When you can't play your instrument but it's expensive

Daniel Thrasher
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25. 10. 2020





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Daniel Thrasher
Daniel Thrasher Před měsícem
for those of you wondering this is a Clavinova CVP 809 =] tell Yamaha I said hello on Twitter/IG lol
Kitty Cat
Kitty Cat Před 2 dny
@smbmx dirt tbh I can't agree more to that. I recently started working, but am already into Yamaha. So I got myself a grey LC 135 and also a PSR E373 portable keyboard. And I love them. P/S: I'm starting music as a new hobby, apart from raising cats (you know, just to kill time during the pandemic). To be exact, it's only been six days since I got the keyboard. So, I totally understand what Daniel (in this video) really feels like. 😂😂😂 Please don't crush me for saying this, but it never hurts to learn something new, even though it may seem overly expensive at first. Stay safe, everyone. Hope you're happy wherever you are.
Nerpii is bored
Nerpii is bored Před 9 dny
@Ivan The Arctic Fox lol oof
Ivan The Arctic Fox
I somehow read this as, "Don't yell at me I said hello on twitter."
Palak Gurbani
Palak Gurbani Před 9 dny
@Nerpii is bored Thanks. Yea, i do feel like taking my keybord and throwing out the window
Nerpii is bored
Nerpii is bored Před 9 dny
@Benjamin Bankeroed-Stoea I mean, that's still good! At least it's easier to carry around when you wanna play somewhere else. Lol
Devin Garza
Devin Garza Před 3 hodinami
Daniel: Plays Mario theme. Daniel: A little Zelda for you. Me: *visible frustration*
Cosmic Latte - Rayne Blanc
It's beem several minutes amd I'm still dying from the spaghetti line 😂
Sammy Woolley
Sammy Woolley Před 4 hodinami
I’m such a LoZ fan, I nerd out just hearing other people say it💚 even if it was mario😜
Rhodeina Norrby
Rhodeina Norrby Před 5 hodinami
Totally me when someone ask me to play. I can play the piano and pretty good too but I have stage fright.
ms_nobody G
ms_nobody G Před 5 hodinami
I ain't familia but HEEEEEYYYY😂
Elizabeth Dolan
Elizabeth Dolan Před 7 hodinami
This is too real
Nava Reeves
Nava Reeves Před 7 hodinami
my piano had sample songs. you just click a button and it plays. so i can pretend to play a song.
Samuelto 2005
Samuelto 2005 Před 9 hodinami
Ezpaña, zapatos, to go to la playa... 😂 good spanish bro... XD 🇪🇸
Existential Mysteries
Existential Mysteries Před 10 hodinami
You're adorable.
Симеон Христов
Симеон Христов Před 12 hodinami
Reminds me of Brooklyn Dave for some reason
Mach 21
Mach 21 Před 12 hodinami
"Lil Zelda for ya?" 'THAT AIN'T FUCKING ZEl--I need to calm down, I almost hit him--'
Prestigete Před 17 hodinami
But ... a P45 is not too expensive for beginners? ... Right?
Tate Dugan
Tate Dugan Před 18 hodinami
This piano is $14,500. Wow
Valerie Needham
Valerie Needham Před 20 hodinami
Please cosplay as kylo ren you are far too attractive not to
faber4044 Před 23 hodinami
I would loved to see a little John sound “OOKAY” “YEAHH”
Not Angelo Ann
Not Angelo Ann Před dnem
LordKoopus Před dnem
When you're at your 5th grade friends house for a sleepover and you notice his piano
Josh Embrey
Josh Embrey Před dnem
I feel called out.
Galveo TR
Galveo TR Před dnem
Good Spanish pronunciation
Jaimi R5414
Jaimi R5414 Před dnem
This is so me! 😂
Paul on Bridges
Paul on Bridges Před dnem
My god! This made me feel really uncomfortable... I just wanna hear some nice piano playing!
BigSweet Před dnem
"Ravioli, Ravioli, what's in the pocketoli?"
BigSweet Před dnem
That Spanish lithp though.
