica Niemandt
Monica Niemandt Před 6 dny
My crush is trans... And this song reminds so much of him
harryishabit T
harryishabit T Před 6 dny
can't stop crying while listening this song.
julie deliga
julie deliga Před 7 dny
How the hell Can you dislike Art like this?:(
Shawn Tyler
Shawn Tyler Před 5 dny
julie deliga thank you Julie! I appreciate the love. 🖤
julie deliga
julie deliga Před 5 dny
@Shawn Tyler i really like your Songs :) You have Talent. Stay Well to:))
Shawn Tyler
Shawn Tyler Před 6 dny
Agreed. Song is great and video is deep. Hope to do a song with him one day. Would love to hear what you think of some of my stuff if you get the chance. Stay well Julie! csvid.net/video/video-EAd9DCCkBzM.html
Joslyn Unger
Joslyn Unger Před 7 dny
I can’t transition at school or home but here I can just cry and be who I am and nobody give a shit because they have issues too and we can just sit and think whit the knowledge that it will get better I have to tell myself that every single day and here don tell me and so many others to stay that you are worth it
Erina Před 7 dny
I'm Japanese. I don't fully understand what he is saying, but their music is awesome
NamjoonsDimples Před 7 dny
❤ it's a bout a trans girl
Enrique Bustamante
Enrique Bustamante Před 7 dny
Yungblud is like a primer for The Used
Tressa Zimmerman
Tressa Zimmerman Před 7 dny
Wow! Googebumps and tears.
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