The Coronavirus Explained & What You Should Do

Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
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A huge thanks to the experts who helped us on short notice with the video. Especially “Our World in Data”, the online publication for research and data on the world’s largest problems - and how to make progress solving them. Check out their site. It also includes a constantly updated page on the Corona Pandemic.
In December 2019 the Chinese authorities notified the world that a virus was spreading through their communities. In the following months it spread to other countries, with cases doubling within days. This virus is the “Severe acute respiratory syndrome-related coronavirus 2”, that causes the disease called COVID19, and that everyone simply calls Coronavirus.
What actually happens when it infects a human and what should we all do?
Sources & further reading: sites.google.com/view/sourcescorona

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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
Phew. That might have been the fastest we ever made a video. Literally working day and night. A huge challenge in talking about Corona was that the science is ongoing. So we put in extra special care to have good sources for this video and will update them in the coming weeks and months. Check them out here: sites.google.com/view/sourcescorona We could not have made this video without experts who took time in one of the busiest periods of their own careers. A huge thanks especially to Dr James Gurney and Dr Max Roser of Our World in Data for helping us make sure the video was as accurate as it could be in a situation that is changing daily. Also a big shoutout to ourworldindata.org/ - the online publication for research and data on the world’s largest problems - and how to make progress solving them. Check out their site. It also includes a constantly updated page on the Corona Pandemic. Working together with them over the years has been a delight. Ok. We are very tired and are going to take a nap now. Stay healthy!
The Tik-Tok Man
The Tik-Tok Man Před 4 dny
brilliant work as usual. Love the animations & clear, concise explanations. Well done team!
ABetterWeapon Před 8 dny
Rodrigo Py
Rodrigo Py Před 9 dny
Hey! Great video! I'm a Physical Therapist in Brazil and your video is one of the best out there because provides useful and accurate information in such short video. Is there a way of you releasing this video in other languages as well? Thanks!
Ching Wei Xion
Ching Wei Xion Před 10 dny
Great job.! Probably the best Covid-19 video out there...
Legendary 44
Legendary 44 Před 10 dny
Nicely done
Gegeenbileg Uitumen
Gegeenbileg Uitumen Před 4 hodinami
Tank you
EumlOriginal Před 5 hodinami
the USA it`s in a fast Pandemic ...
Dawn Před 5 hodinami
Thank you so much, stay healthy!
Miker Tower
Miker Tower Před 5 hodinami
Excelente. Puedes activar subtítulos al Español en Configuración/Settings.
SCODI OFFICER:001 Před 5 hodinami
ngl we got a lot of tissues rn idk why
Terese Cook
Terese Cook Před 5 hodinami
DAMN..infrming--- knowledge is power
This is Patrick
This is Patrick Před 5 hodinami
Finland been social distancing since its independence.
Quinten White
Quinten White Před 5 hodinami
I like the humor at the beginning when the bird put on a gas mask and said "See you in a few years."
Edgar Alex
Edgar Alex Před 5 hodinami
This is, by far, the best explanatory video about COVID-19 I ever seen. Thank you guys for the excellent work!
Linase Před 5 hodinami
Thank you so much for the visual! If possible can you also show the battle if: 1. Someone has asthma, is older, smoker etc. 2. How wearing a mask would help stop from getting infected 3. How it can spread from talking, hugging, etc 4. The response, how you’d cough really hard, not be able to breath through nose or mouth, not be able to talk etc... Thank you so much for all the hard work💕
Beavon Moranga
Beavon Moranga Před 5 hodinami
there is a motion graphics i have created to educate people on Covid -19. Can i use a potion of your audio for explaining purposes?
anurag jain
anurag jain Před 5 hodinami
Mind blowing explaining sir
MS prsd
MS prsd Před 5 hodinami
Fast spread 막으려면 재택근무 가능한 직업군은 하루 빨리 재택근무제도 마련하여 재택근무하도록 해야 한다. 그리고 국가간 외국인 출입국을 막는 것이 맞다고 본다.
