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28. 06. 2016





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Cristina Flanagan
Cristina Flanagan Před hodinou
She can dance fast and gracefully as she plays elegantly and beautifully. Meanwhile, *I can barely walk without tripping over my own feet.*
Winni Puh
Winni Puh Před 5 hodinami
Ребята,играе Линдси восхитительно!Но покормите её будочками,пожалуйста!;)
jude b
jude b Před 9 hodinami
what song at 4:00 ?!?!
Mauricio Portillo
Mauricio Portillo Před 18 hodinami
attila kovacs
attila kovacs Před dnem
love it.
ARCERE Před dnem
RitaSparita *
RitaSparita * Před dnem
Her music makes me.. feel stuff...
The Magical Unicorn565
No one: Figure Skaters: Hippity Hoppity you are now my property
Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez Před 2 dny
The writeing at the beginning of this video is illedgible.please make a note of what it says
Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez Před 2 dny
The writeing at the beginning of this video is illedgible.please make a note of what it says
Anna Baldyga
Anna Baldyga Před 3 dny
For me nr 1❤❤❤❤
Edward See
Edward See Před 3 dny
Always has some of the most creative videos.
KatO 9 Tailz
KatO 9 Tailz Před 3 dny
Dan Stafford
Dan Stafford Před 4 dny
The people that are in the dancing world can only appreciate the extreme dance Talent Lindsey Stirling has!
Dan Stafford
Dan Stafford Před 4 dny
Lindsey Stirling has taken music videos to a new dimension!
X A Před 5 dny
У неё однотипные танцы
Elena G
Elena G Před 5 dny
Her talent is unreal ❤
myfighthere Před 5 dny
1:15 - however many tries it took to film that leap, it was definitely worth it! Beautiful!! Enchanting... The whole dance and that leap especially!
Mr Byson
Mr Byson Před 5 dny
Battle Royale against Lindsey would be really amazing !!! (only Dance)
Star Muni
Star Muni Před 6 dny
Marcel Ghetu alias GERULA 1877
Talentul nu il cumperi de la farmacie sau aprozar .Te caca mata cu el !
Павел Моховиков
прекрасно смотрим и слушаем
Michele Chapman
Michele Chapman Před 7 dny
Have tickets for December show. Cant wait!
Данила Мастер-ломастер
так она еще и танцует, и неплохо владеет телом, делая это довольно грациозно и женственно.. ну это однозначно подписка)
Uncle1221 Před dnem
где-то даже завидую, можно пересмотреть все за 9 лет как первый раз )).
LoneWolfNine PotatoEntertainment
Mad Max goes acoustic.
SHack Před 8 dny
Lindsey, your music and your music video scenery is always a pleasure for me. Go on!
Ela Wojtkowski
Ela Wojtkowski Před 8 dny
Ist Sie Schauspielerin, Musikerin oder Tänzerin? Alles macht Sie gut
Faustine. R
Faustine. R Před 8 dny
Qui parle français ici?
mis lugares secretos
She is wonderful
Нереально красивая музыка и видеоклип!
Virtüöz müzisyen
Virtüöz müzisyen Před 10 dny
Love, Tango, and Lindsey's melodies. What can we want more?
christophe moulin
christophe moulin Před 10 dny
Matt Blade
Matt Blade Před 11 dny
Theres a distinct portion of the "chorus" that reminds me of one of the closing themes for full metal alchemist. Anyone else?
Revolution Renaissance
Huh. What?
[E] Note
[E] Note Před 11 dny
It's Beautiful! )))
ARA ZEA Před 11 dny
Thank you Lulu eonni to showing me this one~ the way she's express her feeling into the melody's violin just like you are~ if you read my comment, know what? I love it
Feyre Aelin
Feyre Aelin Před 12 dny
This woman is a genius ❤️
abc xyz
abc xyz Před 12 dny
Sandra Perez
Sandra Perez Před 12 dny
Mis respetos para está mujer!! Ésto si es música! 😍
Ravi Raval
Ravi Raval Před 12 dny
God of violin 🦸‍♀️🦸‍♀️🦸‍♀️🦸‍♀️
Майя Коршун
Удачи Вам ребята !!!! Продолжайте оттачивать мастерство в музыкальных постановках.
Майя Коршун
Браво за клип и постановка класс!!!!!
Mohit Kumar
Mohit Kumar Před 13 dny
she has a unique style of dancing and i like it.
miguel casiano
miguel casiano Před 15 dny
Who going to teach me to play like this so I can impress this particular girl :D
eBay Treasure Hunter
Just amazing!!! Love love
Саша Панасюк
Это потрясно!!!
Maris Liepins
Maris Liepins Před 16 dny
paldies. jus radat patiesam skaistu un dveseli aizkarosu muziku. un par to jums lies paldies. es jus klausos kad man ir skumji un vientuli. un tas palidz visu saprast.
Jo Bine
Jo Bine Před 16 dny
Very well dance, expression, alls musique nature can be...dance. That what wee call, émotion, loveion the moment... music or it is to dancing? What about you? Sorry for m'y rithing, i'm mot... Google have limite to help.
Gen Seven
Gen Seven Před 17 dny
I'm not going to pretend I understood all the messages in this video but what I did get was you are your happiest and at your best when you perform for yourself. There will always be haters so live your life to make you happy. Did I get close?
Edgardo Torres
Edgardo Torres Před 17 dny
I love and this is a girl not man
Leonidas Rodriguez Uchuypoma
Nenuphar Nenuphar
Nenuphar Nenuphar Před 18 dny
Thank you for this beautiful Melody
Zai Nap
Zai Nap Před 18 dny
Melanie Doan
Melanie Doan Před 18 dny
This video has amassed over 62 MILLION VIEWS!? That is incredible! I've been a fan of Lindsey's since the very beginning, and I love everything she does, whether it's making music, dancing, or being a wonderful human being who does so much for the people of this world. I'll always be a fan of Ms. Stirling!
Dawid Rodycz
Dawid Rodycz Před 19 dny
You are awsome!
jodypower laan
jodypower laan Před 19 dny
Erg mooi muziek van dit muziek krijg ik weer inspiratie om verder te schrijven met mijn eigen boek. Dank je wel voor dit prachtige nummer.
Evany Klop
Evany Klop Před 19 dny
Congratulations Lindsey! thank you for inspiring the world and me! I love your music and wish I could dance like you, but unfortunately, my spine is suppressed, so I have difficulty moving at sharp angles. I wish you all the best though :)
Okeirany Před 20 dny
I'd enter the arena and instantly ask "CAN I HAVE A SCYTHE?!" Then, I'd probably die :/
I don’t know What to put as my name
Okeirany same
Nicolas Jerome
Nicolas Jerome Před 20 dny
Restée lignes Lindsay européenne 2019
Максим Ревякин
Линси Прекрасна )
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