WE’RE DATING | The Truth

Charly Jordan
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You guys have been asking a lot of questions, so Tayler and I wanted to film a video for you guys and for ourselves to answer some of those questions. My editor spelled his name wrong don’t come for me haha, ily babe.
Tayler Holder
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27. 10. 2020





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Komentáře 100
Nikki Sjardijn
Nikki Sjardijn Před 4 hodinami
i didnt know this couple was this amazing omg
Tiffany C
Tiffany C Před 6 hodinami
Cutest couple everrrr!!
BEEFY BOYS Před 23 hodinami
talk about charlie having nits/dandrif
dorji lhamo
dorji lhamo Před dnem
Talisa Haddad
Talisa Haddad Před 3 dny
He really sad I think ur hat Jaden I’m so dead right now
Iqbal Shahzad
Iqbal Shahzad Před 3 dny
U guys are so cute together 0 I swear if they break up........
Luisa Vargas
Luisa Vargas Před 4 dny
Tina Tina
Tina Tina Před 4 dny
If Jessica Alba and Shakira had a kid it wud be charly
Katie prawnsleylol
Katie prawnsleylol Před 4 dny
you deserve someone better then tayler
Haylea Donohue
Haylea Donohue Před 4 dny
But, the thing is they say there dating. But, are they actually.
Meyou Horma
Meyou Horma Před 4 dny
Yall worrying about charli and chase’s 2year difference when charly jordan’s ex boyfrend was 16years older than her...man ily charly but 16yearsss????
Meyou Horma
Meyou Horma Před 3 dny
@Anibal Alcerro Tbh ik some ppl think age is just a number but someone should not be more than 6years older than u, not a decade and 6years
Anibal Alcerro
Anibal Alcerro Před 4 dny
Exactly her ex-boyfriend ruined her life forever, That old man destroyed her imagen and ruined her life, I still don't understand how tayler fell in love with her, Knowing well that she lived with an old man for many years, If she and tayler broke up, It is possible that his life went into a depression falling into all kinds of vices, Poor of her Knowing that she lived with someone twice her age, That will continue to be her biggest nightmare,
CLsweaTt Před 5 dny
You two should do a race against each other
Hannah Lalzairem
Hannah Lalzairem Před 6 dny
Katherine D
Katherine D Před 7 dny
Damnn that ask out is a whole other level he’s on some proposal shit
Elizabeth Gonzalez
Elizabeth Gonzalez Před 7 dny
Wasn’t he with kaylyn during the challenger games?
Anibal Alcerro
Anibal Alcerro Před 5 dny
Exactly, for that reason he has ended up with many girls, but charly is the love of his life, he lives her so much as she loves him 👍
Anibal Alcerro
Anibal Alcerro Před 5 dny
They broke up and he started a romance with dixie
Yumnu Yoonus
Yumnu Yoonus Před 8 dny
Y does she smoke??
Mary Jones
Mary Jones Před 9 dny
Shunny Leon
Shunny Leon Před 9 dny
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Kelly Downey
Kelly Downey Před 9 dny
ODESZA thats it thats my comment
Andy Jame
Andy Jame Před 9 dny
power couple!
Kathleen McKee
Kathleen McKee Před 9 dny
Date for 2 more years, relax, don't get married for a while.... enjoy and grow more together.
Emmillyy Před 10 dny
"Loyalty *high five*" what we need in todays society love this, good for you🥺🥺
Kyndall Dabney
Kyndall Dabney Před 10 dny
Cute asf 🥺❤️
Christian Huff
Christian Huff Před 10 dny
I kissed Charly when I was 16
FlyFish 20SIX
FlyFish 20SIX Před 11 dny
Charly got a goblin hand in the thumbnail lol
Elizabeth Sheffield
Elizabeth Sheffield Před 11 dny
YES!!!! Amazing couple!!! I loved watching this! 😍😍
V D Před 11 dny
I’m with you dawg
Madeleine Ustruck
Madeleine Ustruck Před 11 dny
Awwww! Y'all are perfect for each other!
