The Rise And Fall Of Clash Royale

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The Rise and Fall of Clash Royale - Havoc Gaming - We'll be taking an in depth look at how clash royale became google plays game of the year to where it is today. The rise in popularity, and the fall. is it truly a dead game?
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Q&A with Drew (Supercell)
Current state of game by Chief Pekka
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29. 10. 2020





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HaVoC Gaming
HaVoC Gaming Před 4 měsíci
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Kingston Zechariah
@Sincere Rogelio Trying it out now. Looks good so far :)
Sincere Rogelio
Sincere Rogelio Před dnem
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kun tool
kun tool Před měsícem
69 🌝
Chandu kcm
Chandu kcm Před 2 měsíci
(MY NEW CLASH ROYAL channel) csvid.net/u-Chandukcm "Life is a short thing" "Girlfriend is nothing" "Clash Royal is everything" "without support i am nothing" "I need your support" pplease subscribe my channel!❤ 👇 👇 👇 csvid.net/u-Chandukcm
Mr.Gamemode {SDAV}
Mr.Gamemode {SDAV} Před 3 měsíci
9:51 maked me to play clash royale again
ScreamMario Před 40 minutami
Clash Royale clan name is -Haze; Our tag is *C09P2G9*. We are active in donations but we're looking for war fighters. If you need cards and is willing to fight in war, please consider joining us. Message code: DKJ10WT99KD68UI1TK1N, this was done by a bot, please inform me if the video is not appropriate for this comment and I'll take it down.
Docile Soap
Docile Soap Před 7 hodinami
I raged alot while playing this game......so after playing for a year I deleted it.....
Venice C
Venice C Před 8 hodinami
Tbh i still play this game the strategic aspects of this game is what keeps me coming back
Leonardo laughed cuz i cracked a joke
*sad king noises*
Rahoul Rai
Rahoul Rai Před 12 hodinami
It was relieving as it reduced the time which you wasted in clash of clans
Jim MoeFoe
Jim MoeFoe Před 13 hodinami
I remember the game being super fun when they released new cards every 2 weeks.
Jim MoeFoe
Jim MoeFoe Před 14 hodinami
Removing the monthly balance change was the final nail in the coffin.
Venom Squad
Venom Squad Před 22 hodinami
Murder U 2wice
Murder U 2wice Před dnem
I was only a freshman in Highschool when this game back came out lots of people played it back in the day time hella flies
Spirit Mystery
Spirit Mystery Před dnem
Reason game died was no new arenas
Sibree Před dnem
Legendary cards released with the game, wdym epic was the highest. The game released with the princess and ice wizard
Kevin Amaya
Kevin Amaya Před dnem
This game is still one of the more unique mobile games out there with a charm to it that even now still has me coming back to play it. The character designs and cards to unlock still make it fun. Supercell at any moment can revitalize this game without really trying since it isn't exactly dead. Guess they are barely keeping it alive. Would be nice to see it spike in popularity again.
