UFC 257 Free Fight: Conor McGregor vs Eddie Alvarez

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship
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Conor McGregor became the first person to hold two belts simultaneously after he defeated lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205 in 2016. On January 23, McGregor returns to face Dustin Poirier in the main event of UFC 257.
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8. 01. 2021





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Komentáře 100
BL ACK Před 37 minutami
Hes now fighting like he’s in a fucking boxing match, he needs to bring back his karate bruce lee stance, and forget about boxing
SuperDjavol Před 52 minutami
conor wait for khabib stop fighiting. he never win khabib!
mcnuggets Před hodinou
cornor he’s gone
Scarface 66
Scarface 66 Před hodinou
0:09 look at the eye of the tiger Conor had and compare it to the Dustin stare down before the fight, Conor needs to pull a rocky 3
Iresin1 Před hodinou
Tom Stonehard
Tom Stonehard Před hodinou
Eddie was flat scared! Did absolutely nothing!
winslow wong
winslow wong Před hodinou
Back to see conors old style, not that crumlin boxing stance ..this version of Conor would have whipped 2021 Conor too
Scarface 66
Scarface 66 Před hodinou
TX Spitta
TX Spitta Před 3 hodinami
He is still in his prime guys even after the DP loss. I’m telling you it was just inactivity and inconsistencies with timing. You could see it when he gauged distance and threw the left hand. He showed flashes of his prime Connor in round 1.That worked against Cowboys but Poirier is a dog. One of the biggest hearts in the game not to mention he’s a crafty technician. If Connor remains active and continues to fight consistently we will see him wearing gold again.🤔🤔🤔Well as long as Khabib doesn’t come out of retirement that is 😂😂😂😂
Lol Lol
Lol Lol Před 3 hodinami
What happened to this conor man
Abdul Před 2 hodinami
That Conor is still there. The question are, is he going to switch back to this stance, cause if he does he is a problem for anyone
김도균 Před 4 hodinami
155lb First win
Christian Před 4 hodinami
I want this conor back
Melancholic Před 5 hodinami
You don't need your hearing aid if you're within 1 square mile of Eddie's wife.
GS Před 5 hodinami
Once you hear her un can’t unhear her
kook2zz boiii
kook2zz boiii Před 6 hodinami
He looked like a flat footed boxer against Dustin. Where was this Conor??? His movement was gone
John Doe
John Doe Před 3 hodinami
That Floyd Mayweather fight was the worst thing to ever happen to him. He abandoned his MMA/karate style striking for a boxing style...
Junior Rosete
Junior Rosete Před 6 hodinami
Conor fought this fight so calm lol
Geoff Guy
Geoff Guy Před 7 hodinami
Watching this now is just honestly frustrating. Like I still don’t understand what happened with 257..I just don’t get it. I felt the same way as I did when I was rooting for Floyd (Floyd vs Connor) then I saw he had an actual game plan at the end. 257 though, it felt off from the start and did not get better. I just don’t get why he was so one dimensional/flat footed
Shaun Rust
Shaun Rust Před 7 hodinami
Dustin had wobbly legs and lost. You can go cry in your beer now fools.
Shaun Rust
Shaun Rust Před 7 hodinami
Conor gave him a little kiss at 9:19 - I thought that was a nice gesture.
Sushanka Amgain
Sushanka Amgain Před 8 hodinami
Who's screaming ?
Geoff Guy
Geoff Guy Před 7 hodinami
Eddie’s fuckin wife..she’s literally just screaming his name repeatedly.
Hexum944 Před 8 hodinami
I swear that screaming woman in the background is at every UFC fight.
Shawn A
Shawn A Před 8 hodinami
That lunatic, I mean Eddie's wife, is what lost him the fight. Jesus christ the fight hadn't even started and she was barking mad...
Derek Ross
Derek Ross Před 8 hodinami
You see the low kicks and the effectiveness. Conor needs to bring those kicks back w the karate stance. Fluid movement. Nimble.
