TRUE Limits Of Humanity - The Final Border We Will Never Cross

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Is there a border we will never cross? Are there places we will never reach, no matter how hard we try? It turns out, there are. Even with sci-fi technology, we are trapped in a limited pocket of the Universe and the finite stuff within it. How much universe is there for us and how far can we go?

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11. 05. 2021





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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
Hey Everybody! So this video is a remake and remaster of an older video that has a mistake in it. You can watch the original here: csvid.net/video/video-ZL4yYHdDSWs.html What is the mistake? In a nutshell: In the original video we said that it was PHYSICALLY impossible to leave the local group and reach other galaxy groups. That the rest of the universe is moving away from us too fast to catch up. But that’s wrong. It is not PHYSICALLY impossible to leave the Local Group, just extremely unlikely that we’ll ever do it. BUT: If you have a lot of time and a fast spaceship you can still get to a limited amount of galaxies - these galaxies will eventually get out of reach forever but until then, they are technically within reach. So why did we keep the video up and didn’t purge it when we deleted our addiction and refugee crisis videos? Well, it has to do with the nature and severity of the mistake: We did talk to a few astrophysicists to ask them what they thought and if we should take down the video. Their feedback was pretty clear, they thought it was still fine as the universe expansion things explained in the video are correct and they didn’t consider the local group thing as too major. This was actually a case of “good enough”. Also, back when this original upload happened, Kurzgesagt was operating at pretty tight margins and just redoing a video was not easy for us. Back then the team was small and we were fighting to put new videos out. So we just swallowed the bitter pill and kept the video around. But the video still bothered us, as far as we know this was the biggest unfixed mistake on the channel. Super frustrating, especially because the core idea of the video is so fascinating. The limit of our species. The actual limit. So yeah, we finally remade the video, sorry for taking this long, life got in the way. The original video will stay up, you can compare the two if you want to see how far we have come in a few years in terms of production quality. All in all, we could only grow the channel and work on getting better because of direct support from you guys. So thank you for that. - Philipp PS: If you want, check out our shop for some new posters about the universe posters and black hole plushies and stuff like that: bit.ly/3dRJj71
Stop the Philosophical Zombies
It's extremely unlikely humans will ever leave the solar system, let alone our own galaxy.
Trying making a video of Pices Cetus Complex Cluster
Yukatan Před 9 dny
Isn't science all about hypotheses and discovery? What may be what we think we know in the past may change in the future as we learn more.
Dumii Cris
Dumii Cris Před 27 dny
the galaxies could never get out of reach. if universe would expand 2000 lightyears a second every 500 thousand miles would still not be out of reach in theory ! in practic it would be cause we would have to catch the speed at which universe expands (good luck with calculations) :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) so universe expands but we can move in that space we can exit the solar system with a tone of dificulties but we can
Erik Před 28 dny
@Nathan Knight for a limited time only. At participating locations.
Elijah Franklin
Elijah Franklin Před 16 minutami
The little "light creature" looked familiar somehow.🤪
Wanderlusting Nomads
Wanderlusting Nomads Před 41 minutou
Thanks. Day's ruined.
Joss Ackland's Spunky Backpack
I sometimes feel that that universe is trying to get away from us while it still can 🤣
Drgham Fatima
Drgham Fatima Před 2 hodinami
You have done a great jop but have you concedred wormholes as a way to travel because you wouldn't need much time if you found one
Drgham Fatima
Drgham Fatima Před 2 hodinami
This channel makes me feel like a kid ❤
Salsius Salsius
Salsius Salsius Před 3 hodinami
I love this ❤️
Allen Honaker
Allen Honaker Před 5 hodinami
Never say never." If man was meant to fly he'd have wings".
Taylor Ireland
Taylor Ireland Před 5 hodinami
The only thing that gets to me is knowing I'm not going to be around long enough to witness new discoveries and all the awesome events due to take place in the long future
SECRETz AGENDA Před 6 hodinami
Wow...you took my entire thoughts outta my head! Lol
Orenotter Před 9 hodinami
All of this, of course, assumes there will never be a transcendence of the physical.
jay maguire
jay maguire Před 10 hodinami
I know.
