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It's a GNO, hunny! Cowgirl Gwen joins to sing and dance along to the film that inspired Hereditary, Hannah Montana: The Movie. Don't know what the fuck that means? You will. Miley and Hannah both enter the ring, but only one exits. Which hair color will win?!
This is an audio commentary ONLY. It is meant to be watched along with the movie so you can raise or lower the volume on the commentary or the movie itself as you wish.
#hannahmontana #margomartindale #hereditary

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30. 11. 2020





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Pretty Much It
Pretty Much It Před 15 dny
WE'RE HOPING TO HIT 1 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS IN 2021!! If you enjoyed this video and you're not subscribed, please consider clicking the subscribe button above to be notified when we release new commentary highlights. Thank you! ❤️ #pmi2021million
Char Kahler
Char Kahler Před 2 dny
i was a girl who had a MAJOR hannah montana phase and i’m not sure if it’s the nostalgia but when i re-listened to this movie’s soundtrack recently it was still really good
JOLI DESIR Před 2 dny
It’s me..Travis......Travis Scott
ADARSH P Před 3 dny
Keep it up
Ben Goldstine
Ben Goldstine Před 8 dny
"oh no we have to save the open field " what the fuck who cares
Jean Carisi
Jean Carisi Před 8 dny
This made me sooo nostalgic.Can't believe I'm only just finding this channel,the commentary is hilarious.I know you guys will reach 1 mil soon.
Pretty Much It
Pretty Much It Před 8 dny
Loopy Panda
Loopy Panda Před 10 dny
Why does 2009 Eric look like he'd perfectly fit in as Rodrick's understudy for the Wimpy Kid movies?!
Ben Simon
Ben Simon Před 11 dny
You guys should do camp rock.
Makenn Gillen
Makenn Gillen Před 15 dny
i really wish when the guy said "Miley know Hannah Montana," they all turned to her and was like "HEY SHE KINDA LOOKS LIKE HANNAH MONTANA!" and the rest of the movie was her being forced to pretend to be hannah montana, her alter ego
Jelo Feliciano
Jelo Feliciano Před 16 dny
I absolutely fucking lost it when Rockstar started playing and you sang Scotty Doesn't Know 😆😆😆
Jelo Feliciano
Jelo Feliciano Před 16 dny
I absolutely fucking lost it when Rockstar started playing and you sang Scotty Doesn't Know 😆😆😆
Natasha Parks
Natasha Parks Před 16 dny
I just completed the Hannah Montana movie wii game for the first time today. It was more fun and more difficult than I expected. If you know, you know...
Derrica Jackson
Derrica Jackson Před 17 dny
“Don’t she kinda look like H-“ *GUNSHOTS*
Ben Simon
Ben Simon Před 11 dny
"He knew to much"
Alpha Dogg 777
Alpha Dogg 777 Před 17 dny
Having both Eric and Gwen on the same commentary is almost too powerful, I couldn’t help but burst out laughing at so many of these moments! Never change, y’all never cease to crack me up! :)
Ben Simon
Ben Simon Před 17 dny
I want a switch between Hannah Montana and Hannah Backer. OMG Liley welcome to your tape.
Plaine Zaine
Plaine Zaine Před 17 dny
I saw this in theaters for my ninth birthday. Knowing that in a movie theater miles away, Eric was also seeing Hannah Montana the Movie makes that memory even more special to me.
Alan Martinez
Alan Martinez Před 18 dny
Glad to know Scottie still doesn’t know...
robeduardoyfreak Před 18 dny
Too much talking
Jay Belmont
Jay Belmont Před 18 dny
Hoedown Terkdown
what ?i¿!
what ?i¿! Před 18 dny
What about fly on the wall
Chloe Bates
Chloe Bates Před 20 dny
This movie seriously shaped my childhood. Every day I remember bits about it. Like the bonus features on the dvd WOW. Miley adopts a cat and stuff. OMG and when Emily osment shows you around the famous pink dogs shop
Bruhawnce Před 20 dny
Alvin Anis
Alvin Anis Před 20 dny
TBT to the time Taylor Swift was still lowkey doing country music
Justin Egar
Justin Egar Před 21 dnem
“Hereditary is a remake of Hannah Montana The Movie” 😭😭😭
zoé Turcotte
zoé Turcotte Před 23 dny
For the scene of butterfly fly away Miley and his dad is a acting scene No and yes in the same time because Miley sing with her real dad
layla Před 23 dny
you get the limo out front hottest styles, every shoe, every color yeah, when you're famous it can be kinda fun it's really you, but no one ever discovers in some ways, you're just like all your friends but on stage, you're a star you get the best of both worlds chill it out, take it slow then you rock out the show you get the best of both worlds mix it all together and you know that it's the best of both worlds the best of both worlds, yeah you go to movie premiers (is that Orlando Bloom?) hear your songs on the radio (oh-whoa) livin' two lives is a little weird, yeah but school's cool 'cause nobody knows yeah, you get to be a small town girl but big time when you play your guitar you get the best of both worlds chill it out, take it slow then you rock out the show you get the best of both worlds mix it all together and you know that it's the best of both you know the best of both worlds pictures and autographs you get your face in all the magazines the best part is that you get to be whoever you wanna be yeah, the the best of both you got the best of both come on, the best of both who would've thought that a girl like me would double as a super star? you get the best of both worlds chill it out, take it slow then you rock out the show you get the best of both worlds mix it all together and you know that it's the best you get the best of both worlds without the shades and the hair you can go anywhere you get the best of both girls mix it all together, oh yeah it's so much better cause you know you got the best of both worlds JUST IN CASE
Larserus Před 23 dny
Can’t believe you finally found Noah Centineo’s debut movie as Rico
Ben Simon
Ben Simon Před 17 dny
for a second I thought they were the same person.
