That one friend with the BIG MOUTH!

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23. 09. 2021





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Seanna Nora Haidee
Seanna Nora Haidee Před 11 hodinami
I love your hair color. So cute 😭
Dino Doggie
Dino Doggie Před dnem
Omg so relatable they will not shut the f#&k* up like and it is the worst
Alisana Darling
Alisana Darling Před dnem
So true, but for me is my siblings lol
Black Faery Floss
Black Faery Floss Před 3 dny
The acting for each character in this is so perfect. The mum is quiet but terrifying.
Lynne Paquette
Lynne Paquette Před 3 dny
Just like my boyfriend. I'm 41 years old but my mother worries about my drinking. We're very close. She came over for a visit while he was over. I asked him to please not tell her we were drinking the day before. My mother said I looked hungover, I said were up all night watching movies. My dumb boyfriend pipes in saying we were drinking all day and I was actually up all night throwing up. He even made a joke saying you know you're drunk when you trip (I didn't fall-fortunately) on a flat floor. I was pissed. I had a talk with him after telling when we are not children stop reporting my business to my mother or we're done. He stopped.
YM S Před 3 dny
Look at these comments of all the highschool drunkards flipping out. If you don't want to be seen as a drunk, get some help and get clean. That hypothetical friend buys you free lifts and escorts you to your home. Also, don't come whining when your and your mothers relationship is based on lies. Get help...
YM S Před 3 dny
I did this but only because I loved my friends. I didn't drink myself, I was held down and almost made forcibly to drink booze. They always brought adult men to loiter and harass the girls at the parties. There was multiple instances where people were hospitalised or almost k*lled. Please don't stay in silence if your child abuses substances or other people.
yaszzy Před 6 dny
I have a cousin like this he’s the worst💀
Victoria Před 6 dny
My friends r not that stupid thank god
Taylor palmer
Taylor palmer Před 7 dny
I swear if that was me I would be like yep that's exactly what I did and you know what the f*** you can do get the f*** out of my house b****
Wendigo Před 9 dny
Bad freind.
anonamous person
anonamous person Před 9 dny
Friend: *HEY REMEMBER THAT PARTY??? IT WAS CRAZY!!! COME ON WE GOTTA TELL UR MUM!!!!* the other girl: 😓🙅‍♂️ (shut the hell up)
L&K Reactions
L&K Reactions Před 9 dny
i would’ve punched my friend if she did that
Sandoval Před 9 dny
Me 🤜🏽👩‍🦰
Snowflake Před 9 dny
I hate these friends there the worst she literally screamed that. She was at the party
Mirela Shabi
Mirela Shabi Před 10 dny
I have a friend like that .These friend are the worst 🙄
Emma Nguyen
Emma Nguyen Před 10 dny
I have a friend that we can literally not tell secrets Once we were planning a surprise for our friend but when she suspected something she asked my friend. She told her everything we were planning Literally explained the difference between honesty and surprises
DeadEye Před 10 dny
This always happens to me with this one “friend” 🙄
mery teklu
mery teklu Před 10 dny
Omg I got so mad 😡
The Hamwitch
The Hamwitch Před 10 dny
Istg, if I had a friend like that, I would block them on messages for a week, lock them out of my home, and if that doesn’t work, I would punch them in the mouth
Devin Prine
Devin Prine Před 10 dny
Y’all call that a friend… if that was my “friend” you can add ex to that quicker than you can blink… 🤨
Brittany Pitts
Brittany Pitts Před 10 dny
I hate those tipe of friends
XxThatSoftyxX Před 11 dny
Thats literally my cousin
🎗️•You are offline•🎗️
I think you need to end this friendship
•Anime-nerd• Před 11 dny
This why I don’t invite my friends over my house, they can’t keep their damn mouth shut 😂
Jack Před 11 dny
Dude I’d dump someone immediately if they did this 😐
Ella Smith
Ella Smith Před 11 dny
I might be tiny but I will effin elbow drop you if you ain’t gonna shut up when I’m tellin you I’m gonna get in trouble.