Venice C
Venice C Před 8 hodinami
Honestly the strategic aspect of it is what keeps me coming back
Michael1348 Před dnem
Only og knows *the legend of the game*
Rakesh Gupta
Rakesh Gupta Před dnem
4 skeletons
Lowkey Před 2 dny
in my school its rising
blyscyk Před 2 dny
only ogs remember old emote sounds
skorbs Před 2 dny
I remember when freeze was rare af
E Y Před 2 dny
Clan Wars 2 brought me over the edge
ajit pawar
ajit pawar Před 2 dny
Rest in peace the game Just Got VERY hard at spooky valley
The Drewllah
The Drewllah Před 2 dny
I remember going to school and find everyone playing it, and I've play COC for a while so I was excited to play a new Clash-related game. I remember starting clans with the homies just overall having a good time. I remember the day the Executioner came out and that was one of the craziest troops to go against atm. I remember getting my first legendary, I screamed my ass off getting the ice wizard. Good ole' times
The Drewllah
The Drewllah Před 2 dny
Bro I had some many ideas for this game And some of them I thought were good gamemodes one I came up with is escort/siege: 2 stages: Stage one: two players will have to escort a Trojan horse to a giant wall and defend it from two enemy players. The Trojan horse is basically siege machines from COC. Once met the gate the players (teams) move to the next stage Stage 2: Get inside the castle. Once again you’d have to guide the Horse to the castle. Once the horse breaks it releases troops. The troops will help you take out tower defenses and enemy troops. Once reached the end the teams switch sides. ----------------------- Stage 1: Would have Xbows and Mortars instead of crown towers. (They still give crowns). Players would have to break those before the Trojan horse get destroyed. Stage 2: Would have 2 Cannons 1 Clan Castle and 1 Inferno tower. You must deploy troops to destroy those and proceed to the end zone. If the team doesn’t reach the castle you tally up the amount of defenses your team destroyed. Trojan Horse will always have: Prince, 3 Knights, 2 Archers and Princess. No elixir will be expended when the Horse breaks Defenders side would have sort of a CC (Clan Castle) where troops of their choosing (most likely have a elixir max out). This can spice up a match because elixir won’t be used when the CC deploys so it instantaneous troops. Game changing right?!?
The Drewllah
The Drewllah Před 2 dny
3-5 new deck slots will be added specifically for “Escort or Siege” gamemode. And upon switching sides you can swap decks. The theory behind this gamemode is to have a sort of 2v2 touchdown but with clan game style boat attacks. Maybe future updates they can added a gamemode with more stages or different themes where can only specifically use one type of card like all goblins, all royalty, all skeletons etc Stage 0: would be like a forest with things like goblins and other non-human non-machine troops.
Jhamiel Gaming
Jhamiel Gaming Před 3 dny
Chapter 4 da future 2021-2030
Angel Cruz
Angel Cruz Před 3 dny
Dead game 🖕🤣
Lowkey Před 2 dny
Millions of people playing it isnt dead Angel.
mxrkb Před 3 dny
Maaaan 2014-2016 were the best supercell years, I played coc + cr all day. Made me and my friends HS life a little bit better
Ace !
Ace ! Před 3 dny
I still play and I’m free to play there’s still hope
GD 1234
GD 1234 Před 4 dny
All good things will never end
SwizzLITE Před 4 dny
Sounds like Pokemon right now
Evan Landry
Evan Landry Před 4 dny
You know I game that is dead, Oquonie. It’s a short puzzle game that was released in 2014 and it didn’t have a very big player base from the start and died a few years later. Me and the creators might be the only ones who still play it. It’s honestly really fun and can be downloaded on itch.io.
Harley Mortimer
Harley Mortimer Před 4 dny
I used to find this game so hard, every game required all of my attention, then i took a break for about a year. Since coming back, i have pushed from 3k to 4k trophies without really trying. Why has it gotten so easy?
