YUNGBLUD - cotton candy (Official Music Video)

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15. 10. 2020





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Nicky Gabstone
Nicky Gabstone Před 3 hodinami
angel in a tennis court is the most random and satisfying thing ever especially because nobody could rock it but Yungblud
Anna Kovanen
Anna Kovanen Před 4 hodinami
I love this so much! What i wouldn´t give for a collab with Yungblud and Miley Cyrus. Can you even imagine how incredible that would be! Freakin´ love ya´!
lollypopz Před 4 hodinami
0:35 gives me really strong 6ix9ine vibes...
Alex Před 4 hodinami
so good
lollypopz Před 4 hodinami
why does this remind me of a post malone song? Not the words just the melody. I forgot what the song was called
Josè Gabriel
Josè Gabriel Před 5 hodinami
algun latino escuchando este rolon
Paula Shaw
Paula Shaw Před 5 hodinami
thats just gross its sex in it and ubder tge flor
Sadcornio Před 6 hodinami
"BRAZZERS" pra quê?! ;-;'
Black Adam
Black Adam Před 6 hodinami
28 Maitreya Gupta
28 Maitreya Gupta Před 6 hodinami
I dont like this over sexualised YungBlud. Give me back my Tin Pan boy and Parents anti-establishment punk Yungblud back. What is this mainstream nonsense. Yungblud please come back.
Yannick Schulte
Yannick Schulte Před 6 hodinami
0:34 please someone Tell me the Name of the left Girl :)
Sebastian Clark
Sebastian Clark Před 7 hodinami
All his music's great but I miss rock n roll yungblus
qubi bucks
qubi bucks Před 7 hodinami
My friend said you are so cute and I like you 💞💞💋
Mascha Před 7 hodinami
say whatever you want he's a king.
DontLet TheWorldRot
DontLet TheWorldRot Před 8 hodinami
Beta sex kitten programming symbolism everywhere in this video. Not surprised. That's why hes blowing up.
Serious Bitch
Serious Bitch Před 8 hodinami
Novody us going to talk about when he wore the skirt omgg 😍😍😍😍😍😍🥺🥺🥺🥺
Anderson Jorge
Anderson Jorge Před 8 hodinami
Aíí que música boa. Ele é um fofo. 😚
Lily! Před 9 hodinami
I love this man
Rebekka Pr
Rebekka Pr Před 10 hodinami
Damn he looks good in that skirt!!!
Ann Benson
Ann Benson Před 10 hodinami
Yungblud is out here showing kids everywhere that you can be whoever you want. AND I AM HERE FOR IT
Uday Uday
Uday Uday Před 11 hodinami
Strawberry Lemon Cotton Candy Maybe we can see lot of foods
Hollie Gower
Hollie Gower Před 13 hodinami
I pray for whoever tripped to this video 🤝
yanie Před 15 hodinami
I slowed down this song 💓 please listen to this 🥺👉🏻👈🏻 csvid.net/video/video-_4hRT1y9f1Q.html
Medusa Grim
Medusa Grim Před 16 hodinami
he's so fucking cute omg
Ambo Walupime
Ambo Walupime Před 16 hodinami
this is what homophobes think bisexuals do in their leisure time 😂😂 (i love this tho)
mVm B
mVm B Před 17 hodinami
god...imagine having to change the sheets on that bed
Cody NESBITT Před 17 hodinami
I clicked on this advert just to call your song shit.
Chase Sterling
Chase Sterling Před 19 hodinami
The amount of hip gyration in this vid is astounding jesus christ
Star Butterfly
Star Butterfly Před 21 hodinou
Oh he gay or is it just me
AnnwithoutanE Před 19 hodinami
he doesn't label himself
Charlotte Dance
Charlotte Dance Před 21 hodinou
why tf is yungblud a ridiculously gorgeous human being omggg
Jhorlyane Lima
Jhorlyane Lima Před 22 hodinami
Algum br aqui?
Mary Před dnem
is this what you call having sex while your friends are watching?????
Papycolza Před dnem
1:31 Don't forget to wash your hands kids
Sam xx
Sam xx Před dnem
Fucking hell he's georgouse.. words have to write!!!
That Person
That Person Před dnem
Dom looks stunning in a skirt
EllieSmith Před dnem
I rlly wanna be in this vid. Getting paid to luck yungblud....
Ellie jean
Ellie jean Před dnem
Ellie jean
Ellie jean Před dnem
AnnwithoutanE Před 19 hodinami
Mwesigwa Joel Philip
I want to be on this party
Frederic Reid
Frederic Reid Před dnem
Frederic Reid
Frederic Reid Před dnem
( ̄ε(# ̄)(´・ω・`)?κ🎨🛒
Frederic Reid
Frederic Reid Před dnem
night mime
night mime Před dnem
1:31 remember to wash em hands
Maria Fernanda
Maria Fernanda Před dnem
te amo
sophie rollinson
sophie rollinson Před dnem
love it xxx
Bailey Marie
Bailey Marie Před dnem
And I dance to your songs when I I am happy
Bailey Marie
Bailey Marie Před dnem
I listened to your songs and they make me happy when I feel sad
Bailey Marie
Bailey Marie Před dnem
I am your biggest fan ever
GlueStix Před dnem
If my parents knew I listened to yungblud and saw this video, they probably wouldn't condone it
Jhon Franco
Jhon Franco Před dnem
Lia is a mess
Lia is a mess Před dnem
This has the most bisexual vibe I've ever seen and I LIVE for it
marion fitness
marion fitness Před dnem
He reminds me of Abbey from NCIS!!! I just love him
Red9996 Před dnem
Dom doesn't know the difference between halloween and valentine, but I figured its always valentines day when you're around him
høt pøtato
høt pøtato Před dnem
I cant wait to go to his concert next year 🖤
da_nox Před dnem
I would pay to be one of the people
Oito de copas
Oito de copas Před dnem
Meeh Cute
Meeh Cute Před dnem
I love youu 🖤🖤💙💙💙
Meeh Cute
Meeh Cute Před dnem
Dom vc fica tão fofo de saia 😔🖤✨
Meeh Cute
Meeh Cute Před dnem
O cabaré mais perfeito que há 👉👈🖤✨
montse orueta
montse orueta Před dnem
Yunblud in wings is all i need in life bye
Joshua Irizarry
Joshua Irizarry Před dnem
So.... This is what pop punk is now .... Ok it's kool ... Maybe ... Honestly if it wasn't so overly produced I'd be kool with it but this my chemical wanna be playing dress up is cute just cute play with the big boys I'm smidge malone GG alans kid ... Yupppp ... Wep shhhhh ahhhhshhhhh luv is a door step away.
