Weld Metal Repair Paste Review 2021- Does it Work?

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❤Get Yours Metal Repair Glue Now: bit.ly/3aisujM
This Permanent Metal Repair Paste can instead of seeking professional repair service, easily patch up busted pipes, leaky pails, corroded steel yourself to save at least $200 each time!
It’s an extremely tough mix that will breathe new life into your busted metallic surfaces!
Form strong, stable, permanent bond that lasts for ages. It can be shaped, tapped, filed, sanded and drilled depending on your needs.
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6. 04. 2021





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DIY Fans
DIY Fans Před měsícem
❤Get Yours Metal Repair Glue Now: bit.ly/3aisujM ❤Free Worldwide Shipping.
DIY Fans
DIY Fans Před 7 hodinami
@Albert Eghaghe ❤Get Yours Metal Repair Glue Now: bit.ly/3aisujM ❤Free Worldwide Shipping.
Albert Eghaghe
Albert Eghaghe Před 19 hodinami
How do I get it
Kuijen Před 4 dny
Very well english
Sr. SpetsnaZ
Sr. SpetsnaZ Před 5 dny
Hee de novo o que você tá fo de um muro da minha casa minha senha de um possível de um possível de um possível de um possível de um possível de um possível de um possível de um possível de um possível de um possível 80 a antena do que eu sou desprovido a antena do 80 a antena do que o cod warzone de mais de 640 o dia todo né de 9 a gente não se preocupe em anexo a planilha que eu tô madando o meu é fui ajudar 1 ⚀ a antena
RING TONE Před 6 dny
Glue name
Anil Lemi
Anil Lemi Před 27 minutami
Kur s ka oksigjen nuk vazhdon djegia,s ka eksplozion
団子鼻 Před 59 minutami
G//OST Před hodinou
Maybe next time drill it the right way.
Lu X
Lu X Před hodinou
This song is nostalgic
Vasja Pupkin
Vasja Pupkin Před 2 hodinami
Waldemar Waldemar
Waldemar Waldemar Před 4 hodinami
More information
BLēNdrAnK - T - RoNk
BLēNdrAnK - T - RoNk Před 5 hodinami
What glue to use ?? 👍👍👍👍
Omma Erdas
Omma Erdas Před 8 hodinami
Indonesia...bisa beli dimna
wckd455 Před 8 hodinami
Yeah look at the drill bits all ground down so I couldn't drill
Brayton Waters
Brayton Waters Před 10 hodinami
What was the point in the fire cracker
cola tom
cola tom Před 13 hodinami
Osama Abdll
Osama Abdll Před 18 hodinami
Ben Johnson
Ben Johnson Před 20 hodinami
Lame as fk. What point u trying to prove or bring across
Franco Isaac Ceballos
Marcos Morales
Marcos Morales Před dnem
Como se llama esa pasta que le aplica,en mi país no existe
Toth Sz
Toth Sz Před dnem
Wat is tat🤨
Rajesh raj bihari
Rajeah Chaudhri
killer gameing
killer gameing Před dnem
Literally lit a dud firecracker for no reason
nageshwar rao ramasamy
Can i know the music name plz
Иван Петров
а нахера бомбочка?
Lin Lin
Lin Lin Před 2 dny
Domash Před 2 dny
Сверло крутиться в обратную сторону
Soy Diego L.
Soy Diego L. Před 2 dny
Como se llama esa pasta donde la venden ??
VerizkX Před 2 dny
下原千絵 Před 2 dny
最初に入れた爆竹みたいなのが爆発するのいつ? 👉( ˘ω˘ )👈
Victor Hutabarat
Victor Hutabarat Před 2 dny
Topp ..
Jose Lamar
Jose Lamar Před 2 dny
The drill was running in reverse which of course doesn't drill holes. Lol
Nicholas Dunbar
Nicholas Dunbar Před 2 dny
i fail to see the connection to the mortar shell though
Ya_b0i_h0w4rd Před 2 dny
Firecracker: Letme wait until before I pop
bernie handie
bernie handie Před 3 dny
donde puedo comprar el pegamento y como se llama
Dan Simmons
Dan Simmons Před 3 dny
Branding a product on YT can be frustrating to potential buyers. Make or break within days not weeks or months. Confucius says do homework 1st the attract people.
Joybetta88 Geneticalfarm
Yeah, sure.
Yeah, sure. Před 3 dny
What the fuck is the point of the firecracker?
爆竹みたいな奴意味あったの? 導火線だけでおわったやん
hidetrain & johpeedsamtall
sooo he's strongness can't broke (broke it with 929M+ bombs)
Жаснур Султанбек
Сверло в абратную сторону крутится
Petar Stevanovic
Petar Stevanovic Před 3 dny
LH drilling bit runs RH rotation..good luck with that smart a(d)ss...
Erney Fernandez
Erney Fernandez Před 3 dny
Y esa Granada de mortero?
Bent Nielsen
Bent Nielsen Před 3 dny
jjhack3r Před 4 dny
This is stupid.
