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0:00 This Mean Girl Shames Friend For Shopping At A Thrift Store
6:16 Dhars Outro
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3. 12. 2020





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Dhar Mann
Dhar Mann Před 5 měsíci
Hi #DharMannFam! EXCITING NEWS! Shop my latest limited edition merch collection, everything is on SALE! Shop now before it sells out: bit.ly/2KCEl1Y Also, if you're not following me on Instagram I do tons of huge giveaways and share exclusive content, please follow me here: bit.ly/2Kcbgs2
@Butterfly Princess a kid
Andy Playz
Andy Playz Před 12 dny
Hi dhar Mann I enjoyed watching your video that character looks so much like Taylor swift’s
Andy Playz
Andy Playz Před 12 dny
I like watching your show that character with the blonde hair looks like Taylor swift’s
yule bayas
yule bayas Před měsícem
I Love your videos dhar Mann
Charlotte Thorpe
Charlotte Thorpe Před měsícem
Hi il Love you
Aleaa Před 2 hodinami
3:38 idk why its so funny but im DEAD🤣✋
Tiaa Menezes
Tiaa Menezes Před 2 hodinami
2:59 Is the dress that is worn my the mean girl is from Gucci 😂😂
Sunflower Seed
Sunflower Seed Před 4 hodinami
Omg yasss
انا طربان
انا طربان Před 7 hodinami
I’m Amy, Amy cooper. That is the whitest thing I ever heard
will scott
will scott Před 7 hodinami
Loved it!
Sylhet Bangladesh
Sylhet Bangladesh Před 8 hodinami
Anniken Argent
Anniken Argent Před 9 hodinami
Why Is That Girl Feeling Embarrassed?? I Leave Just Like Girl.
Heather Paar
Heather Paar Před 10 hodinami
You see. Nobody says that. So you see.
Ana Rivera
Ana Rivera Před 13 hodinami
Every peeny co
Davood Bohlool
Davood Bohlool Před 14 hodinami
Great job your videos are life changing
Utterly Brooke
Utterly Brooke Před 14 hodinami
I have no problem with this video but why would the business lady stop the WHOLE conversation to talk about how she sold her vest?
Midas 2.0
Midas 2.0 Před 15 hodinami
Lots of thrift stores have things that can have lots of history to them and some thrift stores are like little adventures where you don't know what you'll find.
Patricia Rodriguez
Patricia Rodriguez Před 19 hodinami
that young lady does not owe any explanation to anyone!!! and as long as you like it, wear it in good health!!!!! and actually, with that blazer she looks more professional than the blond girl, that dress looks like it is for a cocktail party, or something!!!
Finhas Akale
Finhas Akale Před 20 hodinami
Awww I'm a happy when seeing friends together
xxPrincess Merixxx
xxPrincess Merixxx Před 21 hodinou
If I was the girl getting shamed I would beat up the mean girl and put my middle finger up, idc if my mum is there lol
abtest bctest
abtest bctest Před 21 hodinou
Ok but fr tho thrift stores actually have some good stuff, they're right about that.
Humaira Israel
Humaira Israel Před dnem
Hi i love your vlogs its awesome
Erik Heijne
Erik Heijne Před dnem
You dont have to explain this to a Dutchmen 😅
Tonya Griffin
Tonya Griffin Před dnem
For the first time that girl is nice
Gacha xha
Gacha xha Před dnem
What the hell,why you need change its just one coin lol
Khaliel Sarsalejo
what is that man face (┬┬﹏┬┬)(⌐■_■)
Allison Moncada
Allison Moncada Před dnem
I o e t
Allison Moncada
Allison Moncada Před dnem
Bleh. Bleh.
Bleh. Bleh. Před dnem
I found my favorite sweater at throft store and my best friend found a bootiful shirt
K a r e n S t o l e M y K I d s
H I l l a r y. C l I n t o n
Saree Henderson
Saree Henderson Před dnem
Ok I went shopping at a goodwill and found the cutest tied shirt that was all black and sparkly and I freaking love it so much. THRIFT STORES ARE AMAZING
Jess D'Arcy
Jess D'Arcy Před dnem
Sabrina and Adrian Giron
No wonder my grandma never wants me to spend a penny
Knocturnal Gaming
6:11 GEK!
