Whats Happening NEXT on the Dream SMP?!

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Whats Happening NEXT on the Dream SMP?!
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In this video we talk about the Dream SMP Storyline and what might potentially happen next after the Egg is defeated and Dream escapes Prison.
Credit: @Captain Puffy @BadBoyHalo @TommyInnit
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Edited by KianKSG
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8. 04. 2021





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KianKSG Před 27 dny
So what do you guys think? also, i never set like goals but can we get 10k Likes? that would be very nice :D
Jerome Titus
Jerome Titus Před dnem
@Cameron Gael Yup, I've been watching on flixzone for months myself :D
Cameron Gael
Cameron Gael Před dnem
a trick : you can watch movies at Flixzone. I've been using it for watching loads of movies these days.
Meisbot 1199
Meisbot 1199 Před 14 dny
Billeh Před 16 dny
Wither master
Julian Col�n Ferrer
Shea Cleave
Shea Cleave Před 10 dny
So, Pandora’s vault is where Dream is. Pandora didn’t know what she was doing when she opened Pandora’s box. So my theory is that Ranboo won’t know what he’s doing when he breaks Dream out of prison. Pandora’s vault is foreshadowing, because the box/vault was/will be opened by someone who didn’t know what they were doing
Yvonne Yong
Yvonne Yong Před 11 dny
i Think dream might join the syndicate because techno and dream teamed up with techno to destroy l'manberg.
NightMareIsHere Před 12 dny
tomorrow is LORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Angel R.
Angel R. Před 11 dny
So im assuming he's doing lore right? Or is it someone else
NightMareIsHere Před 11 dny
@Angel R. ranboo said on his stream
Angel R.
Angel R. Před 11 dny
Wait really? Where did you see?
Ndade Y
Ndade Y Před 13 dny
I haven't watched official dreamsmp stream or video in months. I've given up on it. It's so bad now
EnoIsOn Před 13 dny
I just hope that they don’t blow up everything or something, cuz I’m bored of that stuff, I want a solid happy ending But it won’t be that simple, there will be death, sadness before we get to the happy point, IF we get there. But I think Wilbur is writing the ending, and he is good at it so I think he knows how to end the story Hopefully we get a good ending
Thea Fjeld
Thea Fjeld Před 14 dny
im so afraid that the dream smp will die out and everyone moving over to the orgins smp
All Over Everything
All Over Everything Před 14 dny
My theory is that either dream will be let out by sam or he will not escape but revive wilbur and Jschlatt and when they come alive they can be on dream's side or be controled by dream.
Pieter Corstanje
Pieter Corstanje Před 15 dny
I wonder if there would be a *temple of resurrection* where you can get your hearts back if u do something for the gods etc
Jay Bonn
Jay Bonn Před 15 dny
Also, plot is a much less clunkier term for storyline.
Jay Bonn
Jay Bonn Před 15 dny
The egg subplot grinds everything to a screeching halt. You gotta wait for this bad fantasy to finish before going back to the interesting stuff
torch live
torch live Před 16 dny
maybe he tries to revive wilbur or schlatt but something goes wrong and wilbur teams up with dream and tommy teams with techno also schlatt teams with quackity
E Před 16 dny
Not gonna lie. Wilbur taking over the Dream smp would be cool but imagine him rebuilding lmanberg over in a good way
Akshaj Před 16 dny
Theory is that Wilbur and Techno may team up to save dream because dream helped techno once by digging a tunnel.
