Weekend Update: Trump Lost Over $1 Billion - SNL

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Weekend Update anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che tackle the week's biggest news, like Donald Trump Jr. getting subpoenaed.
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Komentáře 100
Sagar Wadgaonkar
Sagar Wadgaonkar Před 5 hodinami
How do though idiots on Fox and Friends sleep at night?
Dade Murphy
Dade Murphy Před 23 hodinami
Let law enforcement know when you see a COOK!
Brother Esquire
Brother Esquire Před dnem
That's not funny man. I lost one billion dollars too. Everybody was mad. It was a bunch of people around, holding sticks and using chalk. ...,.. Wait, wait....naw, my bad..... It wasn't one billion dollars, it was the number one billiard ball.
Joshua Weickum
Joshua Weickum Před dnem
Trump is one dumb bastard
addi stewart
addi stewart Před dnem
I swear i always thought melania was saying big breasts.
Gishinlok: Placer of cups upon edges
It’s around $2,000,000,000 in losses if you consider inflation since the 1990s.
Aaron Hammon
Aaron Hammon Před dnem
yes I do troll my boy s in the 501st military Intelligence Brigade. you joey bag of dougnuts
Nate Davis
Nate Davis Před dnem
Fuxk Trump!
Dazed Faze
Dazed Faze Před dnem
Damn I should be arrested then for the gookery I did at my gym
Russell Oaks
Russell Oaks Před dnem
Fake steele dossier? Yall lost (again). Get a grip.
EuroFrench Před 2 dny
Twitter users or other social media users, if you follow tRump & want a streamlined, rapid response to his prolific horrid tweets (or to his complicit defenders) simply post this time-saving link as a response. www.psycom.net/narcissistic-personality-disorder-test
David Yeary
David Yeary Před 2 dny
Anybody on here ever own their own airline??? I didn't think so.
Gishinlok: Placer of cups upon edges
Nobody on here failed at running an airline either. Then again the wealth of a person shouldn’t be an argumentative point for their skill in the first place. Additionally, if only writers were allowed to criticize books where would the world be? Why should people who own airlines be the only people allowed to criticize a failed airline?
ekrupa2010 Před 2 dny
Why does the rally clip look like trump is standing in front of a cheap green screen?
Trump admitted to losing 1 billion back in the 90s. The NEW YORK TIMES did a story on him called The Comeback Kid after he got himself out of debt and gained billions from construction. You know who actually lost 1 billion dollars? Hillary Clinton. Thats how much she spent on a rigged election in her favor, with fraudulent votes and paid off politicians and the FAKE NEWS media giving her full support. And she STILL LOST to TRUMP! GOD thats got to Hurt you nutjob liberals really hard right in your fat unemployed asses! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!! #LOSERS.
Gishinlok: Placer of cups upon edges
Are you alright buddy? (Also any *viable* and *unbiased* sources on any of that?)
Josh Hawkesford
Josh Hawkesford Před 2 dny
Over 95% of people liked this video insulting Trump.. Weird how he got over 50% of the elec votes, hummm curious
Melinda Crain
Melinda Crain Před 2 dny
Oh yeah, you can't beat beef and broccoli!
Mr. E
Mr. E Před 2 dny
more lies about the president.
j. berendt
j. berendt Před 2 dny
IQ 45 has to go!
von 50
von 50 Před 2 dny
Notice his base is getting smaller...
Ben Houston
Ben Houston Před 2 dny
“Come on blonde lady..” lol
Joe Duxtaped
Joe Duxtaped Před 2 dny
You all forget why trump and trumpers are great for america. Once hes gone wr now kno who exactly is causing the hatred bigotry and insane idea of fighting a civil war to free people and then enslave them economically making them arm up n organize for survival. Erry step of the country is a 50/50 bluff and when called these people arent of the ilk of 1940s men. These 18 yr old today are on heron and dont have daddys hatreds. Your generation the greediest most self centered inconsiderate generations of all time just die off already. Havent youz done enough. Drop dead quicka
JakeGraceAndGlory Před 2 dny
Trump lost 1 billion dollars? Welcome to news in 1995 idiots. If you have 5 Billion dollars and lose 1 billion, you are still a billionaire. It's funny how libtards are just discovering news from 25 years ago. Trump is still a multibillionaire and it really doesn't matter how much excess money a person has, it matters what he is doing righteously for America, which is a lot.
numanumatard Před 2 dny
55th time wasn't actually a joke
Aaron Uribe
Aaron Uribe Před 2 dny
You’re gonna bash a businessperson for suffering losses on high risk moves?