XxMAHER xX Před 2 dny
Maybe you are bad back then
Brian Lombardi
Brian Lombardi Před 5 dny
I stopped playing the game regularly as soon as they added the Pass Royale. It turned into an EA mobile game and it’s not as fun anymore
Radu Cosmin
Radu Cosmin Před 5 dny
I've been playing since 2016 and all i can say is that i got really bored of same things every month(season pass and i didn't buy any of them because they're useless for maxed players) and no new content anymore:( I never got bored of this game, and today, 2 March 2021 i reached 3 months of not playing the game... i'm still waiting for them to add something new:)
laksh kumar
laksh kumar Před 5 dny
I still play game but it has become boring there is nothing new in it it just feels hollow
Trxp Halo
Trxp Halo Před 5 dny
To say that just because a game still has players playing meaning it's not a dead game is simply untrue. And people are not idiots for saying that it's those who say otherwise. A game can still be dead even if people still play it. Or in other words the games "soul" can be gone. For example Fortnite Battle Royale once an amazing game now a terrible dead one. Fortnite is dead and bad because they decided to sell out on their original player base choosing to instead take the "easy" $cummyer route. Because if kids don't know what they're playing is bad why try?. Epic games learned that they didn't have to try to make money. But in the process they destroyed the games health, soul, and original player base becoming more like EA and a lot less like a company that actually cares. It's not an opinion it's a fact. Either then that good work with the video I wish you good luck with your channel
HARRY CAO Před 6 dny
I agree with the match making in clan wars two because my skill was the only thing saving me from loser a hundred percent of the time. I start a game and get cooped up with someone who has 5000 trophies while I’m still at 3000 something
Custodio Jc12
Custodio Jc12 Před 6 dny
0:40 have you log on ghost? Cuz I did it and I manage to find a match in 1m
Withered Freddy
Withered Freddy Před 6 dny
Got all the cards in my first year playing lmao it's dead to me now
rainy_ Před 6 dny
I think the definition of a dead game varies from person to person. I consider a game dead when I haven't heard a serious mention of it in months (Ex. actual discussion of game, "hey who wants to play [game] with me," talking about what they did in the game, etc) But I can see where you're coming from with the cod ghosts vs clash royale comparison.
Sam Galloway
Sam Galloway Před 6 dny
game is ass now.
Ugh Ronnie
Ugh Ronnie Před 6 dny
What ruined the game? Golem, Lava, EGiant in the back first play (should be last in hand), and the obnoxious spam due to the defensive cards constantly being nerfed.
with the number of players i would not say it got downed, it didn´t!
Yuko ZenFire
Yuko ZenFire Před 7 dny
its dying because there is no creativity on it all u need to follow the meta bullshit.
Pie Před 8 dny
That hype to open a clan chest
Mohsen The Knight
Mohsen The Knight Před 8 dny
This video was really good thanks i thought i had to wait for SunnyV2 to make video on this.
Sunnyd824 Před 9 dny
Damn it’s sad that I have so many memories with this game but it got so boring I had to delete it
TheBoltMaster Před 10 dny
Clash of clans is by no means dead. Infact, to me, this is the most alive it’s ever been since the release of th11!
Musakhar Ali
Musakhar Ali Před 14 hodinami
Mr. Money not really
Mr. Money
Mr. Money Před 7 dny
bro mostly asians olay it you realize that most of the downloads are from asia
Charlie Před 10 dny
i remember this game cuz everyone played it in like 5th grade
LOL MAN Před 10 dny
Anhad Mishra
Anhad Mishra Před 10 dny
Roca Před 10 dny
I have played this game for 4 years and let me tell you I miss my free chest
meyerwertsky Před 11 dny
I miss my man camerobro
Kevin Lim
Kevin Lim Před 11 dny
"Everything will come to an end" Alucard ~ MLBB
MK -Brawl Stars
MK -Brawl Stars Před 11 dny
I been playing supercell games for years and played coc since 2014. I still play now bit nearly not as much. I played royale for like 2 months until it got boring and moved on to brawl stars which is on the rise rn
Josiah Perea
Josiah Perea Před 12 dny
I miss the old times I remember opening a free chest getting my first legendary and I was hyped it was miner but I didn’t care it was amazing and I remember I couldn’t wait to show my friends
Dasai S.
Dasai S. Před 12 dny
Dayumm I didn't even spend money on it yet I got alot of legendary cards
Anime Frekr
Anime Frekr Před 12 dny
its to repetitive for example coc has upgrades war attacks bases cr is attack and way to pay to win
Anime Frekr
Anime Frekr Před 7 dny
The cards are pay to win to level up
Jew apple
Jew apple Před 11 dny
Pay to win? As if you pay your opponents for them to not deploy cards purposely lmao.
geramation me play 4 good
so thats why i feel im playing with bots in arena 10
Jew apple
Jew apple Před 11 dny
Well what did you expect in 3000 rage anyway. Increase trophies to actually find the amount of skilled players playing the game. One lvl 12 dude in my clan even found a lvl 10 at 5400 with maxed deck.
geramation me play 4 good
thwy need a really big update like this 100 cards more 250 emotes 10 more arenas make a team co op like suviving or trio or more raritys and 3 super legendary
Bryn McKair
Bryn McKair Před 12 dny
The fact is, we have grown up.
