Xiaomi Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro Live Launch - Price, Specifications, Unboxing

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Hello StuffListings Army, Welcome to live stream of #Mi10Pro Event. New Here? Subscribe for daily tech updates.
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According to the previous information, the Xiaomi Mi 10 series will use a hole-drilling curved screen design in the upper left corner, equipped with a Snapdragon 865 processor. OIS, 120-frame slow-motion selfie and super night scene mode, with 2.35: 1 movie format.
In addition, Xiaomi Mi 10 also uses a 3000mm2 oversized VC, 6-layer graphite sheet, graphene, matrix temperature sensor and AI machine learning temperature control strategy. It is expected to have a white version.
The new generation of Wi-Fi 6 router Xiaomi AIoT router AX3600 will also be released together. It supports OFDMA and MU-MIMO technology. It is equipped with a Qualcomm 4-core A53 1GHz chip and has 6 external signal amplifiers.
Xiaomi Mi 10 new product launch conference will be held in Beijing on February 13th at 14:00. At that time, new products such as Xiaomi 10 series and Xiaomi Wi-Fi 6 router will be officially unveiled.
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Avadhesh Choudhary
Avadhesh Choudhary Před 6 dny
Hume redmi 9 series kab dekhne ko milega please bata do please abhi bhi redmi 4 A use kar raha hu please please please please
StuffListings YT
StuffListings YT Před hodinou
StuffListings YT
StuffListings YT Před 14 dny
Mi 10 ------------------------------------------------ 8GB, 128GB - Yuan 3,999 (approx ₹41,000) 8GB, 256GB - Yuan 4,299 (approx ₹44,000) 12GB, 256GB - Yuan 4,699 (approx ₹48,000) Mi 10 Pro ------------------------------------------------- 8GB RAM, 256GB - Yuan 4,999 (approx ₹51,100) 12GB RAM, 256GB - Yuan 5,499 (approx ₹56,300) 12GB RAM, 512GB - Yuan 5,999 (approx ₹61,400)
mohamed waffy 55
mohamed waffy 55 Před 14 dny
أنس أبو محفوظ
What about the price 🤔🤔🤔
StuffListings YT
StuffListings YT Před 13 dny
Check pinned comment
Eder Salvatierra
Eder Salvatierra Před 14 dny
Alguien que expoilee los precios.
gustavo fabricio
gustavo fabricio Před 14 dny
Mi 10 8 GB + 128 GB - 3,999 yuans 8 GB + 256 GB - 4,299 yuans 12 GB + 256 GB - 4,699 yuans Mi 10 Pro 8 GB + 256 GB - 4,999 yuans 12 GB + 256 GB - 5,499 yuans 12 GB + 512 GB - 5,999 yuans
Muhammet Genç
Muhammet Genç Před 14 dny
Tanıtımda Türkiye den tramvay olsun güzel şeyler
一二三 Před 14 dny
我在看直播的时候,看到一哥们聊天说“重庆森林 重庆森林”。我当时还纳闷这是啥,结果过一会雷军就谈到了王家卫拍摄。LOL,我找了半天回放也没找到当时具体在哪个时间段了,甚遗憾。
Montu Jadav
Montu Jadav Před 14 dny
Nice mi 10 pro
一二三 Před 14 dny
实际上,小米10是一个转折点,以后小米公司目标更多是高端市场,小米10PRO将变成主力军 In fact, Xiaomi 10 is a turning point. In the future, Xiaomi will target more high-end markets, and Xiaomi 10PRO will become the main force.
Samson Inghi
Samson Inghi Před 14 dny
Mi 10 🥰🥰 🥰 very nice I am shocking Launch.😮😮😮
Diego Oliveira
Diego Oliveira Před 14 dny
Steve Jobs made in China 😂
Giovanni D
Giovanni D Před 14 dny
All those guys with masks... creepy!!!
一二三 Před 14 dny
相比实际情况,戴口罩更多是在公众面前做一个好例子的象征意义 Compared with the actual situation, wearing a mask is more symbolic to make a good example in front of the public
Julio Conect
Julio Conect Před 14 dny
Eu estou entendendo tudo
Valbert Gomes
Valbert Gomes Před 14 dny
Tomas Před 14 dny
Diego Oliveira
Diego Oliveira Před 14 dny
Tbm 😂
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