Tiny Style 2 - Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

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Did somebody say... Tiny Style??
Cyanide and Happiness delivers daily comics to your face-hole on explosm.net since 2005!
Created By: Rob DenBleyker, Kris Wilson, Dave McElfatrick
Directed By: Mike Salcedo
Screenplay By: Mike Saledo
Story By: Mike Salcedo, Rob DenBleyker, Joel Watson, Connor Murphy
Voice Actors:
Lil' Jil - Elizabeth Del Rosario
Doctor - Lorraine Bett
Mom - Denise Magdale
Girl - Autumn Soeder
Animation Director: Bill Jones
Supervising Animator: Matt Thurman
Animation: Seth Gordon, Digitoonz Media & Entertainment Private Limited
Character Design: Jerald Lewis, Mike Salcedo
Background Art: Shawn Coss
Animatic: Chance Kubesh
Editor: Taylor Ransom
Supervising Sound Editor & Mixer: Ben Governale
Sound Design/Foley: Nic Federle, Ben Governale
Music: Steve Lehmann
Produced By: Adam Nusrallah
Production Manager: Autumn Soeder
Production Assistant: Michael Stewart


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21. 05. 2020





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Komentáře 100
captain jackass
captain jackass Před 48 minutami
Nobody gonna talk about how the virus looks just like the e. coli from Rick and morty?
Starly bert
Starly bert Před 5 hodinami
2021 be like: 1:10
Fiqry Naufal
Fiqry Naufal Před 6 hodinami
Ant man : Srsly she can cure people and why I can't...
Leigh Rowley
Leigh Rowley Před 7 hodinami
TheDogey Oreo
TheDogey Oreo Před 2 dny
Fun fact: The viruses that are in the little girls body (bactriaphage) isn’t harmful to the human body and is actually being tested as a new vaccine to help people
Itsjust Me
Itsjust Me Před 4 dny
Where is tiny style when you need her
Could Lil Jill cure Coronavirus?
CC- 1010
CC- 1010 Před 4 dny
The weird thing is that she kills the "fago" (don't know the translation to english) a harmless virus that is used to fight super bacteria
LKSOFT TECH Před 5 dny
How did tiny style not drown in the little girls blood ???????
Jimmy watermelon
Jimmy watermelon Před 5 dny
Pot twist . This is the girl who wanted candy and got all of this things
Vanna Mendoza
Vanna Mendoza Před 5 dny
Daily Potato
Daily Potato Před 6 dny
Lil jill needs to fight corona virus
Ayaki Před 6 dny
T I N Y S T Y L E !
Angel Gutiérrez
Angel Gutiérrez Před 6 dny
Clasic 7w7
Chris Younes
Chris Younes Před 7 dny
0:06 because she ingested cyanide
Suay Mary Angeline
Suay Mary Angeline Před 7 dny
Nutanaree Kittiwongwiboon
Why is so cooler than my bed I don't eat enough of a house so that you eat it and mommy is the only one she wants you have no reason why I don't have no friends I have to say she was a good friend to my friend and she is so beautiful I
The Mando
The Mando Před 8 dny
I wish this could have happened to edd from eddsworld
1k subscribers no videos challenge
Lil' Jill: Saves a kid's life Mom: "Praise me!" Everyone: "It's a miracle from God!" "Thank you god!"
Fakz _
Fakz _ Před 9 dny
eren buba enes
eren buba enes Před 10 dny
Omg hooooooooomec
متین افراز
متین افراز Před 10 dny
So only tiny style can save the world from corona
Hopping H
Hopping H Před 10 dny
0:46 hate to break it to you those are called bacterio phages and they actually kill viruses. Go ahead and wooosh me. But yeah.
•{ g r e e n b u n ø ø } •
wholesome shit
COOLVLOGGER2020 29 Před 11 dny
Please make tiny stile 3
H G Před 11 dny
Viruses in her body are bacteriophages, bacteriophage is a virus that infect bacteria, not humans
「Angel Boba Evie 」
"the viruses! There banishing!" Me: CORONA VAAARUS
人债务 Před 11 dny
The first type of virus that was shown is the most deadliest virus on the planet, but it’s harmless to humans.
