Which country has a better quality of life? (The Czech Republic or the US?)

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Which country has a better quality of life: The Czech Republic or the US? What does "quality of life" even mean? In this video I'll tell you about my life in America and my life in Czech Republic (Los Angeles v. Prague) The answers might shock you!
Video by Arepas for Dinner about Czech housing crisis mentioned in this video: csvid.net/video/video-fCc86t9kspc.html
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Well, that’s me, Jen! 💁🏼‍♀️I’m an American living in Prague for the past 8 crazy years. 🤪What is living in Prague like? What are Czechs like? Is water really cheaper than beer? I’ll tell you all that and more. . .from an American perspective.
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19. 08. 2020





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Radovan Matrtaj
Radovan Matrtaj Před dnem
Quality of life was much much more higher during old comunist time, i mean last years around 80ts. Everybody have work, you got job in section you finished your education. Firday afternoon famielys leave citys and go for weekend with friends or only family there was no need to go do any sidejob. At work nobady was force to overwork, we didnt know what it mean stress of work or stress of financial shortnes. There was no homless people. People smiled much more talk to each other more respect old people. People got "free" acomodation, medical treatment, scool, the mortgages was so small that you didnt notice you paied them. Problem was No freedom off speach but its slowly happening again, problem was no freedom of trawell which is also problem right now because of covid, problem was no privat buisness which is slowly geting bad also because of covid. Was lots of bad think bud also lot wery good thinks. But true is also that west world life in 80ts was much much more beter than this days.
Robert Kubicek
Robert Kubicek Před dnem
Kolik dane platis v Cesku? Urcite je to vic nez tady v Americe. The healthcare, transit and infrastructure pieces cost $ too in EU. It is more competitive to find a good job since it seems every other person has a Masters or Graduate "equivalent" degree and wants to make the big bucks like US. Some of the Praguers also aren't the best social people to be around with (some are stuck-up) which is also the same in the States, really anywhere nowadays. Generally speaking, there are positives and negatives for both countries so to put it in the "quality of life" category is all relative to where you're coming from (if you're poor or middle-class) and what you feel is important in life. Comparing California cities like LA to Czech is not a real comparison. Once you get out of Prague, then I tend to agree - you get more benefits from a "quality of life" perspective. But since you lived in LA, then I am not surprised about your perspective. You didn't mention retirement in the video either, which depends on how many children you have and how long you worked - not the same as social security (which people often mistake as guaranteed retirement in the US). Also, mothers get benefits in Czech too which supports more family virtues. It would be good to mention that as well since Maternity leave in US is ridiculous (practically non-existent). The younger generation is also using the system v Cesku; by not getting married - a single mother gets money from the state even though the couple may be living together. Not exactly unethical but it does bring morality into question. Also, people who do not tip are a cheap-a$$! I know a few good Czechs and they all say the same; minimum wage does not work for single people if you want to live in the city and save enough to live outside the city - let alone buy your own house or land. Thanks for making the video since its interesting to see your perspective.
Vojtěch Tranta
Vojtěch Tranta Před dnem
As an Employee, you pay around 12% on Czech healthcare and anytime you work you pay the health insurance you have no other chance. If you are unemployed you still get basically the same. But I am not sure I guess you get some Medicaid but I am not sure. Also, you pay $100 and also if you have Zivnostenský list and you pay a minimum of around $150. I think you do because we all do. So basically, you pay $250 which is good but when you are an employee it goes up to $200+ depending on your income (that's those 12%). I am don't want to dive in the American insurence or whatever I found that average American insurance is like $400 and with deductibles it goes up so yeah it is cheaper in Czech Rep. but you know salaries aren't as good.
Vojtěch Tranta
Vojtěch Tranta Před dnem
And no, many studies proved that AirBnB has just a little influence on prices. It is about 3%. The biggest influence on rising housing prices has limited construction in Prague. To get construction permit it takes at least 5 years. So obviously, there is total shortage of apparments. But it turns around which is cool.
Vojtěch Tranta
Vojtěch Tranta Před dnem
Well, they would not pay to you the health benefits and social security anyways you'd have to pay it throught 43% tax on labor in Czech Republic. If you are a contractor just find out what's the typical salary for an employee and ask at least 1.5x + money as a contractor. NEver go lower. It is still worthy when you are able to save those money. Otherwise, you wouldn't see them anyways if you were an employee even holidays. Taxation here is completely crazy, avoid it at any costs. Even if it seems that "employer pays" no, they don't they can't. If you are a contractor just fly board and make your own free time. Just don't care that's what you should do. You are not obligated.
Josef Lazar
Josef Lazar Před 2 dny
You are comparing the best city in the Czech Republic to the worst city in America
Josef Lazar
Josef Lazar Před dnem
@Dream Prague I lived in Houston for 2 years, is it similar enough? (I could relate to just about everything she had to say about the US)
Dream Prague
Dream Prague Před dnem
Hey that's my hometown! only angelenos are allowed to hate it! 😜
Libor Supcik
Libor Supcik Před 2 dny
Asi budu drbna ... uz jsem to odposlechl do pulky... a to je tolik supr podcastu [e.g.blindboy, pitchfork economics, ferriss]
Oh Yeahhh
Oh Yeahhh Před 2 dny
Hi Jen, im an African-American from Philly and my whole family wants to move to Prague! Can you help us please? There are about 70 of us that want to move there, we feel Czech republic needs more Black Lives Matter protests because there are too many white people there, they are no nazis.....help us out Jen and we can protest together and work on some projects to change the Czech people!! Write to me, Tyrone
Yessi villa
Yessi villa Před 3 dny
I am American and I am interested about Czech Republic ..... is it hard to find jobs there? Generally speaking, is Czech Republic a struggle for finding jobs?