Jeremy Michaels
Jeremy Michaels Před 9 hodinami
Boxing ruined McGregor. This is a totally different fighter
LS BT Před 10 hodinami
This is the real conor aggressive and smart not like now
Sean Esguerra
Sean Esguerra Před 10 hodinami
Joe "He's hurt" Rogan
hariharan gragawan
hariharan gragawan Před 11 hodinami
Good old days....
n n
n n Před 11 hodinami
Does he look bigger here than against dustin or did dustin look like a welterweight?
n n
n n Před 10 hodinami
@Artizon i think he looks bigger here vs alvarez than he did vs dustin but its hard to tell cuz eddie is smaller tbh
Artizon Před 10 hodinami
@n n people are saying that but i thought he was a good size, bigger than he was against alveraz and khabib
n n
n n Před 10 hodinami
​@Artizon mhh i guess since theyre the same height, still conor looked really lean last saturday
Artizon Před 10 hodinami
Dustin is just thick, I think there is more muscle on Conor.
adrian albacete
adrian albacete Před 12 hodinami
11:40 someone explain to me what happened here ?? he went to ask Dana White for a raise and Dana told him: is that not enough what I pay you?
Just Bobbyyy
Just Bobbyyy Před 12 hodinami
I miss the old Conor😔
Dylux Před 13 hodinami
Who TF is squawking throughout the fight.
Geoff Guy
Geoff Guy Před 7 hodinami
Eddies wife saying “EDDDIIEEEE!!!!”
Brian Kulig
Brian Kulig Před 13 hodinami
Artizon Před 10 hodinami
This is 155
Anthony Matrone
Anthony Matrone Před 13 hodinami
That was amazing, i wonder how conors career wouldve been if he didnt go to fight mayweather and instead stayed active defending his belts?
WaterBoy Creed
WaterBoy Creed Před 14 hodinami
this was undoubtedly Connors best fight ever the best condition he'd ever been in if he fought poirer in this condition if he fought a lot of people in this condition man the damage he woulda done.
Professor Poopypants
Professor Poopypants Před 14 hodinami
Conor wasted his prime years fighting Mayweather and chasing money and not defending his belts.
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan Před 14 hodinami
prime conor
Mr.Reaction 94
Mr.Reaction 94 Před 14 hodinami
David Ninic
David Ninic Před 14 hodinami
Conor must decide if he wants to be a boxer OR a mixed martial artist. He completely lost his old karate/capoeira style with wide stance. Now, he just fought the way Floyd fought him in those later rounds in 2017. This would be more of a mexican boxing approach. However, this does NOT fit his usual fighting style. His coaches are to be blamed for it - especially Phil Sutcliffe's (although I really like him) influence on Conor this time around made a huge impact on the (bad) result. Additionally, I think that Conor STILL might have some cardio issues which made him even more vulnerable in the 2nd round against Dustin. That's MY take on this whole Conor situation.
Martin Mesároš
Martin Mesároš Před 14 hodinami
I think he should hire that touch butt guy again. His movement and footwork were really good when he was training with him
Richardson Prucien
Richardson Prucien Před 15 hodinami
Who here after Conor lose to Dustin
Cowboyzszn 1
Cowboyzszn 1 Před 15 hodinami
This Conor would destroy current Conor... His style has totally changed.
Caroline Ann Beverley Thies
Caroline Ann Beverley Thies Před 15 hodinami
Where is this fight that Conor was meant to have lost with Dustin? I’ve saw the one two weeks ago but Conor won and I’ve seen this one where Conor wins again... but a few times I’ve heard that Conor has been beaten recently... baffled
danny jones
danny jones Před 15 hodinami
A unhumbled something to prove connor is/was levels above
Susan Armstrong
Susan Armstrong Před 16 hodinami
Conner's back ,im so good I love watching him taunts all the guys hefights dislike but Ive watched him from the begining. I absolutely loved how he taunted Jose Aldo even when they were in seperate planes ,he managed to have his radio into Aldos plane and talk shit to him hah He is so cocky but stands behind everything he says he will do. The champ is back. !!!!
relatedzombie Před 17 hodinami
This is the Conor that needs to come back for Poirier vs McGregor 3.
Sjon Luchtballon
Sjon Luchtballon Před 17 hodinami
Everyone tell Conor to get his karate stance back. He also needs to get ido portal and artem lobov in his team. His boxing trainer needs to go, boxing is making him worse.
