The Fall of 76

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"Can't place camp" clip:


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4. 05. 2019





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Internet Historian
Internet Historian Před rokem
Won't lie, I'm probably still gonna preorder Starfield.
MyLifeIsAFrickingMess s
Mr Tortoise
Mr Tortoise Před 24 dny
@Daniel Dunn it wouldn’t be as good because the game company actually started to fix the problem
Lil Chump
Lil Chump Před měsícem
@Konameme ///
Daniel Dunn
Daniel Dunn Před 2 měsíci
Do one on cyberpunk 2077!! 😂🤣
joner Před 2 měsíci
misium Před 2 hodinami
13:00 You did that TP thing in may 2019? Oh, man..
Bow Sanderz
Bow Sanderz Před 3 hodinami
They put more effort into the cleaning up the mess than actually marking the game.
Bow Sanderz
Bow Sanderz Před 2 hodinami
@CHB Ryan true but they still tried harder doing it
CHB Ryan
CHB Ryan Před 2 hodinami
They didn't even clean up the mess.
Aris Krist
Aris Krist Před 4 hodinami
Tbh I pre-ordered the Power Armor edition. And afterwards a coworker had to tell me about it not being canvas - I already forgot, 'cause I bought it for the combination of the helmet, map, toys and game itself - I had already forgotten it was suppose to be canvas.
Horny Fruit Flies
Horny Fruit Flies Před 6 hodinami
Oh, but when I've been complaining that Bethesda is one of the worst companies associated with video games out there, and the slavish bootlicking and forgiveness for their broken games that should be FULLY REFUNDED by law (as any other faulty product is required to do) since at least 2013, I got bodied by masses of absolutely braindead fanboys with the most asinine, f*cking moronic arguments the human mind can come up with. My favorite one being "b-but they CAN'T test for all the bugs in open world games!!!" ignoring the f*cking fact that companies like Rockstar make better open world games without even 1% the amount of bugs.
Piotr Czajkowski
Piotr Czajkowski Před 6 hodinami
What do you expect, bethesda fanboys are the biggest cretins around
Raz Před 6 hodinami
I had the quantum light, it's also cheap plastic. It broke after just a little while :/
Bossedboss Před 7 hodinami
i remember going to gamescom 2018 and going to the follow 76 booth you had to go through a huge vault door just to enter a cinema where they gave xbox codes out and todd trying to speak german. Then they just played the trailer and some of the extra shit that came out a few months beforehand and my group was like we waited 1 and half hour for this shit
Itay Sabovich
Itay Sabovich Před 7 hodinami
The start is really funny
R. K.
R. K. Před 9 hodinami
Now do an video The rise of 76. The game is really awesome now, but most people are still so butthurt about it's launch, that Bethesda can't do a thing good in their eyes.
R. K.
R. K. Před 2 hodinami
@CHB Ryan Literally lmfao😂💀 Even if that were supposed to be true, is any of that witholding you from playing and enjoy the game? I don't encounter any types of bugs till this day. The game is more than enough for most. But you will always have greedy ass people, who are actually butthurt to lose a tiny bit of their money, while the game itself is great. Grow up.
CHB Ryan
CHB Ryan Před 2 hodinami
@R. K. No it isn't good enough. YOU might be okay being a lapdog, but Bethesda sold accounts to hackers, LIED to people, denies doing so, and continues to make bug after bug. Bethesda is a shithole company. They ruined other companies in an EA-like fashion and microtransactions are just ways to exploit minors to gamble.
R. K.
R. K. Před 8 hodinami
@Jack Bates No, that WAS the isssue lol. I played it just over a month ago. The game is what it should be in the first place. Sure, if the game was this good at launch, it would have much better reviews. But the game is good now. And even that's not good enough for most. That's what i'm trying to say.
Jack Bates
Jack Bates Před 9 hodinami
But thats the main issue. It should have been in its current state at launch and the game is over 2 years old now.
Uenz Uenzenstein
Uenz Uenzenstein Před 10 hodinami
In all honesty, despite the general fuck ups of bethesda, it's your own fault when pre-ordering or buying games 1st day. Especially from a company that is renown for releasing a broken mess.