Kristopher Celis
Kristopher Celis Před 4 dny
Why is there a mortar
4B Engenharia
4B Engenharia Před 4 dny
Gostei do morteiro na base
k ys
k ys Před 4 dny
Mihai Catalin
Mihai Catalin Před 4 dny
Explain this to MOT testing...
Michael Sandoval
Michael Sandoval Před 4 dny
The fire work isn't real and the drill looks like it's going in reverse
Tame ye
Tame ye Před 4 dny
that’s just a smoke bomb bro 😂😂
PRANKurFACE Před 4 dny
Bro just cut the dull drill bit trick. Shit is so rounded off it's not even gonna cut through butter
Maidenlord 666
Maidenlord 666 Před 4 dny
yeah the girl ain't going to work if you put it in reverse God you think people are stupid or what well yeah there's a lot of people stupid but not me
Sinister Strawberry
The firecracker is either to show how silly that dude is or just to make viewers think about for no reason
Amier Alfauzi
Amier Alfauzi Před 4 dny
What is your name ?..
z Forbes
z Forbes Před 4 dny
or learn how to mig
Convertibenz Před 4 dny
firecracker? mortar round? i thought it was solder pellet slug used for soldering
Nurbol Berkinbaıuly
Что это
Adem Meta
Adem Meta Před 4 dny
sands of time
sands of time Před 5 dny
My only question is what do you have a live mortar on your table
様weed Před 5 dny
Muhammad Farooq
Muhammad Farooq Před 5 dny
What is this
Bakasta Před 5 dny
Why is there literally a mortar round next to it
Thelastofthebest Před 5 dny
Wtf was the firecracker 🧨 for I don’t understand
SAHIL GEMIG. 079 Před 5 dny
xXFREDDYXx XxfreddyxX
Was bringt das mit dem Böller?
atNIC.E Před 5 dny
Didar Berkimbaev
Didar Berkimbaev Před 5 dny
Какие клей?
Que produto é esse?
Аманкос Каиров
какой клей
Kamel Batu bara
Kamel Batu bara Před 6 dny
Mark Morin
Mark Morin Před 6 dny
Yes it works. The only one approved by the Petroleum institute of America is Belzona molecular products. It can be drilled and tapped and is the only one approved by the petroleum industry.
nari nari
nari nari Před 6 dny
Charles Ringling
Charles Ringling Před 6 dny
We used that stuff in the military for emergency patches. We had one on a fuel line and they forgot to put a repair order for 4 years until they noticed it again. The bad thing is it comes in 2 parts and once mixed you only have a few minutes to apply it.
Marius Rall
Marius Rall Před 6 dny
I want that paste yes
Brandon Grimes
Brandon Grimes Před 6 dny
Most dangerous thing created 😅
真ブーの休日 Před 6 dny
Just the Tip
Just the Tip Před 6 dny
when Smokey sings🎶
Michael Merryman
Michael Merryman Před 6 dny
It looks to me like the firecracker was empty
علی عباس
علی عباس Před 6 dny
این نوع چسپ کجاست وله شرط اینکه تقلبی شروع نکنندخوب است تلفن وادرس
Matt Dickey
Matt Dickey Před 6 dny
Noone saw the skip frame where they obviously paused and took the smoke bomb out.
Steve Z.
Steve Z. Před 6 dny
I thought he lit an M80 and was waiting to see something blow up.
Amanda McClain
Amanda McClain Před 6 dny
Sorry wrong short
Amanda McClain
Amanda McClain Před 6 dny
Now if someone says that It’s lazy it isn’t because he put all of it together
YAN OLIVER Před 6 dny
A broca tá girando do lado ao contrário 👍
Savastrov Nicolae
Savastrov Nicolae Před 7 dny
Savastrov Nicolae
Savastrov Nicolae Před 7 dny
Петарда пустая
Rishabh Bundela
Rishabh Bundela Před 7 dny
Abe bomb to futa hi nahi😂😂😂
Adam Wojciechowski
Adam Wojciechowski Před 7 dny
Co to za pasta. ???
Sukh Singh
Sukh Singh Před 7 dny
Paste name?????
Carlos Rivas
Carlos Rivas Před 7 dny
What is that product
翔鶴 Před 7 dny
Alayna’s World
Alayna’s World Před 7 dny
Fifth Horseman
Fifth Horseman Před 7 dny
Faked. Thats why its stop motiony
Nathaniel Thomson
Nathaniel Thomson Před 7 dny
This is probably the worst product demo I have ever seen. Obviously misleading.
abraham garcia salas
Donde lo consigo ?
Marcelo Soares
Marcelo Soares Před 7 dny
Isso era pra ter algum sentido?
Julio Bill
Julio Bill Před 7 dny
This product is very necessary ecologically
King Chess
King Chess Před 7 dny
What is the name of this product?
BearvilleBear 14
BearvilleBear 14 Před 7 dny
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Gizmo El Mogwai
Gizmo El Mogwai Před 7 dny
Se nota el recorte de imagen
G00D VI3E Před 7 dny
Que chiclete boa 🙊🙉🙈🤣
SSgt MacGyver
SSgt MacGyver Před 7 dny
This is trash....he had the drill in reverse so the bit will do nothing and a cutting disc will do almost no damage when pulling away at beyond 45 degrees.
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