ultra speed build challenge in the sims 4

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9. 04. 2021





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Tyraphine 2
Tyraphine 2 Před 2 dny
Everyone else in the world: giving everyone the vaccine and managing it super well getting so many people in a week Mean while germany: **throwing vaccines away cuz Noone uses them** **taking for ever to find a way to give out vaccine faster** Also germany: **failing with their plans and taking for ever to find a new plan** (I'm german so don't be like: why you hate on germany!..I...am...german)
BulletsInTime Před 9 dny
Ur such a good older sibling. If I died my siblings would just start singing and another one gone and another one gone another one bites the dust
gina marie
gina marie Před 11 dny
omg ngl I want this house 🙏🏼
Devin Keira
Devin Keira Před 14 dny
Ok, hear me out. 10 minute speed build... no mistakes 🤣🤣🤣
Zessa Před 16 dny
damn its so lucky that people the same age as me can go to a pharmacy to get a vaccine. Here in my country, i dont even think i'd get one even in 3 or 5 yrs
alli14938 Před 16 dny
I also cried a little after booking my vaccine appointment. It's so sweet that you wanted to take care of your brother ♥️♥️
Minnepeg and Cam
Minnepeg and Cam Před 17 dny
I cried too when I got my Walmart appointment and sounded like a psycho making bad bad jokes with my pharmacist when I went in. I must have sounded like I was on drugs 😂.
Sophia Knapp
Sophia Knapp Před 19 dny
my no got the vaccine today too 😂
Rabia Asiyye Sonmez
Rabia Asiyye Sonmez Před 19 dny
So glad you got vaccinated! Congratulations!
misspimenw Před 21 dnem
here in my state in Brazil only the 65+ aged people get vacinated because the government sucks
M .m
M .m Před 21 dnem
Same in Mexico until next year people of 40 and below.
Ella Roberts
Ella Roberts Před 21 dnem
Can't wait to get my vaccine! Gonna be june or july till I get mine
Flora Madeira
Flora Madeira Před 22 dny
Kayak: “I HATE 10 min BUILD CHALLENGES!!” Us in the comments: **suggests 643789 other challenge ideas** Kayaks next video: “Hey guys we’re doing another 10 minute build challenge!” It’s like the case of the incendiary toilet all over again 😂😂
Nina Isreal
Nina Isreal Před 22 dny
I lived next door to this house. I swear what you built looks just like it.
*screams* Ha
*screams* Ha Před 22 dny
Have you ever thought of doing just rooms? You’re always amazed by the level of details other simmers achieve in their builds, so maybe doing one room at a time might help you practice putting more time and effort into each room.
*screams* Ha
*screams* Ha Před 22 dny
Especially is you don’t have a lot of time to film a video, maybe working on a smaller scale can be a good use of your time
Addison Schmitz
Addison Schmitz Před 22 dny
video idea: go on google earth, zoom in on a random place, and try to build the house/business you land on
maryjane reyes
maryjane reyes Před 23 dny
wow your 10minutes house is better than my 2 day house
Sofia Branco
Sofia Branco Před 23 dny
The day this video came out I was literally talking with my father during dinner, and talking about how late the vaccination is in our country, and how you and especially your siblings were about to get yours and you're all so young, and you upload this video., about to get it. We haven't even moved from 60+ years old people yet. My grandma is 83 and she hasn't taken her second dose yet.
abby //
abby // Před 23 dny
I’m already vaccinated but I wish I lived in Florida because there’s no more mask mandate
Spongebob’s life goals
Me sitting here building a AWFUL house in like 4 hours when i’m Done i say to myself OMG I MADE A GREAT HOUSE! Next day: Soooooo... where is the buildoze button when you need it
Milica Rašković
Milica Rašković Před 23 dny
I can already sense "this is fine. everything is fine"
Wojciech Strycharczyk
Do it in sims 3
Makayla Monaco
Makayla Monaco Před 23 dny
I think if you lower the roof it might look better
sarah p
sarah p Před 23 dny
i got my firzt pfizer shot today!!!
Harpstrings Před 24 dny
Hey simsie! I just learned that if you press Shift and C on a roof You can Manipulate it further then normal!
