UFC 261 Free Fight: Kamaru Usman vs Gilbert Burns

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship
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Kamaru Usman made his third successful welterweight title defense against Gilbert Burns at UFC 258 earlier this year and earned a Performance of the Night bonus. Usman faces Jorge Masvidal in the main event of UFC 261 on Saturday, April 24.
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7. 04. 2021





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Art Soul Artwork
Art Soul Artwork Před 7 hodinami
csvid.net/video/video-8MOYemMR2HI.html csvid.net/video/video--WjZWcUn1Q0.html csvid.net/video/video-OdLzmsxqe0k.html csvid.net/video/video-ijyILSV7jYc.html
Thatsme849 Před 7 hodinami
my boi usman definitely skipped a leg day or two
MansterBear Před 7 hodinami
Me knowing burns lost, but still hoping for burns to finish it after that big right hand in the first
Joseph Perkins
Joseph Perkins Před 8 hodinami
Usman striking improved after this fight. Damn Jorge you lose me 200 dollars but I can't hate on the Nigerian Nightmare. This dude is a good fighter but boring ass person😁
HappyGlow Před 6 hodinami
He is a flawless beauty.
Voodoochamp Před 8 hodinami
14:30 Cameras going to Usman godlike Body Joe: Hes got the perfect Neck..Nickname ;D
Cain Null
Cain Null Před 8 hodinami
Tony is the type of guy to choke himself out, after losing a bet with himself.
Keesha Marie
Keesha Marie Před 12 hodinami
I love The Nigerian Nightmare...let em know...Usman!
Никита Некрасов
Wittman is a champ of coaches!
Levy Tavares
Levy Tavares Před 18 hodinami
Jake Paul wants to fight this dude good fuckin luck
Levontae Brown
Levontae Brown Před 19 hodinami
9:21 he made his legs weak wit that left jab
The Jewish Bettor
The Jewish Bettor Před 21 hodinou
Such a good fight so under rated
SR Productions
SR Productions Před 23 hodinami
Julian Papin
Julian Papin Před dnem
Have you ever seen Usman doing spinning shit?
Full Of Fallacies
Usman shows NO SPORTSMANSHIP... What an A-hole...
JonnyCashh Před dnem
That right to the face while he was down on the floor Matt was crucial
Xavier Wofford
Xavier Wofford Před dnem
If they run it back, I’ve got burns winning.
Hoàng Nam Nguyễn Vũ
Next khabib
Izzy Před dnem
this dude is on EPO, only a matter of time before he gets caught
tony clark
tony clark Před dnem
I dont like usman
Snapdragon 835
Snapdragon 835 Před dnem
Lack of enough Cardio have led gilbert to lose the fight.
Jerod sims
Jerod sims Před dnem
Wow what a jab
TheStashBin Před dnem
Trevor Wittman pure stoic energy
Natjia dogs
Natjia dogs Před dnem
Bro Guilbert was doing great at the first round
Ghulam zakeria Ahmadi
Usman doesn’t get tired at all, he has confidence and is tough
Roy Briggs
Roy Briggs Před dnem
Usman has no chin
Roy Briggs
Roy Briggs Před dnem
I like Gilbert Us many is aite with no chin
Frank Garcia
Frank Garcia Před dnem
Burns knocked him down I don’t give a fuck
Emily M
Emily M Před dnem
Usman is smart to. He was probably making it look like that he was trying to get in Burn’s guard when in reality he was using that time to recover from that shot.
JimAmbrose Před dnem
Usman is a master
Lion Alexander
Lion Alexander Před dnem
Only chest to chin. DAM!
Nick Kestler
Nick Kestler Před dnem
Honestly, after the first quick knockdown, Usman showed no signs of being hurt even though Rogan was saying he was badly hurt and wobbly.
Max Capacity
Max Capacity Před 2 dny
Re Spect
Who Dat
Who Dat Před 2 dny
I agree with DC, it's time we give Usman the respect he deserves.