Lucas Nicol
Lucas Nicol Před 10 hodinami
That's a really bad way to look at things, like if someone goes into a dark alley in a sketchy town at night and dies you don't let the murderer off and be like "damn what an idiot" You say "damn what an idiot, also that murderer is a pretty fucked up dude" Just because people bought in and got fooled, doesn't mean the people doing the fooling, in this case, bothesda, deserve any lenience.
Arkon Sarin
Arkon Sarin Před 11 hodinami
lifetime supply of toiletpaper in 2019 .... welll damm crows you would be jeff bezos NOW!
Lego Builder
Lego Builder Před 13 hodinami
Isn’t fallout 76 fixed now
Rusty Před 14 hodinami
Igor Giganski
Igor Giganski Před 14 hodinami
8.9Κ dislikes must be influencers and fanbois along with bethesbots...
Martin Hodges
Martin Hodges Před 14 hodinami
I think the devs were working on a Fallout mobile game when Todd went onstage and fucked everything up.
CHB Ryan
CHB Ryan Před 2 hodinami
Don't they already have Fallout: Shelter?
Keyser94 Před 16 hodinami
Anyone hear any news of 76 since the four months? Last time that I hear about this game was in November of last year, then Bethesda Studios was buy by Microsoft and then all go silent, I think that this game would have the same fate as Anthem.
DerrtyDynastyEntertainment Před 17 hodinami
November 14th. But why is the rum gone?!?!
Johnson Anemone
Johnson Anemone Před 17 hodinami
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Cedrick Honeycutt
Cedrick Honeycutt Před 18 hodinami
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James Mayle
James Mayle Před 19 hodinami
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Charles PH
Charles PH Před 19 hodinami
Fall of bethesda.
Mora Mulford
Mora Mulford Před 20 hodinami
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kalameetblackdrago Před 20 hodinami
Just remembered my friend bought a costume in shop and Bethesda banning his account poor thing
Captain galaxy
Captain galaxy Před 21 hodinou
It feels like it takes forever to level up
Blueshark8O9 Před 21 hodinou
At least once a week I watch Internet Historian.
Don't Be Stupid
Don't Be Stupid Před 22 hodinami
What a shit show.
Enrico The Fat
Enrico The Fat Před 23 hodinami
You can almost hear Tim Cain crying.
Tac0salesman Před 23 hodinami
Such a good potential of story. Last stand of responder and fort defience that could probably be used to make this nearly top tier. But no NPC game crashes
WorkInProgress Před 23 hodinami
When you made the point about the games being half the price of the holiday emote bundle I have to mention as a Borderlands 2 player that the game has 16x the content of Fallout 76 with all the DLC from just the GOTY edition. That leaves out the Fight for Sanctuary DLC which to be fair renamed a bunch of existing weapons and added an almost pointless rarity but still. Way more content than Fallout 76 can ever have. Oh and the multiplayer is actually fun.
daniloberserk Před dnem
Now se need a cyberpunk 2077 video!
Cody Clevenger
Cody Clevenger Před dnem
Why is no one talking about this 21:37 best line in the video
DrummondDays Před dnem
I don’t even play games. But this is my second video game video from your channel. It’s just so entertaining!
Shlok Waghela
Shlok Waghela Před dnem
I am pretty sure that many people who clicked on this video didn't even know about F76 and clicked on it just cause of the thumbnail
Alexander Aries
Alexander Aries Před dnem
Can someone please isolate the audio at 15:05, the sarcastic "f**k yea!" I need this for...my life.
Mooga Mooga
Mooga Mooga Před dnem
I’ve heard of how bad it got but YIKES I didn’t know it was this bad. Also that calm deep narration really adds to the humor. 😆
Uncle Joe
Uncle Joe Před dnem
2021 - get Nebula bundled with Curiosity Stream from heaps of your favourite creators. Nebula is a platform designed to give serious stuff like history or anything the YT algorithm doesn't like a better way to connect with subscribers. [Spoiler alert: no unboxing or Pewdiepie.]
