Twins Go in a WOMB SIMULATOR together!!

Dolan Twins
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We relived our first bonding experience of all time...
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9. 07. 2019

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Komentáře 31 871
Jimin s LOSt jams
Jimin s LOSt jams Před 2 minutami
Why am I watching two grown men sit in a ball pretending to be in their moms womb 😂
Daniela Lopez
Daniela Lopez Před 15 minutami
Joseph Před 34 minutami
Ethan : *breathes in womb* Grayson : stop suffocating mom 😒
minecraft bitch 69
minecraft bitch 69 Před 37 minutami
nobody: the doctor:😅🙂😟😕🤨😐😦😯🤔😧😲😬
Thegirlwithapinkbag Před 46 minutami
How did that doctor manage to keep a straight face?
Haz Hughes
Haz Hughes Před 48 minutami
That was sooo funny 😂😂😂
Lorena Flores
Lorena Flores Před hodinou
plot twist: Greathan... or is it NOLAN?!
Angel C.
Angel C. Před hodinou
Omgggggg!!!!!!!!! Cross your eyes when they are both on the screen!!!!!!! Then you see Grethan
Emma Al thakafi
Emma Al thakafi Před hodinou
The doctor was regretting this from the first question 😭😭😭😭
elise bliss
elise bliss Před hodinou
“stop smacking mom” woah there grayson 😂
Lara Webb
Lara Webb Před hodinou
Ethan :" we were grethan" Doctor: what the hell?!
Lara Webb
Lara Webb Před hodinou
They both say belly and tummy allot lol
Lara Webb
Lara Webb Před hodinou
How could they do the womb simulator if they're still in the womb
Skert Skeet
Skert Skeet Před hodinou
Ethan: jokes on you I can breath fluid I’m a bab- *drowns* Gray: I don’t think he can.... Me: LMFAO
Jessica Marie
Jessica Marie Před hodinou
22:42 gah damn
stacy kim
stacy kim Před 2 hodinami
lowkey feeling claustrophobic
Emma Holdsworth
Emma Holdsworth Před 2 hodinami
the guy is like wow these twins are interesting
Hasiba Begum
Hasiba Begum Před 2 hodinami
Why does the doctor literally look like the younger version of Austin’s dad from ace family 😂 is it only me
Ali Kline
Ali Kline Před 2 hodinami
"I wonder if goop me was aware of goop you but didn't know what goop you was" ~Grayson Dolan 2019
Vanessa Ros
Vanessa Ros Před 2 hodinami
wait so ethan could have been named grayson and grayson could have been named ethan...d a m n
Microwavey Před 2 hodinami
Next time do an abortion simulator
Wren G
Wren G Před 2 hodinami
I read the title. I am scared
Hailey Heiller
Hailey Heiller Před 2 hodinami
One of y’all wasn’t planned
Izzy The Smol Bean
Izzy The Smol Bean Před 2 hodinami
Oh noe
kerigan jade
kerigan jade Před 2 hodinami
an obgyn lmao
All about Ashya
All about Ashya Před 3 hodinami
Update 11 mins in and NOTHING happened yet
Daisy Gouson
Daisy Gouson Před 3 hodinami
No one Absolutely no one Not a soul The doctor: *shakes head* sure
Brianna.Feliciano Před 3 hodinami
“On Tuesdays we watch The dolan twins” that should be the new reference
Aliyah Hernandez
Aliyah Hernandez Před 3 hodinami
Did anyone notice Ethan toes are painted white lol
All about Ashya
All about Ashya Před 3 hodinami
Holy crap I'm bored rn
Sadbitch 101
Sadbitch 101 Před 3 hodinami
That food did Grayson good🥵 !
Leah Collard
Leah Collard Před 3 hodinami
In the belly 😂😂😂😂
amber hannon
amber hannon Před 3 hodinami
"Goops" 🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️
MSS NSBB Před 3 hodinami
graysons boner ar 24:42
Dominicque Davis_Vlogs
Dominicque Davis_Vlogs Před 3 hodinami
The doctor wants to kill himself
Loretta Concepcion
Loretta Concepcion Před 3 hodinami
The way they argue 😭
Icy halt
Icy halt Před 4 hodinami
Nobody: Literally no one: The Thumbnail: Sweet home Alabama
Stacy Bronie
Stacy Bronie Před 4 hodinami
Nobody: The Dolan twins: WE’RE TWINS
Joohoneyshoney Před 4 hodinami
Grayson stays wanting to be touchy touchy with Ethan and Ethan wants everything on the contrary 🤣
KCgamer Gamer
KCgamer Gamer Před 4 hodinami
It was awesome that these guys posted on my birthday. But even this topic was just confusing
Mandi Gardner
Mandi Gardner Před 4 hodinami
12:05 ur welcome
Adriana Před 5 hodinami
Jadyn Salzman
Jadyn Salzman Před 5 hodinami
The person before you guys split in 2 was Nolan 😂😂😭
Anne Wright
Anne Wright Před 5 hodinami
Grayson is so cute! Do you agree 👉🏻
Zaniya Lestaevel
Zaniya Lestaevel Před 5 hodinami
*nolan has left the chat*
Hamster Tjejen
Hamster Tjejen Před 5 hodinami
This video makes me realize how happy we are to have the twins
Nicole Mickelsen
Nicole Mickelsen Před 5 hodinami
I'm claustrophobic too and this video gave me anxiety 😭
Amberlynn Pena
Amberlynn Pena Před 6 hodinami
Are they gayy
Alexandra Oseghale
Alexandra Oseghale Před 6 hodinami
Maci Plays
Maci Plays Před 6 hodinami
When they said 🤰, I said🤰
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