We Digitized our Lives then Buried Them [CGi Time Capsule]

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The crew builds a time capsule containing every piece of digital essence needed for the people of the future to recreate them.
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28. 10. 2020





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Komentáře 100
Landy Nacua
Landy Nacua Před 3 hodinami
13:53 Me at electrical
tornadix99 Před 5 hodinami
8:57 After the new humanity of 4000 years discovers these: Omg, i found a dancing alien. *posts it to the alien internet. 100% human, no fake.
ZephyrTV Před 9 hodinami
I love peters vocap section
eXCEPTiON Před 9 hodinami
This guys making this kind of stuffs: That's a real big deal bro see you in 1000 years. The FBI that captures every moments of your life possibly can make a perfect clone of you: Well, tiny bit helps.
Judy Fauth
Judy Fauth Před 21 hodinou
The amused horse nearly introduce because maid natively rub unlike a infamous cat. taboo, kind poet
super abiyu
super abiyu Před dnem
Speaking about *Death* Unus Annus UNUS ANNUS !
Prashant Vasaikar
Hope no construction worker founds it within next 1000 years or no kids trys to unbox it as a treasury in next 1000 years
Elieser Před dnem
"This Dudes literally bury a time capsule" Disasters: Im gonna end this mans whole career
SwordTune Před dnem
You can code it on DNA
Александр Русин
Hey. Please watch the Russian film 28 Panfilovs
PhantomPhas3r Před dnem
*100 years later* Hey guys welcome back to another video, I dig up a time capsule in my back yard. Time to restore it
Hunter Walley
Hunter Walley Před dnem
this is how we should have preserved unus annus
Dyn Před 2 dny
unus annus vibe
Klaus Před 4 dny
no hate but ive seen porn with better acting than this
Caesar Před 4 dny
too bad niko couldn't be preserved
iSpitLegit Před 4 dny
Fun video gang!
Vishak Parameswaran
In 100 years no computers supporting the dvd player because no usb port
Patrick Butler
Patrick Butler Před 5 dny
Also burying the Covid-19 virus to infect the future generations with a past pandemic. 🦠💿📺
Blashephmy O
Blashephmy O Před 6 dny
These videos are time capsules lmao
david macko
david macko Před 7 dny
This video is all fake they made this so noone will dig up all the clone bodies 😂
Whitman Ashby
Whitman Ashby Před 7 dny
An eon is a billion years - not a thousand years 🙏
Fabo- desu
Fabo- desu Před 10 dny
Man I’ll be 45 when they decide to get that capsule again
Yoshikage Kira
Yoshikage Kira Před 10 dny
12:55 who's desk is that? tell them they are a man of culture immediatly!
Random Josh
Random Josh Před 10 dny
couldn't you just of took video it would of been easier and look better
Runubala Mohanty
Runubala Mohanty Před 10 dny
Review this csvid.net/video/video-CaYtXGJLHCw.html csvid.net/video/video-yJoyfCnqzYw.html and csvid.net/video/video-hE2XKOrezCQ.html
Shewes Před 10 dny
Who’s ready to raid their backyard with me
Venkatesh K
Venkatesh K Před 10 dny
It's hilarious when they all hold the micro wave walk... I'm confused.. Why don't film real yourself.. ..
Al-ameen Ak
Al-ameen Ak Před 10 dny
This is cool and scary at the same time
Bradley Hubert Shen
Bradley Hubert Shen Před 11 dny
In a thousand years: Bababui
Sparsh Rawat
Sparsh Rawat Před 11 dny
company who makes mdisc : STONKS :)
TAP Před 11 dny
Reminds me of Dr. Stone.
V E X Y ッ
V E X Y ッ Před 11 dny
Guess this is foreshadowing their funeral up ahead
Lamb sauce
Lamb sauce Před 12 dny
incrediblejonas Před 12 dny
15:15 When you start writing something big and run out of room
Order 66
Order 66 Před 12 dny
When they started talking about Vocap I was mind blown, because ever since I was 11 I have been wanting to the same exact thing as what they are doing.
Thomas Bolton
Thomas Bolton Před 12 dny
I hope through the magic of editing you put this video in too :D
Nolshinguy09 Před 12 dny
Alternate title: We created a Horcrux
Wiebe-Marten Wijnja
Wiebe-Marten Wijnja Před 13 dny
What is wrong with Dean's jaw?
music maker
music maker Před 13 dny
Dean kinda looks like David byrne
terribilis scientia
terribilis scientia Před 13 dny
This made me so depressed after realizing I will never love to see this open and never live to see what we become. Oh my god
RYAN TRAN Před 13 dny
CSvid is a giant time capsule.
Paulo Leite
Paulo Leite Před 13 dny
i appreciate peter sooooo much omg hahahaha
Před 13 dny
How do you remember where it was?
devjock Před 13 dny
People from the future will be happy they've got some rad voices for their satnav now ;)
YEE Před 13 dny
13:55 was Wren about to shoot him??