Free Dimension Now
Free Dimension Now Před 3 dny
You're a great storyteller, really enjoying your videos, thank you Cali Czech girl!
jack freeman
jack freeman Před 3 dny
They ask where I'm from and then why I'm here. For the why I tell them I picked up a hitch hiker at a gas station which had a domino effect. The people are very laid back and are wonderful at self entertainment. I've only seen 2 instances of violence in 11 years and compared to my home town it was pretty mild. The health system is as good as back home but faster. I've sent emails to the transport system thanking them for a few instances of directly helpful service to myself and they replied. Live music is very much encouraged and as a guitar player very convenient - I once did a gig in a butcher's shop. They have a good sense of humour; the most popular celebrity doesn't exist. They even managed to have a war without killing anybody.
Natalia Fršteková
I’m Czech who is currently living in the USA for 8 years. I’m moving back to Czech Republic because I miss the way of how people live back home. The quality is truly much better, even though many Czech people would disagree. Here it’s just work, stress, social life very expensive, housing and dining also very expensive, on the other hand people are super kind and polite but I don’t have that many of American friends. They usually don’t accept someone new into their group of friends. In the Czech Republic people love to meet new people and they are very friendly. I’m glad you love living in Prague!
David Noriega
David Noriega Před 5 dny
6 weeks holidays here!!
Jesus Gil
Jesus Gil Před 6 dny
Rephrase the title to: "Why I prefer the Czech Republic"
AlesBier4 Před 7 dny
Old Good Europe
Exileonbackroad Před 8 dny
The US is a nightmare, measurably more dysfunctional and broken down each year. If you have money it's no problem, but if you are middle or working class, Czech life is a million times better. Plus Czechs are way more relaxed, educated and civilised.
itsthehawke Před 8 dny
Regarding the živnostenský list or OSVČ, its this unfortunate practice in many companies that instead of hiring you, they contract you as it saves a lot of money for the company (and in theory, its easy to get rid of you). I see this happen a lot in Prague, as my both jobs here were like this. Never happened to me back in the rural Czech where I come from. Even with all this, I gotta say that both companies that 'contracted' me always treated all their contractors like employees and giving us 4 or even 5 weeks of vacay. The downside to this is that you are forced to pay for your own healthcare and social insurance being a contractor, which just isnt always possible so this means there is not much money waiting for you once you retire if you dont make your own reserves (what most 'boomers' would argue is the problem, but we, younger generations now know the state is probably not gonna take care of us)
JAN HANK Před 8 dny
Ahoj,tak každá kultura má určité zvyklosti.Já si nedokážu představit,že bych za sestrou jezdil někam 2 hodiny.Sestra bydlí ode mne asi 1 km,takže můžu i pěšky.Nemusím stále pálit benzín ne? Když potčebuji něco nakoupit,mám to do obchodu asi 50m.Myslím si,že bych byl v AMERICE ztracen.A nebo bych tam musel být s někým,kdo umí dobře ANGLICKY.Co já obdivuji na AMERICE,jsou silnice a dálnice,které jsou nekonečně dlouhé a velmi široké.Jezdí v AMERICE i ČESKÁ auta? Měj se velmi hezky,a hodně štěstí.
Robert Woodard
Robert Woodard Před 9 dny
Yep I don't think I'll ever get tired of drinking beer and having a laugh-:) I can't imagine if one day I moved to place without hospoda culture.
Zuzana Pokrivková
Zuzana Pokrivková Před 10 dny
I have been in US for more than 2 years and I can agree with you about health insurance, about transportation and more things... That is all true
Velekněžna Libuše
Držím tu nad Vámi ochranou ruku. Vzpomeňte mě, tu kterou toto město založila z čisté lásky.
Patryk Pawleta
Patryk Pawleta Před 10 dny
As Europen i would NEVER move to US of A. I can't belive ppl there think this is the best country in the world! (well unless you are making 7 figures, of course) Is that Hollywood propaganda or what?
Dream Prague
Dream Prague Před 9 dny
It might be necessary propaganda, because we don't have other binding ties that other nations have, like religion, culture, history, food, language. There's little that makes us "one people". Our created myth is what ties us together, for good or for bad. Only when you leave do you start to question it, perhaps.
Caberzia Stuartovna
Caberzia Stuartovna Před 11 dny
Toto video mi moc zlepšilo den💗
Blago Banov
Blago Banov Před 11 dny
Krásný den Všem. To video zahřálo i moje srdce, a to jsem cizí občan, žijící v Praze čtrnáct let. Česko po takové době nejde nemilovat. Je úžasné, akorát ne všichni to vědí. Američanka je hodně chytrá a otevřená, proto to takhle vidí. Jsou-li namyšlený lidí svou velikostí, nikdy by to nepřiznali.
Олег Хорунжий
The Czech Republic is certainly a wonderful country, nice and and cosy. Yet. it's more about America being a concentration camp driven by oligarchs taking little care of common people, making them buy what they don't actually need, live lives of consuming animals while at the same time depriving them of some most basic things. Well, it's Biff Tannens who have ruled the country for centuries. No surprise.
Petr Vondrovský
Petr Vondrovský Před 11 dny
Skvělé video. Amerika možná není takový idealizovaný zázrak, jak si někteří myslí. Rád bych ještě k celé té katastrofě jménem Americké Zdravotnictví přidal jednu věc - Mateřská dovolená. USA be like: (🖕◕ヮ◕)🖕*.✧ (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Bob Kowalski
Bob Kowalski Před 12 dny
Asking people what do they do isn't about how much money you make but if do the same thing as the person asking. If yes, it "gives you bonus points in being a friend" with that person.
Martin Rychtera
Martin Rychtera Před 12 dny
vyhnali jsme komunisty že nám nedali auta a mi se proto cítili nesvobodně a ty chceš učit američany jezdit MHDčkem :D :D a o "Českém zdravotnictví za socializmu" přednášel v Americe MUDr. Šmucler (Asklepion) ... fandím ti jsi super! a objímat krásný cizinky je jasnej Českej zvyk to je prostě tak.