Jake Bowes
Jake Bowes Před dnem
ClasyCreeper02 Před dnem
Play that there piani Pappa B!
Hapito Před dnem
Sorry danny, you made one fatal mistake because nobody who couldn't play the instrument would start on c every time..... Better luck next time, buddy!
Conner Music
Conner Music Před dnem
he just bragging
Clowd Před dnem
"aw man it's not playin nothin"
입양하는 해초TV
Haha so funny
L O G A N Před dnem
I just got flowkey and I’m really loving it, I’m still a noob at it though. Still working on Brahms lullaby😂
Tim McGuinness
Tim McGuinness Před 2 dny
"juan", alright we're back in spain.
Hope Hadlock
Hope Hadlock Před 2 dny
Why... why did it have to be the g-note? I’m annoyed enough as it is don’t make me saddd
Michael Campbell
Michael Campbell Před 2 dny
Gas x of the mind
TeeJ Před 2 dny
Nathan C
Nathan C Před 2 dny
This is me with the few things I know except I have a cheap keyboard
DoeTheBro Před 2 dny
The end was hilarious
The MouseVoice
The MouseVoice Před 2 dny
3:13 made me laugh so hard I’m crying
Kitty Cat
Kitty Cat Před 2 dny
"who needs to be a good pianist, when you got presets like this one?" Exactly why I bought my arranger keyboard. Being a sheet music illiterate, I don't even know why I did though. 😂😭
ToyKeeper Před 2 dny
Having just upgraded from a $200 Microbrute to a $1600 Pro 3, I feel this. I've suddenly got some awfully big shoes to fill. But, like, not in terms of performance skill... it's more about improving my composition skills. This thing could easily make the next DOOM soundtrack, if only I had the skill to actually do it. So I guess I'll just have to make a ton of bad or mediocre songs while I learn how to do it better. If I'm not pumping out bangers within a year, I'll have nothing to blame but myself.
Gamen Snootdroop
Gamen Snootdroop Před 2 dny
me trying to stall my piano lessons
Taylor Jenkins
Taylor Jenkins Před 2 dny
SuperChromatic Před 2 dny
All that's missing is making the piano play one of the training songs on the learning mode.
Miricle Před 2 dny
2:11 im replaying this over and over again
Saanya Punjkaran
Saanya Punjkaran Před 2 dny
This guy is so good, i can’t
Dezzy4Life :]
Dezzy4Life :] Před 2 dny
but like... can hoodie guy make that a real thing cuz i'd pay for that🤣🤣🤣
SsstAr 22
SsstAr 22 Před 3 dny
Never discriminate against ravioli!
Twisha D
Twisha D Před 3 dny
I have a piano I can play piano A little 😶
Viktor Kay
Viktor Kay Před 3 dny
papa pee......
LaughingRiver Studios
aw man it's not playing nothin' lmao
Gaming Potato
Gaming Potato Před 3 dny
That's why I don't own a piano, I wouldn't know how to play it and wouldn't wanna take time out of my relaxation time to practice
Rachel Wallisky
Rachel Wallisky Před 3 dny
me when rich people have grand pianos in their house but can’t play piano AT ALL
Dan Thanh Ngu
Dan Thanh Ngu Před 3 dny
I didn't misunderstand. I thought you really meant drive around people
ElmenMexicano mex
ElmenMexicano mex Před 3 dny
How he just plays Peter Peter XD
Michael Christidis
Michael Christidis Před 3 dny
This made me wanna watch another video of yours where you play very fast
Anadya Před 3 dny
Cadey LaBonte
Cadey LaBonte Před 3 dny
this is me buying a keytar in the middle of pandemic with no knowledge of how to play piano or guitar and no, I still can't play it. Well.
Tsytic Před 3 dny
This is me when I was 7 with my brother's digital piano
Baranoff Maxwell
Baranoff Maxwell Před 3 dny
Charlie energy is at a high rn
Sophia Bogard
Sophia Bogard Před 3 dny
These awkward conversations were why I sold my Gibson. Now these conversations are directly in line with my practice...............there aren't any.