Lake valentine video✨✨✨🍀 newmy friend✨✨✨✨✨🍀
Broken Joker
Broken Joker Před 5 hodinami
There are still some people who'll say CORONA is fake.. and everything is because of 5G 😂 but I must say, a very very very very informative video!!!🧡
Game Corner
Game Corner Před 6 hodinami
When you are under quarantine and it doesn’t even feel like a change from your normal lifestyle.
Game Corner
Game Corner Před 6 hodinami
When you are under quarantine and it doesn’t even feel like a change from your normal lifestyle.
Game Corner
Game Corner Před 6 hodinami
When you are under quarantine and it doesn’t even feel like a change from your normal lifestyle.
Game Corner
Game Corner Před 6 hodinami
When you are under quarantine and it doesn’t even feel like a change from your normal lifestyle.
Phillip Elwood
Phillip Elwood Před 6 hodinami
Thanks for the thoughtful, timely advise. Great job! I'll do some of the things.
Cristian Bytes
Cristian Bytes Před 6 hodinami
hey please Kurzgesaft provide me the transcription of this, I need to translate it to spanish
Cristian Bytes
Cristian Bytes Před 6 hodinami
omg coronavirus is really dangerous politicians say everything is find and can't be further from the truth, this virus also infect defense cells and lead to bacteria attack, it gets permanent lung damage what the fuck, this is fucking horrible, I gonna translate this into spanish
Saloni Shinde
Saloni Shinde Před 6 hodinami
*_There are zero patients of coronavirus in Shanghai and Beijing...........................................okay interesting_*
schmidtty Před 6 hodinami
I gotta say the new animated lips do not look good
mevi behrami
mevi behrami Před 6 hodinami
pop piano
pop piano Před 6 hodinami
I hope everyone shares this video so everyone will gain true information about this virus
dhia ismail
dhia ismail Před 6 hodinami
Ugh i already knew that stupid china flight my country malaysians and my place even more than one thousands that who die its all CHINESE FAULT F@$K YOU CHINA
G-Mekica Před 6 hodinami
6:33 - I know this explanation is as simplified as it can be for easier understanding, but the soap doesn't break down viruses' membrane, it essentially rips it apart, destroying the virus. Same goes for bacteria, but in order for soap to do that you need to apply a sufficient amount and rub for some time (at least 10 seconds is what I believe I heard), works way better than any hand sanitizer - just so you know.
My life My Rules
My life My Rules Před 7 hodinami
Corona the 5G virus ... 5G tyranny in action... All this to force a useless technology on humans that will become obsolete in a year or two.... Let history record that Corona is the sickest war game played by some governments and the media, UN on humans ....
G I Před 7 hodinami
Cool video keep up the good work
K Hee
K Hee Před 7 hodinami
China Virus ❌ Italy Virus ✅ Check out CGTN Channel. Corona Virus was originated from Italy. not China!
Dave Olep
Dave Olep Před 7 hodinami
Deadlier than AIDS and HIV . Who would have thought airborne AIDS .
Sarunkorn Navapiphat
Sarunkorn Navapiphat Před 7 hodinami
4.52 Why the fast spread graph drops fast too?
K Hee
K Hee Před 7 hodinami
our country(China) have a lot of masks and medical supplies. also money. BUT we will not give to other countries unless they admit our effort and services. we already conquered this virus unlike other countries like USA, Italy, India etc. lol
Ankur Maurya
Ankur Maurya Před 7 hodinami
Coronavirus ❌ Chinese Virus ✅
K Hee
K Hee Před 7 hodinami
It's been confirmed that Corona Virus was originated from "Italy" not my Country(China) All Italian should pay for this disaster! and apologize for all Chinese people. they spread the virus and blaming China. what a non-sense
GAME DROID Před 7 hodinami
Real superheroes:- Immune cells.