TheRealProGuy Před 13 dny
InfinityGaming Před 13 dny
I remember when I first played clash royale I was like this game is so wired and it was new and the more I played it the more I enjoyed it and I played it for years and I remember when I first got a legendary I was Overly excited and I remember watching funny moments yourubers and stuff I was so addicted to this game I was playing non stop till my phone was dead back in 2017 and now the game got so boring I quit and forever rest in peace clash royale
Tara Před 13 dny
Watching this just makes me so sad
Selahattin Koçak
Selahattin Koçak Před 14 dny
Their games are good, but they act like they are so hungry for money.
Brawl Angel-BS
Brawl Angel-BS Před 14 dny
I played 3 years and i quit bc i just got boring and now im back to the game c:
theclush Před 14 dny
Legendary drop rate was low?!?! Bruh I was getting one in every free chest nearly
-Dolsen- Před 14 dny
The rise and fall of my bank account
Anthony Luis Miranda
I haven't played clash royale for 5 months but i will play it again
Jew apple
Jew apple Před 11 dny
@just a regular human being I have returned back after 7 months and pretty happy about it.
just a regular human being
You will be disappointed
just a regular human being
3F3 4N1M4T3S
3F3 4N1M4T3S Před 15 dny
I remember going batshit after unlocking pekka by winning touchdown. Good times...
Mahmud Gonder
Mahmud Gonder Před 15 dny
Who remembers when te first legendary came out?
So Delicious
So Delicious Před 15 dny
Still remember the good old days...
Jar Claw
Jar Claw Před 16 dny
i only play now for the pure nostalgia its not really fun anymore :/
Joshua Yggdrasil
Joshua Yggdrasil Před 16 dny
I can see everyone here in 2025 saying "The Rise and Fall of Brawl Stars"
Jew apple
Jew apple Před 11 dny
Meanwhile coc is the only game which still stands strong so many years later with shitloads of content creators.
The powerball Gaming
Best CSvidr!👑
RJ Před 17 dny
I played for 2 years, mid 16 to early 18. Got 4 different legendary cards & that is all. Only 4 cards. Then I realised upgrading legendary cards are not for F2P, even paid users struggle to do it. I hated the random card distribution.
TheHale _
TheHale _ Před 17 dny
I’ve never even played Clash Royale yet still interested in this video lol
Grizzly Před 17 dny
"clash reeall"
Rahul Bhoir
Rahul Bhoir Před 17 dny
i hate this game .... i took 1 year to get me skeleton army
Sahil Chambyal
Sahil Chambyal Před 17 dny
The only thing I deleted it multiple times because it has unfair matchmaking, When I was level 10, I was matched with level 12 and 13 and used to be defeated so easily. But now am level 11 and I easily defeat level 12 and 13 players.
Nathan Moore
Nathan Moore Před 17 dny
Great quality video!!
Izzy Mrt.
Izzy Mrt. Před 18 dny
I agree with every point you made lol
BetaSoul Před 18 dny
Clash Royale is not dead people just grew up to play other hype games and it is just the cycle of games and could rise again
Iblo Bliboo
Iblo Bliboo Před 18 dny
I started hating this game because of the matchmaking and the Mega Knight, I hate that card so much and I refuse to use it.