Grimlex Gaming
Grimlex Gaming Před 3 dny
“Tickle the plastics” amazing
Leeroy Jenkins
Leeroy Jenkins Před 3 dny
Green guy's face during every second of this is priceless
amber lin
amber lin Před 4 dny
daniel: plays the Mario theme song with a glockenspiel *mario has left the chat*
Tomu Vanamo
Tomu Vanamo Před 4 dny
Laughs gained 5000x
Joseph Tapleras
Joseph Tapleras Před 4 dny
Damn, kinda relatable. I ask my mom to bug me a violin a few months and it will be soon delivered to me
twist: its the same piano he uses in other vids
Potato Před 4 dny
Daniel would be a great actor
HeyyyIt'sMal Před 4 dny
I need to hear some Bach or Debussy using the gentleman sound, it's truly all I want in life
leQuestox Před 4 dny
How he said Glockenspiel...xD
Top Před 4 dny
I can't even eat my food cuz I'm laughing so hard, and now my stomach hurts, so thanks 😂
Johannes B
Johannes B Před 4 dny
You can fit so much spaghetti in this bad boy . . . . . EPICO!
Carmen Butterfly
Carmen Butterfly Před 4 dny
This whole video was me when I’m tired 😂
Fluffy Potatoes
Fluffy Potatoes Před 4 dny
I’m in this video and I don’t like it
Jesse J
Jesse J Před 5 dny
I don’t discriminate, n o t a n y m o r e Me: *Surprised Pikachu noises*
Emmo Hernández
Emmo Hernández Před 5 dny
I'm in this video and I don't like it
Toko-San Před 5 dny
Daniel speaking spanish is the best thing I've ever heard xd
Kevin Nguyen
Kevin Nguyen Před 5 dny
The_Music _Gacha
The_Music _Gacha Před 5 dny
yEaH yEaH yEaH
『Drama Sukiii』
『Drama Sukiii』 Před 5 dny
He's really good in acting than playing the piano LMAO
Jose Colmenares
Jose Colmenares Před 5 dny
I am still not sure how i found this channel, but im never leaving. Daniel your content is amazingly funny.
Mrwruble Před 5 dny
His video titles always sound like clickbait and then they aren't and it confuses my brain
nini_mellow Před 6 dny
1:02 Not a good Moment for a german to drink "Glockenspiel" XD
Hadassah Persaud
Hadassah Persaud Před 6 dny
Me: you like my new piano It's expensive Friend: cool, play something Me: hit's one key
Salsa In ma bbq
Salsa In ma bbq Před 6 dny
This is literally me
cynical Před 6 dny
Every celebrity with a grand piano lol
Arch SK8
Arch SK8 Před 6 dny
my absolute favorite video on CSvid lol.
unoriginally_dead Před 6 dny
why am i lowkey getting glee jonathan groff vibes
Isac Norberg
Isac Norberg Před 6 dny
whats the name of the piano
Rainey to the Max
Rainey to the Max Před 7 dny
I FINALLY found a channel on CSvid that actually makes me laugh.
Peyfa Lehrramp
Peyfa Lehrramp Před 7 dny
0:53 actually, he said the words in spanish and didn't sound that american, good job.
Luca Vöpel
Luca Vöpel Před 7 dny
I love it like he says Glockenspiel. Im german and its pretty funny
Rubie Wiley
Rubie Wiley Před 7 dny
Yeah, I'd be the kind of person to stuff ravioli and spaghetti into my piano. Definitely.
0:52 made me laugh ngl
Falis Nirroir
Falis Nirroir Před 7 dny
me who bought a guitar but never learned how to play it cause i didnt have the attention span:
Rodric Johnson
Rodric Johnson Před 7 dny
Manuelthecrazer 57
Manuelthecrazer 57 Před 7 dny
The huskarl
The huskarl Před 7 dny
You said link in description, but I don't see a link to your drive around people website.
Jackson Laframboise
The clap after “put yo hands togetha” killed me.
Sans The skeleton
Sans The skeleton Před 7 dny
I just got a new piano......this is me when i use it in front of my friend-
Donoven Varner
Donoven Varner Před 8 dny
I feel personally attacked
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