The Cost of Concordia

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Ship-a go sink.
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Benjamin Symons - My Myocardium Will Continue
Dido - White Flag Cover provided courtesy of Fall of Envy and Octave Match Records.
(Down with this ship scene)
Ipanema Daydream - Bird Creek
SOXX - Trouble with Love
Gran Turismo 6 OST - Garage Extended: Vision GT
Payday 2 - Calling All Units
Savana - Vendredi
Montserrat Caballe - O mio babbino caro
Film Noir Background Music - No Copyright Music
L.A Noire - Chase 03
Metal Gear Solid 4 - Guns of The Patriots
Kid Icarus: Uprising - Boss Battle 2
Classic Italian Music - No Copyright Sounds
Metal Gear Solid 2 - Tanker Incident
Folklore OST - Collapse
Dead Space - Cyanide Systems Offline
Hollow Knight OST - Hornet
Halo Combat Evolved - Undercover of Night
Synergy - Geographer
The Heist - Free No Copyright Music
Cartoon Bank Heist
Ron Meixsell - Non Piu Andrai
Van Bree - Allegro: Janine Jansen
Dead Island Soundtrack - Main Theme
GTA Vice City - Main Theme Extended
Halo 2 Volume 2 OST - Mausoleum Suite
Non Piu Andrai - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Scott Buckley - In Dreams
Skullgirls OST - Pedestrians Crossing
Silent Partner - The Messenger
Bensound - Ukulele
Vadim Krakhmal - Copyright Free Adventure Music
Fall of Liberty OST - Turning Point
Cyberpunk - Oblivion
Twin Musicom - Italian Morning
Exec Producer Mitch Duffy missed the credits list so he's down here.


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16. 02. 2021





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Internet Historian
Internet Historian Před měsícem
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Rodrigo Alonso
Rodrigo Alonso Před 9 dny
Please do Titanic 🙏🙏
Alexander Roberts
Alexander Roberts Před 11 dny
Where is season 2 of he will not devide us lol
Mario is MLG
Mario is MLG Před 13 dny
I came from poods new video
Kevin Před 15 dny
Yeah, but where the hell is the Q&A?
PlayStation 5
PlayStation 5 Před 17 dny
Congrats on 3 million subs 👍🏾
Benjamin mole
Benjamin mole Před hodinou
Soundtrack had me thinking this started as a heist
enzirin Před hodinou
It didn't sink in to me that "The Cost of Concordia" is a play on the pronunciation of "The Costa Concordia" until a few days later.
Mr.Pat Před 2 hodinami
Everyone’s commenting about the recent Suez Canal incident now, but the Yellow Fleet would make a much more interesting video.
DoomOtter Před 4 hodinami
How much you wanna bet that the company threatened to stop cruises in Italy if they had to go through a trial?
Jamey Před 4 hodinami
35:42 ☠️
Alyssa Hartzell
Alyssa Hartzell Před 5 hodinami
this was entirely caused by idiocy
Houdunnity Před 5 hodinami
Maybe it's just me, but I think you can hear him smiling as he narrates. Truly taking joy in talking about massive failures
Jamey Před 5 hodinami
2:06 I had the memory of this scene from speed 2 as being real and my reaction was “What! He did that too?!”
TheMiniRobot Před 6 hodinami
Schettino: Starboard 344=(x-17)^2 Jacob Rusli Bin: Starboard 19 Schettino: No no no, exponents first idiot! Jacob: Oh shit, starboard 35.54723699099141
Levi Ballou Ramage
Levi Ballou Ramage Před 8 hodinami
Can Somebody help me out with what show theme that is at 40:23? Thanks
Johnny Hernandez
Johnny Hernandez Před 8 hodinami
I’m just waiting on the Evergreen video...
indoor vaping
indoor vaping Před 8 hodinami
Costa Concordia, not to be confused with costochondritis, which is when you chest cartilage hurts.
Michael Haggart
Michael Haggart Před 8 hodinami
I will not behave myself
LIMB Clinic PC
LIMB Clinic PC Před 11 hodinami
Armored Soul
Armored Soul Před 12 hodinami
Tanker Incident complete genius choice
Derpalord6000 Před 12 hodinami
Freeze frame at 31:47 That bitch is either downplaying or flat-out denying coronavirus being a threat (the picture with graphs) And the next fucking frame she publicly shared who she voted for, which i'm questioning the legality of in moldova
David Armando
David Armando Před 13 hodinami
TheCurlyful Před 13 hodinami
I looked up the coordinates at 5:35. Just for fun. I thought maybe it's an easteregg. Those coordinates belong to a small island in the dominican republic called Little Saint James. That island was owned by Jeffrey Epstein.
Maciej Moroz - Trener Flirtu i Relacji
Makes you want to meet this so-called captain and bitch slap his face.
Unamtours Před 14 hodinami
Was he also on the Costa Concordia?
