When you wanna play piano but it's midnight.

Daniel Thrasher
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16. 03. 2019





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Daniel Thrasher
Daniel Thrasher Před rokem
NordVPN was SUPER COOL to let me make a sketch for them like that. What do y’all think?
axel benedict
axel benedict Před 7 dny
it's odd, because, if you get it, then you can learn the encryption. then use what you learned to steal everyone else's internet stuff.
Luna Lovegood
Luna Lovegood Před 25 dny
I searched this video just to see a croissant being eaten like that
teagan makarow
teagan makarow Před měsícem
@Landrey Brown yes. people get mad with the way i pronounce quasont
Nominal Dingus
Nominal Dingus Před měsícem
Make a part two. Please.
-Zelda- Před měsícem
I'm sorry but VPNs don't protect your data more than normal... we have https kid Yeah, that "military grade encryption" sounds good but we all use it everyday, u don't need a vpn for that
Samantha Smythe
Samantha Smythe Před hodinou
His sketches have gotten much less realistic over time, which makes them even better.
Addinator3000 Před 2 hodinami
I love the Nord VPN character XD
Bionic 2 I like bionic
Bionic 2 I like bionic Před 3 hodinami
I am 😂lol
BIDHAN BISWAS Před 10 hodinami
You on the bed look like timothee chalamet (elio)
stefan crnomarkovic
stefan crnomarkovic Před 21 hodinou
Isabella OoO
Isabella OoO Před dnem
When you voiced you thoughts, you sounded like Kakashi 😳
AYÇA ÖZORAL Před 2 dny
Dude u gotta be a an actor
Juh Před 2 dny
Me playing ukulele out loud and singing like nobody is home Next to my parents room At 2 am
Nacho Bites
Nacho Bites Před 2 dny
1:26 How he casually plays play that song but fancy
minion dasher
minion dasher Před 2 dny
Zoe Mozzelle
Zoe Mozzelle Před 2 dny
The next gym carry
mistaken identity
mistaken identity Před 2 dny
That would not bother me. Id be like play sad shit my dude...yee yee.
shilana S.R
shilana S.R Před 3 dny
This is like a combo😂
Mr.Electro Před 3 dny
I love how he twitches his nose out of character 1:31
NightLite Kat
NightLite Kat Před 3 dny
1:44 when my friend wants to watch some anime but i want to play some roblox.
Madelyn Hensley
Madelyn Hensley Před 4 dny
ngl i wouldnt mind sleeping to that
4vr1L Před 4 dny
UsE HeAdPhoNeS Or EArPhoNes
Samuel Blair
Samuel Blair Před 4 dny
all memes aside that concoction of bromes lullaby and heart and soul is a BANGER!!
GarryLarry 890
GarryLarry 890 Před 4 dny
I can relate Also the expressions are AMAZING soo funny
Phoenix Před 4 dny
Michael Potanin
Michael Potanin Před 5 dny
sink into the floor is from the movie get out lol
OPAGP Před 5 dny
Or you know, if you have an electric piano then you could just plug in a pair of headphones
Nicholas Williams
Nicholas Williams Před 5 dny
Since Daniel does all these sketches by himself, the piano guy is just staring intently at a wall. Which I think is hilarious
Breana Arabia
Breana Arabia Před 5 dny
So relatable lmfao
Ngọc Diệp Trần
Ah yes, the time when even if someone is breathing, you can still hear it.
Boundless Gaming
Boundless Gaming Před 6 dny
im new to piano...whats that song u were playing at first? not the lullaby
Kenny Thomas
Kenny Thomas Před 6 dny
this one is by far the funniest ive seen yet lmfaoooo
Karol Tellez
Karol Tellez Před 6 dny
damn sleeping songs, make me so sleepy........
Crispy boi
Crispy boi Před 7 dny
Petition for him to do hot ones
Rajas Parekh
Rajas Parekh Před 7 dny
The directions confuse me...