Matt Chuiko
Matt Chuiko Před 17 hodinami
I have watched this so many times
Unknown User
Unknown User Před 18 hodinami
Eddie: Takes a breathe His Wife: *SCREAMS FROM HELL*
Dani !
Dani ! Před 18 hodinami
Igazi profi Conor! Egy hiba az ellenféltől és büntet..Zseni!👑
Chris DeSantis
Chris DeSantis Před 18 hodinami
the mayweather fight ruined him
Pablo Escobar
Pablo Escobar Před 18 hodinami
the whiskey destroyed conor
Memphis Skallywag'z Adventures
Connor was spending too much time drinking proper 12, not going to the gym not taking this seriously, he should have won this fight but those are the reasons why he lost it.
Bloater Snake
Bloater Snake Před 17 hodinami
I mean his own head coach said after the fight that he was the most focused and trained the most for the fight, no excuses Dustin was the better fighter that night.
pesho Před 19 hodinami
He was hungry
Joker Před 19 hodinami
Please come in
Bluewild Gaming
Bluewild Gaming Před 19 hodinami
Wait, is it alvarez wife yelling for 10mn EDIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE"?
midget 420
midget 420 Před 19 hodinami
This is the conor we love. Please go back to this style! Against porier you just looked like a boxer. Just become a mma fighter again. We all want to see this conor again.
Jack U .Lait
Jack U .Lait Před 19 hodinami
For people coming back after Conor's loss, I just wanna share something that I saw someone else say. That people aren't giving Dustin the credit he deserves and just blaming Conor's loss on not being as good anymore. Conor has still got it, but Dustin just had a better gameplan and executed it well.
Hey FakYou
Hey FakYou Před 4 hodinami
@Jack U .Lait yeah dustin is better that night , conor wasnt aware
Jack U .Lait
Jack U .Lait Před 4 hodinami
@Hey FakYou he wasn’t better that night they fought. Give Dustin his credit
Hey FakYou
Hey FakYou Před 7 hodinami
Lol eddie alvarez is smart fighter, this conor version is so much better than conor this day. We all know that conor is so much better than dustin till this day
Fabio Mabobabo
Fabio Mabobabo Před 20 hodinami
He didnt even saw alvarez atack and wasnt prepared for it and still was able to master counter him in the first round .yesteday his reflexes were 10 times slower
Sangay Gyatso Bhutia
Sangay Gyatso Bhutia Před 21 hodinou
That combination that finished Eddie hooks was so much like Roy Jones
Charles Eggebrecht
Charles Eggebrecht Před 21 hodinou
Conor you need to hire Ido Portal again and play touch butt to get your movement and timing back.
Charles Eggebrecht
Charles Eggebrecht Před 21 hodinou
Conor go back to your Karate style on the balls of your feet! Stop being dependent in your boxing stance. Conor use your steep kick again! You looked flat footed against Dustin! Ring rust is real Idc what Dominic Cruz says!!
anonymous waan
anonymous waan Před 22 hodinami
I wouldn’t be upset if Eddies wife lost her voice permanently
Lina Khalil
Lina Khalil Před 23 hodinami
Damn Conor was so cocky here. Being married with kids made him soft.
cat man do
cat man do Před 23 hodinami
Because his footwork is more mobile and he's far more active, the leg kicks aren't as effective here. Eddie stops dishing them out as Conor's footwork has made Eddies foot make contact with the knee. Whereas against Dustin, Conor was just flat footed and eating every shot without any attempt to evade or check
James Bateman
James Bateman Před 23 hodinami
Conor looks a lot quicker here . Compared to the Dustin fight , he was much slower . Still his striking was on point but he didn’t even throw any front kicks . His hands are also not loose like they were here. There were tight , mcgregor will be back , just needs some time
james sipe
james sipe Před 23 hodinami
Man it’s crazy what years can do to someone. I love connor and all but he just isn’t that agile anymore
Enigma Před 23 hodinami
Bring your karate stance backkk !!!!
Héctor Oramas
Héctor Oramas Před 23 hodinami
Best fighter version of Conor
Aji Pangestu
Aji Pangestu Před 23 hodinami
Iyeth pertandingan anyar lain lur
Sport Lovers
Sport Lovers Před dnem
Imagine if Eddie keep kick conor's leg
Sjon Luchtballon
Sjon Luchtballon Před 17 hodinami
His stance here is different. Wouldn’t have damaged the leg as bad as it was against Dustin.
