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Paris Hilton
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We thought we knew Paris Hilton. We were wrong. This is the untold true story that shaped the woman, and the iconic character she created. Stream it free September 14 with ads on CSvid or sign up for CSvid Premium to watch the Extended cut. Learn more at: support.google.com/youtube/an... Check out CSvid Premium at: csvid.net/u-premiumorigi... See if Premium is available in your country at: support.google.com/youtube/answer/6307365

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13. 09. 2020





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Sara Graham
Sara Graham Před hodinou
I wish her and Kim were still friends.
Hayley Bridger
Hayley Bridger Před hodinou
Her mom trying to force herself to cry.
Jenny Calloway
Jenny Calloway Před hodinou
I always knew Paris was special... I always knew there was a lot more than what the paparazzi showed. I am so proud of you and just blown away... you are brave and strong. Thank you for coming forward. I have been a fan since the early 2000's... and I am in my 50's... Brilliant, beautiful, heart of gold...I am on your side
H Před hodinou
The whole getting kidnapped while your parents stand there and watch is just horrific.
cherese walters
cherese walters Před hodinou
I do feel sorry about what she went through and it's clear that she doesn't know what she wants in life and that's sad
Ancient Goose
Ancient Goose Před hodinou
Dont wanna spoil it but I RACED to watch this after hearing about certain things, but I'm 25+ minutes in and unimpressed. Very very slow. Boring. Pointless thus far. I'm really disappointed
Elizabeth Vassilenko 'student'
As someone who’s been through childhood emotional neglect and studied psych for years now, I can understand why she’s so stuck in her past, or as she says, “scared to grow up.” When you’ve experienced traumatic events growing up and felt empty when you were supposed to feel loved, it should be come to no surprise that your romantic life will be difficult in your later years. You’re stripped from ever knowing what it means to be emotionally and mentally stable...we are in DIRE need of mental health clinicians to help us heal!
Dominic Před hodinou
Is this the sequel to 1 Night in Paris? I thought she retired from pr0n?
Denise Nicolai
Denise Nicolai Před hodinou
My mom said I paid them so much money to fix you
Elizabeth Smith
Elizabeth Smith Před hodinou
Shame on the mum and dad who did that to her! Just wrong
Lizzy Brown
Lizzy Brown Před hodinou
Much respect for being real, Paris. I hope you change your life into whatever feels like total bliss every damn day.
Julenne Barshop
Julenne Barshop Před hodinou
My mask. Happy and beautiful. But life has been filled with anxiety, stress, insomnia and broken relationships. I was emotionally and sexually abused starting at the age of 11. I'm a grandmother now, but the panic remains with me every day. You cant judge a book by it's cover.
tim conway
tim conway Před hodinou
l did security in LA, Ca. People can hate her. But, in 2005 - 2006, l only saw her being nice to EVERYONE asking for autographs and pics. Even when her entourage was yelling, "Let's go. Let's go." l've seen many celebs not care about fans. Just sayin'.
Jasmine Diaz-Escobar
Jasmine Diaz-Escobar Před hodinou
I love to see the real Paris. I would be her friend w.o all that money!!!!
megszállott Před hodinou
The comments are obviously very moderated.
Antonio Palafox
Antonio Palafox Před hodinou
you've always been cool in my book
Holistic Hottie Inc
Holistic Hottie Inc Před hodinou
16 minutes in so far and find this incredibly boring. Hopefully it gets interesting.
Am Vlog32
Am Vlog32 Před hodinou
I could'nt sleep and saw this video... this made me cry.. i hope she found the love and peace in her heart and mind. I have no idea what she does now in her life, but i love to see the real her.. she made me cry. Just now there so much more people feeling this way... just hope she is going to be real happy one day with the little things in life. Trusting people is so hard.. sometimes we are to damaged but always find a way to grow and finding the real you!! ❤
aidan morris
aidan morris Před hodinou
id argue the original influencer was madonna. we even have footage in her film desperately seeking susan of her taking a selfie.
EmmaCarolinaBradley Před hodinou
I really appreciate you being able to talk about this. I am studying criminology and justice studies and I have read a lot of articles about these programs, unfortunately since these industries are privately own, it is so hard to get rid of. But we can definitely try.
Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty Před hodinou
Remember how shaken she was when she had to go to jail all those years ago and they put it on national tv, her taken away in the cop car? She must have been absolutely terrified....... she probably felt like she was going back to that school... or worse.
Edward Schwenk
Edward Schwenk Před hodinou
I remember that picture of her in the back of that cop car. What I remember even more though, is how David Letterman was such a jerk to her on his show shortly after she did her 45 days behind bars.