Jarmila Slansky
Jarmila Slansky Před 13 dny
My dear girl, this is an old nation and as a small nation, its survival depends on education and culture. This helped us to face the political storms which have passed over our heads through the century. We have been always a jewel in the crowns which our neighbours wanted to own.
Ondřej Konopásek
Ondřej Konopásek Před 13 dny
Good points. Thing is... you should try to live czech life instead of "english teacher privilege life". You will never have to go and find a job. Also 3 bucks for beer sounds like nothing for you, but many people dont even make czech average money (even average salary is a joke). Its funny how many people I heard they realized after moving to Europe, having US passport and whos first language is English is a biggest gift ever.
yan7524 Před 13 dny
But how US citizens do it when they wanna travel or have a holiday longer than 2 weeks? For example to visit asia it is not worth just for 2 weeks. It seems people there dont have time for hobbies or real personal life :-/ Just work and good money only if you are extra qualified. This is not freedom but slavery.
Gabriela Falokova
Gabriela Falokova Před 13 dny
Hi Jennifer, I was lucky to have the opposite experience. I lived a half year in NYC and I have to agree with you. I think Americans are the most hardworking people in the world and it is very difficult to compete with them because there work 7 days a week a lot of hours a day. It is true that they earn more money and they own bigger houses and cars but I would say that the level of life is higher here because we know how to enjoy life. I would say that in Italy, Spain or Portugal they enjoy life even more. I am grateful for this experience because to see how people in America live made me think that money and success aren't important. I wish you the best of luck. I am a huge fan of you and I admire you that you were able to move to my country, learn our language and enjoy the time there.
Dream Prague
Dream Prague Před 13 dny
Thanks for the great comment! I think you hit the nail on the head. Americans work themselves to death. I feel like it's in my genes - both my mom and dad are totally workaholics. Some might say that Europeans are "lazier" about work, but personally I think Europeans have their priorities straight. Work to live, not live to work, in my opinion. :)
Miloš Černilovský
Well health care is not completely free, a huge portion of the "before taxes" salary goes to the health insurance. But yeah I think the system here is better.
Dream Prague
Dream Prague Před 13 dny
Yes, true. Nothing's free ;) but in many ways the system here is a lot cheaper for individuals, even if they do pay through taxes.
Dennis Long
Dennis Long Před 14 dny
I lived and taught in Prague years ago and loved living there. I kept agreeing with all you were talking about. Great transportation, the Czech people know how to relax and enjoy life. Architecture is beautiful everywhere. I just hope it stays that way. I remember the young people seemed to want to be quick to adopt American culture/lifestyle, and I’m not sure that’s such a good thing. My Czech friend sent me this video. Makes me want to go back and visit. Only downside was the language. I found it difficult to learn.
Chan Kuvrat
Chan Kuvrat Před 15 dny
Ano, je tu ze zákona minimálně 4 týdny. Některé profese mají dokonce zákonem stanoveno 5 nebo i 6 týdnů.
Efer Efer
Efer Efer Před 15 dny
Že bych si zkusil natáčet v USA youtubka o životě Čecha u nich a ještě k tomu mluvil česky? Asi bych - kromě emigrantů - nezajímal nikoho. Její výjimečnost je v tom, že je cizinka v zemi, která obdivuje velké a krásné Státy a přitom tam plno lidí vůbec nebylo. Byl jsem v Kalifornii dlouhodobě jednou a ty části s bezdomovci a binec bych v Česku nikde nenašel. Rozdíly v ekonomické situaci lidí tam jsou extrémní. Tady pořád platí, v jejich měřítku, že jsme si všichni plus minus rovni. Vyučovat cizince češtinu je pro Čecha stejně "obtížné" jako vyučovat angličtinu pro Američanku. Paní šikovně využívá fakt, že česky mluví deset milionů lidí, anglicky půl miliardy. Pohled Čecha na pracujícího Američana je pro nás překvapivý a obdivujeme je za to. V Americe je pracant z Evropy lúza na úrovni Mexičana, co bere pracovní místa. Možná mám ojedinělou, ale za to vlastní zkušenost. A taky jsem zíral, že tam, kde jsem byl byla jen třetina mladých Američanů bílých, ostatní byli hispánci, černoši a žlutí.
Katka Pavlíková
Katka Pavlíková Před 15 dny
its amazing to hear someone speak about my own country so beautifully. you know I live here for about 27years (exept 1,5y. where I was in England) and one of my biggest dreams is to go to America.. New york, L.A., ................ anywhere.... but I am sure it something else to go there as a tourist for a couple of days/weeks and something else is to live there your whole life....
Dream Prague
Dream Prague Před 15 dny
I think it would be a great experience if you get the opportunity to go! It really opens up your eyes about your own culture. And you're totally correct - the experience of a tourist is soooooo different than an expat/immigrant. Thank you for watching!
Adam Koubek
Adam Koubek Před 15 dny
Please don't say Czechia
Admiral Avocado
Admiral Avocado Před 15 dny
I'm glad you're happy in the Czech Republic👍
May04bwu Před 15 dny
I'm afraid I'm more like an American when it comes to people and their jobs. I've always been very ambitious so asking about someone's job tells me what's the passion of that person. Especially since we all spend so much time at work. Although, as you said, I don't usually ask (unless I'm on a date or something), it's still a huge deal for me and I have to try really hard not to judge others based on what they do for a living. The vacation thing is great, but I can honestly tell you employers still do bother you on the phone and that often people still go to work, because there's no way they could leave for that long.