Yama Choedon 1
Yama Choedon 1 Před 12 dny
Charlotte A
Charlotte A Před 12 dny
"I'm not like other bruh girls" -Charly 🤣 oh man
Katherine Brennan
Katherine Brennan Před 12 dny
Great video until whoever asked the damn mystery questions... would you give up smoking weed for Taylor? That’s seriously what you thought was quality content? lmao
Hanola Před 13 dny
Vanessa Před 13 dny
Charly is so gorgeous I can’t I’m so jealous I’m crying
Seannette Singh
Seannette Singh Před 13 dny
I feel the power long last
Irish Marie
Irish Marie Před 13 dny
reem 7
reem 7 Před 13 dny
i just know tyler will never hurt her & i’m so happy for them 🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️
Vale Dejo
Vale Dejo Před 14 dny
I'm guessing Charly didn't edited this video bc it said Taylor in the subtitles 💀😂 ps. they are SO cute ahhh
CatTV Před 14 dny
Ahh the Honey moon phase is beautiful lol
Linda Kelso
Linda Kelso Před 15 dny
these were cute questions also serious the way charly answered this question 4:42 that was a cute answer
Iron Surf
Iron Surf Před 15 dny
fuxkin jelly
Iza & Tren
Iza & Tren Před 15 dny
Hey guys! We are a small couple's channel and we just posted our PROPOSAL video!! We post vlogs, challenges, and document our love story! It would mean the world if you subscribed and checked out some of our videos! We'd love to subscribe and support some of you guys too! xoxo, iza & tren
jenco Před 15 dny
Oh... so this is my new power couple.
nike onanuga
nike onanuga Před 16 dny
3:22 internalized misogyny isn’t cute anymore dude
Insyirah Jeffri
Insyirah Jeffri Před 16 dny
2:27 wxactly how i felt about him😔
Taylor Moffett
Taylor Moffett Před 16 dny
i kno what u did last summer ;) hahaha jk i love yall so much!
DOROTHY. Před 17 dny
She’s the type of girl in the movie that can kick guys asses
Olivia nation
Olivia nation Před 17 dny
Whose here after Tayler’s vdieo of asking her out
Jazmine Repass
Jazmine Repass Před 17 dny
I loved this, this was a vibe. ♥️♥️
Mako Sagaitu
Mako Sagaitu Před 17 dny
She looks like Kendall Jenner
Jovanna Vilchez
Jovanna Vilchez Před 18 dny
There is something very genuine about this relationship
Unathi Mthebe
Unathi Mthebe Před 18 dny
I love this relationship
Nafisa Hussain
Nafisa Hussain Před 18 dny
Ikr there a really cute couple 😜😱😘😍
Liz Rose
Liz Rose Před 18 dny
Man--I want a love like this🥺❤️
grace Bayliss
grace Bayliss Před 19 dny
wait charly you smoke weed ???
taylor moore
taylor moore Před 19 dny
Watch out charly
Sadiah Saniya
Sadiah Saniya Před 19 dny
Her voice is the sweetest, they're perfect for eachother, taylers the most down to earth person istg
Vyann Van
Vyann Van Před 20 dny
I got home to work my car home and I just got home from home and got to get home 🏠 got to go get my new job today I just got to home 🏡 and got my home 🏡 and got a car 🚗 and then I’m just going to go home and get my car back and then I’m home I got to get my car back and I get
Elma Icmat
Elma Icmat Před 20 dny
The real n perfect match❤️
Elma Icmat
Elma Icmat Před 20 dny
Ohhh I'm so happy for them at last he found the one new sub here I didn't know they had a you tube account I love this couple❤️
Cooper Davis
Cooper Davis Před 20 dny
You viewers cringe. There a great couple but why y’all so cheesy
Tori vids
Tori vids Před 20 dny
She smokes weed?!
Kirana Angel
Kirana Angel Před 21 dnem
tinyurl.com/quicksexadult123 I loro stati di salute rispettivi prevenirlihttps🍆
Ann Marie
Ann Marie Před 21 dnem
Cuties. Good fit unlike the last girl.
Tori Vega
Tori Vega Před 21 dnem
They r the perfect together periodt.