Jeferly Giraffe
Jeferly Giraffe Před 7 dny
That's why you get a piano that you can put headphones in
Miley Ana Beck
Miley Ana Beck Před 7 dny
kriszelda corcuera
kriszelda corcuera Před 8 dny
The lacking humor reciprocally bury because jaguar separately last among a symptomatic clam. efficient, voiceless cirrus
Nate River
Nate River Před 9 dny
This man falls asleep better than miranda tate dying in dark knight rises
michael walsh
michael walsh Před 9 dny
“Maybe if I stay completely stills he won’t be able to see me” why do I relate so much to this
Tim The Tortilla
Tim The Tortilla Před 9 dny
*S I N K*
Evilkitty Před 9 dny
Literally what I am doing
Malachi Sanchez
Malachi Sanchez Před 11 dny
Me: Doesn't even press the Keyboard yet Mom: SHUT THE H*LL UP!
Sankalp Gupta
Sankalp Gupta Před 11 dny
Hey, Daniel, don't you think you have a thing called headphones?
8-Bit _Brad
8-Bit _Brad Před 11 dny
1:50-1:52 Please do a video of the lullaby like that because idk why but it sounds so cool to me for the video it could be like 'when your piano is possessed' please do this. love your vids man keep up the good work :D.
wasted joy
wasted joy Před 12 dny
i will now do this to my annoying siblings and see how they like it :)
Hisaudience Před 12 dny
Tbh the sponsored sketch is better than the first one
Tony5 Před 12 dny
Hoody guy should travel back in time and meet the king and accidentally summon a ninja and then he kills the ninja but steels his sword and then him and 15 century hoody guy should fight Yeah I’ve thought about this
Rin - okuda
Rin - okuda Před 13 dny
*this is almost 2 years ago*
Kennan Adams
Kennan Adams Před 13 dny
i felt this way to much
8-Bit _Brad
8-Bit _Brad Před 14 dny
Is it just me or can you hear a clicking noise when he plays? it's the same when I play as well and idk what it is please tell me in a reply
Pearl Před 14 dny
My dog when a person that she doesn't know show up: 2:08 But when I give her food: 2:31
Pearl Před 14 dny
This made my whole day
Hisaudience Před 14 dny
"And now for a sponsored sketch that im really proud of" me too, daniel.
Omer Shaked
Omer Shaked Před 15 dny
what is the name of the song that your playing???
Adwitiya Gupta
Adwitiya Gupta Před 15 dny
Just use headphones
Pyneap Před 16 dny
How is hoodie guy not falling asleep?
Pandas RULE
Pandas RULE Před 16 dny
Alternative title: When your friend is a Demon
Inportantspeedflash Před 17 dny
What was the other song not the lullaby?
Saniyah Gordils
Saniyah Gordils Před 18 dny
I just use headphones Bc I’m so addicted to my piano 🥲🥲🥲
IAteAnOnion 1
IAteAnOnion 1 Před 18 dny
the video is good but the vpn sponser is... sending data through an encrypted tunnel isn't exclusive to vpns. you know what else does it? every single website with the little padlock next to the url, every iphone app since 2016 every android app since 2018 and anything. anything that sends personal data uses an encrypted tunnel and unless you're using old apps or websites, nobody can steal that data it wont work. sure they can see the names of the websites, but thats all. as far as its military grade encryption goes Nordvpn uses aes or advanced encryption standard which sounds good but is the same encryption built into every website and app. you are reading this comment with aes or the same amount of encryption that Nordvpn will give you. yes your isp can see the domain names (if you just went to youtube they would see youtube.com but thats it and if you do use a vpn all youre doing is changing who can see that data it changes from your isp TO THE VPN COMPANY. because at their side of the tunnel they have to see that metadeta to send it to the right place. vpns can keep logs of people. if they didnt then vpns would be used for a lot of really bad illegal stuff. watching shows not in your country is probably the only good point in this whole sponsership. if you actually read this whole comment props to you
The real holly Tyler
What are the songs in this video
Karthik Pratheep
Karthik Pratheep Před 19 dny
Without sound its like a weird episode of some psychic show
Bladerbeast GTH
Bladerbeast GTH Před 19 dny
Sarah Kaibel
Sarah Kaibel Před 20 dny
Lines that cracked me up: Tis but a dreeeeeam Sink through the floor SIIIIIIIINK
Sarah Kaibel
Sarah Kaibel Před 20 dny
You see we’re I’m going with this?