Brandon Umlah
Brandon Umlah Před 2 dny
If anyone deserves a shit it’s him they need fight 2
Gringo Catracho
Gringo Catracho Před 2 dny
i want to see a rematch with these two i feel like gilbert has the ability to win i feel like these to are on the same level kamaru is a better grappler and wrestler while burns is a better striker i like how these two still had respect for eachother even when the were punching eachother in the face
dada mana
dada mana Před 2 dny
Marco Alfaro
Marco Alfaro Před 2 dny
Que increíble de ir perdiendo en el cruce hasta controlar totalmente la pelea con una técnica BASICA básicamente de box que es el JAB ,que bueno ver este tipo de sucesos y grande Usman
Муслим Юсупов
Usman 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻✊🏻✊🏻
Adek Adek
Adek Adek Před 2 dny
Like Muhamad ali versus lary homes..but now GILBERT IS LOOSER...
MBA Presents
MBA Presents Před 2 dny
Gilbert should've finished it when Kamaru was hurt, Instead he lets Kamaru recover. That was a huge mistake.
Randomiser 226
Randomiser 226 Před 16 hodinami
He admitted that in a later interview.
Reynante Apas
Reynante Apas Před 2 dny
Usman jab is powerful
Jack Daniels
Jack Daniels Před 2 dny
That was a fucking dominant hand jab....
Koba B
Koba B Před 2 dny
Is he still boring lol ?
kevin dalton
kevin dalton Před 2 dny
Thunder Jab
Yug Hang
Yug Hang Před 2 dny
Kamaru Usman: King of Monsters
Somanue32 32
Somanue32 32 Před 2 dny
I think kumaru can defeat khabib
R T Před 2 dny
Real chinpansee
loyal beast
loyal beast Před 2 dny
I felt like before Covington get the title shot he should fight burn first
rober Moreno
rober Moreno Před 3 dny
vamos Camerún camión te mereces el triunfo Brasil quedo llorando con su mirada .intimidante y carita de malo jajaja
Roseline Manjah
Roseline Manjah Před 3 dny
Burns is such a dangerous guy even off his back “ Joe Rohan” , but was on his during the fight stopped whilst on his back , just saying
Mariam Rafaie
Mariam Rafaie Před 3 dny
Bruns hit us an with a right hook how is usman knock out
Mariam Rafaie
Mariam Rafaie Před 3 dny
B.bek Před 3 dny
His striking is wayyy better now.. he sleeps colby again
terry Před 3 dny
I thought ufc had poor striking , until i heard about Usman. Its good that people appreciate what good hands can do 🥊
Daniel Před dnem
@terry Ah geez emojis? McGregor, Holloway, DJ, Ngannou, Aldo, and Izzy are all better.
terry Před dnem
@Daniel whos the best striker then, teach me freddy roach 🤣😭
Daniel Před dnem
Usman isn't even the best striker you goof
Ephraim Dimitri
Ephraim Dimitri Před 3 dny
Gilbert foot stand is so bad then usman trap him on his strong path...make gilbert convious and losing his confident
The Champ
The Champ Před 3 dny
Usman vs Khabib. 💯
Wes G
Wes G Před 3 dny
Bugs tf out of me when someone says Usman is a boring fighter...its all these bitches hes squaring up with that lay on the ground and drag a fight out!
BLITZ ? Před 3 dny
Man started doing bicycles mid match, can't stop his gains
Aasif 23110
Aasif 23110 Před 2 dny
Never trust Nothing
Usman vaccinated that man with the JAB!!!!
Alex BFG
Alex BFG Před 3 dny
Good fight..
fistandpen Před 3 dny
"hE KNocKeD hiM DoWN!"... the reality is whether Burns pulled guard or not, Usman was pretty recovered. Usman actually would have ended this fight sooner.
foxy kid
foxy kid Před 3 dny
I want to see jake paul vs Suger show Sean O'Malley
Abayomi Bello
Abayomi Bello Před 3 dny
Add Masvidal to the list of Knockouts
The Athletic Dad Club
God, I wish we could've heard that Masvidal knockout like this one.
B Před 3 dny
burns has the best chance of beating usman
B.P. from Turkey
B.P. from Turkey Před 3 dny
He lost his sprit that fall
optimisticcosmic Před 3 dny
13:42 Fuckin beautiful.
Robert Varner
Robert Varner Před 3 dny
Joe Rogan, stop yelling ohh, for nothing. Acting like all those attempts are landing. You full of shit!