Akshaj Před 16 dny
Dont worry guys. Dream will escape the prison soon. I am a late fan of dream smp and i have not watched full. But i know that dream is in prison. If Technoblade helps dream, he can escape! So guys, go to techno's latest video and say "save dream from prison".😁
bacon Před 17 dny
Kian Kian Seed Glitchess
Gianna Před 19 dny
I made the likes go from 1.6k to 1.7k (:
Mierek yo
Mierek yo Před 20 dny
But dream /tp out of the prison already
akoozab Před 21 dnem
honestly i kinda do miss the old storylines
Walnutbrush 6076
Walnutbrush 6076 Před 16 dny
Yeah they kinda lost the thing that they was most known for
Heath Farmer
Heath Farmer Před 21 dnem
Techno doesn't need to help dream, and he maybe won't because dream wants absolute control and most likely a government
Kollekció Rozsdás
Kollekció Rozsdás Před 17 dny
Yes he need if dream ask the favor, then Techno has to help him
littenguy gaming
littenguy gaming Před 22 dny
Freaking forgot subscribes
QuicK2 Před 22 dny
I wonder if they’re trying to find a date where everyone can be on the server at the same time and no one will be busy...
ROBLOXNARU_gamingchannel YT
Kian said maybe tommy will hunt down dream Dream: MANHUNT!
OverFire Minecraft
OverFire Minecraft Před 22 dny
If u remember to festival that jslaht gave dream a book
Raphael Tseng
Raphael Tseng Před 23 dny
Not to hate on it but egg story is extremely boring.
Orphan Miner
Orphan Miner Před 23 dny
Once Wilbur starts writing again, it’s going to become soooo much better.
Jehmaro Smith
Jehmaro Smith Před 23 dny
You called it!! They blow up the egg... I think 🤔
Jack B
Jack B Před 23 dny
I thought the next “season” is way later. Like, they’ll have a new world or something. Didn’t you say something like that?
XP Hunter
XP Hunter Před 23 dny
I think Wilbur is gonna repeat history
Ferchis Rescalvo
Ferchis Rescalvo Před 23 dny
Beware fellow fans, the 16th of the month is arriving.
Shadow 07
Shadow 07 Před 23 dny
As the story is going and based on tommy saying that wilber is planning something big. I think dream and wilber will team up to take over the server. As for ranboo, he will probably help dream to escape prison and help him to gather resources and them go against dream probably after dream kills tubbo to get his armour back. For techno and the syndicate I think they will be the one who'll destroy the egg since the syndicate already know about the egg. I'm guessing big Q will probably revive jschlatt Or actually die in the hands of dream.
Phlying V
Phlying V Před 23 dny
i think its pretty interesting that Dream hasn't streamed much, because we can't see his point of view and we only see the stuff he does on other streams, thats what makes him such a good villain
jayjayrey1 Před 23 dny
I think that the voice in ranboo’s head isn’t dream but dream XD
Blockso Block
Blockso Block Před 23 dny
Theory: either me or Kian will join the smp
The Wonderz Computer
But its really weird how Dream had OP and stuck in a useless prison. XD
King Před 23 dny
If Dream uses the favour when the server has surrounded him. It's gonna be sick. 2V30 it is.
Bharti Bhatt
Bharti Bhatt Před 23 dny
Plz make another explaining dream smp from start to finish
Kapil Deivendran
Kapil Deivendran Před 23 dny
Dream will do the lore stream based on his flashback maybe why he is like this why he is doing this and quackity turing evil
Jyothi Chavhan
Jyothi Chavhan Před 23 dny
Theory:- eegpier will take over lemanberg and SMP they release dream to save SMP and lemanberg and make deal that they will not send dream to prison again
Spud Matix
Spud Matix Před 23 dny
Y does no1 think Jack stole the nukes? If he gets Dream out it would make sense since it goes against Tommy
Charitard Před 23 dny
Thank God a video not about the all annoying too extra ranboo....
Kerem Bengü
Kerem Bengü Před 23 dny
Theory: Dream gets killed but thanks to his knowlege on the book He revives himself
Thanish Tom
Thanish Tom Před 23 dny
Like there has been no proper lore and I lost all the hype if I am honest
MJ Naples
MJ Naples Před 24 dny
Great video!!!!!