King George III
King George III Před 24 dny
I'm taller than all my friends but I'm like 3 months younger and when my crush turns 14 I'll be 13, when I turn 13, my bsf will be 13, so yeah 🤡 (Idk why I said this but still) [Also I met my bsfs family and their whole family is short but her dad is like 2 feet taller than me]
Samitsociety Před 24 dny
I'm watching this after I got my COVID vaccine (I got it on Saturday and I'm watching this on a Sunday)
Alison Thomas
Alison Thomas Před 24 dny
Yay!!! So excited for you to get vaccinated:) I was shaking with excitement in my line to get poked haha
McKenzie Heim
McKenzie Heim Před 24 dny
Aw Kayla! That’s not dramatic at all, I cried as I got both doses of my vaccine. I’ll cry when my little brother gets it too. It’s the light at the end of the tunnel!!!!
B Gacha
B Gacha Před 24 dny
Some people say it's not a good idea to be stressed before a vaccination
Skallia Ray
Skallia Ray Před 24 dny
I love how people who get the vaccine act like they are better than others when theres people who can't get it bc it's not compatible with other medications they need or bc they are pregnant or breast feeding. just get the damn thing and shut up about it. The whole world doesn't need the condescending attitude.
abesle iştigal
abesle iştigal Před 13 dny
I don’t think Kayla is acting like she is better than others for getting the vaccine, she was just excited. Also people like her who are getting the vaccine (even though they’re not at high risk for severe illness from covid-19) are also helping to keep safe the vulnerable people who aren’t able to get the vaccine because of their conditions, because they are contributing to herd immunity. So I think we should all be glad that people are willing and happy to get the vaccine and hope that more people do the same.
pinkapoppy Před 22 dny
you’re probably upset because this has happened to you or someone you know, but the people who are able to access it are excited and relieved, they should be allowed to be, even though it’s frustrating for other people who can’t get the vaccine.
Crowned Lily
Crowned Lily Před 23 dny
They're just virtue signaling.
Shortbread1008 Před 24 dny
i got a lowes commercial before the video and i just... they know im not building a real house right??
Bomble the Bee
Bomble the Bee Před 24 dny
Ultra speed challenge + can't move anything after you've placed it
Jordan Heath
Jordan Heath Před 24 dny
10 minutes no mistakes challenge!!
Bengisu Karabiber
Bengisu Karabiber Před 24 dny
I actually love it??? Super cute
hiti Cowlover
hiti Cowlover Před 24 dny
i have a really nice challenge for you: its the travel challenge and the point is to travel with your sim in every world on every lot, but you can stay just a week in a world tips for more fun gameplay:1take another sim with you 2fill Newcrest with gallery lots 3visit the secret lots to(that will be hard)
Woulf Woom
Woulf Woom Před 24 dny
Omg we are still at age 65 in Austria but even the old people are not all vaccineated 😞 I'm because I work at a doctors office and my mum is because she is also a nurse but there a so few people vaccineated that I know. I tried to get my boyfriend at least one, he might just need one because we had covid last year and we had some left and the bottle was open so we had to give the rest someone within 4 hours but he couldn't get away from work. So we called all the other patients we knew had covid some months ago. Such a stress and the goverment is so unorganised and nnow they want to close our well organised vaccine station.
Wott Před 24 dny
Kayla: "I'll try and make this a starter home." The flat screen TV in the living room:
KASH HAUSE Před 24 dny
The upstairs could of been a office 🤔😂
Sapphire draws a lot
Why was simsie responsible for her brothers vaccine? Isn’t that like, their parents responsibility?
narissa x
narissa x Před 24 dny
had kayla ever done a make no mistakes 10 min build challenge? i think that’s be fun
Kk21 Před 24 dny
Lilsimsie please read!!!! Kayla needs to build a house with no pack limitations or money limitations pleaseeeeeeee I really want to see Kayla build a house with just put whatever she wants to pleaseeeeee, I know you do that sometimes she does but maybe you could just do a build once a week with no limitations or even once a month but I really want to see Kayla change her builds up a little Ps I’m not hating I luv Kayla and think her builds are great 😊
Jade Paula
Jade Paula Před 25 dny
please stop using the same base game doors and windows and bathroom stuff 😭😭😭
MizzWright Před 25 dny
When I build a house this small I make use of the kitchen table and put a laptop on it. It functions and your sim can put the laptop in their inventory when not in use 🤷🏻‍♀️
Nath Novaes
Nath Novaes Před 25 dny
I also almost cried when I got vaccinated! Since I'm a healthcare student/going soon into internship (?) my university had authorized the vaccination for me and my classmates, but they cancelled it and then authorized us again, so it was a roller coaster hahah
DezzyDoesThings Před 25 dny
I got me and my mom appointments for Tuesday to get the Phizer shot. My mom started crying too
Sarah Weatherly
Sarah Weatherly Před 25 dny
thank you for getting vaccinated!!!! we stan ppl who care about otherssss
Emily Rubright
Emily Rubright Před 25 dny
Fun idea: Use a random number generator where it decides how much time you get for each room. Like the "each room is a different color" videos but with time. Love your vids
Sharplaysthesims Před 25 dny
Impressed! LOL I can barely put up a wall in 10 minutes
Harley Thomas
Harley Thomas Před 25 dny
i’m using this house for my current household and it’s such a great base to go off of! I’ve obviously changed it as i needed it to - but it’s such a good start!