Aleksander Finstad
Cool music
toofattoskate1 Před dnem
Keith Flint would be turning in his grave at the fake Contrivance
Zoma Jamshidi
Zoma Jamshidi Před dnem
Amk was ist aus dieser Welt geworden
マルフォイ Před dnem
Lucrezia Morganti
Trap Stars
Trap Stars Před dnem
Teacher: come grab this assessment Kid named Essment: csvid.net/video/video-GynfQ0XZ5VM.html
Trap Stars
Trap Stars Před dnem
Maybe 2020 wasn't so bad after all. csvid.net/video/video-GynfQ0XZ5VM.html
Nora Aehestetic
Nora Aehestetic Před dnem
Who else wants to be the girl in black? Only me ? Oki
THREEXX Před dnem
Summer M
Summer M Před dnem
Sherbet42 Před dnem
Fisnlly a content creator who knows what the people want
josie Před dnem
His hips don't lie in this video 🤣
Jeffery Goodwin
Jeffery Goodwin Před dnem
I love all you guys 🖤
sloshpot Před dnem
Adds to when the homies ain't around playlist
Sydney Blair
Sydney Blair Před dnem
Diego varo
Diego varo Před dnem
Watermelon sugar second part :'0
D P Před dnem
My one main question is how the heck did they make this in 2020? Apart from that loving the video. Dom looks pretty fit in that tennis outfit
BunniClaws _
BunniClaws _ Před dnem
Boys in skirts boys in skirts ❤️❤️
S C Před dnem
I keep coming back for good vibes, love love love this whole mess!
Flow blippi Veraz moler
[Verse 1] Tallulah knows that she's not the only one I'm holding close On the low, I get vertigo from body overdose So tell me your name, and tell me your problems I got the same [Pre-Chorus] And I wanna get stuck between your teeth like cotton candy So you'll remember me, darling [Chorus] I'm losing myself in you And you, and you, and you, and you, I know I'm losing myself in you And you, and you, and you, and you, I know [Verse 2] I figured out that the modern world is Turning the wrong way 'round There's something about the way Our bedsheets turn religion upside down So we just have sex to solve all our problems Let's do it again [Pre-Chorus] And I wanna get stuck between your teeth like cotton candy So you'll remember me, darling [Chorus] I'm losing myself in you And you, and you, and you, and you,I know I'm losing myself in you And you, and you, and you, and you, I know Leave me in the morning Although, I don't wanna be on my own I'm losing myself in you And you, and you, and you, and you, I know I'm losing myself in you And you, and you, and you, and you, I know I'm losing myself in you And you, and you, and you, and you, I know Leave me in the morning Although, I don't wanna be on my own I'm losing myself in you And you, and you, and you, and you, I know
Doomer Volterskiu
This shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
denis birchard
denis birchard Před dnem
NotChloe2 Před dnem
a one direction video took me here lmao
NotChloe2 Před dnem
@lps angel one way or another
lps angel
lps angel Před dnem
omg lol which one ?
NotChloe2 Před dnem
@lps angel it was at the top right lol
lps angel
lps angel Před dnem
lmao how-
Madara Susano'o
Madara Susano'o Před dnem
Lady / Suda
Lady / Suda Před dnem
this riff is tame impala bro
Starfish Před dnem
Okay my new favorite band...
Crystal Dandrea
Crystal Dandrea Před dnem
When a man can move his hips better than you lol
kenna rose
kenna rose Před dnem
i love this way too much to be mentally stable
Arieus Gaming
Arieus Gaming Před dnem
When he looks like nacar aloe but sounds like beastie boys
Джоня Джокович
Мерзкая попса. Разочарован
Nora Aehestetic
Nora Aehestetic Před 2 dny
I could literally listen to the song 24 hours The music is astronomically good I don’t even know if that’s a word but it’s good and he’s so fucking hot it’s unbelievable❤️
Timsal Před 2 dny
I relate on spiritual level to girl eating noodles on the floor
Lewis James
Lewis James Před 2 dny
this is yungbluds best song to date
Raphael Acosta
Raphael Acosta Před 2 dny
Dude youngblud can't make a video whith no bad word.lol
Rafa Kamui
Rafa Kamui Před 2 dny
Eu amo a forma como ele se expressa sendo ele mesmo
irene volaj
irene volaj Před 2 dny
My replay botton is crying👁️👄👁️
Maggieann Lane
Maggieann Lane Před 2 dny
The leopard print outfit though
Gloria Kim
Gloria Kim Před 2 dny
너무 충격받았는데 좋아서 계속 들으러와 ...와우
Gloria Kim
Gloria Kim Před 2 dny
Ermagod why is this song so addictive😂😂😂
rainbow_planet _1273
You look so pretty in a skirt 😍👌
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