Realmwalker Před 24 dny
Bro, you skipped over alot of plot lines that are being set up. First is tales of the dream amp, which also with fundy, is setting up Karl, the time traveler, to be the next villain. That with how ranboo is getting way more powerful, being able to crash people out of existance now, and that the egg, shown in you own video, can just stop itself from being destroyed. So many plot line are bring brought up and all you talked about dream escaping prison and reviving the dead. Things are gonna get WAY more crazy from here. We have left normal monecraft hours and are about to enter insanity.
Kollekció Rozsdás
Kollekció Rozsdás Před 17 dny
The tales of the SMP are not in the main storyline on the SMP
Great Celestial Gamer
Or both dream escape and dies
Oliver Spiler
Oliver Spiler Před 24 dny
Bravo! Your 100th video!
A Person
A Person Před 24 dny
I feel like quakity will become a villian in some form. With the fundy nightmare, him having the revive book and bringing back jschlatt it feels like that's how it'll go down
That Dude OP
That Dude OP Před 24 dny
*sadist eggpire animation incoming*
Deimantas Burneika
Deimantas Burneika Před 24 dny
Last few months dream smp started being boring
Chellyore Před 24 dny
I wonder when Dream escapes if it will be a manhunt stream as he gets chased by Sapnap and most certainly George.
Shiny Furret
Shiny Furret Před 24 dny
I think the egg is like the zero point from fortnite
Jacqueline Kim
Jacqueline Kim Před 24 dny
Guys lets not forget how Niki might react to Wilburs revival
Dan Check
Dan Check Před 24 dny
All hail George Lore
Oragami Před 24 dny
Can't wait till Techno and Philza turn the egg into a Omlet
Oragami Před 24 dny
Can't wait till Techno and Philza turn the egg into a Omlet
Shad0w Před 24 dny
When dream does the lore stream i bet he will get 1 million viewers
Leon tan Hy
Leon tan Hy Před 24 dny
My theory is the egg will grow bigger and bigger until it goes out of control then they end up needing to ask dream for his help
Reuben Hill
Reuben Hill Před 24 dny
The egg and prison storylines are instresting but are taking WAYYYYYY to long
Felis Adidas
Felis Adidas Před 24 dny
My theory is based on the idea other people have shared in the past of the SMP restarting. My theory is that after the Eggpire and Dream storylines, the Server experiences a huge event (like the egg hatching or something else) which will lead to the restart of the Server on 1.17, with the new Cave Update. That would give the current storylines about 3 or so months to be completed, which in my opinion is possible. I don't know if the characters would be reset aswell, maybe it's something like a reincarnation of everyone, with glimpses of memories from the original SMP seeping in every now and then, but yeah. I just think that a new Server would be a clean slate, on which new stories could be told. The current Dream SMP has experienced a lot of damage and story, with new ones mostly based on older events. Therefor, for completely new stories, a clean slate would need to exist, or at least be helpful.
chrisdeman 355
chrisdeman 355 Před 24 dny
What we hope he revives schlatt and wilbur What we get:revives Mexican dream
Kirsti YT
Kirsti YT Před 24 dny
I think Jschalt or how do you spell it will be revived and he will team up with Dream to take revenge on everyone,but Karl will go in time and save everyone
Spooky Tween
Spooky Tween Před 24 dny
I think Quackity will kill Dream. And Dream streaming his death from his perspective is kinda both cool and unexpected. I mean, if quackity gains the knowledge from the book, they have no use for dream, hence he can be killed. Weird stuff has also been going on. Like the lore streams with mysterious figures being associated with a smiley face, which has notably a bracket instead of parentheses. The bracket smile I think is attributed to quackity or something. Quackity will be gaining some sort of power by killing dream I think. If dream dies, I think DreamXD will be making frequent appearances as well. I think they are building up to that. Anyways that's just my thoughts and predictions or assumptions XD.
Jemma Lawrence
Jemma Lawrence Před 24 dny
I’d be interested to hear your theories on the finale of the DreamSMP. I’ve written some notes on my ideas for one recently...