Jazmin Hope
Jazmin Hope Před dnem
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Da furry boi
Da furry boi Před dnem
What the hell were they thinking about the bag.
Lukas Justin
Lukas Justin Před dnem
Internet Historian manage to tell any story with a presentation style unlike any other
Potatrobot Před dnem
Just noticed all the 5 star reviews Silver Screen used to flood the unreleased product are all written in-character by a bunch of Fallout 4 characters, because that's how you make them look authentic.
Martin Hodges
Martin Hodges Před dnem
Can't wait for the Sonic Forces video.
Leo Maher
Leo Maher Před dnem
24:18 my man is a closeted kiwi. Bro your definitely not Australian. That blatant New Zealand accent isn't fooling anyone.
Miz Fanek
Miz Fanek Před dnem
Yeah but what about everyone simping over that japanese girl singing take me home.
john Před dnem
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kim anh
kim anh Před dnem
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RideNV Před dnem
You think those prices on cosmetic items are crazy? You should look up the Eve Online gold monocle price. Or the Eve Online designer jeans. Holy balls.
Commander Javik
Commander Javik Před dnem
For some reason, i feel like downloading the full version of that country roads rendition, if it exists.
Oil Drillin'
Oil Drillin' Před dnem
just works
Random Guy
Random Guy Před dnem
Next up: The Fall of 77
Johncatman Ham
Johncatman Ham Před dnem
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Projekt Gemini
Projekt Gemini Před dnem
Speak of immersion in pricing, I follow an Etsy shop with cool airliner parts, but seats are priced by the plane model. so $737, $747, $767, etc. :|
AncientGamer Před dnem
You were much too kind in your review of this junk game. Falsely inflated prices to put them on sale is illegal in the USA also!
Michael Kampel
Michael Kampel Před dnem
13:00 had to check the upload year.... seems it was made about a year too early, maybe a glitch in the matrix
Jordan Lawson
Jordan Lawson Před dnem
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Ryder Draconis
Ryder Draconis Před dnem
Fallout and Elder Scrolls has always been this bad. It's just now that people are finally waking up.
WariosWarriorx3 Před dnem
That toilet paper joke sort of didn't age well xD
Shogun459 Před dnem
Bethesda has become Vault Tec.
Ian Murphy
Ian Murphy Před dnem
I really hope Cyberpunk 2077 becomes a video.
Před 2 dny
I got a pampers ad while watching this
Gamer Ps0
Gamer Ps0 Před 2 dny
This is why you should never allow business men to do decisions in video game development
AndroidDoctorr Před 2 dny
10:25 - is that Craig Robinson? What is that clip from?
Kraken437 Před 2 dny
I am watching this video for the fifth time. This video ages like a fine wine.
James Ness
James Ness Před 15 hodinami
I only watch this while playing the game because it just makes it that much more entertaining
Connor Wydock
Connor Wydock Před 2 dny
why am i not surprised of all people IGN gave it a 5/10
Personal Anarchy
Personal Anarchy Před 2 dny
at least it works now right? right?
Ellis Bynum
Ellis Bynum Před 2 dny
I'm going to literally sue his ass
no no
no no Před 2 dny
im still waiting for the canvas bag lol
Gido Před 17 hodinami
I was just wondering if people ever got it... damn ☠️
Mora Mulford
Mora Mulford Před 2 dny
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NoPenguinsOnKharak Před 2 dny
Cant wait to see next shitty bootleg by Bethesda with 'fallout' slapped on the cover. I love when greedy people ruin my favourite things. Just cant get enough of it.
Josef V
Josef V Před 2 dny
I have absolutely no knowledge about the gaming industry. It's been literally more than a decade since I touched a console. I enjoyed this so much.
Hresvelgr Před 2 dny
If only he knew how relevant the toilet paper joke would be a year later
r r
r r Před 2 dny
i love ad taime
ghezoi Mr
ghezoi Mr Před 2 dny
this is the most creative, funny , thoughtful, informative thing i've ever seen in my life. and I never played a fallout game!