Salvator Před 15 dny
Hey, just a little thing about the carvings and sculptures on buildings. You live at Vinohrady, right? Well these buildings were nothing else than developer projects of the time (and often of not so good quality, at my grandma's the water pipes didn't connect when they moved in, they were just off one to the other). And if you notice, in many buildings at Vinohrady, Žižkov etc. these carvings and statues are the same. That's because it's plaster and they used to have molds for these. So nobody had to spend their precious time by carving them ;)
Dream Prague
Dream Prague Před 15 dny
aha! makes sense. Still beautiful though!
nestcanz Před 16 dny
Jsme tu jako v bavlnce a největší problém je ucpaná Blanka nebo fronta v Lidlu. Díky Jen za srovnání, video se mi tu neodbytně nabízelo několik dnů, tak jsem mu dal šanci. Potěšilo!
Roeland L.C. Heijting
Living now for 25 years in the Czech Republic, of which the first 7 years in Prague I can tell you that Czechs only socialize publicly in Prague. The rest of the country you'll not find this happening. Just try an average Saturday, sunny day, on an average square in any other non touristic city. You'll basically don't meet anybody. But the Czech Republic is really not a bad country to live. Specially Prague is great. Enjoy it!
Elton Lu
Elton Lu Před 16 dny
You summed it up quite nicely. I relate to this being born in Vancouver
Jiri Tichy
Jiri Tichy Před 17 dny
I think(strictly my opinion), that Spain is better then either one....
Olivia Matthew
Olivia Matthew Před 18 dny
What a great video! I love your honesty. As a west coast girl, this is completely relatable. By the way, it was $2800 from a Seattle “quick care” (which is supposed to be cheap) for a simple arm cast that took them all of 10 minutes. I called around before hand, asking for rates. They literally tricked me. They don’t care who they bankrupt. Completely heinous, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg of what I’ve gone through here (and seen in other’s lives). I look forward to living elsewhere!
Hana Mullerová
Hana Mullerová Před 18 dny
Great video! Im honestly so glad youre enjoying being in czech republic. You know, I cant imagine how healthcare works in america, when you dont have to pay for it once a month. In here, you pay once a month even tho youre not sick, because when somebody else is really sick and needs a lot of money, they just have it, so they can give it to him, because the whole country is paying. Or at least thats how I understand it... However, I really love the way you talk abour Czech republic, because...You know, when you get used to something, you cant see the beautiful details or these good things, because its just how you live. And because of you, I can look at the Czech republic from your point of view and see all the details. And its just really beautiful. btw. sorry if I wrote something wrong, spelling is not exactly my thing...
lenin zambrano
lenin zambrano Před 18 dny
Ahoj, amo Praha he encontrado tantisima gente interesante, ciudad fantastica, ciudad de cuentos de adas
Tomáš Kocourek
Tomáš Kocourek Před 18 dny
Všude je chleba o dvou kůrkách a všude prdel o dvou půlkách. Chánov, Bohumín, Ústí, Klatovy, Karviná atd. atd. A jak se ti líbí naše pražská "sídliště"? Třeba Lužiny, Jižňák, Bohnice nebo Modřany?
Roman Novotný
Roman Novotný Před 19 dny
Czech Tourism (State Funded Agency) should support you financially for this VIDEO :D I loved it! Thank you.
Nitin Bhushan
Nitin Bhushan Před 19 dny
Policies make people. God bless AMerica
Dominik4733 Před 19 dny
I lived in Chicago and then Arizona for almost 3 years. I am really missing the US sometimes, but when I was in the US, I missed the Czech Republic :-). What I am missing the most is the travelling. I loved that feeling when I was driving from Colorado to Arizona, through the snow, desert, rocks, the Grand Canyon. It was like living on more than one planet at the same time. America is huge, with almost no people out of the cities. That made me feel free. That's the feeling of freedom which I've never felt here. I remember when we finished our project in Arizona and I had no permanent address, no job (as I finished that project) and had just my car and plenty of time to explore all the national parks. What's great about America is also the low level of bureaucracy. As an example, I will mention technical inspections of the car - they do not exist there. Acquisition of a weapon if the person is a US resident. Thanks for your video, it's interesting to see it from the opposite point of view, I realized quite a bit. :-)
euroovca25 Před 19 dny
first rule here in slovakia and czech during your vacation is, never pick up phone call from your boss.... it moves the boundries of what is acceptable and what not. you are on the vacation and that is basicly as if you never existed during the time so they just have to deal with whatever the problem is without you. period
Tanguy Billiet
Tanguy Billiet Před 20 dny
I'm french and i would love to come back to czechia to live there!
Karel Broda
Karel Broda Před 20 dny
Yes, life in the Czech Republic is easier and safer for people without ambition, the takers. If you are okay with paying 60% or 70% of your income to the government in form of taxes and extra payments in exchange for “easy” life, then living in Europe, specifically in the Czechia, is for you. The “Government” (daddy) is expected to take care of all your needs. If, however, you are ambitious and strive for excellence, the maker, life in the USA is much better. A few for-instances: the combined federal and state taxes are 20%, and no sales tax (value added tax); our health insurance is $400/month without copays or deductibles - we keep 70% of our money; we were able to acquire a small ranch in Oregon (we don’t have to live like caged animals in stacked cages); my income as an engineer is 3 to 4 times higher than the incomes of Czech engineers. So, I would say I am very happy living in America, and I am a proud American. By the way, I escaped from the socialist/communist hellhole in 1970, and landed in the best country ever created, the United States. By the way, all the beautiful, ornamental buildings in Czechia were built by the hated capitalists in the 18th, 19th and early 20th Century, and the castles by slave owners, the blue bloods. The communists and today’s socialist don’t create anything like it, jut like the Americans. I tell my American friends that dream of a “just and fair society” (socialism) to move to Europe and leave us, the makers, live in peace in the promised land, where people are self-reliant and take care of their own needs, i.e., be free, independent individuals instead of relying on government to take care of all their needs, and be a takers.
Karel Broda
Karel Broda Před 20 dny
It wasn’t my intention to persuade you to turn back on Czechia, or even to quit putting down life in the USA, it was only to show you that there are different views on lifestyles. A lot of the people in the industrialized countries are relegated to life in “cubicles”, I am not one of them. As an environmental engineer and founder and owner of my own firm, I spend more than half of my working hours outside. Lucky me. I wish you good luck while living in Czechia. All of the expatriates that I know would never go back to live in Czech Republic. Too much corruption, laziness, bad attitudes and regulations.