super slav
super slav Před 8 hodinami
I'm really ok with quarantine I'ma just play video games non stop well at least stop every once in a while
Ibnu Syahrani
Ibnu Syahrani Před 8 hodinami
Terima kasih banyak , saya dari indonesia . Sangat senang dengan adanya channel ini
Brendahayz Pxh
Brendahayz Pxh Před 8 hodinami
Zer0Hearts Před 8 hodinami
Everyone: Chinese Corona Virus Me, an intellectual: Kung Flu
Zer0Hearts Před 8 hodinami
Everyone gangsta till the Plague Inc. game starts.
psychology فسيولچي
psychology فسيولچي Před 8 hodinami
Please like and subscribe my page
Take Alex
Take Alex Před 8 hodinami
This is truly a great video that I want all of the Japanese people to watch.
zxh mk
zxh mk Před 8 hodinami
Are viruses alive? *Yesn't*
S H Před 8 hodinami
Thank you to the team at Kurzgesagt for this visual and informative video
MrDrSrLOL Před 8 hodinami
but this is a fast pandemic right?
TheAwkwardMaître D'.
TheAwkwardMaître D'. Před 7 hodinami
MrDrSrLOL It depends on where you live and how your government is working on lowering the infected individuals. Like in Korea it’s not really a fast epidemic but in the US and Italy it is
DOCTOR ANGRY Před 8 hodinami
no mention of economic impact
Nostalgia Před 8 hodinami
1:58 I know this is serious but that triggered my trypophobia.
Thatha Před 9 hodinami
I am worried. The raising level of cykotine causing by Coronavirus, is not cykotine storm, right? I've heard a cykotine storm is as serious as internal hemorrhage... And I thank you so much for the informing video.
[SDG ]
[SDG ] Před 9 hodinami
We can win by taking improved zinc tablets or anything with big amounts of zinc
Giampaolo Campana
Giampaolo Campana Před 9 hodinami
Thanks. Very useful infromation!
SidViciousEntertainment Před 9 hodinami
This video should be broadcasted to the entire USA
William Chamberlain
William Chamberlain Před 9 hodinami
Stay. At. Home. Wash your hands a lot and thoroughly Wash your fruit and veg
cjeff8282 Před 9 hodinami
My baby is a girl and she is very smart her name is Lily Bella I am her mom and my name is Lily Bella my child daddy is gorges we heard about covid 19
Robert White
Robert White Před 9 hodinami
You guys should be producing the UK informational media for people to understand what's going on
WindBlaze Anims
WindBlaze Anims Před 9 hodinami
I haven't been outside since the start of March break, I'm such a good quarantiner :')
peter allison
peter allison Před 10 hodinami
After some very serious research regarding coronaviruses I stumbled across research being conducted at Wuhan Institute of Virology and corona virus infection capabilities and the Horseshoe Bat as a carrier plus zoonosis (species cross infection) capabilities of this strain, they had successfully developed a hybrid virus combining Bat coronavirus with SARS obtained from mice. They developed in 2015 a strain of coronavirus that could infect Humans with infection being successful with HeLa test cells. Why? To develop vaccines? Has the natural population of Horseshoe bat expressing zoonotic infections naturally. It has been documented (or was) that a number of animal technicians instead of incinerating the animals sold them as food at markets a particular technician was sentenced. This is not conspiracy theory but extracted from documented evidence that is for the moment still available.