Rem Před 16 hodinami
46:29 *Cough*bullshit*Cough*
Morgan Stiefvater
Morgan Stiefvater Před 16 hodinami
Is it not possible that there were drugs on the ship, but the looters got them before officials could search for them?
grablicH Před 16 hodinami
Crekder Před 16 hodinami
30:43 for me in bad times
Nomaid Wander
Nomaid Wander Před 17 hodinami
16 years for 34 manslaughters. He got off easy.
Kilian Bernardeau
Kilian Bernardeau Před 18 hodinami
36:06 You really thought you could slip me some Splinter Cell OST without me noticing, didn't you boiii ?
DIYdunder Před 20 hodinami
Cool, now I'm never going on a cruise again lol.
satsgridnev Před 20 hodinami
Pixel Wizard
Pixel Wizard Před 21 hodinou
I’m showing this to my mother and she likes your work.
guardian of the toasters
guardian of the toasters Před 21 hodinou
11:21 does anyone knows where that movie comes from?
RvB Fr.
RvB Fr. Před 21 hodinou
22:50 *Halo music play* me : *like* edit : 24:14 AGAIN !!!
Mike Vincent Ramos
Mike Vincent Ramos Před 21 hodinou
Just curious, has anyone knows what editting app he uses
Game Vault Guides
Game Vault Guides Před 22 hodinami
I think you appreciate these videos SO much more if you're a video editor. A 2-second shot that you'll see on these videos can take hours to make, and the vids are usually at the least 20-25 minutes long. You deserve every sub you get Internet Historian!
Isaac Saad
Isaac Saad Před 22 hodinami
The wanting trout invariably deceive because zipper empirically empty for a harmonious leg. icy, secretive church
steve64464 Před 23 hodinami
Think i would of made the captain stay on whats left of the bridge as it was being toed to the shipping yard for scrap.
Floopperz Před 23 hodinami
that linus intro tho
Liam Kurt Yhñigo V David
Liam Kurt Yhñigo V David Před 23 hodinami
Remember kids big boats never work And yes im talking about the yamato
sour chuck
sour chuck Před dnem
The material softdrink problematically fry because digestion consecutively ski despite a rustic coast. stiff, sturdy quiet
Ben Munson
Ben Munson Před dnem
I cant find anything about that person who died during the salvage project. Was it like the ship was insecure? Still excited for the Q&A and your next video
GarchaFPV Před dnem
Awesome vid!
Psypher Wolf
Psypher Wolf Před dnem
I never thought I'd care so much about something I knew nothing about.
sour chuck
sour chuck Před dnem
The spiky loss phylogenitically fade because sun empirically touch with a flagrant yam. outrageous, blushing nerve
Mike Paskus
Mike Paskus Před dnem
You are my favorite v-tuber!
Connor Kent!
Connor Kent! Před dnem
Please do a video on _The Fappening._
Light Sage
Light Sage Před dnem
Holy shit how can somebody fit so many memes into one video this man truly is the meme god
rotaryskratch Před dnem
Cruise ships just need to be banned. Permanently. Everywhere.
Holly Gidge
Holly Gidge Před dnem
Man using sims for this was genius
Tyler Marsh
Tyler Marsh Před dnem
Oh god not again
Claire Bee
Claire Bee Před dnem
Is the mistress a cat? She's died twice, so she's got 7 lives left.
BeachBum Před dnem
Another great video of the shipwreck was made by Bright Sun Films
GearGades Před dnem
You know, all the helmsman needed to do is take a page from the Simpsons Navy Episode and say it was his first day, like Homer did.
George Semel
George Semel Před dnem
This has to be the funniest thing I have seen on youtube. This would make a great Mel Brooks Movie. Kidding aside, there was criminal incompetence all around.
Julia W
Julia W Před dnem
This is ludicrously well researched, well animated, well edited, well put together, immaculately polished, and funny as fuck. Comedic timing on point, animation always working WITH the humour to punch it up... I can see why it took as long as it did. The amount of work in this video shows in every god damn frame. Hats off.
jim screechie
jim screechie Před dnem
"He was the guest of honor at a white party...." *_literally one black guy @ the party_* L M F A O
Leon Bennett
Leon Bennett Před dnem
I dont mean to be that guy but are ya still planning the q&a?
Mr.Satterday Před dnem
Hornet oddly works well for a sinking ship theme.
Rejected Před dnem
das kosta fast ganix
Senate If Inn
Senate If Inn Před dnem
In russian, Scatina is a insult, im not sure exactly how to translate it, but it is interesting.
Stefan Botnari
Stefan Botnari Před dnem
i was actually shocked to find out i was from the same country as her as i have seen her before, now you not knowing where moldova is is sadge to me
Zombee Degenerate
We need a cyberpunk 2077 video
Spartannell Před dnem
How the hell did he still hold a captaincy after the first two fuck ups? Actually, this whole thing was painful incompetence on display.
KyZe NickX
KyZe NickX Před dnem
this is basically like the meme where the guy is sitting in a burning building and saying it's fine
I don't understand why the media was so interested in the relationship of that woman to the captain. He has a brain for himself. Even if she asked him to bring the ship so near to the shore, he should have the brain to say no.
