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19. 10. 2021





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RisenTeA Před 8 hodinami
Wanna know why I love the gsw? 1. because the golden gate is so popular that my mom told me let's go there for your first ever vacation 2nd. They have good players 3rd and last: i went to their court
Branden Pierre
Branden Pierre Před dnem
How do you make it to the NBA Lakers
Juan Villalobos
Juan Villalobos Před 6 dny
Curry owns lebrons ass.....
J O H N xs 30
J O H N xs 30 Před 6 dny
yan ba ang goat nyo lebron.hahahaha😂😂😂😂di kayang panalunin yung team kahit lamang na lamang na sila .
Giovanni Jaranilla
Giovanni Jaranilla Před 6 dny
5 allstar ..hahhha
comeback failed
comeback failed Před 7 dny
everyone is shooting at 3 now. curry really had shifted the game from inside to outside
kelan cameron
kelan cameron Před 6 dny
*Daryl Morey
big CHALK Před 7 dny
You can taste the remnants of Adderall here
Brooke Wilcox
Brooke Wilcox Před 8 dny
" And Bazemore will can a triple!!" 🤣🤣😂😭 as that man shoots from MAYBE 12ft lmao. 6:52
Lawlor Před 8 dny
The king 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 men calling a basketball player their king🤣🤣🤣 HAH GAAAHAAY
Cristian Dolores
Cristian Dolores Před 8 dny
Puro lakers
Miggy Romilson Matibag
Darth Virgin
Darth Virgin Před 9 dny
and GSW are playing better today......and still without KLAY.
ArSenix LLC
ArSenix LLC Před 10 dny
Just here to make a journal that Golden State Warrior has 16 W- 2 L . Top 1 on the NBA as of 11-15-2021 12:30 AM ET. I will be back again on this timeline from other multiverse later.
jr dones
jr dones Před 11 dny
oo nga lakers no.1
rochester3 Před 11 dny
No1 The Animator
No1 The Animator Před 12 dny
LeBron having flashbacks! He knows the warriors are his kryptonite
chao chao
chao chao Před 12 dny
6:36 the teamwork of gsw is very great
Annie Melton
Annie Melton Před 12 dny
I ❤️ the warriors
Lodiedodie Před 13 dny
Jordan poole..... man.
Shamely Abe
Shamely Abe Před 13 dny
Solid GSW parin ako.👍👍💪
LikekeKamile Před 14 dny
this season is the most exciting season there is going to be in this decade yes !!! dubs vs lakers and nets vs bucks !
Chief GamingXL
Chief GamingXL Před 15 dny
Lakers sad to watch like if y’all don’t get in y’all bag 🤦🏽‍♂️ stop playing y’all got 3 stars use them
RyuFrenzy Před 15 dny
Georgia Aspiros
Georgia Aspiros Před 15 dny
Strength in numbers is back
Ranjith Jeyakumar
Ranjith Jeyakumar Před 16 dny
who knew they would go 14-2 after that win
david ale
david ale Před 17 dny
I'm glad Mr. Igoudala is back and he's really compatible with Curry and Green and the rest of new teamates. Hopefully Mr. Thompson will be back in courts too.
Kie_Toxic_Boi Před 17 dny
Come on Lakers how df y’all let them come back man like wtf🤦🏾
Love Peace
Love Peace Před 17 dny
O Mary, conceived without sin Pray for us who have recourse to Thee...
Patrick De leon
Patrick De leon Před 17 dny
Warriors set up is a killer jam pack on the court wish that the warrior management doesnt change this line up. As for steph he shows how selfless of him to just pass and make those young one makes a score and kudos to those young members their a monster on the court if those young ones being train and honed their skills yeah i can see a next championship for gsw again no doubt about it. to see how good their team right now their a very dangerous team to beat this december klay and wiseman is coming back so see how powerful and jam pack their team even without klay those young can carry the team like jp3 jta gp2 bjelica and even their bench players can even makes a 3 point shot and lets not forget wiggins and looney that improving more as a defender player
Jacob Alabastro
Jacob Alabastro Před 18 dny
9:15 play 🥵🥵🥵
Yulo Guillen
Yulo Guillen Před 18 dny
Loss angeles celebrating too early...
PLAGUE EXIT Před 19 dny
Iggy always been good even in 2015 he was a hidden gem, I’ve always seen it him Nd Harrison Barnes
K&L TV acoba
K&L TV acoba Před 22 dny
Good team chemistry from GSW..!!