Itai Carmeli
Itai Carmeli Před 11 hodinami
I love it that the entire theory of the big bang begins a very short time after the creation of time itself, and nobody dares speaking of what happens between T0 and 10^-36seconds later. Such a small fraction of time, that on in its own, felt like "all the time that ever was"! Also it is a bit ironic that we now know things which knowing them was not even possible to conceive in the past, yet we hold a disbelief about future knowledge under the limitations of what we know (or do not know) now.
Momodeus Před 11 hodinami
One of these millenia, on to the future, if our kind still survives and thrives successfully from our inside problems, there may be a time where we can utilize light speed energy force that enables us to travel from one galaxy to another, all it takes is for us to take a risk to evolve and upgrade our own selves.
UNIB Před 11 hodinami
Maybe we are the first alien civilization and the rest will come later
mikey inderikey
mikey inderikey Před 13 hodinami
John Corvo
John Corvo Před 19 hodinami
Aaaaaaah, interesting ........ but I'm a little more concerned about getting humanity through a few more decades.
EvilSearchEngine Před 19 hodinami
Thanks for creeping me out, K.
Celestial DiamondGamings
Celestial DiamondGamings Před 20 hodinami
It's like this man litteraly time traveled from 1 billion years in the future just to tell us this
Jay W
Jay W Před 20 hodinami
Man, this is some depressing (insert expletive for excrement here) :(
sonatinac Před 21 hodinou
Asian chefs are living in West world apart with their families while international STEM people can be free to move around with family is the failure of humanity.
Renoir Namo
Renoir Namo Před 22 hodinami
so basically the whole universe is a lost cause.. good..
Thiago Pagonha
Thiago Pagonha Před 22 hodinami
Simple question I want to know, is there any evidence there actually was a big bang ? If so, can it be recreated in a lab and observed ? If not how can scientists be so sure there actually was a big bang ? And if it really was, from where all that compressed matter came from and why it cannot happen again ?
Brian Barrett
Brian Barrett Před 16 hodinami
Evidence: the measured abundances of elements, the observed expansion of space, and the discovery of the cosmic microwave background (CMB).
AvatarXs Před 22 hodinami
i have strange thought, if universe and space fabric is expanding/stretching, then shouldn't it decrease gravity force? like smoothing uneven parts on cloth while stretching?
Tyroneous Strovogarde
Tyroneous Strovogarde Před 23 hodinami
This video makes assumptions that you cannot instantly move in space or time which hasn't be proven not to be possible.
Kyle Hott
Kyle Hott Před dnem
wormholes tho
harscombatgamer can
hi i have a qestion i have straight nightmares realistic 1-with out sun can earth fall down ?. 2-with out gravity can earth fall?. i have these nightmares earth fall down unlimeted like a dark hole is scary help.
Otto Von Bismarck
At 2:46 .I was wondering how did the universe expand at supraluminic light ? Is that a mystery of today’s physics? Or is there an explanation? Thanks for the awesome work Kurzgesagt !
Shane H
Shane H Před dnem
Saying 90-whatever percent of the universe is lost to us forever is absolutely speculation. Sure it’s based on the facts of our modern understanding, but it’s certainly not 100% truth. There is so much physics we still don’t understand, and our manipulations of it will continue to expand as we do understand and discover more. I will never accept the ignorant finality of these conclusions.
radglitteryunicorn outfromthestars
I feel like I should be so scared but I'm not. It just makes me realize how tiny I am and I enjoy that feeling. However I still strongly feel my imprint on this earth is very important.
Shane H
Shane H Před dnem
I hate the false ways some things are talked about and explained. The most annoying to me is gravity. Gravity is nothing but an effect. It cannot do anything because it is nothing. The space-time grid is just trying to return to its natural position, thus it is actually what does what morons keep saying gravity does. There are a lot of things that are misrepresented in science, but gravity seems to be the most absurd, and misunderstood, because of misinformation.