D R Před 3 dny
Prime GSP beats them both. As much as people want to talk about Usman's wins record, GSP beat killer after killer as champ for many years.
Bautista, Erjhon Dave
Usman looked like connor with the right counter
Calvin M.
Calvin M. Před 3 dny
8:51 damn... such a clean hit!
TaumLaStaylerTV Před 4 dny
Congratulations to you usman. You are an absolute lion heart🦁 for the BLACKS👨🏿‍🦲. You are a Future Role model for all Black people. I hope for a great Future for all of africa.
Daviderdevnbb Daviderdevnbb
I,am like BRAZILIAN.
Bá Tài Channel
Bá Tài Channel Před 4 dny
Nigerian fight battle time. *APOLLO CREWS* (WWE) VS *KAMARU USMAN* (UFC)
NASA n Před 4 dny
Что сказать обычный бой
Grape Před 4 dny
Best Welterweight in the World? Maybe the UFC.
eric edmunds
eric edmunds Před 4 dny
Gilbert had a lot of complications from covid. Sick for a while and could have been a factor
Knight OfNights
Knight OfNights Před 4 dny
Believe this was Usman's biggest challenge yet
Vivek .S
Vivek .S Před 4 dny
If you can’t finish usman in first round you have to face the storm from second round Bc he improves each round better and better
Jac Ryder
Jac Ryder Před 4 dny
That first round knee I reckon had Usman seeing stars. He didn’t react to the next right hand even tho it grazed his chin
Cal El
Cal El Před 4 dny
Usman has a stout boxers jab. That man done mastered his own mma version of a boxers straight punch . It’s impressive how this man has developed himself into a k.o artist. Masvidal, Covington, and Burns all 3 dropped and stopped by those same laser precise, straight punches. D.C is correct, Usman is underrated but I have a good feelin people are beginnin to recognize his excellence.
Cal El
Cal El Před 4 dny
Ay mane, why is the volume so low on these ufc fight videos? Turnt the volume up on my speakers then a god damn ad comes on and that shit is loud af. Fix that shit uncle Dana!
Stefan Zeromski
Stefan Zeromski Před 4 dny
Cormier loves usman oh oh oh oh Burns shoot yhy
K A Nesiah
K A Nesiah Před 4 dny
These guys look like they are on steroids
Snap Ghost
Snap Ghost Před 4 dny
Kumaru is like me when i play UFC on easy mode.. Let's dominate
Tyheem McClam
Tyheem McClam Před 4 dny
Had to come see this💪🏿💪🏿
Hebrew Seven
Hebrew Seven Před 4 dny
Usman has that Marvin Hagler head with the extra skull thickness to absorb hard shots better than the regular fighter.
Aasif 23110
Aasif 23110 Před 2 dny
romaniahasmetal Před 4 dny
GSP is the welterweight GOAT, but at this point it would be really hard to deny Usman the second place
Byron Hollington
Byron Hollington Před 3 dny
Usman will soon be the welterweight GOAT
Ramesh Bogati
Ramesh Bogati Před 4 dny
Ohhh I hate usman what u gonna do about it
Actually Usman showed severe weaknesses in this fight.
Miracle Obasi
Miracle Obasi Před 4 dny
13:09 my guy gave him the fufu hand 😢
the notoriousjones McGregor
burns hell lot a less boring
Kevin Snipes
Kevin Snipes Před 4 dny
They should run this back
Shomall Kun
Shomall Kun Před 4 dny
Tf does he ever go down?
Mahesh Bagade
Mahesh Bagade Před 4 dny
I don't know why but watching this fight makes me think that Khamzat is going to dominate Usman even on the stand-up
ZuKO LF Před 4 dny
2:00 and this is why ufc will never be as entertaining as boxing
Эдилбек Карбеков
Усман 👍👍👍
Josito Mohamid
Josito Mohamid Před 4 dny
I ust to hate usman u swear i thought he was like any other solid fighter but after that masvidal its confirmed bru has power he strong af lol
Andres Acuña
Andres Acuña Před 4 dny
usman fighter of the year
Joke Post
Joke Post Před 4 dny
Wow so best man
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