AthillaCakepp Před 24 dny
tbh if u actually think about it.. like technoblade having an organization , tubbo has snowchester, there's the egg and dream escaping wilbur getting revived and shclatt also, i think the end of the season will end in a bang and it will lead to season 3 of dream smp in 1.7 update and this " war " will be like the end of the old server were currently on and im sure it will be worth the wait when the big war of the dream smp finally commence, the judgment day
Abdul Saboor
Abdul Saboor Před 24 dny
Kian: We have had things with the egg and Dream being in prison Drista: *Laughs outside the prison with Tommy and Ranboo*
Nagy Péter
Nagy Péter Před 24 dny
I think Dream is going to rivive president Lincon and rule the world with him
Goku Son
Goku Son Před 24 dny
What about that hodded figure in fundys mind
SandBoxArrow Před 24 dny
Uhm, you guys do know that 16th of April is National Eggs Benedict Day tho, right? R I G H T ? E G G
Steve That Dude
Steve That Dude Před 24 dny
If Wilbur would to take over the smp techno will probilly over throw him mabye
Maa Oof
Maa Oof Před 24 dny
Wilbur seems that type of person to eat his pet friend
OctupleBaker400 Před 25 dny
Ok so Kian let's get to the facts. Tubbo And Ranboo both have an enderman side. Next Dream will revive Wilbur and possibly Schlatt if and only if Quackity gets the book. And then the egg. The goal is to make everyone like the egg. If Wilbur is revived, he won't have an effect on the egg right? What I'm trying to say is Dream is Going to revive Wilbur and together with Tommy and possibly Tubbo and Ranboo they might beat the egg. But notice the ENDERMAN side of both Tubbo and Ranboo. It's an evil side. Which could mean that the egg controls their evil side.
carly test
carly test Před 25 dny
I have a genius theory you know how bbh is having like a egg apology party I think this is a trap to get everyone infected and Tommy and dream will have to team and deafeat it
Jones Kids
Jones Kids Před 25 dny
Imagine drista hatches from the egg and becomes a member of the dream smp.xD
Dilo Kokalari
Dilo Kokalari Před 25 dny
Can you please make a video on Ranboo's enderwalk ARG? I really want to see what you think about it
AeroHydreigon Před 25 dny
If Quackity will ever lose his last canon life It will be to Technoblade
Super Fire 64 Gaming
Techno has become a hermit, so I am out of the loop
Aural Před 25 dny
What if Dream escaping has nothing to do with techno’s favor, I think Dream will use techno’s favor and ask for safety after he escapes with wilbur. Hence Dream joining the syndicate for a little bit before he obviously try’s to manipulate people there. Techno’s character is supposed to me very smart and not irrational so he would probably notice and kick Dream out or take it to his advantage. (I think this because Dream said that the clues may lead to something else that you may not expect).
Luca Astudillo
Luca Astudillo Před 25 dny
So the dream smp is dying
Tobibloop Před 25 dny
Can you please do a video explaining George's lore stream, I'm a bit confused
Ginger Morris
Ginger Morris Před 25 dny
I have a lot of stuff I hope to happen lol- 1. What if Dream escapes and encounters Ranboo, Tubbo, and Tommy fighting about something, maybe Tommy and Ranboo fighting over Tubbo. Then ofc they are all confused, and then Dream forces Ranboo into his enderwalk state and makes him kill Tommy/Tubbo. 2. Dream blackmails/forces Skeppy into the Skeppy cage, then uses Skeppy to lure and Badboyhalo and kill him, because the Eggpire may be a threat.
Trident3849 Před 25 dny
Wilbur Isn't going to start a new country. He is an anarchist, as we found out in the Manburg Vs Pogtopia War. Most likely he will join the Syndicate, and plan villanous things with dream.