Enigma Před 23 hodinami
Lol yeah kinda like dustin
高松りょう Před dnem
paidjo JR
paidjo JR Před dnem
MC jeggor is idiot
Hingle McCringleberry
You can’t tell me this guy is the same guy that just got KO’d by Dustin. This elusiveness, kicking game, counter punching, mobility was left somewhere in the past. This version of Conor would KO 2021 Conor inside a minute.
S K Před dnem
If Eddie continued with those calf kicks who knows how this would’ve went
S K Před 15 hodinami
@daniel daniel Conor vs Tony is the next fight to make for me- April/May times?
daniel daniel
daniel daniel Před 19 hodinami
@S K I agree with you man. I’ve been watching this kid since 2013 when he joined the UFC, never followed him strictly but watched all of his fights, and the last one was a bit sad to see honestly. It’s like his movement and fluidity isn’t there anymore, he’s almost “stuck in the mud” as he once claimed other fighters were. Wish he kept Ido Portal on his team and kept his previous stance. Traditional boxing and chasing the knockout was never his thing. I just don’t get it. Wish him well in the future
S K Před 19 hodinami
@daniel daniel I do agree- was just something I thought about after the fight on Saturday. I think this fight against Eddie was the whole package Conor, had goals, hunger, mindset and skill. The boxing coaching I believe limited him like crazy. His confidence will need to be built up from here but that won’t be easy at all with the current LW contenders.
daniel daniel
daniel daniel Před dnem
Conor was in and out very fast the whole fight, karate stance... it was very hard for Eddie to commit. This time it Conor was standing in boxing stance and it was so odd to watch, he did a horrible job sadly.
Mohammad Shehbaz
Mohammad Shehbaz Před dnem
Conor remembered khabib when Dustin was on him.
Arham Ali
Arham Ali Před dnem
Conor was beast before that Dagestani bear destroyed him!
M W Před dnem
I really feel like conor reuniting with his old boxing coach is the worst thing that could’ve happened to his career. Ever since he’s looked like he relies more on power then precision and more on speed then timing. His stance is now more of a boxing stance and the tools that made him so great (using his feints and his right hand to find reach) played into his older more karate based stance. His ability to find range and move in and out of it just seems like it’s not there anymore. But maybe I’m crazy. I really think it’s his old boxing coach.
oblique Před dnem
@Джон Таргариен nope his stance is changed to more of Traditional boxing stance
M W Před dnem
@Джон Таргариен what are u even talking about at this point my guy💀
Джон Таргариен
@M W Conor didn't regress and didn't progress - so he was the same. Dustin progressed in everything so he was much better. You can only argue that "old Conor" is the one who progresses
M W Před dnem
@Джон Таргариен if you think conor was “as usual” then you don’t know what you’re seeing. Now I’m not saying conor with his other stance would have beaten Dustin, I’m not even saying it’s better. But it’s absolutely different. For dozens of reasons.
Джон Таргариен
Conor was as usual. It's just that Dustin was the first to beat off Conor's front leg, which Conor always leaned on too much. It should have been done for a long time ago, even Eddie had chances to do it, but he was too scared and gave up after few try 0:44 0:58
Джон Таргариен
Conor was as usual. It's just that Dustin was the first to beat off Conor's front leg, which Conor always leaned on too much. It should have been done for a long time ago, even Eddie had chances to do it, but he was too scared and gave up after few try 0:44 0:58
Sjon Luchtballon
Sjon Luchtballon Před 16 hodinami
@Джон Таргариен changed his stance to much wich made him react slower. He got hit easier with this. Stop copying that shit comment cause you’re talking bs
Джон Таргариен
Джон Таргариен Před 17 hodinami
@Sjon Luchtballon Conor didn't regress and didn't progress - so he was the same. Dustin progressed in everything so he was much better. You can only argue that "old Conor" is the one who progresses
Джон Таргариен
Джон Таргариен Před 17 hodinami
@Sjon Luchtballon idiot, Conor was the same
Sjon Luchtballon
Sjon Luchtballon Před 17 hodinami
I you think Conor was as usual your delusional
Carl T
Carl T Před dnem
His fighting style here is so diff 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ what happened ? He’s a killer here, some boxing coach as fucked his style and stance
Enigma Před 23 hodinami
@Джон Таргариен yeah you are right
Джон Таргариен
@Carl T Conor didn't regress and didn't progress - so he was the same. Dustin progressed in everything so he was much better. You can only argue that "old Conor" is the one who progresses
Carl T
Carl T Před dnem
@Джон Таргариен nahh your wrong i think you need glasses
Джон Таргариен
Conor was as usual. It's just that Dustin was the first to beat off Conor's front leg, which Conor always leaned on too much. It should have been done for a long time ago, even Eddie had chances to do it, but he was too scared and gave up after few tries 0:44 0:58
Pine Trees
Pine Trees Před dnem
need this haircut and stance back
R S Před dnem
Alvarez getting loose, getting better Smack, smack smack SMACK Until that.