Jaffa Sholva
Jaffa Sholva Před dnem
Putting 600 mil in a boat, hiring a criminal captain to move drugs and rich bastards and then crash. I love it!
Betsy Burton
Betsy Burton Před 2 dny
The abiding daffodil neurophysiologically unfasten because driving shortly switch in a shivering wall. icky, cagey tennis
Gadolini Rutherfordium
This was way funnier the second time I watched it.
AAkCN1 Před 2 dny
Loved the HALO music. Great video. Thx
Harry Evans
Harry Evans Před 2 dny
it was an expensive mistake.
Mic_Glow Před 2 dny
24:19 they should've kept it as a horror movie set
Francis Goin
Francis Goin Před 2 dny
"There's a huge-ass mountain out there. Anyone wanna buy it? I'm selling. Give me your money and go collect the mountain yourself, hassle free. 100% Satisfaction guaranteed." How did anyone think the ship itself would be for sale? That's a ludicrous situation!
Aesthetic Imaging Video Tutorials
James Cameron's got nothing on Internet Historian.
colton pupp
colton pupp Před 2 dny
hollow knight music 19:20
Mitch Ravenswyck
Mitch Ravenswyck Před 2 dny
Any one of these things would be just an insane story. But my god I had no idea how much of a sh!tshow this truly was!!
Ethan Butler
Ethan Butler Před 2 dny
Whilst I do agree the captain was in the wrong, most of the blame should of been put on the fella that constantly cocked up instructions (shame they never got him) and the parent company, feels like this happened because ether cheaped out everywhere especoally in areas that shouldn't be neglected
Constantine Petra Dewananda Haryanto
Seems like something I would do in sea of thieves
SPICYBOI22 Před 2 dny
Does anyone know the song at 6:36?
Andro ordnA
Andro ordnA Před 2 dny
Anyone know what song is being played at 24:16 I've gone through the listed songs but must've missed it
HopOnPop 1
HopOnPop 1 Před 2 dny
It's the Halo 3 opening
Hiếu Nguyễn
Hiếu Nguyễn Před 2 dny
I have to put this on my watch list for 2 months, waiting for when I have the time to watch it in one go, and oh my god it was so worth it.
S B Před 2 dny
What is that music at at 24:09? Can't seem to find it in the provided list of music in the description.
S B Před 2 dny
@HopOnPop 1 Found it. It's Luck.
S B Před 2 dny
@HopOnPop 1 Which track from Halo 3?
HopOnPop 1
HopOnPop 1 Před 2 dny
Halo 3
Jack Simeoni
Jack Simeoni Před 2 dny
Right after telling the heart wrenching story of that brave hero, he puts in halo soundtrack.
Robert Morgan
Robert Morgan Před dnem
which was perfectly heart wrenching, I can't imagine a better score to capture the scale and scope of the side-by-side destruction montage.
firefist x
firefist x Před 2 dny
Definitely a mafia thing
B4C0N7R4P Před 2 dny
So...is that Concordia Q&A ever gonna come out, or?...
firefist x
firefist x Před 2 dny
Captain didnt want to lose his job. So he destroyed his career in the following
Parker Smith
Parker Smith Před 2 dny
Please sir, can we have some more?
Testosterooster Před 2 dny
Song at 38:30 ??
NtinaL Před 2 dny
that linus intro tho XD
Yept Před 2 dny
The deets!
sedy123456 Před 2 dny
Music at 19:12? and 21:28
Tyler Před 2 dny
This needs to be made into a satirical comedy lmao Start listing actors for the role below.
E.B. Hood
E.B. Hood Před 2 dny
Just found your channel, love it!!!
Veins Band Official
hey people THIS IS NOT WHAT HAPPENED The reality is more shady that this. The reality is: Costa concordia knew and pushed the commander to do the dangerous manouver close to the shore. Schettino is an able commander, when the ship started to sink he made a textbook manouver to put the ship perpendicular to the wind so that it could drift to the shallow waters closer to the shore. Then the company Concordia called him and told him not to declare SOS and to leave the ship immediately. That's because if SOS was declared, they had to pay the insuranse fee to the passengers and enormous sanctions for approving the dangerous manouver. Instead they said to Schettino: That's it. Money all along.
Darth Vader
Darth Vader Před 2 dny
Ahhhh. Ive missed your videos like i miss oxygen when i hold my breath.
metalcoyote81 Před 2 dny
That has to be the most Italian story yet
Miguel Sanchez
Miguel Sanchez Před 2 dny
I miss the good old days when incompetent people lost their heads and it was a public show...
JVPierre142 Před 2 dny
Can't wait for the episode about the Evergreen Suez incident
Daniel Haraldson
Daniel Haraldson Před 3 dny
This is the real life Captain Zapp Brannigan
XeanderMan Před 3 dny
That Payday music sells it really well
Nikolaos Mark
Nikolaos Mark Před 3 dny
I don't sail anywhere without Greek captains and officers steering the wheels.
Zachary Oakley
Zachary Oakley Před 3 dny
it sank of Friday 13th... i think Jason was onboard and got a ticket
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