Luci. 1
Luci. 1 Před 11 dny
My cousin does this for absolutely no reason, she tells everyone everything I do bad or not :/ she told random strangers about my past trauma because she "felt like it" and now she's telling everyone I have a boyfriend(I literally don't I never even said anything close to that????) Eugh. 🤢
Mya Amor
Mya Amor Před 11 dny
☺️and they ask me why I don’t let them say hi to my parents
Erika Firth
Erika Firth Před 11 dny
Is that as pride flag I see in the background!!?? 😆❤️🏳️‍🌈
Naida Před 12 dny
Its all fun and games till ur mom says ur full name
JAMS's Nana
JAMS's Nana Před 12 dny
I love that hair color!
Rhyperior Ranger
Rhyperior Ranger Před 13 dny
Hermione is Seriously Smart
Worst friend ever. Periodt.
Tj Love
Tj Love Před 13 dny
I'd drop them immediately
Christian King
Christian King Před 13 dny
Friendship over
manas nikam
manas nikam Před 13 dny
I have never said this before but bcuz of this we should bring public excitation back
Hopefully positive
Hopefully positive Před 13 dny
This happened to me once but I'm serious when I say I didn't go to the dang party, I'm not a social animal! My friend mistook someone else as me
Jxllie-! Před 14 dny
from that *PARTY LAST WEEKEND* bestline.
Kyron McEachron
Kyron McEachron Před 14 dny
I be doing this by accident
Phil and Junko sharing an account
I've had friends like this and omfg one of them nearly outed me and my friend to my parents and we were all super pissed.
Mikhail Bridges
Mikhail Bridges Před 14 dny
Cut a friend off if they do this shit
Ana Ana
Ana Ana Před 14 dny
If anyone blabbed any of my secrets like this, I would unfriend them immediately. My secrets are extremely important to me and this would completely shatter my trust and bond with them
Koru Wolf
Koru Wolf Před 14 dny
Uuuugh too many people do this to me
Christy G
Christy G Před 14 dny
Bwhahahaha 😂
ᠻꪊᥴ𝘬 ꪗꪮꪊ ♥︎
I'd drop their ass. It's happened before when I tell you I was this close to punching them 👌
BEAST 09 Před 14 dny
If I were the mom idk if I would be more disappointed in my daughter or the big mouth lol
Lilah M
Lilah M Před 14 dny
My best friend almost did this once. And i say almost because i slapped her before she continued
Zina Raxx
Zina Raxx Před 14 dny
The part was so funny when she she shut the fuck up
Leyah wood
Leyah wood Před 14 dny
We all have that one friend
Sierra Weisflock
Sierra Weisflock Před 14 dny
Fr i hate those people like can I just punch them until they die
Otto Lykus
Otto Lykus Před 15 dny
I didn't have friends like this. Thank fuck.
YM S Před 3 dny
That drink and pressure you to lie to guardians?
Sammi Nicole
Sammi Nicole Před 15 dny
Omg my name is samantha Nicole... Thats trippy
👑Lil Anto👑
👑Lil Anto👑 Před 15 dny
Enjoy your poisonous water
Lava Sammie09
Lava Sammie09 Před 15 dny
I got so scared when it said Samantha Nicole bc that’s my first and middle name 😭
MyaMG Před 15 dny
This is why humanity has fists just punched their ass
Alicxiin__ Před 15 dny
Jesus loves you God is good !!✝️💖
𝙻0𝚟3𝚕𝚢 ☁︎☕︎
Alright. *Technically everyone in the world is annoying.* Tbh don't be offended. Everyone is annoying in they're own way. Like me
Jessica Pushie
Jessica Pushie Před 15 dny
Animalistic Před 15 dny
I hate people like that
エリン Před 15 dny
iiiiii would never talk to that friend ever again bro
reina melanizada vibe
Fake Friend
Cristal Enriquez
Cristal Enriquez Před 15 dny
Girl I do not trust your friend she said saying from the party last weekend Berryhill have because your mom get here you’re your friends stupid sister say to say girl you’re so stupid I hate you to yourself but I know that’s fake but that was real you should said that because you’re stupid and you should really say bad words to find an actually more about them because that’s what I would do if I were you I’d bye
Sam Před 15 dny
I’ll never understand the fun in parties, blasting your brain cells with bad tasting booze while surrounded by sweaty strangers as distorted music blasts so loud it rustles your organs. I’d say you’re better off just doing drugs but people bring those too.
