The Suite Life of Zack and Cody was kinda weird...

Alex Meyers
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30. 06. 2020





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Alex Meyers
Alex Meyers Před měsícem
Hey hope you enjoyed the video. Big thank you to TotalAV for sponsoring this video. Go to TotalAv.com/alexmeyers to get a 1 year subscription for only $29.
Shanni Elgarat
Shanni Elgarat Před 10 dny
Once upside down magic comes out pls do it
Berliandiva Aulia
Berliandiva Aulia Před 12 dny
Dylan Sprouse is going to be in the new After movie sequel
noah davis
noah davis Před 19 dny
Dylan is making comics and he was in that movie dismissed
Brian Banegas
Brian Banegas Před 20 dny
Idk man I don't think mosbey was shocked that a girl was smart, I think he was impressed somebody that young is that smart. I've noticed you do this in some of your videos and it's getting slightly annoying
Yah Ĺike J⃨A⃨Z⃨Z⃨?
You should react to KC undercover
Ashton Productions
Ashton Productions Před 5 hodinami
Do one on suit life on deck
JakesNation98 Před 7 hodinami
This show was way too far on the cringe side for me. Never under stood the hype.
Wifi Connection
Wifi Connection Před 8 hodinami
Can you do a video on Easy A? Please?
Do you wanna bake bread with Peeta Mellark
That’s so Suite Life of Hannah Montana
LucarioMario What if's
LucarioMario What if's Před 23 hodinami
We need to find jenna
Yourbaby Tee
Yourbaby Tee Před dnem
Do That's So Raven!!!
Teniola Momodu
Teniola Momodu Před dnem
You’re so funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Adeline Baugh
Adeline Baugh Před 2 dny
OH! I just relised why suit is not spelled like sweat! its a pun! oh
Marcele Cecele
Marcele Cecele Před 2 dny
I thought Zack Cody cruise was the first TV Show
Imogen Smith
Imogen Smith Před 2 dny
Dylan disappeared-who’s gonna tell him about after we collided
Jenn Elizabeth
Jenn Elizabeth Před 2 dny
Dylan plays in the movie banana split. Watch it. You’re welcome.🤷🏼‍♀️
Carol Oliveira
Carol Oliveira Před 3 dny
The Sprouse twins have such a cool story. They took a break from work after Suite Life to study and graduate from college, survived a late 2000s Disney without starting a singing career, and were the producers of their show by the end, being the ones to decide not to go on when Disney pressured them to do stuff they didn’t agree with. They also have the best twitter conversations
Carol Oliveira
Carol Oliveira Před 3 dny
Old Disney/Nickelodeon shows come from one single “what if”, some ideas based on child fantasies, some just on untraditional scenarios. I feel like this one’s premise checks both of those boxes and might have come from that Disney movie Eloise at the Plaza, which I loved
jordi duran
jordi duran Před 3 dny
I don’t think Estevan was racist haha
Natalie Bates
Natalie Bates Před 3 dny
Ummmm I was gonna marry the sprouse twins when I was younger ps I like Cole better
Apple Před 3 dny
I was like 13 when I first saw this show and I WAS a size 14. And I was sooo sad when they mocked my size. Now I wouldn’t care, but then it was RIGHT IN THE FEELS, DISNEY.
PsYOniC yT
PsYOniC yT Před 4 dny
Kamehameha is more powerful than the tiara
jcg1359 Před 4 dny
I know he made this video about the first episode,but I wish he mentioned something about the high school musical episode suite life made,the whole ashley tisdale and sharpay thing. I would like to see what alex has to say about that,haha
Nicole Fenyus
Nicole Fenyus Před 5 dny
harry styles at 1:54 😂😂😂😂
DarkLadyJade Před 5 dny
These videos are enjoyable.
Moon Shine Down
Moon Shine Down Před 5 dny
Dylan Sprouse now voices Yozora in Kingdom Hearts lol
nomine *
nomine * Před 5 dny
Cause sometimes when guys come on too strong at first, it can make us feel like the ratio of being murdered has radically changed.
2000sdisneygirl Před 5 dny
Can you just stop rating kids shows like whatever makes them happy
Emily Mawdsley
Emily Mawdsley Před 6 dny
Dylan Sprouse is gonna be in the new after sequel, After we Collided
Daisy Augustine
Daisy Augustine Před 6 dny
Alex u got it all wrong my dude. London and Maddie are not the main characters! Zack and Cody are!! You know, the two twins??? The shows called “ The suite life Zack and Cody” not “The suite life of London and Maddie lol. Please react again and please focus on Zack and Cody. Lol hilarious mistake. Like if you want Alex to react again expect to Zack and Cody and not London and Maddie. 👇🏻🥺❤️🤟
Breanna Před 6 dny
I still love that Ashley Tisdale (“Maddie”) is also the voice for Candace on Phineas and Ferb.