ModernTarte Před 25 dny
Older sibling feels🌸
Connie Wanlin-ISkra
Connie Wanlin-ISkra Před 25 dny
ezodragon Před 25 dny
all the vaccine talk it's disturbing 😂
martinez07 Před 25 dny
I just finished building a cafe in Sims! If you want to, please check the cafe out! It’s called “Cute Pink Cafe” and its under Generic. I got inspiration from your Pink Cottage! If you can’t check, just let me say, you’re totally making me a better builder and I enjoy Sims a lot more! I hope you have a very good day! ☆(≧∀≦*)ノ
iga Před 25 dny
you literally always build the same house
Chiara Tocco
Chiara Tocco Před 25 dny
I am getting my moderna first shot next week, I am sooooo excited! (ftr, I live in france and here is still kinda tricky to have an appointment. Just this week they made unversity workers -as myself- eligible).
ADRN POGGY Před 25 dny
That's... um... a very... nice house there 🤨
mattie htx
mattie htx Před 25 dny
be safe the vaccine is killing people
Moon Child
Moon Child Před 25 dny
Wait, how is the states getting boatloads of vaccines for youth, when were STILL on seniors and front line workers, and were like out of it already. Im 24 and I have to wait a YEAR at least.
awhvictoria Před 25 dny
I love watching your vids but why would you want to get a experimental vaccine.... you people don’t do enough research by yourself wake up! you’ll see the side effects in couple years 🤮
awhvictoria Před 25 dny
@txuo I'm better than u 4 literally doesn’t? and on top of that why would you get it if you don’t have any side effect and they said you can catch corona even after you take it so wtf is the vaccine for 🤣 if you don’t see that somethings not right here then wow...
txuo I'm better than u 4
I mean does it stop corona?
lucy Před 25 dny
Maybe next time try a 10 minute apartment challenge?
tweedybird Před 25 dny
Older siblings care so much lol, my older sister booked my vaccine appointment too but I got the moderna
tweedybird Před 25 dny
It’s so cute that you care so much about your baby brother, but he’s 17 lol. You sound just like my sister bc I’m 21 but she still calls me her baby sister lol
Visimsie Před 25 dny
you should make a micro home but try to make it like super duper crazy expensive
Nvard Gambaryan
Nvard Gambaryan Před 25 dny
Make a playsist named " its fine, everything is fine! "
shay lewis
shay lewis Před 25 dny
Doodle Dust
Doodle Dust Před 25 dny
Im glad you were able to get an appointment! That's also very sweet that you prioritized your brother 😊
Jade Gourley
Jade Gourley Před 25 dny
I got my vaccine today!!! It's very exciting!
chelsey021 Před 25 dny
Where did you get the tie dye shirt?
Imanpreet Bains
Imanpreet Bains Před 25 dny
why cant you come to england instead of Dan coming to florida because I really want see u
Imanpreet Bains
Imanpreet Bains Před 25 dny
yours sincerely Carol wendleson
Sarah Elizabeth
Sarah Elizabeth Před 25 dny
you should do a challenge where you have ten minutes to renovate a house
Wolf Leader
Wolf Leader Před 25 dny
Make a ducky home bright yellow and filled with ducks
Dalton Jack
Dalton Jack Před 25 dny
it makes me so happy that you care so much about others and their health and will go out of your way to stay home and do what you can to make sure others are safe during the pandemic. i’m a proud simsie stan
Julia Locorriere
Julia Locorriere Před 25 dny
Can we talk about how good of a big sister Kayla is-
MaritMarzipan Před 25 dny
I envy you so bad.... here in The Netherlands my 82 year old grandma JUST got her 2 vaccin today. :,((
Kyra Smit
Kyra Smit Před 25 dny
You know, I really like how she’s giving us tips to improve it. It’s like she thinks I can do better😂😂 no but in all seriousness, thank you!!❤️
HarrySimSquad Před 25 dny
i know you wont read this but please do another shell challenge
Tom Green
Tom Green Před 25 dny
Congrats on getting the vaccine! I got it 2 days ago since I turned 16 on Monday
E Před 25 dny
Kayla you could have put a laptop on the dining table, it won’t look great but at least it functions
its snowing outside
its snowing outside Před 25 dny
Her 10 minute house looks better than my unlimited hour house.
