Why Dragster Engines Only Last 4 seconds

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Top fuel dragsters are the most powerful cars built today. One Top Fuel dragster's 500-cubic-inch Hemi engine makes more horsepower than the first four rows at the Daytona 500. It is said that drivers experience more G's than an astronaut headed to space. They have spark plugs that are strong enough to weld metal. Their flame front's measure in temperatures up to 7000 degree's. Assuming that all of the equipment is paid off, the crew works gratis, and nothing breaks, each run costs an estimated $1000 per second and that crazy cost is because a dragster engine needs to be rebuilt EVERY RUN.
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18. 05. 2021





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Martyn Johns
Martyn Johns Před 51 minutou
Thumbs up for a Wheelie Media spin off! or at least a 2 wheel specific show :) yes please!
rapido yolo
rapido yolo Před 53 minutami
Jeremiah taught me how clutches work. I’m 25 years old.
rocketeer 97
rocketeer 97 Před 7 hodinami
Thumbnail would like to disagree with title
Justin Tackett
Justin Tackett Před 10 hodinami
Possibly the best B2B. So much knowledge.
Master Ed
Master Ed Před 12 hodinami
Just use explosives, would be cheaper
TaRgEt0ZeRo Před 15 hodinami
3000? 30 000h you mean
OlafttheGreat1998 Před 22 hodinami
Imagine electric dragsters
bur bur
bur bur Před dnem
are donut mercs available on the other side of the world?
Hotrod Joe
Hotrod Joe Před dnem
James bro you have two career paths now i wanna here a full song...i was vibing with it🤙🤘😂
JustSolarium Před 2 dny
The title versus the how long the video is...
THEJR1948 Před 2 dny
A great video ruined by the dumb ads.
SugarDawn Před 2 dny
Such an unnecessary, expensive and wasteful use of resources.
ShadowHunta Před 2 dny
I live my life a quarter mile at a time, for those 6 and a half seconds or less, I'm probably dead, because my engine exploded!
Lost on Earth
Lost on Earth Před 2 dny
Thumbnail says 5 seconds, the title says 4 seconds... Make up your mind!!
Einstien2409 Před 2 dny
Most these measurements make no sense
Arda Arslan
Arda Arslan Před 3 dny
maybe I'm a dragster
Fe4r Logic
Fe4r Logic Před 3 dny
That's why they call me a dragster I guess
Onibyron Před 3 dny
aircraftnut15 Před 3 dny
1:00 I watched this 5 times before I realized there was a drag race in the background 😂😂
Twinkie Lalaski
Twinkie Lalaski Před 3 dny
Are these comportments made in China???🤪
Gavin’s Trains, Planes, and Races
Is anyone else surprised that they actually got their moms car right?
Buggle Magnum
Buggle Magnum Před 3 dny
I'm down for the 2 wheel show come on
Buggle Magnum
Buggle Magnum Před 3 dny
Answer: because that's how fast they get to full power
Last name First name
This is basically a bomb, because it releases an incredible amount of energy in a very short amount of time. Oh, and it also blows up sometimes
pablo barrera
pablo barrera Před 4 dny
Wanna be asked some nerdy stuff? Well, I'd ask you how much engineering from a dragster engine could actually be taken and re-shaped in order to be applied in cars designed for circuit racing. I know we're talking about two opposite sides of the coin. Hence, that's why I am curious to know what could be taken from one and be applied on the other.
13thSystem Před 5 dny
If it only lasts 4 seconds why not just use solid fuel rocket boosters or something? or is it more of a show of brute force engineering?
GUSTAVO 337 Před 5 dny
Hey bro... Could you ads metric units in your next video?
Cam Před 5 dny
9:33 😳😳😳
gonzo outthere
gonzo outthere Před 5 dny
Keeps... most confusing commercials ever
Joakim Mathisen
Joakim Mathisen Před 5 dny
David Stambaugh
David Stambaugh Před 5 dny
When a flame front travels faster than the speed of sound, it is called detonation. That is the definition of an explosion. You do not eve need to contain it but it is contained in these engines.
David Polehn
David Polehn Před 5 dny
Love the song at the end.
Andrei Albu
Andrei Albu Před 5 dny
9:33 "six clutch dix"
Tatacraft Vinhas
Tatacraft Vinhas Před 5 dny
thumbnail: only 5 seconds! title: Why Dragster Engines Only Last 4 seconds
LFS L4CH13 Před 5 dny
What sucks is that in the future we wont have to worry about this as Top Fuel cars will be electric😑☠️.
