UNLIMITED GOLD in Minecraft Hardcore! (#35)

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In this video I got UNLIMITED GOLD in Minecraft Hardcore! Welcome to Episode 35 of WadZee's Hardcore Minecraft Series, Today I Built a Gold Farm in the Nether to get INFINITE Gold! I also built an Automatic Piglin Trading Farm for all my gold & I became the RICHEST Hardcore Minecraft Player! Want to find out how to get unlimited gold in minecraft hardcore? Watch the whole video to find out!
Gold Farm Tutorial:
"Minecraft Gold Farm for 1.16 - Easy and Efficient Build Design"
Watch the Series from Episode 1:
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Komentáře 100
Adam Před 21 minutou
i think you should get about 100 melon men (healed zombie villigers)
Адриан Levkevic
Адриан Levkevic Před hodinou
Build a melon sity))
burnt into oblivion
burnt into oblivion Před hodinou
trade the rotten flesh to a cleric for emeralds
Debaditya Nath
Debaditya Nath Před 2 hodinami
Maybe the richest? Yeah with a diamond and netherite beacon
Minecraft Stopmotion
Minecraft Stopmotion Před 2 hodinami
You could combine your melons with gold for glistering melons
Megh Rana
Megh Rana Před 2 hodinami
What you'd have to do is you let the dropper to a repeater or a chain of repeaters and set it's timing so that it drops at a delay as piglins give you trade after a certain amount of time, or else what you could do make another filter of gold so when they are trading they do not pick up the gold so you cycle the gd not picked up in the system
Stich gang
Stich gang Před 2 hodinami
I think you sould bild the melon god of life
Alhosani Před 3 hodinami
A house
Alhosani Před 3 hodinami
A city
Jurgita Nugarienė
Jurgita Nugarienė Před 3 hodinami
2030: "making an automatic diamond farm 2040: "making netherite farm"
Judi Teizini
Judi Teizini Před 4 hodinami
I think that making a giant melon to preserve all the melons like he did with the cakes it's a great idea :))
Shaivi Kumar
Shaivi Kumar Před 6 hodinami
the piglins are scared of zombified piglins lmao
Idk any more Cool
Idk any more Cool Před 7 hodinami
What about a melon city
Money Man
Money Man Před 7 hodinami
I just realized that there’s so many things he has made that he should make a world tour
Nicholas Allmon
Nicholas Allmon Před 10 hodinami
Can u do this farm in bedrock
Dono_ Bruh
Dono_ Bruh Před 10 hodinami
melon castle dedicated to melany
andy zhong
andy zhong Před 11 hodinami
do u have unlimited coal
Breezy_Breeze Hj
Breezy_Breeze Hj Před 13 hodinami
Idk if you’ll see this but get a cleric villager and sell the flesh to him
Yt_FirySkull Před 13 hodinami
A melon castle?
dogs can game
dogs can game Před 14 hodinami
You need a super smeltor
Gavin Halvorsen
Gavin Halvorsen Před 14 hodinami
You could make a magma cream farm
Ben Fischer
Ben Fischer Před 15 hodinami
make clerics and farmers up there and trade the flesh for emeralds, then the emeralds for apples and boom, golden apple farm
Fati Channel Elyaagoubi
Fati Channel Elyaagoubi Před 16 hodinami
a haus
CROWN Gaming
CROWN Gaming Před 16 hodinami
Make overworld in bedrock in nrther pleas challenge from wah wah army
Ji Erica
Ji Erica Před 17 hodinami
Tree farm maybe
Haider ali Hadi
Haider ali Hadi Před 18 hodinami
make big melon to the help of melonsssss
mcho888 Před 19 hodinami
do a endermen farm
Mohamad Saleem
Mohamad Saleem Před 20 hodinami
Trade with villagers
ViorisE Před 21 hodinou
You should try to connect your gold farm with your piglin trading farm with either a really long hopper tunnel or a nether portal system with slim-block. I think that would really avoid the fact that you need to put by hand the gold in the piglin trade farm.
jigi chauhan
jigi chauhan Před 21 hodinou
You became the richest person in minecraft when you made netherite becon 😁😁😁
Adamya Singh
Adamya Singh Před 22 hodinami
I have a idea make a road to each and every biome With the use of melons and rails on top of it
bradyven Před 23 hodinami
Melon melon towel
how about a melon castle
Joe Etherington
Joe Etherington Před dnem
BUILD A 2000 BY 2000 MELON
Lil John
Lil John Před dnem
I’d recommend watching loony he has a stack of notch apples in his hardcore world
Nightlock Gacha
Nightlock Gacha Před dnem
I'm wondering, can you make a diamond farm or is that just not possible??
Suchitra Soni
Suchitra Soni Před dnem
Slime farm
Louis Yi
Louis Yi Před dnem
i think you can make magma blocks with 4 magma cream
Louis Yi
Louis Yi Před dnem
i like the intro song :)
Ollie H Burns
Ollie H Burns Před dnem
Note to wadzee: become richer than sb737 and then you will be the richest hardcore minecraft player
SD_YTgamer Před dnem
A really really big melon
Ross Goldstein
Ross Goldstein Před dnem
Make Wadmelon tower
Dr Diabetus
Dr Diabetus Před dnem
Build a Mellon around the mellons
Anant Gore
Anant Gore Před dnem
Can you not sure pigskin trading super fast anymore?