GiggyCresent27 Před 25 dny
"and we know that ranboo kinda gets controlled by him" smh dream doesn't control the enderwalk :/
Vlogs & Tales
Vlogs & Tales Před 25 dny
I agree with Kian's points I do think this season is a lot more *advanced* and slow-paced but I suppose it's a little difficult for them to get the season to a close since they have a few new members joining and there is a lot of going on so yeah...lol
Turd Person
Turd Person Před 25 dny
I’m curious who people think will kill dream between Tommy and Ranboo. Though I initially thought Tommy but I now think it will be Ranboo because Tommy took 2 of Dream’s lives. And with the idea of Wilbur coming back, it’ll give Tommy (and perhaps Fundy, Tubbo and Nikki) some closure with Wilbur before they kill him. That then leaves Dream for Ranboo, since the main draw of all his problems is Dream, killing him would bring good closure to Ranboo’s arc. And Wilbur would be good closure to Tommy’s (and other’s) arcs.
Shi ʕꈍᴥꈍʔ 天使
Hey, I don't know if you know but Dream said that the characters are rightnow in an development arc. Means the whole storyline is rightnow slowly being moved forward to the big bang that Dream mentioned where everyones stories come together. I also wanted to say that Wilbur mentioned that he will or already has taken over the prison storyline. That could then mean that he will write himself into, that wich whould also met up with lots of the fan theories out there, or plans what happens with Dream. Eirther way we will have to wait but that holds/brings the adrenaline more up for the next big event that I'm personally really hyped for.
Dankpost Pp
Dankpost Pp Před 25 dny
So this is a thiery ok lets g’et into it so what i Think is gonna happen later in the Dream smp is that ranboo ender side TPs him to the end and there we mert his mom sad and shit cus we dont know WHO his mom and fad are and then he goes and breaks put Dream and he after some time he Will kill Dream and get the book to revive ppl and then he revives his mom dad and then then besvime the rulers of the smp this is just a Think that poped into my mind i wanna hear feedback on it if u Think it’s something that could happen
Orange Juice
Orange Juice Před 25 dny
I think he'll escape with the help of the egg. Since the egg can turn obsidian into the red shit
Lord Xperimental
Lord Xperimental Před 25 dny
Official: Quackity will get the knowledge, but he will be haunted by it forever when he uses it. He will revive Wilbur and Jschlatt who will actually work together to take over the server. On the other hand, dream will escape very dramatically with the help of a flying machine made by technoblade.
rick astley mlg
rick astley mlg Před 25 dny
1:52 dreem
Rylee McLeod
Rylee McLeod Před 25 dny
I have a idea. Dream will die but still be able to talk to ranboo then ranboo will give the book info to techno so he will then get revived because of his favour
Schnitzel Před 25 dny
Everything is going so slow at the moment nothing fun has happened whatsoever compared to everything with l'manburg Tommy died but came back like two days later didn't even give us the time to actually miss the character and feel like he's actually gone for good
The High Ground
The High Ground Před 25 dny
With the smp hype builds up goes to nothing
Emma Arnadottir
Emma Arnadottir Před 25 dny
But what about Quackity's Las Nevadas? Fundy's lore stream? What will happen to Ghostbur if Wilbur comes back? Puffy's therapy with Tommy? All of the tales of the smp? Karl's time traveling? Ranboo's memory problems? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS!
guesswhoosechub Před 25 dny
i think that that clip from the dream stream is he is going to use that part of the prison to escape where he said how do you not see that a security flaw
Wait till 23 :)
Wittimore Před 25 dny
I really do hope they return to a simpler storyline. I’m not saying I don’t like the current season, it just doesn’t have the same charm as the first seasons.
IceFox37 Před 25 dny
Robert EO Speedwagon
I think Wilbur won't become King, rather he'd join the Syndicate as shown by him agreeing with Techno's views before he died.
Diet Beer
Diet Beer Před 25 dny
If Dream escapes I think he might go to the end and the end becomes apart of the storyline
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