Dream Prague
Dream Prague Před 20 dny
Disagree! I'm a maker, creator and business starter and I have been my whole life! Ambition is not only about money and status. The barrier for entry is a lot lower here in Czechia for my fields. You've clearly got an earned perspective after emigrating from a Communist country, and I respect that. But please don't tell me I'm lazy because I want to enjoy art, beauty, history culture, instead of working myself into an early grave in a cubicle.
Oli Salsero
Oli Salsero Před 21 dnem
I'm curious as to where the presenter in this video is from in the US. I find it a bit strange to compare a rather small European State/country with the entire US. I understand that the US might seem to the outsider as somewhat homogenous, but surely, it is quite varied save for language perhaps? I wonder if it might have been more useful or appropriate to compare like with like.
Oli Salsero
Oli Salsero Před 19 dny
@Dream Prague You did indeed :) Fair enough! My point was moot, but generic. Good luck in Prague. I lived there for a few years in the 90s.
Dream Prague
Dream Prague Před 20 dny
I mentioned several times I'm from LA, and I made a point to say I was comparing LA vs. Prague since I can't possible make comparisons for places I haven't lived!
Wonderful Hippie
Wonderful Hippie Před 21 dnem
This sooo true, i was born in Czechia and moved to Canada for 8 years and right when I found my first apartment I was so confused that there were no stores nearby that I could walk to get some groceries or cafe. That kind of culture only exist here in Europe, since all small towns and cities have this. and now when I am back in CZ after 8 years I appreciate it so much! Thank you for putting this video together, hopefully it will open eyes to some fellow czechs to appreciate the things we have here!!
Adam Kolar
Adam Kolar Před 18 dny
Wonderful Hippie Not just Europe, no matter where in the Tokyo you are, everything you need is in 10 minute walking distance, and it’s hard to believe but Tokyo with 40 million people is even more walkable than most European cities
Dream Prague
Dream Prague Před 20 dny
The "mixed zoning" of European cities is one of my favorite things about living here. I find Prague's areas to be even more delightful than Vienna, Bucharest, Berlin - I always seem to be able to find what I need within a few blocks.
mini polis
mini polis Před 21 dnem
Nesouhlasím s názorem, že ustálená česká odpověď "stojí to za hovno" je výrazem nespokojenosti. Jde o obrannou pózu proti případné závisti. Čech si je moc dobře vědom, že se má jako prase v žitě.
Veronika Sonoga
Veronika Sonoga Před 22 dny
I lived 11 years in NYC and I agree with each and every word you said. America is great for young, healthy, hard working people who want to save money and come back to Czechia.
Dream Prague
Dream Prague Před 22 dny
So glad you agree!
František Marianik
František Marianik Před 22 dny
veľmi pekné video.. a dosť poučne..
Josef Horvatovič
Josef Horvatovič Před 24 dny
Ty jsi ta nejpozitivnější buchta v tomto státě :-)
flashpeter625 Před 24 dny
Note that some things mentioned in this video are specific to Prague, paid by the taxes of us working and producing in other regions of Czechia. Some of us are waiting for basic infrastructure and services for decades, even in relatively large cities. We call this Pragocentrism. Almost all countries with one very large capital city have a similar problem. The subway, the cultural events, the abundance of high-quality services, architecture both new and old including the maintenance, all that is possible in Prague only because the rest of the country is involuntarily paying for it. The regions are still doing fine, but it could be much better on average if resources were allocated fairly, instead of the giant inefficient spending in Prague.
Hugo Před 24 dny
Sometimes I feel like "there are really people living in usa? why?" 😂
Ebbie M
Ebbie M Před 25 dny
This is nice if you’re white. When I was in Prague people were running into trees trying to get a look at me - I’m Black. While in Stramberk, I got the “treatment.” Some people wouldn’t even acknowledge me - even as I was speaking to them. I was so excited to be there and went with pure enthusiasm, but unfortunately, left feeling like an abused zoo animal:(
Peter S
Peter S Před 23 dny
Many people born during communist regime don't speak English. Others learned it in school but have mostly passive knowledge and get literally scared when approached by a foreigner talking to them. When you stand out people will always stare at you, race is just one cause, but it could be outfit too. As a white person I would expect the same in Africa. People are simply curious. I think you're oversensitive about racial issues.
Iain Davies
Iain Davies Před 25 dny
Some notes on Zivnostensky list - We pay 10% less taxes than employed people (15% instead of 25%) and because the company don't have to pay half of our insurance, plus our social, you can negotiate much higher contracts with many schools. So, I've managed to negotiate a salary around 25% higher than my colleagues almost everywhere I worked. Plus, you can have them write anything into your contract. All of the schools I worked for paid me holiday pay at 50% and then I just did other work during that time so holidays were money! :-D If you're a good negotiator and know the system, you can be way better off on Zivno.
Vadym Pyatko
Vadym Pyatko Před 25 dny
Instead of making video why You didn't go to the conveyor belt at some factory, just to understand quality of life?
Myšova Před 25 dny
I just love to live in Czech Republic ❤ Only first problem was that at the foreign police, no one speaks English.. They all the time have contact to foreigners.. WHY THEY DON'T SPEAK ENGLISH? XD But I love the country and the people!
Jana Vlasak
Jana Vlasak Před 25 dny
Well done Jen, loved it!
