Toast Dyno Day #1: Huge Problems Keep Us From Our 1,000+hp Goal!

Cleetus McFarland
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Struggles on the dyno on our first runs with Toast. We're confident we're on our way to reaching that 1000hp goal!
Toast's New Supercharger - theblowershop.com/tbs-blowers/71-series-blowers/
Here's some of the items we got off of Summit Racing:
Toast's New Engine - blueprintengines.com/products/632-ci-eliminator
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Nov 23rd Bradenton
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16. 09. 2019





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Cleetus McFarland
Cleetus McFarland Před 28 dny
I know we’re not running at the level we want to be just yet, but be patient and we’ll get the bald eagles off the ground! Thanks for understanding struggles happen with these new builds.
Connor Cox
Connor Cox Před 11 dny
@PeanutProductions youre very right. thats the beauty of car culture... so many variants for so many people. and the amazing thing is that we all share one thing: power and cars
PeanutProductions Před 11 dny
@Connor Cox I disagree, different strokes for different folks I guess.
Connor Cox
Connor Cox Před 11 dny
@PeanutProductions the blower is what makes it a bald eagle machine. you cant have toast without the massive blower
Ethan Chalkley
Ethan Chalkley Před 15 dny
@Mad Max what a stupid comment
jdwalton83 Před 16 dny
Why not plumb that line back to the return? If at high pressure it opens that valve for a secondary channel, its probably to increase flow over those components at high load and stop from a hot spot developing there. I have no idea your exact setup, just seems to make sense. From what I have read, in some mustang blocks you can drill that hole and plumb it to save from cylinder 8 always cooking first. Similar on this motor?
Jordan Knibbe
Jordan Knibbe Před 20 hodinami
That thing is loud, yee yee!
Donald Bollinger
Donald Bollinger Před 4 dny
dude were here threw the good times and the bad dyno days its all stuff that we all would deal with. keep it up man.
Jared THISDELLE Před 6 dny
Freedom baby freedom !
John F.
John F. Před 6 dny
When its slowing down on the Dyno, it sounds like a jet.
David Rico
David Rico Před 16 dny
Methanol? Supercharged needs A/F ratio 3.5-1. Plug gap about 0.015. Timing locked out around 30°. Check if nuts or bolts are coming loose. Manifold bolts, valve covers etc. If they are backing off,its detonating. Plugs really should have clean porcelain. Color on the threads and ground strap. Ground the heads to the block and battery. Methanol is great for going fast. 50% oxygen it is. Run it rich to keep the chambers cool. Do some research, dont burn it down and have fun!
Racingboom The Pleb
Racingboom The Pleb Před 16 dny
Dude when he’s reversing that thing, I’d be so terrified to give it any throttle
Jorfizle23 Před 16 dny
shoots out oil everywhere... wheres it comin from??? i dont know... lets just send it again and hope for the best... -_-
Loki the sly one
Loki the sly one Před 17 dny
He looks like Jimmy Fallon with a beard!
Greg Waite
Greg Waite Před 17 dny
Not having the proper sized hat makes it hard to tune.
Emmanuel Ferrante
Emmanuel Ferrante Před 18 dny
I watch videos for entertainment, your videos have way too much drama.
ratykat Před 18 dny
You know what you're having these issues? You havent got U S A on the blades yet!
Randy Hall
Randy Hall Před 19 dny
Kirkey should go ahead and sponsor this channel. So should Mountain Dew.
vortecemachine Před 19 dny
Im wondering if it was a glitch in the software? I would add a plug n play rev limiter by msd or something to be on safe side
Aaron Schilling
Aaron Schilling Před 19 dny
What kind of trans are you gonna put in this beast
Flat4Buggy 2
Flat4Buggy 2 Před 19 dny
They put a Powerglide in it.
CJ T59
CJ T59 Před 19 dny
What headers are you running?
Daniel White
Daniel White Před 20 dny
Toast vs hub dyno
Dylan Melott
Dylan Melott Před 21 dnem
rjd048 Před 21 dnem
You mentioned that the motor made 800 HP before the blower install. Sounds like the cam is the problem, when running a blower the lobe separation is different than naturally aspirated
CRAZEDX100 Před 19 dny
Doubt that's the problem. This engine is built for boost
T RopE
T RopE Před 21 dnem
u need to learnt your barber on what the funk a mullet is!!. that modern side fade crap is not gonna cut it. u sir need a full ninety degree transition from front, back, to down. that fag-mo side crap is not gonna do it bro!!!!! go mullet or go home!