Danny Nicolosi
Danny Nicolosi Před 2 dny
the art of the comeback
Gail Remp
Gail Remp Před 2 dny
I love this! And I am a FL native...
bigdrob54 Před 2 dny
SNL really has gone downhill...funny to watch this morons forced laughter!
kj Před 2 dny
Donald trump deserves a nap . And an extended vacation at one of his resorts . Please go away .
ElfBoi Productions
ElfBoi Productions Před 2 dny
I live in Florida and honestly, Floridians are mainly assholes lol
Aaron Hammon
Aaron Hammon Před 2 dny
perfect is right
Gishinlok: Placer of cups upon edges
Geez buddy why not just put all your talking points in one comment? You know what, I’ll do the honors: Snl > bad People who don’t agree with me > bad Snl > pedofiles people who agree with me > perfect comedy show I dislike with > overpaid Do you have any sources? I’d love to see where these *brilliant* and *completely logical* opinions come from.
Aaron Hammon
Aaron Hammon Před 2 dny
snl. the phedophile scum
Jennifer Hodges
Jennifer Hodges Před 2 dny
why do you think that they are pedophile scum
Aaron Hammon
Aaron Hammon Před 2 dny
do America a favor..... execute a leftest troll
Aaron Hammon
Aaron Hammon Před 2 dny
leftest pieces of shit
Aaron Hammon
Aaron Hammon Před 2 dny
how much these losers making ???
Grandma Bones
Grandma Bones Před 2 dny
Seems he's perfect for running a dangerous extortion racket that is HUNDREDS OF TRILLIONS in debt.
Rejinald Palmer
Rejinald Palmer Před 2 dny
The boy at the bottom right at the Trump rally looks like they're visiting their aunt for the summer and she just dragged him there when he really wanted to make his action figures look like they're having sex.
Sulyeman Mehmet
Sulyeman Mehmet Před 2 dny
And how many businesses could have sprung back after such a business loss?? Not many, but Trump's did!! So, guess he really IS an incredibly wise entrepreneur!!
Sulyeman Mehmet
Sulyeman Mehmet Před 2 dny
Big tax write-off. The laugh is on YOU!!
Bedazzle Cat
Bedazzle Cat Před 2 dny
I see he started tanning again.
the Whisperer
the Whisperer Před 2 dny
The little Black girl in the back is hating her parents right now look at the expression on her face
Arthur BRIAND Před 2 dny
They included Taiwan in their map of China. Also what was Colin doing under the desk at the beginning?
Babygirl95 Před 3 dny
Hello kook squad
Justin Groves
Justin Groves Před 3 dny
When you cheer the failings of others, it’s the beginning of your own failings.
Alexy AND Friends
Alexy AND Friends Před 3 dny
“Most black players didn’t show up in protest” Said trump: “Perfect!” 😂😂 MAN I LOVE SNL
Gmoney3nt Před 3 dny
guy sumpthin
guy sumpthin Před 3 dny
85 to 94 ? Isn't that the fallout from the bad divorce that we all heard about already ? not news
Josh Delagrange
Josh Delagrange Před 3 dny
NYT recycles old news from the 90s on Trump and shocking so many who provably never read it back in the 90s are now learning about it now.Yep that old news being recycle hmm how can NYT get a hold of Trumps tax returns oh wait they never had it in the first place.Congress wants 6 years of tax returns from Trump and he said no so how can NYT get it first when congress can't get it that just sounds really fishy to me.Sources close to white house said Trump ate a salad for dinner for the first time do I really care that Trump eats MacDonald or buys his family MacDonald yep that has to be news can't find anything else to write so lets just tell everybody who his diet is.What that word I am thinking about oh yeah I don't care.Mainstream news media we report opinions instead of news.
Nelly King
Nelly King Před 3 dny
Maybe he grabbed her pu..y and that was great for her!!
Brady Playz
Brady Playz Před 3 dny
The weekend update is my favorite segment
meglea88 Před 3 dny
i live for these
Nomore Illegals please
The truth about SNL is they are a bunch of pedophiles and are about to be busted along with their friends in Mainstream media. Good luck not you pervs,We are coming to your doors soon with Federal warrants and guns..