The Everything Kid
The Everything Kid Před 25 dny
Kayla: I'm doing yellow Me: thought that was beige
Zoe Thomson
Zoe Thomson Před 25 dny
Kayla is so sweet omg I wish she was my big sister too
i eat pineapples
i eat pineapples Před 25 dny
insane asylum for next build?? that’d be soooo cool
Kandigalxx Před 25 dny
eyebrows on fleek today
Sara Loosman
Sara Loosman Před 25 dny
Honestly I am surprised the US even uses minutes and seconds still instead of some other weird system like Miles and Fahrenheit.
keepinghope Před 25 dny
simsie please build a house with the cupcake machine. i just want to see how it could be used practically
Handy Man
Handy Man Před 25 dny
I’m kinda envious of you guys because in my country the first ones to get vaccines are elderly (60+), elected officials/civil servants and government owned corp. employees (also medical professionals obviously) :’)
Tara G.
Tara G. Před 25 dny
Kayla's 10-minute builds are better than any of my builds were I spend ages on them.
Someone Před 25 dny
After you get it you’re going to regret it. Tell me how the side effects are😂
UsagiWhiteNight Před 25 dny
I just find it so interesting how people blindly just HAVE to take the vaccine. Like nobody knows what they’re putting in your body and what’s going to happen to you.
Cherie _Rodhouse
Cherie _Rodhouse Před 25 dny
You should do a ‘no undo button build’ so basically ones you place something you cannot undo it. For example walls once placed no undo or delete. When you’re placing furniture you can move it the first time but once’s it’s placed it can’t move. Good luck 😁
Archylier Před 25 dny
so dramatic, love it
Mimi Smith
Mimi Smith Před 25 dny
kayla: building a good and consistent bg sims 4 house in 10 minutes ea: 👁👄👁
pluel Před 25 dny
Tbh i think its sweet u care for ur bro so much. This pandemic sucks and is very isolating and traumatizing worrying about yr loved ones and seeing ppl get sick and all the shit that has gone down during it here in us so the fact an end is in sight and protection is here is really coocool and i dont blame u or anyone for crying about scheduling a vaccine appointment :^) lilsimsie u are so cool
JesusIsAmazing Před 25 dny
Jesus loves you so much!! Turn to Jesus while it is still day, for today is the day of salvation. There is so much more to Jesus than religion, He is the Father you have been searching for your whole life. He is coming back soon, please repent He is returning back soon💕
Saffierah Reinstein
Saffierah Reinstein Před 25 dny
You should do a challenge where you only use the prebuilt room :))
Plant V
Plant V Před 25 dny
I wonder how kayla's siblings look like
Daydream Burrito
Daydream Burrito Před 25 dny
Youre the best big sister ever
Tara Jane
Tara Jane Před 25 dny
me: i wish there were small cabinets kayla : sMaLl CaBiNeTs me: wait what
Charly Před 25 dny
17 years old being vaccinated in Florida meanwhile in Germany ... my grandparents ( 82+83 ) got their first one 3 weeks ago 🤡
Mermaid Nale
Mermaid Nale Před 19 dny
@Jenny in der Theorie angefangen... Mein Onkel mit 85 hat hier noch keinen Termin bekommen... Bin gespannt wann meine Eltern (Mitte 60) Termine buchen können. Für mich hab ich ehrlich gesagt nicht Mal Hoffnung für dieses Jahr :/
Jenny Před 24 dny
Isso, wir sind soweit von der Impfung von 16 Jährigen entfernt hahah,ich glaub ab 60+ hat jetzt angefangen :D
Triscuit 907
Triscuit 907 Před 25 dny
For 10 min builds you should try to just make trailers. They are longhouses that only have 1-2 bedrooms, one bathroom, and a living room kitchen combo. They always have a hallway connecting everything because the house is long and thin to make room for other trailers.
the distinguished
the distinguished Před 25 dny
Pov: ur watching an architect design an american city,
i'm cheating the system
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