Michael Rivera
Michael Rivera Před dnem
This is completely different Conor than vs Dustin. He needs to go back to that stance and stick to his counter punching and kicks. In the Dustin fight it looked like he was in a boxing match, hands up, and flat footed. Looks how fast his reflexes were here as well! He's always flinching like Mayweather to move away from shots!
Hungry for Muscles
This Conor looked unstoppable... literally god mode
Silvio Berlusconi
Alvarez sucks, nobody said that. Dos Anjos would have been the real test
Silvio Berlusconi
@Marwan Ezz I know but Alvarez is the weakest ufc lightwight champion ever and McGregor was so lucky to fight him for the belt
The Undertaker
The Undertaker Před dnem
Alvarez > Dos Anjos. Literally alvarez defeated him and Alvarez is the real test
Marwan Ezz
Marwan Ezz Před dnem
Alvarez beat Dos Anjos lmao
Curtis Beers
Curtis Beers Před dnem
bring back the karate stance
Nuno Filipe Lopes Fialho
Wait until we see this Conor again 🔥
Suhail Ahmed
Suhail Ahmed Před dnem
One the greatest performances by a contender in a championship fight that I've ever seen.
rikkos mappouros
rikkos mappouros Před dnem
Bruh, if Conor realizes you pose no threat he will absolutely destroy you. Dustin posed the threat of takedown and calve kicks. They finally figured out Conor. Conor must reinvent his style in order to compete with the top dogs
Nick Yad
Nick Yad Před dnem
Whataa F Face
Anil Nepali
Anil Nepali Před dnem
No matter king 👑👑Conor McGregor lose or win he remain my idol.
3718 Kabir Barot
3718 Kabir Barot Před dnem
This stance that Conor had made him special
Rohan Pandey
Rohan Pandey Před dnem
Suhail Před dnem
Conor ''like Sonny Liston" was a beast until he met Khabib "like ALI"... Then he never was the same again.
Klock Smashr
Klock Smashr Před dnem
One would think Rogan thirsty.
Arul Ross
Arul Ross Před dnem
This Mcgregor would have beaten Porier..light on his feet and more clinical with the strikes..the plodding popeye style was weird...only works at 170 where hes way bigger.
Sjon Luchtballon
Sjon Luchtballon Před 17 hodinami
@Джон Таргариен stop copying this shit
Джон Таргариен
Conor was as usual. It's just that Dustin was the first to beat off Conor's front leg, which Conor always leaned on too much. It should have been done for a long time ago, even Eddie had chances to do it, but he was too scared and gave up after few try 0:44 0:58
Johanes Saragih
Johanes Saragih Před dnem
Conor is born to fight and to entertain
Marcos padilla
Marcos padilla Před dnem
Bro who kept screaming EDDDIEEEE
Retriever Před dnem
whose here to clean their eyes after watching mcgregor vs poirier
Mhd Fajar
Mhd Fajar Před dnem
Eddie wife is banshee
Samuel Stahl
Samuel Stahl Před dnem
Look at the difference in Conors fighting style from this fight to Dustins. I don’t get this new come forward in a boxing stance style from McGregor he’s using now
Time To Rest
Time To Rest Před dnem
Who is screaming --"
Sjon Luchtballon
Sjon Luchtballon Před 17 hodinami
Eddies wife
Munir Shaikhshahid
Alvarez looked weak AF here.
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