Will Cee
Will Cee Před 24 dny
“I laughed, I cried, I went to the bathroom”
Will Cee
Will Cee Před 24 dny
GwenThomas33 is the whitest white girl @name in the world
Alien Lee
Alien Lee Před 24 dny
Everytime I watch one of these videos, it’s 2AM and I’m trying to avoid waking my family
Jenna Hills
Jenna Hills Před 24 dny
This gave me so much nostalgia its insane lol
jetssons Před 24 dny
can we get a full cover of scotty doesnt know doe ? 👀
Sailor Arwen
Sailor Arwen Před 25 dny
You couldn’t have found more unflattering photos for the thumbnail?
Layan Al Thani
Layan Al Thani Před 25 dny
WATCH CLOUD 9 !!!! 👹👺😈 or else
koobisoft Před 26 dny
I didn't even remember Taylor Swift being in this movie
gabe vilches
gabe vilches Před 27 dny
The physical atom clinicopathologically peel because boundary partly sign of a versed rayon. electric, first orchestra
Tom Ffrench
Tom Ffrench Před 27 dny
Not only does Hannah Montana rip off the premise of Spider-Man, it also rips off Spider-Man 2 with a good number of people knowing the secret identity, but keeping it secret.
TheRManProds Před 28 dny
Alle Rhie
Alle Rhie Před 29 dny
you guys are iconic for reacting to this
julia rigg
julia rigg Před měsícem
So glad Gwen was aware of the relevancy of character actress Margo Martindales feature
Marcella G.
Marcella G. Před měsícem
eric not understanding the bojack horseman reference made me WHEZEE
Skibot99 Před měsícem
Fun fact Emily Osment is the younger sister of Haley Joel Osment. Better known as the voice of Sora from Kingdom Hearts
Jorge's Blog
Jorge's Blog Před měsícem
I'm kinda confused. This guy voice sound like Lycas Grabel from High School musical even when he sings lol. I Subscribed BTW.
PizzaTime Před měsícem
wait a minute. This guy says that harry potter makes no sense and is trash. But says Hannah Montana the movie is fun and nice
Pretty Much It
Pretty Much It Před měsícem
nobody said harry potter is trash lol
Jude Sweeney
Jude Sweeney Před měsícem
thank u gwen for the bojack reference that eric didn’t seem to get but i rly appreciated
Mariana Před měsícem
I loved Gwen! Hope she comes back someday
Sincerely Defiant
Sincerely Defiant Před měsícem
The real Hannah were the friends we made along the way
Sincerely Defiant
Sincerely Defiant Před měsícem
Jan is in this ?
Lauren Figgs
Lauren Figgs Před měsícem
why is no one talking about how every time gwen mentions margot she HAS to say character actress right before, it’s killing me
Kaiya Rain
Kaiya Rain Před měsícem
DarkKnight2037 Před měsícem
Is Gwen single?... just asking for a friend
Dvn Lake
Dvn Lake Před měsícem
Character actress MARGO MARTINDALE?!? when he didn’t catch the reference lol he has to watch bojack horseman!!!!!!
Mariangel Alvarado Jiménez
Omg omg, one of the daughters is Natalia Dyer
Peter Baker
Peter Baker Před měsícem
Sounds to me like somebody hasn't watched BoJack Horseman yet!
Lecherous Librarian
Lecherous Librarian Před měsícem
I don't know who Gwen is, but I like her.
Marci Abbey
Marci Abbey Před měsícem
This is fucking hilarious "and introducing Bily Ray Cyrus" LOLLL
Tourette's Majestic
Tourette's Majestic Před měsícem
They also played it on The Edge 96.1
Alex Stan
Alex Stan Před měsícem
I didn't realize you guys are from the same state as me and hearing local radio stations just casually name dropped just SENT ME into orbit omg
Kollin DeWitt
Kollin DeWitt Před měsícem
Did I miss something?!? What happened to Jacob?
Kollin DeWitt
Kollin DeWitt Před měsícem
@Ben Simon I haven't been on social media for a few months but I'll check it out
Ben Simon
Ben Simon Před měsícem
@Kollin DeWitt I think Eric made an announcement about it but I could not find it. But you never know.
Kollin DeWitt
Kollin DeWitt Před měsícem
@Ben Simon ah man! Eh it happens. Thanks for the info!
Ben Simon
Ben Simon Před měsícem
@Kollin DeWitt I think they just grew apart. Nothing like a fight.