Anthony Foreign
Anthony Foreign Před 22 dny
This will be the 2022 Western conference finals
Rhaine Pascual
Rhaine Pascual Před 22 dny
L.A lakers is a superteam in the nba but i think lakers did not went to the finals same as last season all players are kamote
Sheila Bacaran
Sheila Bacaran Před 22 dny
bashers say gsw only beating weaker teams, how about this? haters in tears?😂
Yhong Pog
Yhong Pog Před 22 dny
i feel bad for avery, he really wanted to be part of the golden state.
Jamichael Ralston
Jamichael Ralston Před 23 dny
The warriors are getting back cold
Lucas Curry
Lucas Curry Před 24 dny
This man Davis really out here stepping on peoples toes
Angelica Natividad
Angelica Natividad Před 24 dny
Trio is here
Rocky Balboa
Rocky Balboa Před 24 dny
All this all stars and still L let’s go warriors
Kid Mamba
Kid Mamba Před 25 dny
Anjan si Meme Vice!
Black Spiderman
Black Spiderman Před 25 dny
If rondo stay point guard and they get rid of westbrook Lakers would win more. Warriors is so unselfish. Always making the extra pass
Remik guieb
Remik guieb Před 27 dny
🤣🤣🤣 ah ah ah,
AgentOliver Před 28 dny
Lebum lost
Joan Bugto
Joan Bugto Před 28 dny
Wow congrats warriors 👏👏👏 good job, keep doing, Great shoot great leaders ,coach and teammates...Ang galing ❤️❤️❤️❤️
boyet enero
boyet enero Před 28 dny
stephen curry
MVP Goat
MVP Goat Před 29 dny
Leroy Okoro
Leroy Okoro Před 29 dny
Thegreatchloe1 Před 29 dny
Thegreatchloe1 Před 29 dny
Kyle Tello
Kyle Tello Před 29 dny
Scene from Vice Ganda and Ion Perez to watch lakers
SeninModo93 Před měsícem
Kevon Looney such an underrated warrior
Tom Zeus B. Fernandez
Tom Zeus B. Fernandez Před měsícem
1:58 that was clean
Andrew Meraz
Andrew Meraz Před měsícem
who else can hit them faded aways like lebron tho
Chase Jefferson
Chase Jefferson Před měsícem
JESUS is the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE! - John 14:6 With GOD all things are possible - Matthew 19:26 Remember that JESUS loves you and JESUS saves✝️🙏🙌 GOD is good all the time and all the time GOD is good😊 AMEN🙏 Have a BLESSED day😊 Please be careful with the music you listen to and the things you watch! Please be careful with your life and pray to GOD and ask HIM to protect you✝️🙏🙌😊 AMEN! 🙏
Tom Yamaguchi
Tom Yamaguchi Před měsícem
Pool has that quick first step burst for layups . It looks very Westbrook like, and he’s been doing it every game . He ain’t is big and buff , but he can shoot hella better
Basketball kid
Basketball kid Před měsícem
Steph curry was really good
Denis Dador
Denis Dador Před měsícem
Team USA vs Team Chemistry...
Poopy kid
Poopy kid Před měsícem
John 3:15-18 KJV❤ 15 That whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life.
Monkey D. Luffy
Monkey D. Luffy Před měsícem
If Poole made the all-star this year, LBJ's fans are gonna say Warriors are stacked 🤣😂
EvilEjXD Před měsícem
Alright lakers. Keep losing and lebron is gonna trade the whole roster for some different superstars.
Kenneth Zinke
Kenneth Zinke Před měsícem
12 days ago, it was "The Battle of California" between the Golden State Warriors and the Los Angeles Lakers.
Bee gee Rodolfo
Bee gee Rodolfo Před měsícem
Warriors: Lebron, Rondo, Westbrook, Jordan, Carmelo, David, Howard, not enough hahaha!
Bee gee Rodolfo
Bee gee Rodolfo Před měsícem
Lakers intro hahaha :D
Filly marada
Filly marada Před měsícem
Why is it in this nba video highlights they showcases and makes its lakers highlights always and everytime the warriors opponents were given more exposure in nba videos , thats why i dislikEd it
GILES ! Před měsícem
Another BIASED highlight by the NBA. Riding LA’s A$$, but even so…. DUBS.