Anna Taymond
Anna Taymond Před 15 dny
Not tryna be a bad friend but if I did all that for one of my friends I’m not lying to their parents about it. They’re probably underage anyway if they’re in this situation.
YM S Před 3 dny
This!!! It's not our responsibility to lie about someone elses child to their mother
simplykalani Před 15 dny
Right bruh
Peter Parker
Peter Parker Před 15 dny
Ugh this is so relatable and annoying.. if u do this go fuck urself.
AceOfSpades Před 15 dny
heres your shirt from that PARTY LAST WEEKEND Ay how bout you shout louder I don't think the fucking dead heard you
The ****** Fam
The ****** Fam Před 15 dny
Bruh I have 2 cousins like this and they don't even do it on purpose...
qloudiichu Před 15 dny
bro my cousin literally tells everyone everything even when i tell her not to and it’s so annoying but if someone says sum ab her she gets mad
NameWasTaken Před 15 dny
theres this one girl i know whose like that and i fucking hate her i have to act like i like her cause we sit beside eachother and its horrible shes such a pick me she constantly asks me stuff and she even has "to vent pages" in her hw book😃 like if your really depressed you wouldnt want someone to know tf
Sam W
Sam W Před 15 dny
😂 my name is Samantha Nicole, bruh when i heard my name I was 😱 shooketh. ROFL. Felt like my ass was in trouble then remembered im 27 ✌😩
Nightshade Kelly
Nightshade Kelly Před 15 dny
Yea I have a friend like this lol.
JanCan1 GK
JanCan1 GK Před 15 dny
ex b **** friend!
Malloy55 Malloy
Malloy55 Malloy Před 15 dny
My Fair Maiden
My Fair Maiden Před 15 dny
I would rather have no friends to have friends like this🤡
Analise Sale
Analise Sale Před 15 dny
Not the finger “come here” lol 😂
ReneeLynn Před 15 dny
When I was a little girl, I wanted to have a little girl when I grew up, and name her Samantha Nichole. Instead I got a boy LOL
Stephany Martinez
Stephany Martinez Před 15 dny
I’m glad you think my house is cute, you should take a picture cause you ain’t never coming back
The banana named Pedro
This is why god invented the practice of breaking necks.
TheLsquaud Před 16 dny
That’s my friend telling my mom we are going to pull an all-nighter
Frogger02 Před 16 dny
Yeah that’s my STUPID friend
IAm TheEvening
IAm TheEvening Před 16 dny
You people really keep friends like this?
✨Jamsie Soda✨
✨Jamsie Soda✨ Před 16 dny
Moon Howl 🌚
Moon Howl 🌚 Před 16 dny
I like how she yells. oh I need to give you the shirt back from LaST WEekeND.
Opposites Attract
Opposites Attract Před 16 dny
Bro I had a friend like this, I ducking hate them bitches
Leah Edwards
Leah Edwards Před 16 dny
Screw this heifer. This got me raging 😤
Bneeps Před 16 dny
And then the same friend goes "oh i'm sorry! I didn't know! You should have told me to stop!"
omniewolfy Před 16 dny
Bro the first time they said party I'd just tell them get the fuck out
S D Před 16 dny
just eww
Francis Neil Mendez
Francis Neil Mendez Před 16 dny
If you have a friend that can't take a hint don't be friends with the them anymore
SpicyBean Tofu
SpicyBean Tofu Před 16 dny
I'd do it on purpose cause underage drinking isn't cool. Parents need to handle their kids better.
Cherry Cherry
Cherry Cherry Před 16 dny
Ethan Bishop
Ethan Bishop Před 16 dny
Just distance yourself from those ppl instantly, their trash. Not good for your health or livelihood
love nalu 4ever
love nalu 4ever Před 16 dny
Funny thing is my name is Samantha and my older sister is named Nicole
e. Před 16 dny
I used to be that person until I was about 11 I'm so sorry
InfernoNinja Před 16 dny
Imma make a pact with my friends to maintain OPSEC at all times
Destiny Boyd
Destiny Boyd Před 16 dny
That friend is toxic. She's purposely trying to get you into trouble
pretty princess
pretty princess Před 16 dny
ha ha ha
that really chatty customer
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