Kollin DeWitt
Kollin DeWitt Před měsícem
@Ben Simon noooooooo any reason? Or just moving on?
Haley Benjamin
Haley Benjamin Před měsícem
we laughed, we cried, we twerked
sweet tea298
sweet tea298 Před měsícem
12:52 it would've been funny if he said some stalker shit like, "i think about her all the time, i even stole one of her shoes so i could smell all the time"
m Před měsícem
my biggest flex is that I can do the whole hoedown throwdown dance
Molly Alonso
Molly Alonso Před měsícem
the fact Eric didn't get the Margo Martindale Bojack Horsemen refrence hurt me
Astro Wolvez
Astro Wolvez Před měsícem
So, does he only like her because she started singing country music?
Astro Wolvez
Astro Wolvez Před měsícem
Was Taylor swift even a thing back then?
Austin Před měsícem
Do a Twerk-Along to Requiem For A Dream you cowards!
Teaeth Baggeth
Teaeth Baggeth Před měsícem
🎶She tells him she’s in church, but she doesn’t go, still she’s on her knees and Scotty doesn’t know
Anasyub Před měsícem
tokyo Před měsícem
Time for you to go on american idol
Sleep Ninja
Sleep Ninja Před měsícem
Oh my god I cant believe character actress Margo Martingale is in hannah Montana
Annette Snyder
Annette Snyder Před měsícem
The flippant weight angiographically fear because paste intriguinly search amidst a medical regret. receptive, nice lemonade
badip Před měsícem
react to the evil dead movies
Prior2Popular Před měsícem
Prior2Popular Před měsícem
Prior2Popular Před měsícem
10:36 “I can’t do it with a mic!” Miley, meanwhile: *mic in hand*
Prior2Popular Před měsícem
I cried during the daddy-daughter song! BUTTERFLY FLY AWAAAAY! ✨✨✨✨😭😭😭😭😭
Prior2Popular Před měsícem
IfyouBelieve Před měsícem
Lol I thought they were going to say that the grandma is bring down the truth but they end up saying "Dont F*** with me grandma". XDDD 8:20
emily Před měsícem
everything about the revolving door scene is perfection. the way the little girl comes in and immediately walks out before she even sees miley, miley walking through the door at least 3 times, travis seeing her and angrily leaving with no explanation whatsoever..........amazing
Lety V
Lety V Před 3 dny
That scene is so terrible but everyone is too nostalgic to notice 😂
Fayaz Karim
Fayaz Karim Před měsícem
Hana motanana
Undrin Před měsícem
I'm new here....can someone please explain who they are....genuinely want to know lmao
Lily W.
Lily W. Před měsícem
Can you guys do the series Virgin River?
The toomson
The toomson Před měsícem
That's wierd becuse that farm wrecking Ball scene came out before the music video
Gabriella Před měsícem
omg you nEED to bring Gwen back again she’s hilarious
Emily Fetterman
Emily Fetterman Před měsícem
Waiting for y’all to watch after we collided
got7 highlights
got7 highlights Před měsícem
why are u guys so funny what the hell
jelena lukic19
jelena lukic19 Před měsícem
Omg, I cried at the endding of this movie SO MANY TIMES😂😂😂
Abie Hood
Abie Hood Před měsícem
I haven't laughed this hard in a while. This was so so good
Pretty Much It
Pretty Much It Před měsícem
glad you enjoyed!
Jiselle Aldape
Jiselle Aldape Před měsícem
So this is what Havok was doing before the X-Men
Rosalie Před měsícem
Where is Jacob :( I miss him
Ben Simon
Ben Simon Před měsícem
@Pretty Much It Was it on twitter?
Pretty Much It
Pretty Much It Před měsícem
no rumors, we announced his departure back in june
Ben Simon
Ben Simon Před měsícem
There are a few rumors but I am not sure. My guess is he just is off doing his own thing. Eric runs the channel and everyone else are just friends. I THINK.
Austin P
Austin P Před měsícem
This movie was god tier when I was growing up.
Anna Le Saint
Anna Le Saint Před měsícem
why do eric and gwen lowkey have pipes tho
Roman Oliver
Roman Oliver Před měsícem
Ay what happened to jacob? He hasn't been on a single track this year
Trinity Bair
Trinity Bair Před měsícem
Eric singing Scotty Doesn't Know had me dying it works so well
L33TF0X Před měsícem
angelcreature13 Před měsícem
Did no one notice RASCAL FLATTS was in this movie too?! 😩
Ben Simon
Ben Simon Před měsícem
I am not surprised. This was basically "Every country singer assemble".
A Před měsícem
I saw this in theatre and it was a sorta fever dream cause I had strep throat and like was going in and out of sleep while trying not to die. I liked the movie.
Tristin Blaisdell
Tristin Blaisdell Před měsícem
Considering im a metalhead , I recognize the members of Rascal Flatts in the grandmas house
Ben Simon
Ben Simon Před měsícem
Tristin Blaisdell
Tristin Blaisdell Před měsícem
i watched this as a kid, wish I didnt
William Wiersberg
William Wiersberg Před měsícem
Angus McGyver from the hit CBS show McGyver was here first?? Is this his origin story?
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