Garrett Jair Lang
What’s really neat about humans is that we learn from our mistakes. I love you all.
Garrett Jair Lang
Garrett Jair Lang Před 16 hodinami
@Brian Barrett trial and error my man. I have to believe that. Exceptions probably do exist like say a narcissist or perhaps others with different mental disorders but I’d say majority rules.
Brian Barrett
Brian Barrett Před 16 hodinami
Do we?
I don't think the outside phisical universe is the final frontier for human beings I wud rather like to think it's the multi verse metaphorical inner space universe inside of us all! Now that is whare things start to get very interesting and I beleive could lead to ALL the answers we currently don't have or very little understanding of!
Lenard Segnitz
Lenard Segnitz Před dnem
I laugh at how limited sci-fi imagination is. The Dune and Foundation universes suggest humanity spanning tens of millions of star systems and then almost entirely on Earth-like planetary bodies. Authors breathlessly describe humanity numbering trillions. Simple back-of-the-envelope calculations show than humanity could number trillions just within the Earth-Moon system, cis-lunar space. Space out to just a few thousand km from Earth’s surface could host thousands of O’Neill Cylinders mostly teamed up in clusters of dozens to hundreds of them for mutual defence and reduce the number of potentially colliding bodies. Energy would come entirely from solar, a budget thousands of times greater than what the entire Earth gets from just within the confines of cis-lunar space. If we look just a little further out, say to include Earth-Sun L4 & L5, we could easily expand our numbers to quadrillions. We’d need to mine the asteroid belt and Mercury for construction materials. But even all this is still only a millionth of what just our solar system can ultimately support. If our horizons expand to our galaxy AND we don’t limit ourselves to Earth-like planets we could occupy billions of star systems. Since the vast majority of stars are long-lived red dwarf stars we could persist for hundreds of billions of years. Enough time to let all of terrestrial evolution to play out a hundred times… around just one red dwarf star. We would be the elder species of our galaxy. Makes the vision in Star Wars, Star Trek, Dune, Foundation, Expanse laughable. The authors are like children delighted at the amount of water their cupped hands can hold while playing on a beach on the Pacific Ocean.
gkm3838 Před dnem
I wonder if we have ever observed a galaxy that has later disappeared from our view, or are our telescopes getting so much stronger that it hasn't happened yet?
boob lover
boob lover Před dnem
damn i love watching kurzegesagt videos they leave me with existential crises and has me coming up with dumbass paradoxes that i can’t even solve because i’m not even smart enough to comprehend it how lovely
Kriss Před dnem
We are just milky ways cells
DeYoungin Beats
DeYoungin Beats Před dnem
this is all theories so clarify that
Genghis khan.
Genghis khan. Před dnem
So just look and no touch
TheBoy Wonder
TheBoy Wonder Před dnem
Dude these scientists just be saying shit HOWWWW can we possibly know any if this as fact and not just speculation and guesstimization( made up word lol”
ItzClashLenny Před dnem
Ich ziehe mir auch die Videos auf dem englischen Kanal an
Freeman's Freedom
Once thing to note, even if we say "forever", or "never" as a species, we tend to found a way to overcome it, sooner or later. And I'm quite certain that we will find one way or another to tackle the cosmic horizon once we reach those limits, the very same way we though we would "never" fly millions of years before planes were a thing.
Ron Dogg
Ron Dogg Před 12 hodinami
Nah bro, we're fucked lol
Olivier Maes
Olivier Maes Před 2 dny
Wormholes: i’m about to end this man’s whole career
Angry Turtle
Angry Turtle Před 2 dny
Never underestimate the power of humanity. ;)
Leigh Taylor
Leigh Taylor Před 2 dny
Hi. This is one of the best channels on CSvid But any chance of a video about how we already know that the galaxies are moving further apart? I mean Are we really certain that all galaxies all around us in every direction move away from our galaxy at the same rate ?
Yasser Omar
Yasser Omar Před 2 dny
me: at least 1% is enough (with optimistic nihilism) Kurgesagt: no, actually it's 0.00000000001%
Spaceranger 2009
Spaceranger 2009 Před 2 dny
What if a wormhole acts as a way to get past the border in less than millions of years?