James Rosso
James Rosso Před dnem
Trade the melon for emr
Susan Caple
Susan Caple Před dnem
Can you build a giant melon
Stephen plays soccer
He should build a huge trophy out of mellons
Helen Jones
Helen Jones Před dnem
Build giant watermelon slices with red terracotta and melons as the shell thing
Orbit Před dnem
trade them in for emeralds and make a emerald tower!!!!
Wes Israel
Wes Israel Před dnem
You should use the rotten flesh for training with villagers(the potion one)
Superior Gaming
Superior Gaming Před dnem
Sell the rotten flesh to cleric villager he will give you emeralds for that
schollbsaav Před dnem
Build a melon house
PandaPotato435 Před dnem
and my friends call me crazy
Arhaan P
Arhaan P Před dnem
14:41 u could trade with clerics but I think I alr have stacks of emerald blocks lol
Brian Barahona
Brian Barahona Před dnem
Make the melon king out of melons
LilDemonGamer Před dnem
WadZee: golden carrots are the best food in the game! Minecraft: *face plam* Mojang: We created enchanted golden apples! Me:*face plam* what do you mean it’s enchanted golden apples well, in vinnila Minecraft, right?
TC MineBlox
TC MineBlox Před dnem
wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah
hudson archer
hudson archer Před dnem
Wah Wah
big boi
big boi Před dnem
Use the rotten flesh to trade for emeralds with a villager
shaila parveen
shaila parveen Před dnem
Built a gold house with wooden door except iron
Furret Walk
Furret Walk Před dnem
Maybe a giant villager? Inside you can double use it as a villager trading hall
Mandy Biart
Mandy Biart Před dnem
You should build a melon hotel
DogecoinPlays Před 2 dny
build big melon from melons
LD Před 2 dny
You can make 11 Filter than u will got more just make it iam from germany i cant speqk that well
MinerPiotr Před 2 dny
I love
Raymond Harr
Raymond Harr Před 2 dny
I mean right after that
Raymond Harr
Raymond Harr Před 2 dny
If you crouch on magma blocks you will not take damage *this is for 5:21
Melody Balag-ey
Melody Balag-ey Před 2 dny
Make a melon house
Febmardy Gutierez
Febmardy Gutierez Před 2 dny
Make house of melon
Dayeon Kim
Dayeon Kim Před 2 dny
Him being the richest hardcore player while im enjoying being a billionaire in creative mode.
Poona Firaz
Poona Firaz Před 2 dny
tutorial be like: "so the first most important part is milk all the magma blocks out of your world"
Brooke Hutt
Brooke Hutt Před 2 dny
Mellon Villager Trading hall
ᴀɴᴅʀᴇɪ ʙᴏʀʀᴏᴍᴇᴏ
u should turn on clear fog
JSC CUBING Před 2 dny
Make A Iron Golem Statue With Melons And Name It MELONGOLEM
Simonsweden Před 2 dny
16:57 Rawre
Yash's scratch tutorials
Says "I have no idea what to do with the rotten flesh Me: Trade it for emeralds with the Cleric!
Pinky Cherry
Pinky Cherry Před 2 dny
Build a melon wadzee statue
Catrin Pullinger
Catrin Pullinger Před 2 dny
You can use the rotten flesh to trade with the clerics
Pamujo Hostel
Pamujo Hostel Před 2 dny
Melon chair for meloni
DolphinCraft Před 2 dny
Why do people dislike this guys vids there totally harmless
Santi Alfeiran
Santi Alfeiran Před 2 dny
WadZee make “the great melon wall 🤣” plz do it
DA DA Před 2 dny
build a tower with the melons
Gaming Central
Gaming Central Před 2 dny
You should see if you have more melons than lazarbeam
chrisdubya1 Před 2 dny
The piglin did a victory dance when he got to wadzee
Oscar Hodgkinson-Ponting
melon city
Jacksonio Před 2 dny
Just get farmer villagers, turn them into zombies cure them and they will sell 3 golden carrots for an emerald, and with a good supply of emeralds you can get so many, my farmers give me around 5 stacks of golden carrots every Minecraft day
Leticia Abad
Leticia Abad Před 2 dny
ENVYsavage AA
ENVYsavage AA Před 2 dny
I’m late but make a giant melon mas of melons
Lisa Jeffries
Lisa Jeffries Před 2 dny
Melon Beacon
Ava draws
Ava draws Před 2 dny
VadosAbys Před 2 dny
Wadzee we need to get more rich Me this man
L E T I Před 2 dny
their names all starts with a b
Synth VikingBlood
Synth VikingBlood Před 2 dny
turn an entire biome into melons
Antonio Valdez
Antonio Valdez Před 2 dny
Remake the end ship in melons and instead of an elytra put a glistening melon
Super Z
Super Z Před 2 dny
this guy every episode: melon melon melon me....
Egon Larsson
Egon Larsson Před 2 dny
Pov you watched Sword4000 and then Wadzee
nouser read
nouser read Před 2 dny
he should wear frost walker boots so he wont get hurt by the magma blocks
Peter Pelko
Peter Pelko Před 2 dny
U shuld make a gigant mellllooooonnnnnnnnnnnnn
Prakash Baskar
Prakash Baskar Před 2 dny
it works because when the piglin is angry he has to trade the gold instantly and moving or breaking nether bold makes the pilin angry Ps use BoB
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