Samantha Givone
Samantha Givone Před hodinou
Incredible, so well done. I wish her all the peace and happiness
Emily Rose Koch
Emily Rose Koch Před hodinou
Wow I truly had no idea.
Shannon Diaz
Shannon Diaz Před hodinou
Very emotional 😭 I hope one day she’ll get a full nights rest. Also, her mom/dad needs to take accountability so Paris can start to truly heal.
Monika Paulina Ibarra
Monika Paulina Ibarra Před hodinou
Consumerism is gross and this proves it. I'd sympathize if she were working herself to the bone for nothing like the rest of us.
Colin Baker
Colin Baker Před hodinou
So anyway, Be the amazing amazon / viking / angelic / statuesque figure that you are. Then come home to dorky, honest, barely 6-foot, dependable, non-judgemental, joe-schmoe me!
Pauletta Quadrozzi
Pauletta Quadrozzi Před hodinou
I have Soo much more respect for Paris.She mentioned she was afraid THIS might hurt her brand.Couldn't be further from the TRUTH.Nothing but respect for her showing her TRUE colors.Not ONLY beautiful on the outside,NOW I see your beautiful on the inside too.I only hope and pray,your able to relax,AND enjoy ALL the hard work you've done.
Bridget Thiessen
Bridget Thiessen Před hodinou
I wish Paris could break away from the lime light and the glitz and glam and live a truly simple life like she deserves. I can see all the stuff stresses her out. A billion dollars wont make her happy.
Sandra Evans
Sandra Evans Před hodinou
i feel this. you can be surrounded by people but still feel so alone. and then you feel guilty for feeling empty, thinking 'but other people have it so much worse' - but denying your own sadness means you never fully heal.
Colleen Dillon
Colleen Dillon Před hodinou
Wow her sister married a ROTHSCHILD!
JB Chadonite
JB Chadonite Před hodinou
If I was in that family I would've disowned everyone
Whitney Harbour
Whitney Harbour Před hodinou
This was heartbreaking. Please tell me these schools are being shut down. How can we help this movement?
maria daugherty
maria daugherty Před hodinou
my respect just went up tremendously
Raymond Campusano
Raymond Campusano Před hodinou
She is a stupid blond, I doubt it was just a mask. But maybe her experiences made that to her. Now, of course she changed because got older and maybe wiser
Ann Is
Ann Is Před hodinou
I love how intelligent she is under the character of the rich ignorant girl, she’s amazing
Amarta Loth
Amarta Loth Před hodinou
Her parents are wicked
Janelle Zoom
Janelle Zoom Před hodinou
Well done Paris! This is the Paris I want to see more of. You are one brave woman. #respect #sendingyouhealingprayers
Rachelle Animals
Rachelle Animals Před hodinou
Thank you Paris for opening up, this is the best documentary I have seen. I can relate so much, you aren’t alone ❤️
G1O R0V Před hodinou
Her mom never apologized to her ... my heart breaks
Manuelo Alessandro Rama del Piero
París come to chipanino beyond west coast
Lyn za
Lyn za Před 2 hodinami
sorry.i thought about it and i can relate
hr 777
hr 777 Před 2 hodinami
Paris, what they took away from you .... time to take it back (you are not alone)
Kelly Santiago
Kelly Santiago Před 2 hodinami
Her boyfriend seems very abusive.
Mio Před 2 hodinami
I always really liked her for some reason, but now.... I'm completely in love with her 💕💕 I'm 21 and still haven't told my parents everything... I haven't even gone to therapy but its been eating at me and I need to speak to someone soon. Thank you for sharing Paris ❣❣❣
Jenn Denis
Jenn Denis Před 2 hodinami
En serio, no me esperaba ahí a el rix JAJAJAJ
Lisa Camp
Lisa Camp Před 2 hodinami
I just watched your doc and I am so sorry this happened to you. I hope you find peace and happiness in your life!! ❤️
Tammie V
Tammie V Před 2 hodinami
Wow Paris... thank you 🙏😢
Lisa Dodson
Lisa Dodson Před 2 hodinami
Sad..she's created an image with its own persona including a different voice, that she cannot shed now and its obvious that she's miserable and has no circle of trust around her. And I don't see that her family is helping her at all.
Ashley Wendelboe
Ashley Wendelboe Před 2 hodinami
Am I the only person screaming at her mom “HUG HER! HUG HER DAMNIT!” when she was telling her mom about the way she was treated and abused at that “school”?! My heart hurts for her... Not only has she been through traumatic things, her family is so cold and callous towards her and they constantly demean and belittle her. This is so sad. 😞💔
The Main Source
The Main Source Před 2 hodinami
Billie eilish after she signed or in the process says she never sleeps, sane nightnare, twitches, and lots of her lyrics say the sane thing. Hmm did someone castxa spell in all seriousness? What r the chances ?