Jana Parkmann
Jana Parkmann Před 25 dny
Luisa Zieglerova
Luisa Zieglerova Před 26 dny
Just so you know, it is Czech Republic, not Czechia
tallll70 Před 26 dny
I'm from Hradec Kralove, living in US, i'm hooked on traveling through the US, so much to see, so much to visit, my friend now lives in Santa Ana 15 min from Newport, can't wait to get back there just so i can get back on hwy 1...Glad you like CZ, it's different and also very pretty
tankcmdr Před 27 dny
Hi Jennifer! Awesome vid and comparisons. I must say you are spot on and I agree 100% with your assessments. I was born there and I grew up there. I went to university in Praha and our campus was in Mala Strana and our dorms just above the Prague's Castle. It felt special even then which was a long time ago. I walk those streets again, every time I am in Prague. I live in a small town in a different country way north of LA, surrounded by mountains, the ocean, lakes and incredible wildlife. I've made a good life here but I miss every single thing you've mentioned in this vlog. I try to "educate" my friends about meaning of quality of life every time I have a chance. Anyway, I am glad you are enjoying Prague and the Czech lifestyle. I'll see you there!
Peter Machenov
Peter Machenov Před 27 dny
"Ve které zemi je kvalita života vyšší?" I think the answer stronly depends on level of education, occupation, age and health. I am convinced that for young, healthy, highly-skilled people (e.g. MD) United States can offer better quality of life in compare to Czech. Also some hobbies can be run much better in the US than in the Czech - for instance for fans of aircraft piloting US is something like dream country in contrary to our country. But ofcourse our country offers good quality social and health standard that is available to all citizens, so we have more social security than US citizens.
Jordan Miller
Jordan Miller Před 27 dny
You’re amazing, I am living in Oakland rn and I am really wanting to move to Prague. Or some other warmer cheaper European country
Radovan Krátký
Radovan Krátký Před 27 dny
Thank you.Visit Brno, Olomouc,Ostrva - to see, how we live.
Ivo Zavadil
Ivo Zavadil Před 27 dny
Vždy mě potěší, když slyším, že se někomu u nás líbí víc než v jeho rodné zemi...
Okay I was listening until you're comparison to Czech to Los Angeles California.. how about comparing it to something a little more comparable like Colorado, Utah, Seattle, North Carolia, let's keep it 🍎 to 🍎.
Verunka Beck
Verunka Beck Před 28 dny
Luc Před 28 dny
Booking.com has such a large market share compared to Airbnb (yes, booking.com does private residential not just hotels). In many countries Airbnb is not even on the third or fourth place in terms of short term and/or private rentals, yet I have yet to see an article, or hear someone talking about Boooking.com’s impact who is larger by x-fold than Airbnb. Why is that?
letecmig Před 16 dny
"Airbnb" is typically used as a shortcut of all platforms of this type that facilitate turning residential flats into "hotel rooms". (because AirBnB is focused specifically on this sector, while some others are not limited to it). So when I hear rants about 'AirBnB effect' it includes Booking.com (apartment rentals on it) in my book. And I think most people understand it the same way. Its just convenient to use work 'AirBnB' insteand of "long correct description".
My daily dose of internet
We should thank you for promoting THE czech republic :)
Freezing thunder .
Freezing thunder . Před 29 dny
23:52 your dog on right side.😀
DonDavidosi Před 29 dny
Otázku "co děláš?" absolutně nesnáším. Je to takový pozůstatek socialismu. Co je komu sakra do toho? Kdyby se raději ptali "odkud jsi", "co tě baví", "jaké máš zájmy", atd. Je to přesně jak říkáš, Češi mají ve zvyku, podle toho co jim člověk odpoví, si udělat názor a zaškatulkovat danou osobu do své pyramidy hodnot. U američanů jsem se s tím nesetkal...
pejan Před 29 dny
Je třeba dodat, že v ČR je zdravotní pojištění povinné. Musíte platit povinně, je jedno, jestli jste ho někdy využili, nebo ne. Z těchto peněz se platí zdravotní péče všem, takže ti, co jsou zdraví, sponzorují ty nemocné, nebo i flákače, co se jdou "hodit marod" z práce a nechal si napsat recept na Paralen na rýmu. Pokud neplatíte zdravotní pojištění, může být po vás i zpětně vymáháno a může u vás dojít i v exekuci tzv zabavování majetku. Od placení jste osvobozeni jedině když se registrujete na Úřadu práce (nezaměstnaní, co přišli o práci. Já osobně bych například radši možnost placení si na nějaký "osobní účet". I přes to, že všichni platí, je možné, že můžete platit v lékárně léky (platíte celý lék a nebo nějakou jeho část tzv. doplatky) Zdravotnictví má tzv standard, což je péče, které je podle nějakých tabulek standard pro všechny a je placená z pojištění a potom nadstandard, který už, pokud ho chcete, musíte zaplatit. Třeba pokud nechcete v nemocnici být na pokoji s dalšími lidmi, zaplatíte si speciální pokoj, kde budete sám a je lépe vybaven, než pokoje společné... Pokud někdo potřebuje nějakou operaci, která se tu nedělá a nebo jí tu prostě neumí, pořádají se veřejné sbírky na to, aby se dotyčný mohl nechat operovat v USA :) Tak nevím...U nás jsou lidi zdegenerovaní životem v socialismu a dodnes si myslí, že státu platí daně proto, aby jim je v nějaké formě vracel, například dával zaadarmo byty a garantoval pracovní místa, někdo by možná i chtěl, aby mu přidělil nějakou ženskou domů, aby se nemusel snažit nějakou sbalit...Přitom celý je to jen o tom, jestli ty lidi zdaníte (V ČR první půl roku všechny vydělané pěníze odevzdáme státu) a potom jim dáváte tyhle prebendy a nebo jim ty peníze necháte, ať si sami zaplatí co chtějí a nebo nechtějí... Přesto všechno, jak podle vás si tu žijí lidi dobře a jsou šťastní, potkáváte na ulici zamračené zombie, co se nechtějí s nikým bavit, oproti USA? kde jsou lidi vstřícní a rádi se baví s jinými...