mrmintzy Před 19 dny
You want to know the funny thing we will all watch this in 7 8 years again and all say ahh I miss that game
sjskolchar Před 19 dny
Great video bro 👊🏿 In RC you can't win enough money to keep up with the upgrades, holding you back from game progression, topped by adding new players to prolong the situation. Its constant grinding till Legendary Arenas then is straight cpu opponents. They claim your playing other people around the World 🤭 but 99.7% of the time I'm playing a computer designed to beat me at all cost. You can tell by the clan and play. I'm on Masters 1 (again after the December rollback update, lol) and been playing 18 months, now started to figure the many strategies used by the developers to avoid you winning at all costs. Since I figured this out the games been in constant unstoppable mode until they allow me to win. The games has gone down hill in a bad way. If I'm playing a cpu its designed for us to have no hope once reaching a certain stage. Playing money helps upgrade faster but there's to many players to upgrade. You will always be to far behind to progress. Shame it takes about 20 years to complete, could of been a fantastic game, but its just a money scam.
Commander G
Commander G Před 19 dny
I used to play it alot and I played with a Giant Skeleton Clone deck that wrecked so many people
Qwerty DTC
Qwerty DTC Před 19 dny
who remember the Nova clans
ritren t
ritren t Před 19 dny
The old cr was good now its just like ptw and very unoriginal
Popcornhead88 Před 19 dny
Bro I remember 4 years ago, me and my friends were all in a clan and everyday at school we would talk about how we were gonna get 10/10 clan chest
Zea Před 20 dny
Spamming King’s laugh was a way new level of toxic
Hasa Rafael
Hasa Rafael Před 20 dny
I lost my account 2 years ago, and I got it back recently. Everything is almost the exact same thing except fot a couple nre cards and gamemodes. The barely bring any new stuff to the game.
Panduru Catalin
Panduru Catalin Před 13 dny
True, after comming back to Brawl Stars and Clash of Clans and seeing all the cool features that've been added since I was gone, I decided to also come back to Clash Royale, excited to see how the game's changed since I was gone. Nope, the game was somehow worse (Clan Wars 2, quests being removed etc.) safe to say I deleted it within like a week.
Captain Axe
Captain Axe Před 20 dny
❤God bless remember you dont go to heaven just by believing in God you need to have a relationship with him reading a bible or a bible app is a good way of doing that❤
Awesome Apollo
Awesome Apollo Před 21 dnem
Luke Egan
Luke Egan Před 21 dnem
I still remember my first legendary it was a princess out of a free chest
Hasn U
Hasn U Před 21 dnem
2017. I was 21 back then. I used to destroy lil kids and spam crying face lmao🥴 the game destroyed itself with all those updates/ its just too overwhelming for new players and for old veterans who decided to come back.. And the p2w aspect is shameless. Cash beats skill.
Sehaan Chaudhary
Sehaan Chaudhary Před 21 dnem
Damn this bring backs a lot of feelings i remember when i got sparky from a golden chest and screamed so loud that my mom came running to the room it was so nostalgic when i saw this video almost had tears in my eyes been playing this game from two years when my cousin recommended it now ive deleted it rip the best game ive enjoyed
VoiceOfPenguin Před 22 dny
old cr: thumbs up emote, good game!, well played!, cr now: bm’ed by crying emote, laughing king, chicken emote, thanks!
MegaHenox Před 22 dny
I have been playing this game since late 2016 but wen they intrdueced seasons i got burnedout and the last time i played the game hardcore was in january 2020 and its febuary 2021!!!!
I stopped playing Clash Royale, Brawl Stars and Clash of Clans coz freak Supercell ID. I lost 2 CR, 2 CoC and 2 BS accounts in just 3 years. It would just not relogin and so I would have to create a new one. I personally think I wasted my time by playing again and again those games, they ain't worth it.
Alexandre Lacroix
Alexandre Lacroix Před 22 dny
I cant even say how much I hate the new clan war. i’m a level 11, and have most of my cards level 10-11, but I KEEP getting put against level 12 with MAX level cards. Its so frurstrating
de lonte
de lonte Před 23 dny
Clash royale dead game
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