Crissie girls
Crissie girls Před 2 hodinami
Wow Paris. I've always saw something deeper in you then you revealed. You have an old empathetic soul. This document makes you more beautiful then ever ❤️ inside and out. I'm praying for you tolo find peace, self love, true love and a place in the world you can feel safe and free!!
Jemma MacMillan
Jemma MacMillan Před 2 hodinami
My heart truly goes out to you Paris. As a parent I cannot fathom what your Mom and Dad were thinking!! I’m deeply sorry for what you and those other beautiful women went through. I hope you find peace and the nightmares stop. I hope you learn to trust and love yourself again and I hope you find happiness before the billion dollars. You are a courageous, intelligent and caring young woman who deserves to heal and ‘live free’.
G U Před 2 hodinami
Her parents are super toxic. They've traumatised her
Sashmax21 Před 2 hodinami
I pray, Paris, that you are getting some really great professional help and facing this deep pain on like a warrior. You deserve to be free of this monster!
Timber S
Timber S Před 2 hodinami
Even queens cry...
sapphira lyons
sapphira lyons Před 2 hodinami
yessss i’m here for ittt☺️
Tharsa K
Tharsa K Před 2 hodinami
Well done documentary. I definitely teared up. You really never know what someone’s been through. I see her in a whole new light. I’m proud of her for finally speaking up about this. She didn’t deserve that, no one does. Couldn’t even imagine going through that. Any form of exposure on the school could help future children from experiencing trauma. Crazy. It’s amazing she did this. 10/10
Jackie Wei
Jackie Wei Před 2 hodinami
Im obsessed with her holographic Tomorrowland dress 😍
Abel Phx 602
Abel Phx 602 Před 2 hodinami
❤❤ I enjoyed seeing this side of you, it kind of brought me back to when I was sent away to one of the "Canyon Academy's" that was a military bootcamp ran by all ex military people that a majority of which were fuc*** up in the head. Kids were dying from the restraint positions they put kids into, never been the same since unfortunately so I feel you... Keep up the Dope music! I really wish you would of possibly ran for president like you mentioned, instead of the 2 horrible human beings that are up for election/re-election...❤❤
ss nn
ss nn Před 2 hodinami
I love you
jackie h
jackie h Před 2 hodinami
Thank you for sharing, i hope it helps to heal your heart❤
Erica Před 2 hodinami
"You should live free. Free in your mind, and in your heart." Jessica Pike is a real one.
TnE Ace
TnE Ace Před 2 hodinami
Dear;Mrs.Paris Even if you don't see this I just want to say I shed a lot of tears and thank you for sharing your story...it takes a lot of courge to do something like this 💌
Gi Gi
Gi Gi Před 2 hodinami
Wow, didn’t see that coming. So strong to then put up with all of the media abuse and criticism. I hope you can sleep better now
Nathan Garner
Nathan Garner Před 2 hodinami
Ive always knew Paris was way smarter then she has everyone believing but this proved that theory to be correct. Ive always liked Paris and her brand she has everyone fooled. Just wish she had some amazing people around her thats what she needs.
Becky G Fitness Booty Queen
I’m happy to see the real you🥰🙌🏽
cynique46 Před 2 hodinami
She literally laid out the blueprint for the Kardashians
Ricardo Sánchez
Ricardo Sánchez Před 2 hodinami
1:39:50 Mom lie: "had know this, you know that Dad and I, would've been there in one second". That is: Mom She blames Paris for not saying and does not accept her responsibility. Wow, that doesn't help her at all, even now.
Moriah Rizzo
Moriah Rizzo Před 2 hodinami
Parents, please speak to your children and treat them with the respect they deserve. There is always a reason behind acting out, they’re not just doing it for fun!
Becky G Fitness Booty Queen
I freakin love 💕 Paris. Especially when I was younger. I watched everything Paris.
aidan morris
aidan morris Před 2 hodinami
is this paris wanting to do a Madonna truth or dare?
Yari's life
Yari's life Před 2 hodinami
how sad, but also inspirational in so many levels, life after a trauma my respect.
K Před 2 hodinami
26:30 “do we get a goody bag” 😂
The Main Source
The Main Source Před 2 hodinami
Lindsay s lo hand . Calles Paris a bitcc@$nt as she was walking in truck and lindsays handlers made some hand sign and lindsay's was like huh? I said what ? U can see the close up on yt strangertyan fiction channel
Gina R
Gina R Před 2 hodinami
Beautiful soul Paris Hilton xxx Big hug 🤗
Emma Deveto
Emma Deveto Před 2 hodinami
I am sorry to hear that Paris! Incredible!
