The Arena - Lindsey Stirling

Lindsey Stirling
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28. 06. 2016





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Erica Beumel
Erica Beumel Před 21 hodinou
They couldn't have picked a better dancer to pair her with than Derek Hough.
Soussi star
Soussi star Před dnem
I love how she always have a message to deliver thro her music ♥️
Алина Белова
Silentwatch Před dnem
Music 4 the Soul!!! U B U !!!
Micaela Delgado
Micaela Delgado Před dnem
I love You Stirling ♥
amy bonnard
amy bonnard Před dnem
Святослав Ерёменко
Ай, хз. Танцы со звездами, всякие там передачи и тому подобные. Вы уж простите, великодушно, но нервно курят в сторонке по сравнению с тем, как танцует Линдсей с этим мужиком. Да тут прекрасно всё. Крутейшая скрипачка, танцует божественно, гибкая как березка, прям спортсменка, комсомолка и просто красавица. Талантище, желаю процветания и успеха. Это шедеврально. Вот так должны выглядеть современные девушки - натурально, красиво, пластика, всё при ней, и т.д. А не губы-пельмени, брови нарисую...фубля. Будь всегда настоящей Линдсей Стрилинг, за это тебя и любят!
摯玉鴻 Před 2 dny
martin britez
martin britez Před 2 dny
aguante el tango argentino!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aliyah falzon
Aliyah falzon Před 2 dny
i liek the songs and the moves good job dont give up :)
Camila Angulo Arce
Camila Angulo Arce Před 2 dny
Me hey i am in 2020
Melanie Dubose
Melanie Dubose Před 2 dny
this woman is a RARE talent this kind of dancing alone takes years of practice plus violin at the SAME time while doing is god she must have been doing this since she could walk....a rare and beautiful piece of art she does and love the work she does....most cant eve come close to this keep it up girl
Kari B Morgan
Kari B Morgan Před 3 dny
Love that the lead male dancer is Derek Hough!
Gabo Martinezmartinez
Saludos desde México 🤩😍
Славянин Před 4 dny
А это наше будущее, как в фильме Безумный Макс))) Браво Линдси!!! Великая актриса!!! Хочется постоянно слушать скрипку в ее руках.
Martim Pedro
Martim Pedro Před 5 dny
Sou o unico português aqui?
CrAzY Scientist Shiota
mad man................ ive seen this be4 what a dance!
luna-4life Před 5 dny
wow is beautiful 😍I love the violin for this reason it expresses your feelings so much. I love your music
KLEVER444 Před 6 dny
Шикарно! Спасибо!!
The Shreya Ramjass
The Shreya Ramjass Před 6 dny
I arrived at this music video when I was about six years old (I think) Now, I am ten years old and I just realized how meaningful and deep this song means . When I was younger I said 'Mommy, Can I play the violin just like Lindsey?!" And "Wow, She is awsome!" But now I'm actually facing the consequences that Lindsey went throw for the pass years . Now let me ask my question, Who's here enjoying Lindsey's sacrilegious music in 2020?
John Wauters
John Wauters Před 6 dny
Christine C.
Christine C. Před 6 dny
I want to dance with Derek Hough.
Destrock Před 6 dny
The video is very weird for the music but the music is good
Thura Thein Tin
Thura Thein Tin Před 6 dny
Perfect movements, perfect grading , beautiful music. ❤❤
Shibumi Jones
Shibumi Jones Před 7 dny
Brilliant 👏🏻
Romain Trarieux
Romain Trarieux Před 7 dny
This is Derek Hough with Lindsey Stirling we are talking about ! And I mean this is AMAZING!
Emilia Topolska
Emilia Topolska Před 7 dny
Lindsey :D I love this videoveeeeery much ! :)
Tara Slichter
Tara Slichter Před 7 dny
Tom H
Tom H Před 7 dny
Well, Jason's one is my favorite, but the original ain't bad at all
Oliwka itsme
Oliwka itsme Před 7 dny
Anybody watching during quarantine?
kiyoen6643 Před 8 dny
Why am I crying?
koteck94 Před 8 dny
un style Unique Particulier c'est une belle démarque de talent
Sara Kawaii ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
Essa e a minha música favorita 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 Te amooooo eu amo sua músicas 😘💜
campello sebastien pcspeinture
Puppy Squad Vincent
Hi! I love your stuff! I asked my mom for a violin. Will u subscribe back? Thanks!
Alita Před 8 dny
amazing lindsey. very nice video and nice music !!!
Kleekai Samurai
Kleekai Samurai Před 9 dny
Never seen such a spirited dancer. Lindsey, you are legendary. This is my favorite song of yours.