Před 2 dny
thedeathkeeper23 Před 2 dny
lastarbiter Před 2 dny
Pls do cyberpunk next 😭
Ryan Perkins
Ryan Perkins Před 2 dny
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Hayden Last name
Hayden Last name Před 2 dny
For this entire video i only could think about tue meme of Toad singing countryroads
Jack Schoon
Jack Schoon Před 2 dny
That game was an insult to the entire state of west virginia
Gregg Rulz
Gregg Rulz Před 2 dny
Kyle Wilson
Kyle Wilson Před 2 dny
The "Bug Montage" made my day, thank you.
Heretical Fun House
Bruh you have no idea how bad the refund bit was. It was so damn stupid.
Richard Delinsky
Richard Delinsky Před 2 dny
And the best part: Almost ONE YEAR after the release date before you can play single player. But Wait, there's more: In order to play single player you have to pay $100 (YES, 100 DOLLARS) for a premium subscription ANNUALLY to do so. Meanwhile, Obsidian comes out with a game about what happens when corporations literally own the universe - and it was basically the opposite of what 76 was. It was like the perfect troll right down to the execution.
Richard Delinsky
Richard Delinsky Před 16 hodinami
@Joe M I still think thats ridiculous, especially considering that the enemies level to the highest level player in the area, up to like a fifth of the map. A week after it released it was basically unplayable online for new players.
Joe M
Joe M Před 2 dny
Actually you can also pay 12.99 a month
Lorn Roberts
Lorn Roberts Před 2 dny
I knew 76 would bomb, becasue I played Fallout 4. I skipped Fallouts 5-75, so I don't think I would have understood the story.
Bricefos Před 2 dny
Love the persona music
Sami Nevalainen
Sami Nevalainen Před 2 dny
When you will do ANTHEM?
AcidHeathen Před 2 dny
Sooo... why just likes to listen to this when falling asleep cause you cant choose anything better and more relaxing lol?
Placeholder Name
Placeholder Name Před 2 dny
I've enjoyed most Bethesda games, i really have. However, its no secret that all Fallout and TES games since Oblivion has been wonky in some way or another. Wonky engine, overall wonky scripting, wonky programming. Who would have thought the game was wonky, except you can add wonky netcode with issues online games had 15 years ago, like P2P, or things like movement speed or firerate tied to framerate. This is basic stuff for online games thats was figured out decades ago. Not in the Bethesda offices tho.
Andulas is
Andulas is Před 2 dny
Like its literally not that hard to fuck up that much... whats wrong with gaming companies nowadays...
angelhaerim Před 2 dny
i'd love to know just how many times i've watched this video. cracks me up everytime
Casper Sneep
Casper Sneep Před 3 dny
This had to be one of the biggest clusterfucks of all time, incredible stuff
Miraak the First Dragonborn
The Click music... beautiful
Khoi Nguyen Nguyen Tran
i like how he using Persona 5 theme for the section where people break in dev room
Evan Park
Evan Park Před 3 dny
Your reasoning that the video of the guy trashing GameStop was fake isn't the strongest (but you could be right): The employee could have been filming because the customer was so wildly outraged BEFORE the destruction that it made the employee start filming in the first place. Perhaps the lack of police investigation is explained by your other point; no property was actually damaged, it was just a big inconvenience for the employees.
Evan Park
Evan Park Před 3 dny
Seriously dude? An ad every 2.5-3 mins? A little much, no? Every 5 mins would be acceptable even, giving your vid a total of 5 ads, that isn't enough? I don't know anything about CSvid revenue, just comparing it to other creators of similar type vids.
F40PH-2CAT Před 3 dny
It's just a video game
Casual Pequod
Casual Pequod Před 3 dny
Why are the sales for FO:NV so low?? That game is a masterpiece.
Johlsson Před 3 dny
Watching this I feel we really need a video about Cyberpunk 2077!
THICC Cheeto
THICC Cheeto Před 3 dny
Fred Jefferson
Fred Jefferson Před 3 dny
The fact you can tell an interesting story about a video game being bad means you are a creative genius
RhedinRage Před 3 dny
Non Fiction, features David Attenborough. uuh.
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