Milli Kitty
Milli Kitty Před 11 dny
That tiny would be able to beat COVID-19 in a second 0-0
Kurube Whitty
Kurube Whitty Před 12 dny
Sinjin Před 12 dny
Yeah, Lil' Jil 😃! You go, girl! 😎
Logan H
Logan H Před 12 dny
Chinese style did it not God
aberson william
aberson william Před 13 dny
The kid got corona’s
super puppet 64
super puppet 64 Před 13 dny
Dude that was so political it wasn't even funny it sucked cover like that shit it was
WS Fishin
WS Fishin Před 13 dny
Not to be a know it all but the viruses were not harmful to humans
Mr. Mar
Mr. Mar Před 14 dny
Like=thank tiny style
danny MELENDEZ Před 14 dny
99 Buttons
99 Buttons Před 14 dny
Why Do I Feel Like Her Blood Clots Broken Spine And Tumors Are Caused Her Mom Abusing Her
Gamer_Baby Před 15 dny
Nooooo stop killing the bacteriophages they’re good
Anja & Jerri Kristensen
Clock Work
Clock Work Před 17 dny
Little did you know, SHE IS GOD
Divine Dogo
Divine Dogo Před 18 dny
Why is she fighting bacteriophages? Bacteriophages dont harm humans, plus they kill bacteria.
Tayshaun M,T,M TV
Tayshaun M,T,M TV Před 18 dny
Link tiny style for your medical problems Read my name btw
『 CREST 』 Před 18 dny
R.I.P Bacteriophages ???-2020
D&T Ojo
D&T Ojo Před 18 dny
U hilarious
Bleep Mercury
Bleep Mercury Před 18 dny
Is there gonna be a tiny style 3 if so PLEASE I WOULD LIKE TO SEE ANOTHER
Beavis Likes nachos
Beavis Likes nachos Před 19 dny
Where are you when we need you in a time like this lil’ Jil?
MadHatterCiesus Před 19 dny
Am I the only one who thinks Tiny Style is cute? And not in the "she so pweshious" way but in the "wow, that girl's kinda cute" way
just a random person
Why dose this describe every movie
Slime Games development
I felt that where the tumors went out of her ear
Wayland Quiaoit
Wayland Quiaoit Před 20 dny
I like tiny style’s voice acting looks nice
Stein Před 20 dny
How did she shrink down to Atomic size so Quick?
Steven. exe
Steven. exe Před 21 dnem
everyone stay safe stay home
Marco Cappa
Marco Cappa Před 22 dny
That viruses were bacteriophages, they destroy bacteria and we are totally immune to them.
Zewo IQ
Zewo IQ Před 22 dny
I wish this was real
Tzvi Myerson
Tzvi Myerson Před 22 dny
Up next: tiny style's revenge
Mr. kiwi
Mr. kiwi Před 23 dny
The thumbnail looks like she's fighting the Corona virus
yaas master
yaas master Před 23 dny
she be killin the viruses that only target bad bacteria.
Cristian Dragon
Cristian Dragon Před 23 dny
I love Tiny style
Giuseppe Scerra
Giuseppe Scerra Před 23 dny
Don't lie. U thought that this video was gonna introduce *the* *virus* too, didn't u?
rj lopez
rj lopez Před 23 dny
Imagine if Tiny Style was real...
SCP 999
SCP 999 Před 24 dny
Id tap lil jil looking kinda petite
Maciej Rekin
Maciej Rekin Před 24 dny
hoahong ngyuenpham
hoahong ngyuenpham Před 24 dny
STo cọ nô na
John Johnny Dorigo
John Johnny Dorigo Před 24 dny
People in hospital thank you god Tiny be like: THE FCK
CryptoCoder 555
CryptoCoder 555 Před 24 dny
Lil' Jil has saved the day again. Not only that, but she also saved someone from certain death.