Kenotine Před 6 dny
3:23 captions be like "full power?" "You're god dang right more power!" "Well pump (indistinct)" who tf writes these captions lmao
scnstyful Před 6 dny
Great video. Funny commercial.
Cali Qm
Cali Qm Před 6 dny
Can you imagine a guy who only lasts 4 seconds in bed but he does like a thousand thrusts in those 4 seconds?
Daniel C.W
Daniel C.W Před 7 dny
4 seconds ? still longer than me tho
Aidan Thorn
Aidan Thorn Před 7 dny
It's aluminium not aluminum
Jorgen Svalestad Olstad
Make a 2 wheel show
MarsFKA Před 7 dny
Four seconds is about the time I lasted with you waving your bloody hands around!
Henry Před 7 dny
Love the dragster vids!
Christopher Foster
Christopher Foster Před 7 dny
People in United States of America need to remember one thing and always one thing, that when we're on video especially CSvid you are representing the United States of America
Gord Sand
Gord Sand Před 7 dny
the piston burn up in the run u can see what the dragster is burning when it goes like copper is green so on and so on
Jakob 20
Jakob 20 Před 7 dny
video's to long
random stuff upload here
So they last as long as a iPhone does In that hands of one of my brothers
Snabb Kebab
Snabb Kebab Před 7 dny
I dooo 2 wheel show
Dan Před 7 dny
How do the drivers reach the pedals at the very front of these cars?
11 11
11 11 Před 7 dny
If donut Aaron hits the tour circuit, I'm living in a van down by the river
shamyiz moore
shamyiz moore Před 7 dny
Ain't no way your 42
htmonaro1969 Před 8 dny
Your selling the engine life span a little short. They last perhaps as much as 5 times that, from when the crew fires the engine up in pre-staging, to the burn out and then staging before the run itself. Granted, they are only on full noise for the burn out and the run itself, but you didn't mention the other bits.
MesaB Před 8 dny
Top Fuel Engines are legit controlled chaos lol
MesaB Před 8 dny
It's not that those parts only last 8 seconds, they change them to avoid failure during a pass. They often check the parts for damage after removal and will reuse them if they check out. Also, they use engine oil to help keep the engines cool as well. Please do your research into things rather than just spilling garbage.
Jace Gdisis
Jace Gdisis Před 8 dny
Love the merch plug😂
Oliver Weber
Oliver Weber Před 8 dny
Well I have no idea what those numbers mean, cant you just use SI units like any normal sane guy
Maddox Evans
Maddox Evans Před 8 dny
Gets so hot, melts, welds itself together
FreeStyles-XI Před 9 dny
we need more top fuel dragster stuffs that was kind of intersting to watch
Marek Scheppelmann
Marek Scheppelmann Před 9 dny
1:34 Very disturbing🤢😂
Benjamin Shropshire
What stops them from omitting the entire intake manifold, valves, blower, etc. and burning the nitromethane as a pure mono-propellant without any air at all? Due the rules ban that as just too dangerous? Or is it just too hard to get it to burn/deflategate? (Mixing in a little dinitromethane would likely make it easier to use, but USDOT restrictions would force that to be synthesized on site.) If you could do that, you could then 2-stroking the thing (who needs the intake and compression stroke?) and double the power, or halve the size.
Brayden Swope
Brayden Swope Před 9 dny
can we get another vid
Kieran Richardson
Kieran Richardson Před 9 dny
Only a v8 oh wow the devel 16 which is a real car just not mass produced has a v16 and it makes like 5k hp
David Rousseau
David Rousseau Před 9 dny
The video kept looping around 58 to 68 seconds in.
Ricardo Hernandez's gay father
Because white people have too much money
Roni Porter
Roni Porter Před 9 dny
That promo was on point... And I hate country music
Alexander Zunker
Alexander Zunker Před 9 dny
2 Wheel Show Please!
Ashishkumar Jaiswal
Ashishkumar Jaiswal Před 10 dny
Come on I didn't want a 15 minute science class
Gvido Eicins
Gvido Eicins Před 10 dny
So if you carbonised gasoline it will work better?
oii imabot-
oii imabot- Před 10 dny
well theres rhe first problem its a v8. y not try an aluminum block v10
Slappo Před 10 dny
1:00 booba
Живко Михов
Using 4,5 liters of fuel per second, wow! So imagine for those 4 seconds it burns that amount of fuel that a normal car will run 300 km with it.