Queen_Niya Před 10 hodinami
Das sum fuck shit
Hi Im Unranked
Hi Im Unranked Před 10 hodinami
Ayyy the viewsss
10,000 Subscribers without videos
Me: “Google why do I have a headache?” Google: “This could be a sign of Brain Cancer” Me: “Google, Why do I have a cold?” Google: CORONAVIRUS
Crypto buzz
Crypto buzz Před 7 hodinami
10,000 Subscribers without videos if ure a worried, its best to visit a doctor or get doctor advice. Don’t read google article and believe u may have coronavirus
James C
James C Před 10 hodinami
**************************** * 100% of scientists agree * ------> "We DON'T know much about this. **************************** ------> But, THEN they make all kinda DEFINITIVE CONCLUSIONS..like "stay in your home cuz it will spread like wildfire." How do u know you hypocritical morons! Plus, the "scary" data like Italy must be viewed in context ... that's a TIGHTLY packed population where 99% of victims were elderly who were basically dying anyways. Many scientists say it's BEEN HERE. So, quarantining is BS. We are all such sheep. Obeying governments who did NOTHING when Swine Flu had more numbers and was killing HEALTHY people with good immune systems.
Amy Decker
Amy Decker Před 10 hodinami
Thank you for this critical information! May everyone appreciate and share your work🙏
patty enstone
patty enstone Před 10 hodinami
My hypothesis is china want to war with USA in both sector military and as well as trade.Chinese government know if they spread virus all over the world it will profitable to them self.example they started 90% industries work this causes exponential increase in growth rate of GDP
lina Ca
lina Ca Před 10 hodinami
Gunaratan Před 10 hodinami
Is your new video is on asteroid mining
Sahil H H
Sahil H H Před 10 hodinami
The world can't change a virus but the virus can.COVID-19
Gary Hardy
Gary Hardy Před 10 hodinami
Perspective. Could at least 1 "expert" mention that 150,000 people die in the world every day? 100,000 from old age.
Wojciech Pordzik
Wojciech Pordzik Před 11 hodinami
Slow pandemic will kill more people due to the misery and famine it will bring. If we will be in this shit any longer, millions die cause of aftermath.
billy bob
billy bob Před 11 hodinami
Hey, a tv channel has been using your video, and hasnt credited anyone here. They just toke it.
Corona virus
Corona virus Před 11 hodinami
*"What if corona is not a virus but a cure , And we are the virus to the Earth"*
lele uny
lele uny Před 11 hodinami
(Alessandro Sales-Deus acima de tudo ).Eu entendi como o vírus se comporta em combate se ele ataca primeiro os intestinos é pra sabotar nossas defesas impedindo a absorção de nutrientes bactericidas que irão nos ajudar no combate final contra as bactérias após a infestação do vírus, então devemos sabotar ele antes que ele nos sabote comendo açafrão da terra ( uma poderosa raiz bactericida de origem da ÍNDIA QUE DEVE SER MASTIGADA in natura diariamente, em fatias finas,mastigadas e engolidas junto com raspas de pimenta do reino ,um grão de pimenta por dose,para fortalecer nossas defesas antes mesmo que o vírus corte nossos suprimentos,pois ela é mais absorvida nos intestinos,e a pimenta potencializa a absorção em até 20 X vinte vezes. Ou administrar lá em último caso em forma de supositório .
Chris Fischer
Chris Fischer Před 11 hodinami
@kurzgesagt Can you make a video about meditation? 🙏
vagabund Před 11 hodinami
Does boosting your immune system (with Vit-C, D3, Zink...& other supplements) actually worsens the illness? I am asking this because at some point your immune response against the coronavirus becomes overzealous and causes life-threatening damage to the lungs ...
Try Andy
Try Andy Před 11 hodinami
19mil views in 10 days wow Kurzgesagt!
David Caldwell
David Caldwell Před 11 hodinami
Thanks China
Mylonix Shade
Mylonix Shade Před 11 hodinami
I was curious, why is it that our immune system can fight against diseases, but is unable to fight against poisons effectively? Such as the venom of a Black Mamba or touching a Poison Dart Frog. I would love to see you explain this!
OTS Před 11 hodinami
Here's what gives us hope. the world knows how. to fight this disease
TUSHAR KALSHETTI Před 11 hodinami
Make video on blockchain technology and how its work is really trustable in future .
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