Glamy Lamby
Glamy Lamby Před 2 hodinami
Im am So Sorry I Ever judged you Paris not that my opinion matters but I truly am sorry for ever judging you 😢 Thank you so much for telling your story Thank you So much for fighting for All the other children in these schools Keep being the reall you and bless you for turning your story of trauma into a story of rescue for other children #RealGirlPower 💚💚💚💚 *Healing hugs*
Bay Elise
Bay Elise Před 2 hodinami
1:10:09 the way her mom minimizes her own daughter’s trauma during this part is just horrible. “Yeah it did bother you, but it was our way of saving you.” WOW. Seriously?
The Main Source
The Main Source Před 2 hodinami
A lot of young Mtf singers on CSvid idolize Paris! Like she is rhe queen aphrodite. But was Paris born a boy? The mtf s always exude a lot of masculine vibes . I never hey them from Paris. If u wanna spot all the mtfs just watch a late night show with them on with mo camers trickery. Its like whaat
R Journey
R Journey Před 2 hodinami
Paris’ whole family is psychotic, including Nikki! I cannot believe Nikki thinks Paris should apologise to her parents. She was a kid, it was bad parenting. You will get through this Paris, this is just the first step. Next would be to separate yourself from your horrible family.
Bob Shuly
Bob Shuly Před 2 hodinami
Is this seriously her attempt to show how normal she is? Hahahahaha she is truely out of her damn mind
Bob Shuly
Bob Shuly Před 2 hodinami
As she drops like 20 grand on the floor like its nothing and acts like it's a chore to pick it up hahahahaha
Rebecca May
Rebecca May Před 2 hodinami
I have so much respect for Paris after watching this. My heart breaks to think all these beautiful people had to suffer.
Vicky Sue
Vicky Sue Před 2 hodinami
The fried voice....ugh....
End-Gamer Před 2 hodinami
Just show us the pictures of her snatch. It looks like someone hit her between the legs with a hatchet.
Martha Sprague
Martha Sprague Před 2 hodinami
I feel like in a couple decades Jojo Siwa will be making this kind of documentary.
Gina L
Gina L Před 2 hodinami
You don't send your kids away... you show them love and give them your attention
Shelly *
Shelly * Před 2 hodinami
I like how she played her set well....despite the issue with the boyfriend. I see her in a different light. I see sincerity in her eyes-- which is rare for the celebrity universe. I hope she heals I from all what happened to her.
The Main Source
The Main Source Před 2 hodinami
Paris has some mental trauma and physical. Thata why she loves animal's more than people cuz they arent deceitful or will harm u
Fabian Aldana
Fabian Aldana Před 2 hodinami
OMG!! AH-MAZING!!! Paris, thank you for sharing!
Precious Gift Dupio
Precious Gift Dupio Před 2 hodinami
You must finish this video..u will never know what she been through..
Ghislaine de Cuba
Ghislaine de Cuba Před 2 hodinami
Depression needs to leave.
Rob Gimmenoise
Rob Gimmenoise Před 2 hodinami
that's not the same person we used to know ...
Elmo Před 2 hodinami
elmo is a crack addict
Florencia Pazos
Florencia Pazos Před 2 hodinami
Her mother is the most horrible person I have ever met. I feel so sorry for paris.
Botero XD
Botero XD Před 2 hodinami
I fulling love whit this is so real and wonderful! And wonderful person
Mari-Bess Cary
Mari-Bess Cary Před 2 hodinami
That was the bravest thing I have ever seen anyone do. I am SO absolutely sorry for what you went through. My heart aches at the end....as therapeutic as this had to have been and doing that campaign had to have been....the trauma is always there. I wish, for you, that day by day the pain eases. Maybe every other night the nightmares feel less real until they’re gone and you actually get rest. I don’t know you personally it’s true, but having gone through trauma myself(not the same kind) I wish nothing but the best and peace for you. It hurts my heart that you hold pain inside like I do....I absolutely know how that can eat at you. You’ll be ok...it’ll take work, but you have people that love you. Lean on them. It’s hard to trust. But there are people you can trust. There always is. You just have to figure out who it is. Be well, Paris.
dj diSi
dj diSi Před 2 hodinami
Edie Sedgwick was the OG Paris Hilton. Tragically though, her brand didn't survive and neither did she
The Main Source
The Main Source Před 2 hodinami
Katju Hilton is very pretty. She looks poish
Elizabeth Smith
Elizabeth Smith Před 2 hodinami
All that fame. All that money. She still is miserable! So sad. She needs help and to stop. Take off your makeup and sunglasses and be real. Go on a boat and travel. No cameras no paps. Just your animals. Have fun. And live your life! Find love and be happy xx
Alejandro Sandoval
Alejandro Sandoval Před 2 hodinami
WOW! Pretty damn Amazing! Thanks Paris! xoxo
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