Maik Před 2 dny
I have my theory there are no dark energy and dark matter because the big bang make everything move with the explosion so it's slowing down by gravity and it mite expend because the edge of the universe is more matter then in the center so it's polling inside out and in our observable universe we see as expansion of the universe
Bradley Davis
Bradley Davis Před 2 dny
Star Gate did this /it was so good “Density”
Kan Ki
Kan Ki Před 2 dny
7:15 See you space cowboy😞. I really miss them
Ares TP
Ares TP Před 2 dny
Mr. Avi
Mr. Avi Před 2 dny
so that's where the aliens went
계란말히 Před 2 dny
감사합니다 영상이 흥미로우며 순간 감정에 머물렀던 사람에게 활력이 되었습니다!
Bradley Hughes
Bradley Hughes Před 2 dny
If the other galaxies can move faster than the speed of light then its not impossible for us to do the same.
Henrique K.
Henrique K. Před 2 dny
This is a beautifully designed video. The fade out of the galaxies was particularly amazing ❤️
Abdulrahman Muhammad Al Sherbini
The thumbnail for this video is beautiful. Any way i can download it?
The Law
The Law Před 2 dny
The universe is expanding because the Being we live inside and call the universe is growing up oh shit puberty
yackfou2412 Před 3 dny
Why is the title in german an the video in English. No I could understand and speak it but I feel tricked. It's like clickbaiting, that's why I disliked the video
FROGGY Před 3 dny
man i love this channel
Róbert Mifkovič
Róbert Mifkovič Před 3 dny
Kurzgesagt: irritated we wont travel between galaxies me: irritated we still haven't put a foot on Mars and delaying it every 10 years. I'd love to see Moon or Marse base within my lifespan (50 years to come, or at least I hope so)
Ottee2 Před dnem
True enough. We need to launch the fleet towards Mars.
GrayWolf666 Před 3 dny
If you honestly think humanity has limitations then you don’t know the history of humans very well. With advances in quantum entanglement and the new discovery about black holes and the former “information paradox” means we could be on the cusp of unimaginable potential in space travel and fourth demential movement. Humanity has no limitations because we are imperfect beings striving to find perfection without knowing what perfection even is.
zhou sei
zhou sei Před 2 dny
how could you possibly know that we have no limitations?
the real esper
the real esper Před 3 dny
The only comforting thing keeping me from having a mental breakdown is that it is possible for some kind of extremely advanced civilization appear from another universe (say it's Type 6 even) and then for it to help us break the border forever by some kind of darkmatter manipulation or something idk. The point is that the border might not be final as we don't know everything about the universe and the nature of it so this could as well just be false and we will become 12 dimensional gods and manipulate our multiverse. Things will happen, that's for sure.
Cyclonado Thunderclaw
Well that was sad. Thank you Kurzgesagt as always for informing us of big information like this that we never got taught in school.
Ditch the hider
Ditch the hider Před 3 dny
And also:fun VERY IMPORTANT FUTURE HUMAN PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW: if 1 billion year from now has passed, there will be no like exept space stations. Continue the tradition until 7 billion years, then move to ganymede, it will be likely habitable for 9-16 million years then move unto titan, the sun will swallow mercury at that point, but titan will be habitable for at least 8-14 billion years, the final thing you need is stay on the kupier belts biggest object. Pluto. it will be habitable for 3 million years then the helium flash will occur. After that go launch back to earth then sun becomes white dwarf, its safe to say the past mercury/mercurian orbit will be habitable. Finnaly once the sun becomes black, safe to say you move on to trappist system and trappist 1-e and 1-f since 1d is being burned right at that time. Also very important but you need HUGE spaceships that carry up to 10000 people and give birth there to thrive(10000 people is enough to make them endangered)
Ditch the hider
Ditch the hider Před 3 dny
Truth 7
Truth 7 Před 3 dny
Job 9:8 KJV 6:06 [8] Which alone ( spreadeth out the heavens ), and treadeth upon the waves of the sea. 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
zhou sei
zhou sei Před 2 dny
just like it would be rude for me to go on a church service youtube video and talk about facts of life that make it highly unlikely for a creator god (like endogenous retroviruses), it is rude for you to come onto science videos and proselytize.