Gaming with Jackie and wish
Girl you dont no her opinion
Alexa Unicornstar_4648
I HATE how people dislike your videos
Alexa Unicornstar_4648
That blonde girl is always in the dhar Mann videos but she’s always mean
Esha Bhansali
Esha Bhansali Před 2 dny
Hi Dhar! Nice message! I wanted to mark out one thing in this video. Of course, saving money wherever you can is great if you think about it long-term, but for example, I go to the thrift store and buy something because it is cheap, but that is called being a "miser." You don't have to buy from a thrift store just to save money! Instead, you could go to a medium-prized shop. In addition, you don't have to dress in an odd way just for saving money, you know what I mean?
Esha Bhansali
Esha Bhansali Před 2 dny
Say for example, you should not always think "Every penny counts" because let us say I 'm always worrying about small expenses and I start forgetting and I start spending large amounts of money, so what then? That is called being " Penny wise, pound foolish."
Esha Bhansali
Esha Bhansali Před 2 dny
@Dhar Mann
Rana Najjar
Rana Najjar Před 2 dny
am i the only one that realised that in almost every dhar mann videos they say you see and so you see
lieutdis1234 Před 2 dny
“Would you like your change?” 1 cent Her : “yes please” Me : “nah keep it”
Peter Quezada
Peter Quezada Před 2 dny
herman hermit
herman hermit Před 2 dny
This white BINCH reminds me of my summer fishing here in manila bay PH...shes not that great actress,,shes like a fish out in the water,how can anyone be delighted with her senseless boring acting TANG NA
remmy Před 2 dny
Daur man : Every penny counts Me: (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤
Ronnie grant
Ronnie grant Před 2 dny
😂 my mums names aimee cooper 😂👍
Emma Iniguez
Emma Iniguez Před 2 dny
What do you mean it's embarrassing??? There is no one there!!!! and who will even know you to be seen there??
Parker’s Views
Parker’s Views Před 2 dny
“It’s only 12.50!” “My socks cost more than that” Where did you buy those socks from, some person who overpriced them?
Abby Croxford
Abby Croxford Před 2 dny
my brother is 24 AND is almost a millionare!!! from investing
michel romanos
michel romanos Před 2 dny
Rajinder Kaur
Rajinder Kaur Před 2 dny
Acting of that white girl is awesome
Isabella-Nisim Hernandez-Benitez
In this episode of Dhar Mann the white haired girl is nice.r
Dr.Disney Studios
Dr.Disney Studios Před 3 dny
I love this video! I actually get most of my clothes, shoes, and hats from a thrift store. And you would have never even known it was from a thrift store.
Everything Collectables
I knew the whole storyline before I watched it. Lady goes to thrift store, finds said jacket before she meets with the investor at DM Capital. That jacket ends up being the former jacket of the DM Capital investor they go to meet.
Tajhnae Peake
Tajhnae Peake Před 3 dny
I used to go to the Thrift stores and I still do
Kheri Rahman
Kheri Rahman Před 3 dny
HaimIsMe Před 3 dny
what about the president he is a multi billionare
mihindu wijethunga
mihindu wijethunga Před 3 dny
Good one
123 litten
123 litten Před 3 dny
It's about being kind don't be mean if a other person shops at a thrift store there's nothing worng with that they just wanna save money
htike myatsanhotel
htike myatsanhotel Před 4 dny
You all so you see Me omg so u see so u see
Phil Karsten
Phil Karsten Před 4 dny
Claire's Friend: oh come on hurry up Claire: *pulls uno reverse card*
EXPLOD _E Před 4 dny
"It's not about being cheap, it's about being smart." Me as soon as I heard of it, who has cheap stuff: *S M A R T*
Graceyy Před 4 dny
The actress of Claire has been my favourite she is always the sweetest
Norman Mercado
Norman Mercado Před 4 dny
AC did that cuz of the blazer LMAO
Jagdev Johal
Jagdev Johal Před 4 dny
She say like thrift store is free
marcos garza
marcos garza Před 4 dny
Not everything at a thrift store is used, there are also many great new items.
S C R U B Před 4 dny
I just realized that the DM in DM capital stands for Dhar man
EXPLOD _E Před 4 dny
Definition of Common Sense I didn't have:
Anahi Cerda
Anahi Cerda Před 4 dny
When I saw this video I thought that that was my initials on the vest because my initials is AC too
EXPLOD _E Před 4 dny
Teresa Lundstrom
Teresa Lundstrom Před 4 dny
I buy most of my work clothes from a thrift store. You can get great quality clothes such as Tommy Hilfiger and Gloria Vanderbilt jeans plus many of the clothes still have the price tag on them. Great video Dhar Mann.