Dj Hodges
Dj Hodges Před 21 dnem
Toast needs a powerglide.
Flat4Buggy 2
Flat4Buggy 2 Před 19 dny
He already has one.
overbuilt automotive
overbuilt automotive Před 21 dnem
i think batch fire efi would be friendlier than sequential fire efi on this application i hate to say it but a micro squirt ms3 may have more options even thought it a off brand to some i love them
Tommy Topham
Tommy Topham Před 22 dny
Hope ya put in a one pice drive shaft.
Slowmoped Před 22 dny
I'd love to see the car with a different blower. I think that would get you to your number easier. I swear by my Hampton Super II 8-71. It's making 14 trouble free PSI on my 455 BBO. Kinsler/Enderle MFI on E85. In my humble opinion, Don Hampton, (Downey, CA USA), makes the best competition quality supercharger in the world. He'd be happy to talk to you about your setup. And no, I don't work for him nor am I receiving compensation. I'm simply a completely satisfied customer!
MikeZ32TT Před 22 dny
Michael Hite
Michael Hite Před 22 dny
I’ve never been a 3rd gen Camaro fan, but they are starting to grow on me. Another channel from Florida just did a video on a SCCA 3rd gen, I was digging the gutted race car look.
Michael Hite
Michael Hite Před 22 dny
One of the best parts of your channel is the fact that you show the fails as well as the wins.
Fonzi Pacheco
Fonzi Pacheco Před 22 dny
why doesnt the bald eagle machine get a engine like this cleet!!!??? BRING BACK THE BALD EAGLE MACHINE!! I LOVE YOUR VIDEO GUYS!!! YALL ARE AWESOME.
Robert Gardner
Robert Gardner Před 23 dny
Get back to the basics. Your fuel system sucks. Your ignition system sucks or your computer sucks. Fuel spark timing = power.
Jonathan Lunger2
Jonathan Lunger2 Před 23 dny
Needs larger fuel pumps. 1 massive pump per bank of cylinders
Mike Vigil
Mike Vigil Před 23 dny
Turn on subtitles at 4:04
charles howlett
charles howlett Před 23 dny
The shooting ducks misfire is a lean condition caused by the horribly abundant inrush of combustion air. That bird catcher is going to cause nothing but nightmares . The blower rep should have the cfm of your huffer . Divide the cfm by the static pressure and you will have your inlet size x’s ^ will give you round dia. My experience tells me that it’ll be damn close with two blades not 3. That there cornbinder motor sure sounds nice !
ChokoTB Před 23 dny
maybe its a cam or crank sensor issue?
TheFire259 Před 23 dny
Guy: sees HP ahhh only 750 Torque: Am I a joke to you?
Ian Johnston
Ian Johnston Před 23 dny
Layne Suhr
Layne Suhr Před 23 dny
I see that mullet is coming along nicely, let 'er rip brother
neil robertson
neil robertson Před 23 dny
Update on how next dyno session going cant wait !
Flat4Buggy 2
Flat4Buggy 2 Před 22 dny
Cleetus called in a Holley tuning expert. He's supposed to be there toady. We'll probably see a video later this week.
HandyManDan31 Před 23 dny
Is that an 8-71 or 10-71? With E85 15 pounds of boost should be just right.
Trevor Kile
Trevor Kile Před 22 dny
10-71 on a 628 cubic blueprint built motor
john sandstedt
john sandstedt Před 24 dny
Id rather see the real stuff than just the highlights. I apprieciate this
Lilac Tortoise
Lilac Tortoise Před 24 dny
I’m so sad the monster engine you got given with the monster injection hat and monster supercharger you got given is......rubbish. It’s an 800hp donk with natural aspiration.....and knobs have killed it....
Jordan Před 24 dny
Copper, I love you and your filming is great but can you please show the power numbers after every pull.I know the numbers are not what you guys are wanting but I still like to see what each pull is getting. Thanks Spaghetti, keep up the great work and best of luck on the new build. Do it for Dale!
John Nichols
John Nichols Před 24 dny
700 some odd horse power..."weak". My 06 sentra only has 95hp lmao!!!!!
Daniel Bluck
Daniel Bluck Před 24 dny
Dont know if you remember, but about a year ago I told you that I thought you would get more views if you started messing around with other types of cars. I'm glad you did, look at your views now! 1 million views on a video!!!!!