Adora Před 3 dny
"ah yes" I muttered as I proceeded with my existential crisis
Truth 7
Truth 7 Před 3 dny
Genesis 1.1🙌🏻🙏🏻❤️💯📖🇮🇱🚀
Truth 7
Truth 7 Před 3 dny
Genesis 1.1🙌🏻🙏🏻❤️💯📖🇮🇱🚀
Taylor Wattier
Taylor Wattier Před 3 dny
Thank you for your honesty. It's very rare these days. Subbed 👍
Reknot Před 3 dny
God this just puts into unbelievable perspective what tiny little flecks we are in this universe
Samantha Laws
Samantha Laws Před 3 dny
Liked for transparency. If only this was the standard. Big props 🙏
Evanite Před 3 dny
I like to believe that we’ll eventually get to a point where we can manipulate space time and allow ourselves to almost “pull back” the edges of the universe in a way. Hope is our most powerful tool, never forget that.
Said Mohammed
Said Mohammed Před 3 dny
God has told that you are in enclosed housing and has no exit. So the galaxy, the milky way and stars and earth are floating inside this enclosed housing that has no exit. Seven similar enclosed housing exists one over the other separated by atmospheric revers of the same distance of the enclosed housing. The stars are only existing in the lower housing. The seven enclosures are attached below the kursiy and above the kursiy is the place of the owner of the heavens and the earth the Supreme the Most high the Majesty the God of the universe.
zhou sei
zhou sei Před 2 dny
just like it would be rude for me to go on a church service youtube video and talk about facts of life that make it highly unlikely for a creator god (like endogenous retroviruses), it is rude for you to come onto science videos and proselytize.
yo_dog gaming
yo_dog gaming Před 3 dny
9:21 LOL
kameron wilson
kameron wilson Před 3 dny
What if you go back in time and gain the time available to reach those unobservable galaxy's
yo_dog gaming
yo_dog gaming Před 3 dny
colorado841 Před 3 dny
Thank you for my daily dose of existential dread. I was staring to get withdrawal symptoms.
Crash J
Crash J Před 3 dny
This effed me up. I actually cried a little when he said that 16,000 stars pass over the horizon every second and are gone forever from us. My heart broke at the thought. Why is this concept so absolutely and utterly devastating? My brain is trying to grieve something it can't even comprehend both before and after it's actually happened. There's definitely a feeling of loss though, even if I can't even begin to grasp the size of it enough to properly articulate it.
Just a lone soul
Just a lone soul Před 3 dny
I wish the words "never" and impossible" or "irritrievable", etc, would always (...or at least once...) be accompanied by "in the current state of science and technologies".... Because how would we know for real? All or most of our assumptions can only be based on what we know at the moment... Don't you think our ancestors (I'm speaking 2000 years, or this kind of scale) would have said the same about reaching the Moon, the Sun, other planets, having a space probe halfway out of our own solar system, actively trying to deflect asteroids, mastering fusion of atomic nuclei, growing human organs in labs.... Maybe we'll achieve some kind of power to be able to interact with, and modify some physical fields... Higgs, spacetime.... using black holes and white fountains... creating our own... Next level science-fiction ;-) But this video is (as all of them) an utterly good source of reflexion and deep thinking, that's a granted, and I'm debating for the intellectual pleasure, nothing else =)
rebel Před 4 dny
I just had a thought that year’s from now people would watch videos like this and smile after making discoveries that could change the way we currently think. Don’t completely write everything off just yet.
Hurr Durr
Hurr Durr Před 4 dny
at least the quantum eraser yet gives me hope though at my level of understanding this is very much unfounded.