Mattkoolit01 Před měsícem
My Filipino salita
Jaun Mireles
Jaun Mireles Před měsícem
Curry stays loyal to his team not like gaybron chasing rings from team to team
Kevin Monahan
Kevin Monahan Před měsícem
It's honestly kinda gross to see Westbrook in yellow and purple
Raymundo Bacani
Raymundo Bacani Před měsícem
Wow! Amazing fight of golden state warriors.
Ray Perez
Ray Perez Před měsícem
All that squad lakers got for nothing lol #HeatNation
Julio Lois
Julio Lois Před měsícem
Evin Grindle
Evin Grindle Před měsícem
Putting an asterisk on the opening day games: Warriors vs Lakers: 1. Lakers have a completely new team and need time to gel. 2. Also AD and LeBron are coming back from injury. 3. First game of the season Bucks vs Nets: 1. Nets don’t have Kyrie 2. Nets also have a few new players and need to get them adjusted to the offense. 3. First game of the season
The Mad Pat
The Mad Pat Před měsícem
Why the Lakers have a white jersey
GabrielKurtPLAYZ Před měsícem
Alexis Salva
Alexis Salva Před měsícem
Curry + Weggins + Thompson + Poole = Superteam 😱
Carolina Vegas
Carolina Vegas Před měsícem
Legend has it the older Curry gets the more his range extends 🤣
Xtian Java
Xtian Java Před měsícem
LaL use Bazemore and Avery just to know the offense scheme but no use at all
Manny Clemente
Manny Clemente Před měsícem
The fact that the Lakers actually tried to win and lost is hilarious.
eddie solis
eddie solis Před měsícem
Yeah Lakers all Old men 👨‍🦯🏀😂
Shradid Trafalgar
Shradid Trafalgar Před měsícem
Lol, they're just playing the game, not yet playoffs or elimination round lol..
Sg._111 Před měsícem
Imao they trash. They ain’t reaching the 2nd round of playoffs with Russell westbrick
HANGAR NUT Před měsícem
Gonna be an exciting season
Swiss1 Před měsícem
The first basket from the lakers was the most cockiest play this season and the season's only begun
Max Azzopardi
Max Azzopardi Před měsícem
That'd be awesome if the Dubs can recreate a little of that magic from their run of 5 straight finals appearances. That may never happen again in NBA history
Darrick Jeffries
Darrick Jeffries Před měsícem
Nah not all star but he a good player
Gilbert Acosta
Gilbert Acosta Před měsícem
Pang porma lng kayo lakers. Hahaha
J Lee
J Lee Před měsícem
This is why only women who knows truly know the game or have actually played should be to commentate & not simply read from a script!!!! Unprecedented??? She said it twice!!! Not even for basketball at any level for both men's or women's basketball. She has obviously never touched a basketball. She is embarrassing herself on national TV. There are so many women who were actually former players who should have her job!!! WOW! What a disgrace to true baller both men & women.
thePhunktOGraphist Před měsícem
trash captions foh
Mr. Neyetro
Mr. Neyetro Před měsícem
SPEED KILLS. Warriors will ascend. Lakers will have a long tough season. OLD AND SLOW.
dwalier Před měsícem
Lakers doo doo
Frank Cabanski
Frank Cabanski Před měsícem
How can the Lakers be so bad?
Frank Cabanski
Frank Cabanski Před měsícem
Muzzled mask morons. I see players wearing masks on the benches. How does the virus know not to bother people on the court?
Sir Nonito Talent Is Life
Alright WARRIORS!!! Payback time. 👍👍👍
Grind Hard
Grind Hard Před měsícem
Steph Curry is the best player in the league.
CollegeFundamentals Před měsícem
At 8:57 someone please come help Damion Lee 🤣🤣🤣
Yes No
Yes No Před měsícem
"Lakers winning the championship" 💀😹👎
LoneWolf x93
LoneWolf x93 Před měsícem
I’m looking at these highlights like how the hell did the Lakers lose this game. Props to the team over at Golden State man, they did a great job preparing the younger guys to handle pressure and play against the titans on that Laker roster. Beyond impressive.
T Benson
T Benson Před 28 dny
@Striking Viper you mad ? Lol
Striking Viper
Striking Viper Před měsícem
U sound like a clown
TORN in the FLESH Před měsícem
WARRIORS!!!! 🏀 🌉 🏀 🌉 🏀
William Appleseed
William Appleseed Před měsícem
God is coming back very soon :)
Val_anthony Před měsícem
I’m really surprise they lost tho good game in the first quarter and 2
EL music
EL music Před měsícem
Westbrook trade ben Simmons
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