Tech On The Go T51
Tech On The Go T51 Před 24 dny
Mike Zuckerberg is into cars?
Eddie P
Eddie P Před 24 dny
Most likely cause of 10k rpm rev limit. Crank signal has harmonic content or electrical noise with to high of a voltage and is confusing the computer by having it see a "pulse" to early. Or there is a lot of noise being created on the power/gnd coming from the ignition coils, fan, water pump, fuel pump, at that rpm area. A test would be to use an oscillope with a differential probe to determine how clean the crank signal is between 5900-6400 rpm. A filter circuit could be failing in the ecm for the crank signal or something else failing in the ecm not filtering as much as it should. The crank sensor has a tooth count causing causing a harmonic to show up in that rpm range the ecm was not designed to filter. Possibly you have the ignition coils (and/or other inductive loads) pwer/gnd tied into the same wiring as the ecm pwr/gnd. Pwr/gnd to ignition coils and other inductive loads should have dedicated wires tied back to a single point and then to the battery.(called dirty pwr/gnd) Only the ignition signal should go from the ecm to the coil, and ecm should not have any large switching loads on its pwr/gnd wire to the battery either. (clean pwr/gnd) The ecm may not be designed with a filter of the proper roll off rate. So you could trying adding a 1st order roll off filter to the crank signal wiring. The roll off's of those filters aren't steep. So you may need to size the RC filter for a frequency just below the fundamental frequency you are trying to get. So the f-3db power point attenuates the closest harmonic down enough. Ideally you would use an oscillope to measure frequency of a cycle of the square wave to record the desired frequency of crank signal from rising edge to rising edge. Or you could change your crank tooth count and it would change the frequency at that rpm heopfully shifting out the unwanted harmonic. You may need to move your crank sensor closer. It is hard to say with out more info, but most likely one of the things I listed above would be the cause. Raising your rev limit was good enough that when the computer sees the noise from the crank signal conditioning circuit the wrong calculated rpm is low enough to not trick it above 10k rpm.
T RopE
T RopE Před 24 dny
damn vro!!!! thats gotta be atleast a 50k setup in the drivetrain alone!!!!! very impressive!!!1. jealous much??/ nah,,,,, only today lol!!
My Limo driver
My Limo driver Před 24 dny
chug a Mountain Dew put the Eagles in the air and do it for Dale
Bryan Guthrie
Bryan Guthrie Před 23 dny
Raise hell praise dale
hen ko
hen ko Před 24 dny
That exhaust looks horribly restrictive. Definitely needs bigger, open headers.
BOBBY BROWN Před 24 dny
Do u know how to dyno a car
hen ko
hen ko Před 24 dny
I got my “Go or Blow” shirt in the mail today 👊🏻
James Askins
James Askins Před 24 dny
How appropriate there was a Prius ad before the video!
Karl Walters
Karl Walters Před 24 dny
"Trump, you built a wall"?
Chris Harris
Chris Harris Před 24 dny
So apparently you have been nominated to do a shed skid in toast can't wait to see and hear it
Andy H
Andy H Před 24 dny
I suspect 10% TPS is just about the same as 100% on a normal TB. Really need to install a second TB and stage the larger one to open only after the smaller is nearing wide open. Also PE (Power Enrichment) typically requires higher TPS values. I assume you already addressed that in your tune.
StubeTube Před 24 dny
I know very little about engines, but don’t they need a high speed fan to push air into the Supercharger? At speed, it would be getting a lot more air.
Buck Early
Buck Early Před 24 dny
Cleetus,.....you have to put HUGE #3s on the doors and the roof of TOAST!!! Do it for Dale!!! Take it to Aussie town????
Tracey Scott
Tracey Scott Před 25 dny
It isn't a fuel issue. What's the plug gap? Sounds like ignition break up. Tighten the gap on the plugs. It may show up a weak ignition issue.
Oscar Thorpe
Oscar Thorpe Před 25 dny
12:00 i think your trans blew up
Ernan302 Před 25 dny
I was watching video and listening "wall" it did sound like rev limitter on my 94 Stang 5.0 with TwEECer tuner. A few minuter later in video you said it was rev limitter. Lol. Anyway TwEECer tuner rev limitter was killing ignition. I think. It was like 15 years ago since i mess with my setup. I could be wrong
Oscar Thorpe
Oscar Thorpe Před 25 dny
4:30 how come the idle is so much less lopey? oh i see the plugs
United RC Bros
United RC Bros Před 25 dny
Mad engine
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