I'm saving money for Robux 😟
corner stud was here
this Hillary or the “mean girl” in this story is such a good actor 😂 I’ve seen her a lot as antagonists on this channel and I absolutely love her acting skills
Gerson Gramajo
Gerson Gramajo Před 4 dny
Awww so cute
Lakshmi Vadali
Lakshmi Vadali Před 4 dny
i thought the friend saving money was wearing a dress at the end, turns out it was a sleeveless turtle neck O.o
Bellz Njollz
Bellz Njollz Před 4 dny
The black lady sure has a good smile 😍😍😍
Alanis Vazquez
Alanis Vazquez Před 4 dny
Alanis Vazquez
Alanis Vazquez Před 4 dny
Catathyst Před 4 dny
This is probably my favorite on this channel, it never gets old for me
Anna C
Anna C Před 4 dny
I really don't know why but at the end of the video I really wanted to see what they 2 girls would buy.
Kelly Glynn
Kelly Glynn Před 4 dny
Also second name is COOPER
Kelly Glynn
Kelly Glynn Před 4 dny
Ma initials are A.C !😡
EXPLOD _E Před 4 dny
ur name is Kelly Glynn not A____ Cooper
Juvy Cabonce
Juvy Cabonce Před 4 dny
AC - Acute Chica
Sonia Dinu
Sonia Dinu Před 5 dny
Ok but since when does someone get so emotional from a blaser like wth
Marciano Melchior
Marciano Melchior Před 5 dny
Am i the only one who dosent know about trift store
Jillian R
Jillian R Před 5 dny
why did I think of Alice Cooper immediately when i saw AC thinking of KC undercover lolll
ADHD Friends!
ADHD Friends! Před 5 dny
The man's look on his face will haunt my nightmares... 4:24
ADHD Friends!
ADHD Friends! Před 5 dny
No one else? Ok...
Slimefactory Před 5 dny
You can only like this if it’s ur birthday
Bloxbly Před 5 dny
EXPLOD _E Před 3 dny
@Bloxbly I added you. Hopefully you friend me :0
Bloxbly Před 3 dny
@EXPLOD _E avacodoosxxx
EXPLOD _E Před 4 dny
whats ur username
EXPLOD _E Před 4 dny
Same, I play Roblox! :D
BB Donut
BB Donut Před 5 dny
I love you Dhar Mann
Zahra Porobo
Zahra Porobo Před 5 dny
Was a good idea to wear
issy Před 5 dny
If anyone is seeing this stay safe.
Lakshmi Před 5 dny
I must say that the acting of the mean girl is cute.. And the best behaviour of that mean girl is when she does not leave her friend's side even when she shops at the thrift store
Dark Ninja
Dark Ninja Před 5 dny
The person who bought that used blazer saying AC said every penny counts and then she got a penny change and said she wanted it.
Owen Starr
Owen Starr Před 5 dny
“That’s a thrift store, they sell used clothes. I would not be caught dead shopping there” I wouldn’t be caught dead whining outside of it when my friend decides to go inside and shop there.
Ulamila Marama
Ulamila Marama Před 6 dny
Thank you so much i love the video THANK YOU SO MUCH
Vijender Reddy
Vijender Reddy Před 6 dny
I like the dhar mann videos
Scott Goldenplayz
Scott Goldenplayz Před 6 dny
I’m here watching
°~♡potato bun bun UwU♡~°
Dhar you should make the blonde girl that shames her to be the good person.
Youtubes #1 Nobody
Youtubes #1 Nobody Před 6 dny
Spread the gospel!
Alejandra Ugalde
Alejandra Ugalde Před 6 dny
Girl when I buy a 12 dollar item I pull out all the coupons
Youssef Elemary
Youssef Elemary Před 6 dny
So you see I'm dumb
Rahman Safi
Rahman Safi Před 6 dny
I watch all your videos
knightslayer 404
knightslayer 404 Před 6 dny
Y is that the blonde girl always plays the bad person😂😂
Tottenham Hotspur Armadal
The artsakh flag lets gooo Armeniaaaaa
Shagun Bhuria
Shagun Bhuria Před 6 dny
Why this tall lady always gets negative roles 😳
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