Haruka Před 21 dnem
I wanna know their star signnns 😭
breezy bri
breezy bri Před 21 dnem
Why does she look like a white beyonce.. 🤔😍
Jessica Stahl
Jessica Stahl Před 22 dny
You guys are too cute, love it!!
JS AND JB J Smith a jB
Dixie be looking be watch this and raged
Poul panhaphea123
Poul panhaphea123 Před 23 dny
Tayler and dixie is kindna closer
Poul panhaphea123
Poul panhaphea123 Před 23 dny
Connor Shepherd
Connor Shepherd Před 23 dny
It should be Taylor and Addison
Brianna Silva
Brianna Silva Před 23 dny
How old is she
Halene Smith
Halene Smith Před 23 dny
Thats my birthday 7th july omg
Sam Sawdon
Sam Sawdon Před 23 dny
yess i feeding so great love you charly love your video good for you :)
Izabella Caccamo
Izabella Caccamo Před 23 dny
wow OK so now we have Tarly=(Charly and Tayler) then we have Braddison (Bryce and Addison) then we have Doah (Dixie and Noah ) wow u all should make a vid or something for content on CSvid together
Hamarina To''o
Hamarina To''o Před 23 dny
tayler:gimmie some charly:rejects tayler:slaps the face
Jessany Driscoll
Jessany Driscoll Před 24 dny
this called me single in million different ways but u guys r so cute
Rya Deschene
Rya Deschene Před 24 dny
yall are so cute
P.s. please do not smoke weed, they may say it is safe, but I know so many people who have developed schizofrenic behaviours:(
😍😍love and respect each other🙏♥️God Bless
Grapes Doe
Grapes Doe Před 24 dny
Taylers gf lowkey be a vibe you can tell she a dope ass person
Majithey official channel
We're sitting the dating door 😉
Carlos Gomez
Carlos Gomez Před 24 dny
This is gonna end messy lol
Sebastian Da silva
Sebastian Da silva Před 24 dny
Awwww so cute 💕💕💕💕💕💕❤️❤️❤️💖💖♥️
Ciniya Edgerton
Ciniya Edgerton Před 24 dny
That girl he was talking about is Sommer Ray 😭
Alyce Edwards
Alyce Edwards Před 24 dny
hen you get vie of your boyfreind yu should have stuck ith sommer ray but the girl rules dont matter ig
Brittany B.
Brittany B. Před 25 dny
Ok...ok...ok... yall are so fricken cute. They are 100% SMITTEN. Its fricken adorable.
Arielle Rodriguez
Arielle Rodriguez Před 25 dny
while they were dating he was also dating sommer i feel bad for her tho cuz he has many girls as friends that can be intimidating
KEIRA GORDON Před 25 dny
Joanne Tuccio
Joanne Tuccio Před 25 dny
We need more video's with you both together xxx you are couple goals
Lovely ASMR
Lovely ASMR Před 25 dny
Omg you guys are so cute I ship you guys❤️
itsjustinfigs Před 25 dny
power couple!
Briana Jaramillo
Briana Jaramillo Před 7 dny
Hi justin
Candy Girl
Candy Girl Před 14 dny
Braddisonn is the power couple there so amazing 😉
Jesus Santos
Jesus Santos Před 17 dny
Jess Bakre
Jess Bakre Před 25 dny
My opinion: Tayler is still in love with Sommer. He’s using Charly as a rebound but doesn’t love her as much cos she appears to be trying so hard it doesn’t seem as authentic as Sayler
Natalie Valdes
Natalie Valdes Před 25 dny
Charly is so sweet and beautiful
carola Před 25 dny
Friend Vlogs
Friend Vlogs Před 25 dny
You guys are like the best couple every!!
Joy Ce
Joy Ce Před 25 dny
She's dope men❤👌
miinjeonji Před 25 dny
am i the only one that kinda got put off when he described doing physical activities as "man shit" during 3:15
Sergio Amaya
Sergio Amaya Před 25 dny
Daijha McLaughlin
Daijha McLaughlin Před 25 dny
Dirt i love it how many girls do you have
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