Jennifer Hodges
Jennifer Hodges Před 3 dny
Where is your proof that snl is full of pedophiles?
jimbones155 Před 3 dny
Smart enough to beat the snot out of Hillary.
Ryan Adam
Ryan Adam Před 3 dny
Let's not forget it took him a decade to lose that much over multiple deals... let's also not forget Hillary spent the same amount of money on a corrupt presidential campaign in one year. And she still lost
Carl Ray
Carl Ray Před 3 dny
What a waste. SNL was such a great show back in the 70s. Now it is nothing but wet dog shit.
Milton Hackett
Milton Hackett Před 3 dny
Um ghee we did find the real election meddling! Onigger and England did ! I say we start a war like the dimacrits wanted with Russia over fake collusion !!!
Milton Hackett
Milton Hackett Před 3 dny
Um assholes he still has 39 more billion ! What you got ? Shit your on NBC !!!
Selma Kelly
Selma Kelly Před 4 dny
Selma Kelly
Selma Kelly Před dnem
+Gishinlok: Placer of cups upon edges It was an expression, like ... Kajillion Bezillion. And btw ... he lost $1 Billion in 2018. So much for those "emolluments."
Stephen Heyer
Stephen Heyer Před 4 dny
How the hell does that moron get his skin and hair such a creepy orange color? Does he think it’s attractive? What a freak.
Furry Furry
Furry Furry Před 4 dny
Wow soooo funny SNL it’s not like you have ever made fun of trump. Actually be funny. No wonder no one watches this show.
Gishinlok: Placer of cups upon edges
(He said while watching the show)
ElleRochelle126 Před 4 dny
So glad I got the hell outta Dodge when Trump came to town. It feels good knowing that I skipped Trump to go to Chicago to see some Korean boys sing and dance. And I'm even more satisfied because the crowd was larger where I was 🤣
incognito Před 4 dny
I can’t wait until crow is served 😉 and clam season is right around the corner 🤐
Ding Dong
Ding Dong Před 4 dny
Get ready he'll be there once again like the SNL rash!
tripjet999 Před 4 dny
@2:52 - "Separetely"? LOL.
19fenderman60 Před 4 dny
To all you idiots, HE'S WORTH 9 BILLION!
richard alvarado
richard alvarado Před 4 dny
No to you moron he's worth $9T....to me and most of us normal people he ain't worth roll of used shit paper......
Christine Prater
Christine Prater Před 4 dny
book *e d g e* *_E D G E_*
ballislife life
ballislife life Před 4 dny
U know your a left when u say trump is a bad businessman. Like shut tf up idiots.
Wells Fellings
Wells Fellings Před 4 dny
but his net rn is 3.1 billion
EDDIE LEAL Před 4 dny
It may have been those casino ventures. lol!
F D Před 4 dny
Mean while the rest you morons wanna give free health care to the world on the backs of hard working American citizens. If anyone had any common sense you would realize this is unsustainable. But if someone would try an explainer that to you you would cry racism and go think about it in your safe space. This man is bringing our country back to its former glory. The rest of you snowflakes can move to Canada as you promised. You can say we are crazy and cling to our guns but those guns are the reason why we are not British and why you will never take over this country.
richard alvarado
richard alvarado Před 4 dny
I take it you're a HW american....LOL!!! We're taking this country back on Jan 20, 2021 when Big Joe and the Secret Service forcibly remove #45 off the premises...LOL!!! You can't fight, can't fuck, are lazy, are cowardly, thin skinned. GO WATCH CLINT EASTWOOD'S MOVIE GRAN TORINO AND CRY YOURSELF TO BED BECAUSE IT'S TRUE.....YOU SUCK.
Solomon Salsberg
Solomon Salsberg Před 4 dny
Yeah but what have you done for the jews, give pallets of cash to terrorists. What have you done for mexicans, give guns to the cartels (fast an furious) and deported my wife for 10 yrs and put my stepkids in cages. Stop the hate and do something instead of just talking shit! Trump derangement is on the dems, Fukin blind haters. Name calling and dividing the country to keep your jobs an paychks. Thank goodness for any non- political puppet in office exposing the bullshit. I was glad trump was investigated and was happy when he was cleared by the Muller report, it's all about the money, the votes and the power to corrupt. Snl is a tv comedy that makes me laugh but these comments make me worry for the future of America, to be passed to people without a plan for the environment. Lol the green new deal. How about ride a bike, reuse a straw, use bags made from hemp. Put some limits on coal and fossel fuels. Stop buying Chinese goods or from anywhere that has humanities issues. Pay a little more money for things we need and not things we just want at the moment. Your acting like children. Stop wasting. Why hasn't anyone said anything about food in schools. Trump made ketchup a vegetable again.