Jahnavi Srivastava
Jahnavi Srivastava Před 25 dny
I wish tiny style was real and there to help the people I lost ( they suffered cancer ) :(
TvHeader123 Před 25 dny
It's so sad how she never gets praise for the things she does
Human Beiπg
Human Beiπg Před 25 dny
If only this could happen tho
Chara Z
Chara Z Před 25 dny
Is there a virus fight or not?
Marc 83
Marc 83 Před 25 dny
F in the chat for Tiny Style she does amazing things but is never thanked
C_A_R_N_A_G_E Před 26 dny
Tiny style:The God from below
G-Man Před 26 dny
0:45 T viruses only attack bad bacteria !!! does not attack human cells !!!!!
The random Stranger
The random Stranger Před 26 dny
Tiny style, the least painful child to birth
Lucian Benter
Lucian Benter Před 26 dny
Why where the virus made like bacteriophages bacteriophages are harmless
Banana Banana
Banana Banana Před 27 dny
That’s how elderly people servive Covid
Hamyuell Před 29 dny
Do your research god damnit, bacteriofadges don't harm humans
Joshua R
Joshua R Před 29 dny
In the next one, she kills GOD
Lenin Heart
Lenin Heart Před měsícem
They should be thanking tiny style im little medium mad
Antonino Verder
Antonino Verder Před měsícem
We don't need vaccination for Covid, we just need a lot tiny styles, maybe MILLIONS of them, they could fight every single coronavirus in world
HYZhe Před měsícem
"Thank you god!" I can see why Tiny Style doesn't want to save us from Corona.
Black Fox Flower
Black Fox Flower Před měsícem
If only this could happen in real life, having tiny people curing diseases such as Coronavirus. But... Even if that was possible, nature wouldn't be the same anymore... Plus the white blood cells will probably think the tiny people are viruses. Even if you added tiny people with the same blood type I don't think it would help. Unless you moved fast enough. That and another con is that you'd become easy prey and you're more fragile as a tiny person. Plus even if we found a way to do this, how will we reverse it whenever needed? Or we can't really say that they'll be able to cure everyone... Maybe they can but it'll take a long time. Even if you had 1,000 volunteering people or more it can take a super long time unless you learn how to work fast and productively. But the pros, is that it can end Coronavirus, we'd be more advanced, we'd cure all sorts of diseases without getting sick ourselves, and stuff. But there's more cons than pros so... Yeah...
BERAT KİNG Před měsícem
itsPixPax Před měsícem
have tiny style beat coronavirus while were at it...
Anime b
Anime b Před měsícem
0:45 Those are Bacteriophages, they help the body fight of other viruses and harmful bacteria.
Temmie Před měsícem
Those were bacteriophages, a helpfull virus. So, to ruin the happy ending, il say she died
john bailey
john bailey Před měsícem
Honestly, she kind of is god. She can kill anyone she wants, or possibly mind control someone by messing around with their brain... Creepy.
Liam Maps
Liam Maps Před měsícem
And this is how tiny style becomes a villain, because people were too damn stupid
VVen0m Před měsícem
The doctor: "She has viruses" The animation: *Proceeds to show bacteriophages, which are viruses that attack only bacterias*
Lukas M
Lukas M Před 24 dny
Jerick Gomez
Jerick Gomez Před měsícem
Tiny style stop COVID 19 and tumors
Jose Vargas
Jose Vargas Před měsícem
Cyanide does not look like that but it is a virus that kill germs
wondershowzn Před měsícem
This comment will be ignored as much as the doctor's ignored Lil' Jil's heroic efforts
N.U.K.E2012 Před měsícem
Good. Animation!
Stink Stank
Stink Stank Před měsícem
This just wasn't funny in the slightest
Susanna Kessie
Susanna Kessie Před měsícem
Tiny style is not GOD
hesja88 Před měsícem
wait why lil jil fighted bacteriophages they are good
Zeroburb YT
Zeroburb YT Před měsícem
Those viruses are good you dum dum
kazuken the protagen
kazuken the protagen Před měsícem
Its the mothers fault for not taking care of the problems in the past
Dominic & Damien M
Dominic & Damien M Před měsícem
Tiny style vs god
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