Stephen Cooper
Stephen Cooper Před 10 dny
Next time I see that camo hat ad I’m committing suicide
Chris Rowley
Chris Rowley Před 11 dny
I don't know if anyone has told you, but your hat is on backwards.
Duke Of Twist
Duke Of Twist Před 11 dny
Additional facts: effective gearing ratio adjusts as the rear tyres grow due to rotational force & the fuel line is a 3.5 inch PIPE.
Official Ballistic
Official Ballistic Před 11 dny
Women call me a high performance engine
Andrew Arnold
Andrew Arnold Před 11 dny
Noice yz125
notfiveo Před 11 dny
I have a centra-frugal clutch on my electric bike.
Philodox Před 11 dny
What a GIANT waste of money lol.
Big Hoss Johnson
Big Hoss Johnson Před 11 dny
I want to see an off-road show on here!!!😁
Micha Diet
Micha Diet Před 11 dny
Are u in America also use pounds, gallons and so on in university?
William Weatherby Jr.
I love it when U talk like that....ha ha ha
ThatOneSaltine Před 11 dny
Well, they at least last longer than me
SlipknotFan 22
SlipknotFan 22 Před 11 dny
we need james to release a country album and nolan to release a death metal album
Chip Před 12 dny
That was the best commercial ever
Benjamin Totallynotalt
Remove the stupid skits and just tell me why those engines break alredy
Wooosh Farmer
Wooosh Farmer Před 12 dny
This dude looks like the male version of a lesbian
Lifes A Paradise
Lifes A Paradise Před 12 dny
I've been working on nitro funny cars for 6 years it's been a great experience but the head gaskets are copper not a multi layer gasket
Viper Před 12 dny
Fun fact: the SR-71 Blackbird's fuel is also its coolant for its systems as it dashed at Mach 3 and it's skin gets up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit in some spots
ICannt Trab
ICannt Trab Před 10 dny
Also it leaks fuel while taxiing from when the panels cool and contract.
Khoi Le
Khoi Le Před 12 dny
I want to add something to this. When the engine is dieseling, the reason why the flames being belched out of the exhausts is white, is because the aluminium in the engine is *LITERALLY BEING VAPORISED* and burned off along with the fuel. In any average home sedan engine, *or any other ICE engine really* , that would be a catastrophy. But with Top Fuel cars, *IT'S JUST PAR FOR THE COURSE* .
Duke Of Twist
Duke Of Twist Před 11 dny
If the flames look greenish you're burning up the copper head caskets
Larry Koziol
Larry Koziol Před 13 dny
Definitely need a bike show, & that camo hat jingle was excellent!
Ritual Slaughter
Ritual Slaughter Před 13 dny
It took just as long to finish that run as my dad to leave after I was born
Tarbosh D'Artagnan IV
Great. Now I'm going to have the Camo Hat song in my head all frickin' day. Thanks a lot, guys.
Massey 4 Mortem
Massey 4 Mortem Před 13 dny
"or up in that blonde" 😂 😂 😂
PixelatedDanger Před 13 dny
Today. I decided to watch the sponsored section of the video rather than skip it. I was not disappointed🤣
Dom toretto
Dom toretto Před 13 dny
Don’t diss my mums mini van
Richard Attenborough
2 wheel show pls
Analystbruh Před 14 dny
this was a super interesting watch! thank donut!
Chad Guess
Chad Guess Před 14 dny
How did we go from talking about dragsters to that downs victim having a fit in a fake pool?
Comrade Dyatlov
Comrade Dyatlov Před 11 dny
Audio Buff
Audio Buff Před 14 dny
This is completely wrong... First NHRA is not the only racing league, that run top fuel dragsters and funny cars, there are many so that's not the only definition of rules across drag-racing(NHRA just happens to be most money hungry league). Second they make several passes if not several races in different leagues (the block and heads survive a great of amount of time). Yes expendables such as plugs, rubber get replaced frequently, but this notion that teams are doing engine swaps in between passes(at least four passes including test-and-tune for a race day are made) is completely false. I waited to see if the poster changed their narrative by the end of video, but the title still doesn't hold weight. I think you "Do-nut" know what you're talking about as far as drag racing, yet with that said you're knowledgeable in other things, but you struck out here. Be mindful that there are people that work with racing leagues that might watch your content.
Ratatacoon Před 15 dny
i wonder if in the future they'll come up with a way to produce that amount of horsepower reliably in a commercialized engine.
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