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Check out our reaction to the second trailer for Christopher Nolan's Tenet! We can't wait for movie theaters to safely open back up so we can fully experience how stellar this movie is going to be! Tell us what you guys think of the trailer down below!
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21. 05. 2020





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Nicholas Holder
Nicholas Holder Před 3 dny
The people in the concert hall are asleep because they’ve been gassed. Pretty hyped for this!
Manolo Ortiz
Manolo Ortiz Před 3 dny
Miss you guys!!! Always such a fun reactions !!!!!
Abrar Farhan
Abrar Farhan Před 3 dny
i think u guys haven't watch the prologue of tenet.
mitchell gable
mitchell gable Před 3 dny
Bears hat, Panthers shirt... wicked Caleb, wicked.
Pran Joshi
Pran Joshi Před 3 dny
Big reveal- its set the the Jack Ryan universe.
Tarik Rath
Tarik Rath Před 3 dny
they showed robert pattinson right after they showed the dark knight thingie!! i see what u did there
Paul Elroy
Paul Elroy Před 3 dny
mind blowing!!
Kickinthescience Před 3 dny
Nolan trailers do a good job of not giving anything away
Jesus patino
Jesus patino Před 3 dny
I like how everyone in the movie has on their coronavirus breathing masks on. The future today... yesterday... NOLAN.
Atomic Evolution
Atomic Evolution Před 3 dny
He's a time traveler 100%
Movie Meals
Movie Meals Před 3 dny
Such an excellent review and reaction! We love what you guys do and we can't wait to see this movie and go back to the theater! If you don't mind checking a smaller channel reaction out please do over at Movie Meals here: csvid.net/video/video-eUW6crXJ0yw.html if not I don't mean to spam, just sharing the love. :)
Darius Harris
Darius Harris Před 3 dny
That is Robert Pattinson's natural accent btw. He's a good old brit like me
cprw10 Před 3 dny
@Nguyen Lee He's british, Pattinson learned to softed his british accent pretty quickly because he learned to talk with american acccent at a young age, he's soo used to use his American accent, that I like him using the british accent in a new movie.. I also like how in the King (where he played the role of a young French Prince) he of course spoke english with a french accent .
Nguyen Lee
Nguyen Lee Před 3 dny
Nope, it is not his accent. You could watch some of his interview to notice the different
Atomic Evolution
Atomic Evolution Před 3 dny
That man is such a class act!
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