Gustavo Oliveri
Gustavo Oliveri Před měsícem
The opera is really affordable in Prague. In Brno even more 🙂
pecazidle Před měsícem
Yeah healthcare is great. It is so great that many people misuse or even abuse it. Many people are annoyed even to go to the doctor for periodic exam. A lot of medical employees have got burn out syndrome, are overworked and depressed, sometimes are addicted to alcohol or benzodiazepines....and for these reasons often rude to patients. You know what - Im a doctor in a tiny town hospital (internal medicine) and my long shift beggins at 7 AM and ends at 3:30 PM next day. Sure, I can sleep at work, but only if I can afford it - so sometimes 2 + 2 hours. And another day? yep - again at 7AM. Smaller hospitals lack all personnel - doctors, nurses and even orderlies. Noone cares. Our politicians say that everything is OK. But almost none of them stay working at hospital (if we are speaking of non-surgical field) and preffer private praxis. This great system exists at the expense of medical staff that works in hospitals (24hour care) and trust me, the system is in agony now. I personally - after 8 years at hospital - am just leaving and rather going to do GP in private praxis.
Rodier Ratafakus
Rodier Ratafakus Před měsícem
When you will create paid membership club here on youtube?
Two Nerds In Canada
Two Nerds In Canada Před měsícem
I would really love to see the video where you describing and explaining the US health care system from the point of view of the average American. As Czechs living in Canada, we see the good and the ugly of their national system, compared to the Czechia, where we spend most of our time. Great video btw! 😍
Stop Talking
Stop Talking Před měsícem
Prague was spared by capitulating to the invaders, not so Warsaw, Berlin, Tokyo, . I as an America that knows Bulgaria well, can say I am seriously thinking of retiring to Sliven or Balchik.
Stop Talking
Stop Talking Před měsícem
HC in America is great if you are rich! You can be ruined by doctor's and hospitals!
Stop Talking
Stop Talking Před měsícem
American cities really kind of suck! That's why richer people live outside the city. Prague is like Paris or Sofia, the rich people live in the city, close to work, shopping, culture, entertainment and restaurants/bars, parks...
Stop Talking
Stop Talking Před měsícem
Americans work for money, it's the goal, then waste it famously. But they live for all the transient garbage Madison avenue and the Internet sells them. Europeans value time and friends and family and don't really care to be rich because they see how quick the world can get bad and wars and poverty are a real memory. So European people value life and living above money and wealth!
Radoslav Uzunov
Radoslav Uzunov Před měsícem
As someone that has spent half of my life between UK and Bulgaria, I find the Czech Republic to have the best quality of life as this unique hybrid that has benefited from both the best of East and West. I just love it here and hope it doesn't get ruined as it gets more diverse as maintaining its unique charm should be protected and preserved for others to learn from..
Romana Vitásková
Romana Vitásková Před měsícem
S tím alkoholem je to v Česku, teda naopak, nevím jak v Praze, ale na Moravě jezdí jenom napiti 😀.. opravdu je rozdíl bydlet v Praze a třeba někde u Zlína či Vsetína 😀.. ale žiju v Rakousku a je to lepší hlavně teda zdravotnictvi a potraviny..
Tomas Tonda
Tomas Tonda Před měsícem
Pořád slyším jak je zdravotní pojištění v USA drahý, ale nemůžu najít jednoduché informace kolik to tedy fakt stojí... U nás je to poměrně jasný, platíme jako zaměstnanci 13,5 % z vyměřovacího základu (odvádí zaměstnavatel). (ano vím, jako OSVČ neplatíš skoro nic... jeden z důvodů proč jsi jako učitel pracovala na OSVČ) ... takže když rodiče mají oba průměrný příjem, tedy 30 000kč, odvádí se za domácnost ročně 97 200kč na zdravotní pojištění... takže to bychom měli to levné zdravotní pojištění. Jak jsem psal V USA se to počítá hůře, ale lze najít informace typu, že průměrný příjem na household je cca $63 000 ročně. Dále lze najít kalkulačku pomoci s pojištěním: www.kff.org/interactive/subsidy-calculator/ podle které lze zjistit, že budeš za zdravotní pojištění platit 9% při průměrným příjmu domácnosti zbytek by ti měli vykrýt tím "financial assistance". Při příjmu jako v čechách (2x30 000 kč měsíčně a 4 členové domácnosti... tedy u nás 5. decil příjmů na osobu v domácnosti, !!!!! kdy v levných čechách odvádíme 97 200kč ročně za to naše levné zdravotní pojištění !!!).... bychom byly v USA skoro "poverty level" a pojištění by nás díky "financial assistance" stálo jen 2.06% příjmů tedy $639 per year. Ještě je nutný vzít v potaz, že u nás jsou náklady na zdravotnictví schované přes všechny ostatní daně (náklady na nemocnice, rychlou a podobně se kryjí z ostatních státních peněz). Zkus američanovi říct, že sice máme zdravotnictví jen za 13,5% ze mzdy, ale na druhou stranu například z každýho gallonu benzínu odvádíme přes $2 na daních :) Takže nevím co si o tom myslet... zase na druhou stranu, kdyby u nás měli sami lidi se rozhodovat jestli se pojistí, nebo si nechají 97 tisíc ročně, tak si za ty prachy taky hodně lidí koupí ojetý BMW, a na pojištění se vykašlou. Prost2 bylo by super se v některém videu zkusit věnovat nějakýmu příkladu, jak přesně vychází ty náklady na zdravotní péči pro konkrétní domácnost s konkrétními příjmy, protože to co jsem napsal nějak nevypadá, že by v USA bylo fakticky dražší než v ČR.