KaitPlayzRoblox Před 20 dny
Joshua Daclis
Joshua Daclis Před 20 dny
Put headphones on. Done.
kevin martin
kevin martin Před 20 dny
what you playing before the lullaby?
Engine Ear
Engine Ear Před 21 dnem
I feel like this piano can literally rule the world one day.
Benjamin Redmond
Benjamin Redmond Před 22 dny
Molly Weasley
Molly Weasley Před 22 dny
Fred and Goerge wants hexed me to fall asleep every time I shout. I can relate to the muggle in this video.
Somit Kumar
Somit Kumar Před 22 dny
What was the song he was playing
Mardonious Gaming
Mardonious Gaming Před 23 dny
The faces he makes are hilarious he is the master of emotion
jryr3 Před 23 dny
This is a masterpiece, I wish I could give more then one thumbs up
Kyle Young
Kyle Young Před 24 dny
This is legitimately the first time I enjoyed an ad. You are a comedy god sir
AroseGaming Před 26 dny
I wanna sequel to this where Daniel decides to get revenge on hoodie guy by playing piano in the middle of the night and just plays riffs constantly or something
Timmy Films Gaming
Timmy Films Gaming Před 26 dny
Oh no. It's my brother all over again.
Sarah Hedgecock
Sarah Hedgecock Před 26 dny
When you wanna play piano but your keyboard sounds like a cat screeching overtop of a piano
some depressed emo kid you got there -
he just said "go.to.sleep.bitch."
Ferbnugget Před 27 dny
"He's in France now"
Random Things!!
Random Things!! Před 27 dny
omg thats literally what im trying to do rn and its midnight but my brother is gonna yell at me
TheLunahaven Před 27 dny
It’s called headphones and a digital piano.
yy ss
yy ss Před 28 dny
0:46 he is acting like willy wonka XD
Blue Little Elephant
my productivity peaks and so does my inspiration from 12- 4 am. but i have 5 other siblings and my piano is placed so if you play one note the entire house hears it (my parents wanted to hear us play even if they are in the attic with headphones on)
Leicuxnatsu Před 29 dny
I am french and I can say it's not a good croissant.
Leicuxnatsu Před 29 dny
(Of course this is a joke uh)
Martin Kacl
Martin Kacl Před měsícem
Emperor 😂
M the Blepalop
M the Blepalop Před měsícem
ZHA VLOGS Před měsícem
This is some tom and jerry shit HAHHAH
Luchok Edition
Luchok Edition Před měsícem
That's why I'm an artist
Zena Nakazato
Zena Nakazato Před měsícem
Brahm's lullaby too OP
GraryFTW Před měsícem
i honestly fell asleep watching this
Eyeless Gaming
Eyeless Gaming Před měsícem
What’s that song he played at first and plays in almost every video
Bar dock The best dad
Bar dock The best dad Před měsícem
1:18 lol his face XDXDXD
Elin Kelly
Elin Kelly Před měsícem
The first one is my favorite song.
Sara Higgins
Sara Higgins Před měsícem
LoL that happened to me and i share a room with my sister.
køøxie crümb
køøxie crümb Před měsícem
Hoodie boi: *plays piano* Daniel: *wakes up* Hoodie boi: * PLAYS LULLABY AGGRESSIVELY*
D1N0 Před měsícem
The ppl who dislike this video are the roommates or family members that live with someone who does this...
DTS-Wardin Před měsícem
Could you make a how to video of how u do heart and soul with only ur two hands I always need to ppl to do it
Robot 32
Robot 32 Před měsícem
y is this so funny
Wowza Dude
Wowza Dude Před měsícem
1:25 the smoothest transition of ALL TIME
Owen2131 Před měsícem
Midi keyboards... and headphones...
Pavel Shiyakov
Pavel Shiyakov Před měsícem
what about the volume slider though XD
Jaiden Motes
Jaiden Motes Před měsícem
This is me but with my guitar.
FZ Chxlzy
FZ Chxlzy Před měsícem
That literally was just me like a few seconds ago and CSvid recommends me this
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