Twins Go in a WOMB SIMULATOR together!!

Dolan Twins
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We relived our first bonding experience of all time...
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9. 07. 2019





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Komentáře 32 929
Nitrox lol
Nitrox lol Před 3 hodinami
*Did goop me know goop you?* damn that made me wanna have a twin so badly😂😂😭😭
Tristan Marais
Tristan Marais Před dnem
See how Grayson's smile dropped 0:10😂
Ahlam Kedir
Ahlam Kedir Před dnem
when ethan zipped him back i cried of laughter
Ahlam Kedir
Ahlam Kedir Před dnem
ethan: Peeepeeesss
Ahlam Kedir
Ahlam Kedir Před dnem
ethan: We just multiplied by accident
Ahlam Kedir
Ahlam Kedir Před dnem
grayson's toes are painted lmao
Steven Lyon
Steven Lyon Před dnem
I was bigger than Grayson I was 9.1 I’m a girl
Caligirl13 Před 2 dny
As a girl this made me so uncomfortable😂
Lillian and Amia
Lillian and Amia Před 8 dny
Lillian and Amia
Lillian and Amia Před 8 dny
I was 12 pounds
Sofie Malfoy
Sofie Malfoy Před 10 dny
*Smacks the ball* STOP SMACKING MOM
Paulo Cruz
Paulo Cruz Před 11 dny
Seeing them inside that ball makes it harder for me to breathe because i have also that phobia thingy
Cherise Viljoen
Cherise Viljoen Před 11 dny
Ethen: have you ever reached your hand in a bucket of ramen Me: I wanna say no
Tasawar Iqbal
Tasawar Iqbal Před 11 dny
12:44 "Babies are naked you f*cking idiot"🤣
It’s Alana and Loukia
“ITS HAPPENING!!!” - Ethan 2k19 If I was only listening to that I would so confuzzled.
Kendallyn Daily
Kendallyn Daily Před 11 dny
Well this is the first type of video I seen in my whole lifetime
Rose Justice
Rose Justice Před 13 dny
The docs patience is at thug level.
Amaya Patel
Amaya Patel Před 13 dny
Am I the only one who’s feeling a little uncomfortable!? Just me ok! 😂😂
Videostapes Před 13 dny
Wait if you come out of your mom nine months after your made are you nine month old when you come out ?
Kahlani Rowley
Kahlani Rowley Před 13 dny
He 0
Ciara Walsh
Ciara Walsh Před 13 dny
"Can babies get food babies ???"
blueface baby
blueface baby Před 13 dny
"were we even alive yet?" no ethan i dont think u were. its not like u had a heartbeat or anything
Stevie Rodriguez
Stevie Rodriguez Před 15 dny
That bulge tho 😋🤩😍
Valeria’ Před 15 dny
Ethan: do not scream again it hurts bad Grayson: mom can we gets some food in here please Grayson: MOM!! Ethan:OWW FUCK Grayson:IT HURTS
Valeria’ Před 15 dny
Grayson: “we’re going in something that can only fit one person” Ethan: “yeah that’s what a womb is, we just multiplied but accident”
yaola Aimee
yaola Aimee Před 15 dny
I ate my twin, so now I have like two different colors on my belly, I have like a line in the middle of my stomach and on the left side it's darker and on the right side it's lighter brown 😂😂 curse my big appetite, I really wanted a twin
Héctor Meyer
Héctor Meyer Před 21 dnem
22:41 that penis
Qamar Azhar
Qamar Azhar Před 23 dny
Amnion fluid isnt from babies pee 😭😭🤣🤣 are they really dumb BUT CUTE ASF. They forgot to have the umbilical chord and plasenta around. U guys dont pee or poo there. All waste transfers from the blood via placenta and umbilical chord.
Vanessa Lynn
Vanessa Lynn Před 23 dny
“i don’t think we should pee in it” 😭
Katie Wibberley
Katie Wibberley Před 24 dny
Ethan:wombmates Grayson:yeah Dr:wtf
ReekingHavocOnU Před 25 dny
Babays dont poo until they are out of the mommy sacc
AnimeAyla Před 25 dny
When i was born I was 5 pounds and my little brother was 10 pounds 😅
Rebecca R
Rebecca R Před 26 dny
Gray always wants to cuddle & hold hands but e never does :(😂
Katie&Alex Před 27 dny
Justine Delgadilo
Justine Delgadilo Před 27 dny
When they started holding hands i thought that was sooooo cute 😍❤
Lisa Hugo
Lisa Hugo Před 28 dny
Please go back and visit the doctor but give him a framed picture of you two in the ball/womb
Kat Lew
Kat Lew Před 28 dny
Why are they toe nails polished?
Lip Stick
Lip Stick Před 28 dny
Hearing them say "belly" reminded me of how Grayson admitted to have searched the worldwide web for "boobies". 😂
April Heys Barlow
April Heys Barlow Před 28 dny
when tf were you in a placenta
Sangita Gajbe
Sangita Gajbe Před 29 dny
Ethan: get redy mom we are hopping back in. How does that sound to you??
diana junsay
diana junsay Před měsícem
GRAYSON IS SO FUCKING HOT. there i said it.
spring roll
spring roll Před měsícem
And they were wombmates" "My God, they were wombmates" sorry i had to XD
Caitlyn Vaughn
Caitlyn Vaughn Před měsícem
The doctor’s facial expressions have me laughing SO HARD.
The number of people who are speculating that the good Dr. is going to retire and just let “The Dolan Twins” takeover🧸🎀🦠👼🏻👼🏻 👇🏻
Fred Furry
Fred Furry Před měsícem
Nerdio_08 Ario
Nerdio_08 Ario Před měsícem
Nerdio_08 Ario
Nerdio_08 Ario Před měsícem
i have a question for that guy how do you make babies ???
Chantz not the rapper
Chantz not the rapper Před měsícem
I know I’m not the only one who saw gRaYsOnS 😳
Romeo Gomes
Romeo Gomes Před měsícem
This is how many time Gray made E mad 👇 👇 👇
Connie Montgomery
Connie Montgomery Před měsícem
For your mom!
Connie Montgomery
Connie Montgomery Před měsícem
I had to stop the video and show everyone when he said "STOP DISRESPECTING MOM" that was so cute...
Shai Marie
Shai Marie Před měsícem
Grayson with Raman all over him just cracks me the hell up
im an abomination
im an abomination Před měsícem
Cynthia Hernandez
Cynthia Hernandez Před měsícem
The sounds bouncing off the womb walls
Cynthia Hernandez
Cynthia Hernandez Před měsícem
This is so damn funny 😂 wombmates
Al S
Al S Před měsícem
omg i just LOVE luh luh LOVE the dolan twins (((: it's ALL i think about. god just look at that....OOOOOO BABY ((((((x
Ian Bonilla
Ian Bonilla Před měsícem
No one: Ethan: GoOp
BALMAIN Certified
BALMAIN Certified Před měsícem
Grayson built like captain America and Ethan build like Thor either way it’s A win
Haro c;
Haro c; Před měsícem
was this even safe to do? lol seems like they will get claustrophobia from this AND no oxygen in there lol
Mollie Coons
Mollie Coons Před měsícem
You guys should collaborate with free time!
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