Monika Tochackova
Monika Tochackova Před měsícem
Hi Jen, I watched your video about and I have to agree with many things. I had lived in USA for 1 year in 1992-1993. It was for me a great experience and challenge. I studied English in Brookhaven college and lived in the typical American family. I have written the book - My life in USA. Absolutely you are right what people try be happy in every situation although they have big problems at home or work. 1) How are you? Always fine and you?:-) 2) Everyone drives in car and no people on the street and any sidewalks 3) Living style was boring for me - TV and chips no much to do 4) Family doesn't live together and see each other only on celebration in the year (thnaksgivving, xmas, bithdays and so on...) 5) No deep history in USA 6] Different school system 7) Very expensive health care and system - usually czech go home for treatments 8) Many people are very fat and psychical ill from nothing - a lot of junk food - fast food everywhere 9) .... and more things Many thanks for nice and interesting videos for us. Good luck and create more. M.
George Grosman
George Grosman Před měsícem
Very interesting video with many fine points. Let me add a slightly different perspective. I am Czech by birth, born and raised in Prague but have been living abroad for decades, currently in the US (Florida) I visit Prague often and speak Czech fluently (no accent) Many of your points are bang on: public transit in Prague is amazing. The parks, the outdoor spaces - fantastic, as is the pub culture (although I don't drink, so I'm not really attracted to it) The coffee shops are sublime (and inexpensive) While I do agree that the healthcare system in the US is far from ideal, you can see a doctor (where I live in Central Florida) for about $100 and the antibiotics will not be expensive. I lived in Canada for many years (socialized healthcare) and my experience in the US is far better: appointments are almost immediate, doctors' offices clean and mostly efficient, MRI or a CAT scan available within days or hours (it's weeks or months in Canada) So yes, you are correct: medical bankruptcies are inexcusable in a country as rich as the US but the system overall is quite efficient. The ACA has been a life saver for millions. What I like in the US in contrast to CZ: service almost everywhere is FAR superior - be it a clothing store, a mega store, a restaurant, bars - you name it. In most places it's super efficient, super fast, polite, with all questions answered. Even though there's been a lot of improvement in CZ, the service is still far behind. People: Americans are super friendly - and I love it. You can chat with people anywhere and everywhere and it never feels forced or embarrassing. Yes, it's just superficial chitchat but it makes life pleasant. People smile. A lot. People in CZ hardly ever smile - at least not in Prague. Personally, this affects me very little because I mostly spend time with old friends but it is quite striking to see. The big one: Americans are generous to a fault. There is far less back-biting or envy. Americans want you to succeed because if you succeed, perhaps they can too. The society is just geared towards success and towards celebrating success. This is - in my limited experience - definitely not the case in CZ (although it is better than it was 10 and 20 years ago) Lastly - L.A. is not really the U.S. HAHA (as if you haven't heard that before) Where I live, there are cozy coffee shops where you can linger over a latte and a pastry (though way worse than Czech pastries!!!) and have a nice cafe experience. As an ex-pat, I love visiting but overall prefer life in the US, despite missing quite a lot of the things you describe
Paul Selinger
Paul Selinger Před měsícem
You're spot on, George. Friendly and welcoming people, optimistic while working hard, with service spirit and always willing to help, with a smile. Welcome to America! Your examples about our healthcare system and its benefits are also true. I lived in Sweden for seven years and I couldn't believe the horror stories I got to hear, until it was my turn to receive "care." It was worse than what I remembered from communist Czechoslovakia. The physicians were fine, but the lack of organization, equipment, and sense of urgency were astonishing. Pre-surgery X-ray had a 10 months waitlist! Bottom line, thank G-d for choices. Be safe in Florida!
Lada minuetkittens
Lada minuetkittens Před měsícem
Najde se nekdo, kdo by toto video prelozil do cestiny ? To by byl obrovsky prinos. To lide, co to potrebuji slyset nejvic, versioning nemluvi anglicky. Jennifer is extremely polite and people who speak about their American experience cannot reach her knees. They should learn politeness from her. I lived in CZ R for 43 years and now I live in San Diego for 25 years. I can compare. I basically agree with Jenn, but there are two main things: Weather and politeness. It is so very easy to have things done here, in CA. In your new home you just pick up the phone and next day you have your electricity, water, Internet, phone - all installed. You need some repair - people will compete to do it for you really fast and really well... But - hardly any culture, it is true. I love Prague, I miss Prague, I am retired now, but San Diego is still my priority.
Jana Waw
Jana Waw Před měsícem
Děkuji za zajímavá videa.
Jana Waw
Jana Waw Před měsícem
Ano, zdravotnictví za mne zatím super. Když jsem pracovala od pondělí do pátku a neměla jsem volné všední dny, tak návštěva lékaře byla z časových důvodů pro mne komplikace. Od průvanu mám někdy bolest v zádech , nikdy nebyl problém zajít si večer nebo o víkendu na pohotovost a za 90kč si tam nechat dát injekci nebo si nechat napsat recept na prášky. Jdete tam bez obav , protože platba je asi tolik co si vydělá člověk zhruba za necelou hodinu práce . Vždy mi to zabralo a kdyby bylo hůř, tak člověk může zůstat doma na neschopence. Ale většina pracovitých lidí si váží práce a obává se o její ztrátu - zaměstnavatelům se neschopenky moc nelíbí a proto většina slušných lidí zbytečně nezůstává doma pokud nemá teplotu nebo něco vážného. Bydlíme ve vlastním bytě a cestování jsme nikdy moc nevyhledávali, protože vždy bylo potřeba něco důležitějšího např. do bytu. Je škoda, že i když celý život pracujeme, tak většina lidí nikdy nebo jen pár lidí bylo na dražší zahraniční dovolené. Dovolená na chatě, v chatce, nebo jen pod stanem v ČR je běžná a nechodíme moc ani do restaurací na jídlo, vaříme si vše doma sami. Hodně se snažíme mít nějakou finanční rezervu a nezadlužovat se a to nás taky asi odlišuje od životního stylu a priorit jaké mají američané. Cizinci si hotely atd. v ČR užívají a my se jen díváme :-)
Zuzana Koháry
Zuzana Koháry Před měsícem
Prahu milujem! Pre mňa mesto snov.
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