Gary Haber
Gary Haber Před 5 dny
I remember when SNL used to be funny...and not so politically boring.
Buddy Waang
Buddy Waang Před 5 dny
red snapper trump
ThE DuCk
ThE DuCk Před 5 dny
I'm not surprised ¯\(°_o)/¯ Look at how STUPID he is !!
Timothy Cash
Timothy Cash Před 5 dny
SNL is such a Liberal Joke now, this is why you rating are complete shit.
Darrell Před 5 dny
PJbottoms Před 5 dny
www.nytimes.com/1995/10/25/nyregion/crowning-the-comeback-king.html Same people who are now bashing him because "orange man bad" gets webpage/social media clicks, which means advertising revenue.
Antifa United
Antifa United Před 5 dny
ocd will destroy your life get help.
Maureen Doherty
Maureen Doherty Před 5 dny
She's a typical fox 5 bimbo!!!
Wolf Lord Bradley
Wolf Lord Bradley Před 5 dny
So he lost a billion over 10 years. He's worth 3 billion now so what are you saying?
Donald Salkovick
Donald Salkovick Před 5 dny
What a bunch of dumb FUCKS here I see
sailtheplains Před 5 dny
Y'all murderin' snake freaks!
Gregg richard
Gregg richard Před 5 dny
Lol you idiots are so pathetic. No collusion so now your looking at his taxes in the 80s? Who gives a shit! Losers need to get a life. You idiots
Elli Sillanpää
Elli Sillanpää Před 5 dny
Colin lost somekind of bet, the bits are too good to be... normal ?
Junior Vafai
Junior Vafai Před 5 dny
I feel like a part of my brain died by watching this video
Maliceah Před 5 dny
Blonde lady, you know when you touch your nose you're lying.
Thad Engar
Thad Engar Před 5 dny
America, and Italy are towns in China.
Brent Hui
Brent Hui Před 5 dny
Donald J. Trump The poor man’s idea of a rich man. The ignoramus’ idea of a stable genius. The traitor's idea of a patriot. The idiot’s version of a President.
Brent Hui
Brent Hui Před 4 dny
+KEEP CALM and PLAY SOCCER IN YOUR PAJAMASWill add that accordingly.
The traitor's idea of a patriot.
William Grant
William Grant Před 5 dny
Stop joking about pedophilia.
William Grant
William Grant Před 5 dny
30 years late on this news.
Micah Goodson
Micah Goodson Před 5 dny
What places does snl have to make fun of Donald Trump I’m not a Trump fan boy but he’s are president and he’s done more good in 3 years in office than Obama’s done in 8 years...Plus every other sketch is about Trump I’m getting tiered of it...
terpmaniac Před 5 dny
Obama ranked the 8th best President. Trump ranked dead last. DEAD FUCKING LAST!
1 Wolfenstein
1 Wolfenstein Před 6 dny
Damn, those Trumpanzees are f**king dumb.
Annie Carlson
Annie Carlson Před 6 dny
I'm from Florida and believe me, that's not harsh...
Mauricio G.
Mauricio G. Před 6 dny
Trump is a looser. !!!!!!!😃
Mark W.
Mark W. Před 6 dny
When's the comedy part begin?
Michael Freeman
Michael Freeman Před 6 dny
I've have a son in law that hasn't worked in 12 years. Now I have to reevaluate him. In 11 years he's cleared more than a billionaire president
Boomer1941 noname
Boomer1941 noname Před 6 dny
If you can't make it in the real world you get on SML (Smell)
Gishinlok: Placer of cups upon edges
username checks out I guess.
Mr. Wizard
Mr. Wizard Před 6 dny
My question is how do you know he wasn't actually making money, but reporting losses through 'creative accounting'?
dbilly7 Před 6 dny
"Drumpf airlines lasted 33 years less than Spirit"!!!!!!! Hahahahaha! The great dumbass business(thief)man!
Dustin Howell
Dustin Howell Před 6 dny
currently 1,666,944 views with a 95.25% like rate and people are still in here saying nobody watches SNL.
Khadijah Muhammad
Khadijah Muhammad Před 6 dny
Going well? I didn't even know it was still going.
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