I KuyaD I
I KuyaD I Před 6 dny
Suite life on deck was better tbh
ISZEL ISZEL Před 6 dny
Love this show this show is my childhood great video
Sean Pohi Zengbe
Sean Pohi Zengbe Před 6 dny
Where’s my Cole Sprouse fan group
Anna Keene
Anna Keene Před 6 dny
Suite Life
Alexander Maxpower
Alexander Maxpower Před 6 dny
That is not the pilot of the show
TheLadyPlantagenet Před 7 dny
Yoo Will you do Kissing Booth 2? Omg omg
Holly D.
Holly D. Před 7 dny
yeah JENNA!!!!!!!!!!!
PenguinPopUwU OwO
PenguinPopUwU OwO Před 7 dny
5:54 Easy, Goku's Kamehameha, doesn't Sailor Moon's Moon Tiara Action only work on demons and monsters?
Monika Před 8 dny
Ted mosby/Mosbey same person?
Jenna Wilson
Jenna Wilson Před 8 dny
Jenna... I graduated in 05... and I’m positive there are no other Jennas in the world other than Jenna Marbles. So it was either me or her... sorry for ignoring you.
Hyper Doggo
Hyper Doggo Před 8 dny
Please watch Love, Simon
rednin gamer
rednin gamer Před 8 dny
Alex you are the best reviewer in the WORLD. You make me laugh and make understand the movie more than when i watched it. Than you for the awesome videos
Joe Hopkins
Joe Hopkins Před 9 dny
Okay I thought this video was going to unpack an underlying weird theme of the show but it just regurgitates the plot. Like, yeah we the audience are supposed to realise that it doesn't make sense to pretend to be busy or cool, that's why characters have flaws, and character development, and quirks, that we are meant to relate to. This video makes no sense lmao
C R Před 9 dny
Finally someone else admits that all the attractive rich people in High School had great grades as well
M.C.Martin Official Channel
They’re also pressured the most to succeed
Zenone Monzo
Zenone Monzo Před 9 dny
Him: Goku’s kamehameha vs Sailormoon’s tiara Me: is that even a kwestion? GOKU NO DURRRRRRRR!!!🤡
evBton Před 9 dny
Can you do a Barbie movie there is a lot on Netflix 😂
Kenda Ukiru
Kenda Ukiru Před 9 dny
London Tipton Paris Hilton ... I love revisiting shows for satiric comedy that completely went over my 8 yr old head
Lunoh Před 9 dny
What school did you go to? In my school the goths are the smartest and the "rich" or "popular" ones are with bad grades. Mostly because they are given everithing so they don't try at all.
Full house and Suite life being my favorite shows. Me:sees this video Also me: sees this video. HoW DaRe YoU ThIs iS sO GoOd!!!!!!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂🤗🤗
monty turner
monty turner Před 10 dny
Just imagine, Alex Meyers gets messages and chased by his female audiences that want his autograph at Vidcon. Also #bringbackclassicshows
VishakaInk Před 10 dny
London Tipton : the original Crazy Rich Asian:)
AwesomeEvan45 Před 10 dny
my older sister moved back home and she was on disney+ watching it and i never heard of it but i started watching it and ive watched it twice since then
Shanni Elgarat
Shanni Elgarat Před 10 dny
Once upside down magic comes out pls do it
Amal Rizekalla
Amal Rizekalla Před 11 dny
I only wait 30 minutes before texting my dad because iM tOo DeSpArAtE oF a PeRsOn
FREEDYkruzo00 MLG Před 11 dny
You're weird
Alice Who
Alice Who Před 11 dny
i want to date you. 😍
Internet Clown
Internet Clown Před 12 dny
Am I the only one who noticed that he confused Dylan and Cole at the end? XD
aueng16 Před 12 dny
Little Neko cx
Little Neko cx Před 12 dny
Dylan starred in a movie called Dismissed
Luis Před 12 dny
6:30 Shouldn't it be "pokemon saphire is the best game ever" since thats the one about covering the world in water.
EminemIsBetterThan You
Maaaaan ya can’t eat lunch in bed without watching his vids
Kagamine Usagi 鏡音うさぎ
I bought the TotalAV yearly subscription just because you recommended it! Hoping its good! Also so they see that it was worth sponsoring the video and to show my support to you! I love your videos! Keep being awesome!
My existence is Questionable
Actually Dylan sprouse stared in dismissed
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