SjaPlayz Před 14 dny
uh uh i hear minecraft music
Agent Pea
Agent Pea Před 15 dny
11:44 🤣 WHAT THE F*** ARE THEY DOING TO HIS MOUTH!?!?!?! 12:07 He either is think somthing else is funny or he knows dam well what he did! 😆🤣😂
Gianne Před 15 dny
Lmaooo why did they animate dean’s mouth like that
Farhan Khan
Farhan Khan Před 15 dny
After 1000 years, how are they gonna know how to use these disc. They will have completely different technology......it will always remain a mystery for them😐😐😐
SuJnAN Před 15 dny
To know the history "They just need to watch CSvid"
Lenka Kašparová
Lenka Kašparová Před 15 dny
Dino Před 16 dny
wtf.. they sound swedish when they do the sounds xD
gi2guna Před 16 dny
They also should’ve just put this video in
gi2guna Před 16 dny
13:26 bruh they should’ve just said the Georgian alphabet at that point:/
Jc kookie
Jc kookie Před 16 dny
Anyone who watched the anime Dr. Stone would have predicted that they're gonna use a cd
Dude51: Gamer
Dude51: Gamer Před 16 dny
See ya in 3020 and 2050
Dude51: Gamer
Dude51: Gamer Před 16 dny
I wanna be in corridor so I can be not die
Patrick Léger
Patrick Léger Před 16 dny
Love this... you guys are hilarious and so creative. I love how polished your motion captures were... just perfect. Makes me proud to be a patreon member :-)
Carlo Cobi
Carlo Cobi Před 16 dny
I was kinda expecting them to put a surprise Jake model in the capsule doing a raycon ad or something 😂
Antnee Před 16 dny
Oh god, Dean's chin! 😂
KingsKnight Před 16 dny
My headset died the second Dean said “you might care about this” ;P
Shivam Singh
Shivam Singh Před 17 dny
What if peoples after 1000 yrs don't have dvd readers😂😂😂
DrJones 97
DrJones 97 Před 17 dny
This was way more emotional than I thought!
DrJones 97
DrJones 97 Před 17 dny
Millennia - 1,000 Years or One Thousand Years. Eon - 1,000,000,000 Years or One Billion Years.
Kaiyon __
Kaiyon __ Před 17 dny
Where's Niko?
ok Před 17 dny
cool idea guys and nice new studio
ThatWierdGaming Kid
ThatWierdGaming Kid Před 17 dny
Corridor: goes in ground No one finds it
Patrick Betts
Patrick Betts Před 17 dny
Actually that is not a bad idea. Digitizing yourself for the future. Someone could make a business out of that !
MrPiklez Před 18 dny
13:34 that is all 👌
Nikolajnen Před 18 dny
The ending was kinda emotional. Entropy man, entropy.
HeyImMakingPancakes Před 18 dny
9:03 This is the man that ETERNALIZED Transformers for future generations
K o r o - s e n s e i
5:23 r/SuddenlyGay
Thomas Pankiewicz
Thomas Pankiewicz Před 18 dny
nicks got the vint serf spookies
jojo tovar
jojo tovar Před 18 dny
I feel they might confuse the microwave as a computer and fry the disks
Daniel Nguyen
Daniel Nguyen Před 18 dny
17:22 is such a good opportunity to do the coffin meme, why you guys don’t do it??
Neurot1c Studios
Neurot1c Studios Před 18 dny
I'm fairly certain that all of the data we upload to the internet will be available in 1,000 years so long as physical society maintains and transfers the data while upgrading and replacing server systems and storage. I mean, a catastrophic event could hinder this. Anyway, w/ that said, this looks awful LOL and 4k-8k 60hz video would capture much more essence than those funky ass 3D animations. LMAO, this video will provide more than that ever would. They should burn and bury THIS video w/ it all haha.
Carson Pearce
Carson Pearce Před 19 dny
Something about 4 fully grown men solemnly carrying a microwave really got me
XxBarackBarackxX Před 19 dny
Corridor:Makes digital copies of themselves. Creepy Fans who know were they live:So you have choosen death
KevKevin Chabob
KevKevin Chabob Před 19 dny
Looks like someone watches one to many Unus Annus videos R.I.P
Cool_Bob_Studios Před 19 dny
Remember 2050
Luis Mayorga
Luis Mayorga Před 19 dny
you know there's a morpheme chart, right?
Jingle Studios official
visit the next toyotathon, go me
Hola Mundo - The MisteriousAG
Could one day fix the effects of ben 10 live action? Or maybe a little further, make your own versions ...
DARKzone Před 20 dny
Clint sounds like deadpool
Jayemex Před 20 dny
At the y’all made it seem like a superhero got berried
Mr.Stone Před 20 dny
Didn’t like the whole casket carrying scene but apart from that it was good 😁
Michał MAŃK
Michał MAŃK Před 20 dny
See you in 1000 years !
delusions of grandeur
Dude watched one Unnus Annus video and got severely existential.
Gilim Před 21 dnem
Where is Sam and Niko?
MHskate Hub
MHskate Hub Před 21 dnem
Can we download the scans
Steve Babcock
Steve Babcock Před 21 dnem
Someone is just digging for a new sidewalk or something and they just find some random microwave with a bunch of stuff in it
Infinity Stuff
Infinity Stuff Před 22 dny
didn't they realize there whole CSvid channel is a time capsule??
Steven Rodillo
Steven Rodillo Před 22 dny
Why is this so dramatic?
Potato Ketchup
Potato Ketchup Před 22 dny
woah I might further back to the past than I expected
Nikhil Nepal
Nikhil Nepal Před 22 dny
I am wondering what happens if someone does dig it up in a 1000 years but the standard file format has changed. So even if it is opened in the future intact, no one may be able to view the data.
Launch Fantastic
Launch Fantastic Před 22 dny
They should have vacuum sealed it
Sebastian Schwerdt
Sebastian Schwerdt Před 22 dny
I didn't thank my family and stuff but I'm glad I got the lunge in there XD
Dominic Raven
Dominic Raven Před 22 dny
You guys should of looked into 'Project Silica', it's glass that gets data printed into it using a lazer. Would last longer than 1000 years.
Swirly Kalen
Swirly Kalen Před 23 dny
That sharpie is gonna ink off 1 day, rain.
Damned Orpheus
Damned Orpheus Před 23 dny
These animations give me some GTA:VC vibe
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