Weird NAIL ART that is on another level !

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Weird NAIL ART that is on another level !
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Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to Weird NAIL ART that is on another level !
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16. 10. 2019





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Lynn Greenaker
Lynn Greenaker Před 9 hodinami
I love azzey
sadia hilal
sadia hilal Před 18 hodinami
0:41 I saw both hairs nails' and azzy's Your hair is awesone
Unicorn Rocks
Unicorn Rocks Před 20 hodinami
I met the two people that Señorita at dinner last night and we took a photo together
Clara vlogs
Clara vlogs Před 20 hodinami
Quit talking
ajbsnub posdfgn
ajbsnub posdfgn Před dnem
The hair nails are an excuse for not cooking
Natalie Forever
Natalie Forever Před dnem
I could choose.... ?? Same as you Azzy❤️
How do they wipe!? xd
Lunar Lizzy
Lunar Lizzy Před dnem
1:36 I just ate corn...
g l a d e
g l a d e Před dnem
Imagine that you are sleeping and then you just hear, *pOp PoP pop POP p o p*
Ebony Janssen
Ebony Janssen Před 2 dny
How are you. Scared of eyes when you have them!?
Devika Halarnkar
Devika Halarnkar Před 2 dny
Wow.so cool!
Just Sana
Just Sana Před 3 dny
Azzy: you COULD get a nail infection Me: WaiT WHaT??!?!?!?! First I get a ear infection and Maybe a NaiL infection?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
#SNYDERsnipercookie pawsy
What if its edible glue
Kristen Grodetz
Kristen Grodetz Před 3 dny
Ozzy why is there Ursula and Ramen noodles! : ()
Limey Slime
Limey Slime Před 3 dny
You’re not the only one! I am terrible at doing my own nails. I love you azzy!
Riley Pacaud
Riley Pacaud Před 3 dny
Liz Lu
Liz Lu Před 4 dny
How do they make it and some are weird
Dens! Animations!
Dens! Animations! Před 4 dny
*Cristine has entered the chat*
Roomy Fat kid
Roomy Fat kid Před 4 dny
The ones that have grass in them why wouldn’t they just use the glitter
EmmyTheUnicorn Gacha mini movies and more!
Did you know that non toxic glue isn't bad for you Don't think this is real IDK actually
Hailey Tyler
Hailey Tyler Před 5 dny
For the corn when they don’t use regular glue they use food glue
bts make my life hard
8:55: mini hands
John Brozman
John Brozman Před 5 dny
Maddison Brassil
Maddison Brassil Před 5 dny
I with you to azzy... pink is awesome
sis life goals
sis life goals Před 5 dny
Me:sees tag in video @nailsunny Also me:CRISTINE!!!
Mr Labbit
Mr Labbit Před 5 dny
there is edibal glue
Sophie Wood
Sophie Wood Před 6 dny
omg azzy those hare nails are so gross ew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
logen Sanchez
logen Sanchez Před 6 dny
I'm a fan of ramen but THATis scary
iiLxna_OwO Robloxian
Me:They NAILED it. Everyone else:....
Tatem Parks
Tatem Parks Před 6 dny
Check out my CSvid channel it’s called tatem parks
Reagan Hogan
Reagan Hogan Před 7 dny
If you were to put a famous person on your nails it should be Azzy
Princess Crafty Gamer
at 5:28 you said all your hands are stuck together. Do you mean all your fingers?
Leah Duncan
Leah Duncan Před 7 dny
None of these but I would have sparkly glitter galaxy unicorn nails with blue diamonds and I would also have small neon rainbow diamonds to not gonna lie I have big nails maybe 2 inches up yours Azzy 😊
Ellie Unicorn Playz
7:00 that freeze frame tho OOF
Emma Himes
Emma Himes Před 7 dny
The person with the hair nails should go see the person with the comb nails
Laura Kuerten
Laura Kuerten Před 7 dny
I would do the fork thing just because I’m lazy XD
LovelyLivy YT
LovelyLivy YT Před 7 dny
This video should be called “Things you see and can’t unsee”
Evelyn Ukinamemen
Evelyn Ukinamemen Před 2 dny
Sorry that was for LovelyLivy YT
Evelyn Ukinamemen
Evelyn Ukinamemen Před 2 dny
Gangster girl umm 😐 yeah
Gangster girl
Gangster girl Před 6 dny
uuuhhhh.... sure
Ognjen Trifunovic
Ognjen Trifunovic Před 7 dny
that paper is for like hamsters
Elliemai’s Reptiles
Azzy : OMG it looks like an eye!! me on the other side of the screen : AZZY!! It is an eye!!!!
Kitty , s Lover
Kitty , s Lover Před 7 dny
Azzy they cant die we have edible glueee Lol hi azzy
Max Dugas
Max Dugas Před 7 dny
Tooth brush one u wipe ur but then put that in ur mouth thats wrong and very sick
yilla Krouwer
yilla Krouwer Před 8 dny
I would do the "ballpen" (the wapons), for real
•Cottxn Candy•
•Cottxn Candy• Před 8 dny
If I was forced to do one of these nails.... I would do the utensil ones
Christianne Johnson
Chandler Baugh
Chandler Baugh Před 8 dny
I would hate all of them
Li Chan
Li Chan Před 8 dny
No it's disgusting
Jay Tee
Jay Tee Před 8 dny
It's 8:22 AM but meh
sperly gacha
sperly gacha Před 8 dny
Legend has it that if you tell your fav youtubers name thrice you will be pinned Azzyland Azzyland Azzyland And Azzy Azzy Azzy Let's hope it works
unicorn squad
unicorn squad Před 9 dny
Its probably edible glue
Amyra Ali
Amyra Ali Před 9 dny
For the corn they used edible glue
Joanne Hichens
Joanne Hichens Před 9 dny
Me:*sees title* title:nail art Me again:*burns the house down because of confusion NAIL ART?!?! WHAT ARE THOSE
Nikki Puccio
Nikki Puccio Před 10 dny
Hay Azzy can you please not talk a lot please I am not hating I love you’re videos!!!
Ery Blue
Ery Blue Před 10 dny
Wow.what Amazing
Patrick Beale
Patrick Beale Před 10 dny
BluFire Před 10 dny
Cristine where u at?
Tedd Evans
Tedd Evans Před 10 dny
Azzy i am with you with the butter flys
Kaylee Navarro
Kaylee Navarro Před 11 dny
“When I hear a balloon pop I’m like: AHH I’M GOING TO DIE “ same girl same , now i am laughing so hard bc i almost wrote gorl 🤣😂😅
elizabeth brewer
elizabeth brewer Před 12 dny
wait do they use real nail glue or eatable nail glue?!
Dark hybrids forever
Why does Azzy have blondie on her shirt?
Maria Garcia
Maria Garcia Před 12 dny
For the corn you could’ve used a balloon like jeez
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