Priogeth Před 4 dny
Marik Atem
Marik Atem Před 4 dny
Ok this jarr is Hrad how hrad is that is 10000,0000 and 0.00000001
MultiMcdude Před 4 dny
These people talk as if they know these things as facts. In reality they are only hypothesizing the ideas being stated in this video. We are all clueless to most of what lies or happens outside of our own solar system.
zhou sei
zhou sei Před 2 dny
pretty sure we are clueless about many things in our oceans, let alone outside of our solar system or galaxy.
Mist Born
Mist Born Před 4 dny
I want to leave the milkyway and explore other galaxy
MrPanSzymon Před 4 dny
I'm always in awe with theories like: "The formation of stars will continue to slow down". How on earth are we supposed to know this for certain? Universe is billions of billions years old (infinite to be exact) and human race is exploring it properly and forming theories for a very brief amount of time like last 100 years or less, so for me its always a bit like a belief system when it comes to astronomy
MrPanSzymon Před 3 dny
@Hache Punto II okay that tells me at least something although I find it difficult to wrap my head around those kind of stuff
Hache Punto II
Hache Punto II Před 3 dny
@MrPanSzymon because of the speed of light bro, we can see the past of the universe, and we can see the big bang. For example, if we see a planet that is 1000 thousand light years away we are seeing how that planet was 1000 years ago. So the further thing we can see is the big bang 13.8 light years away, so we know that's the beginning because there is nothing else further than that. Another example that helped me understand, is the Sun. The Sun is 8 light minutes away, so if the sun turns off, we will notice that 8 minutes later.
MrPanSzymon Před 3 dny
@Hache Punto II that's basically what I'm talking about. How science is able to say that?
Hache Punto II
Hache Punto II Před 3 dny
The universe is about 13.8 billion years old 👍
BicycleJoe Před 4 dny
Could we theoretically go beyound with a wormhole? Or would we be limited to what is within our gravitational reach?
Stephen Před 4 dny
We need a spore drive. FTL travel moving along from point to point is so quaint.
is there a border we will never reach? ask that to Capt. Kirk and the crew of the enterprise... (message to killjoy and salty people: ITS A JOKE)
zhou sei
zhou sei Před 2 dny
to boldly go where no one has gone before
ソウ Před 4 dny
Waaaait, he says the space is expanding as the speed of light, then we are also on the one of the moving space unless we are at the center of the universe right? That means we are also traveling faster than light right now?
el samurai guapo
el samurai guapo Před 4 dny
I don't think we can say with certainty that we won't reach these out of reach galaxies. The thing is even limited to the milky way, we'd have so much resources and time to become a type IV civilization with unlimited potential. A civilization with quadrillions of people and millions of geniuses together with advanced AI will for sure find a solution to traveling FTL given enough time.
ababoeba Před 4 dny
Well have killed the earth in like 200 years at most. Sorry selfish car driving plastoc buying animal product eating peeps, let all your hopes go. Ya wrecked them.
Chicken Wang
Chicken Wang Před 4 dny
“Like a black holes event horizon all around us”
Golden Minigunner
Golden Minigunner Před 4 dny
This is kinda making me sad
Donovan Ramos
Donovan Ramos Před 4 dny
Y'all the universe has a barrier so that means that we just haven't unlocked enough skill points
andrew purcell
andrew purcell Před 4 dny
Knowing that there is soo much of space billion and trillions of light years away with the possibility of sustaining some life and us not evening knowing they exist or what life is even out there is truly painful.
Greed kyle
Greed kyle Před 4 dny
Ok guys universe is too small let's go to the dimensions...
paul warren
paul warren Před 4 dny
sure that is the speed of light, but that's what the round trip speed of light is. due to relativity, the one-way speed of light can be considered to be instantaneous
AOT Před 4 dny
4:51 don't laugh don't laugh I'm a grown man I'm a grown man
Alexander MacLeod
Alexander MacLeod Před 5 dny
Wait a minute. 2:43. If the observable universe expanded that rapidly, surely this violates the rule that nothing moves faster than the speed of light. Coz that's definitely quicker than the speed of light. Can someone explain to me how this doesn't violate that?
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