Agustín Arroyo
Agustín Arroyo Před 9 dny
i love you
Amelie Gorld
Amelie Gorld Před 9 dny
👍 you don‘t have to say more
LelaSmn Před 9 dny
In my opinion the way she plays the violin makes it sounds like its not an instrument more like some magical being singing or telling a story
Glyph Před 9 dny
I forget she is a triple threat. She can sing she can dance and she can play
Left Blank
Left Blank Před 9 dny
Good, but be nice to see a more acoustic version of this without the thub-ditty-thub.
Bartosz Osikowski
Bartosz Osikowski Před 10 dny
any bi people not being sure who of them two is more atrractive? 💖💜💙
MariCar Salazar
MariCar Salazar Před 10 dny
What's nice o Biutiful
Dorek Ggg
Dorek Ggg Před 10 dny
Dorek Ggg
Dorek Ggg Před 10 dny
Chenoa Holdstock
Chenoa Holdstock Před 10 dny
Yo, who's here from 2122? Whooo!
8LACKCAT Před 10 dny
Always remember, as you stand in the arena, that you were once part of the crowd cheering for blood, and you saw nothing wrong with it until it was your blood they cheered for.
Rebi X
Rebi X Před 4 dny
This is so true
Karen McGrady
Karen McGrady Před 10 dny
Beautiful and talented dancer. And Derek Hough (Previously from Dancing with the Stars) is always great. Love this video.
Gabi Nadolska
Gabi Nadolska Před 11 dny
Guilherme Roditis
Guilherme Roditis Před 11 dny
Amazing! Beautiful, beautiful! You are awesome, Lindsey! Congrats! Looking forward to see you here in Brazil!
Leonardo Guimarães
Leonardo Guimarães Před 11 dny
Just wonderful! Amazing! Awesome! I have no words to describe! Fantastic!
Серж PATRIOT Před 11 dny
как же круто бля
Yume Light
Yume Light Před 11 dny
The Arena is my favourite creation of yours.
Babsalicious 10
Babsalicious 10 Před 12 dny
I love her, her videos awaken me in my soul.
lukaazazi Před 12 dny
Anyone else here from that female skating like crazy
Maritza Lira
Maritza Lira Před 13 dny
¿Soy la unica mexicana a le que le gusta esta señorita? ❤️
Michael Cornish
Michael Cornish Před 13 dny
I don't know what is about this piece of music and I haven't know it long but when ever I have felt down or things are difficult as the are often these days, I listen to this and I can pick myself up and carry on, it is an inspiring and beautiful piece of music.
Thiago Sousa
Thiago Sousa Před 14 dny
this song is very good
Katherine Acosta
Katherine Acosta Před 14 dny
Amo los videos de ella
Costura Bogota
Costura Bogota Před 15 dny
Fantastic Lindsey stirling very good 💖 thanks you 💖 angel baby beautifull wonderfull Joséph 🇨🇴💝
block buster's and the supreme gamer
Remember sometimes you feel like giving up, or you feel alone but don't fight bight in anger look for the good in others.
مهاجر طورينو
Delia Puntel
Delia Puntel Před 16 dny
Juliana Cunha
Juliana Cunha Před 16 dny
Sarah Ribeiro
Sarah Ribeiro Před 17 dny
The beatisuful musical
Thrundo Před 17 dny
Am I your husband?
Tom Vogel
Tom Vogel Před 17 dny
#Gawkers will vanish 😁
Tom Vogel
Tom Vogel Před 17 dny
Reminds me of my only wedding ever. 78 guests. 80 invited. Outside the church, remain only the 2 #inlaws. They sent the others #ahead 👿
natalia natalianeli
natalia natalianeli Před 18 dny
kimberly Clayton
kimberly Clayton Před 18 dny
Your style of music is so unique, I love it!!!!!!
Tasline Diab
Tasline Diab Před 18 dny
Hey random person!! Don't stop pursing your dreams if Lindsey stood back up and proved AGT wrong then so can you💜💜!! I believe in every single person in this world, no matter on age, on race, on religion, on sexuality, I still love you and believe that you're the greatest in whatever way you can be! Don't give up❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
TheLittleAcura aka A-SPEC!
(driving economically in BeamNG Drive) 1:05 (starts accelerating rapidly and sliding all over the place)
Rita Schoaf
Rita Schoaf Před 18 dny
This is amazing she is awesome
Caitlin Mason
Caitlin Mason Před 19 dny
This is my favorite Lindsey Sterling song. There’s so much emotion packed into the violin.
Weng Navales Vlog
Weng Navales Vlog Před 19 dny
Wow amazing dance.Areenà see world
The Scriptessa
The Scriptessa Před 20 dny
A vid extensively featuring Lindsey's dancing skills...finally. love that steampunk flavor in a lot of her vids. She so talented and creative. All the best Lindsey!
Jason Slt
Jason Slt Před 20 dny
that dancing wow maku rober
zarine Nawar
zarine Nawar Před 20 dny
I love how she play
Sunshine Girl Krissy
i'm gonna show this to my kids and tell them it's mad max
Marius Stancalie
Marius Stancalie Před 21 dnem
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