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Review / Reaction of the new Christopher Nolan film Tenet trailer 2 (2020) starring John David Washington, Robert Pattinson. #TENET #TENETTRAILER2
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TENET Reaction and thoughts and theory's.


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21. 05. 2020





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The Flick Pick
The Flick Pick Před 4 dny
Let me know what you thought of the new TENET trailer?! If you're bored watch the newest Flick Trip video here csvid.net/video/video-Eb9DBMI72gE.html
MinorityMe 93
MinorityMe 93 Před 4 dny
the opera scene is terrorists attack. you see some mask men with guns.
Jacob J.
Jacob J. Před 4 dny
We no longer have to worry about one-day losing Denzel Washington cuz we have been blessed with his equally as talented son
Bernhard Před 4 dny
I just cant get behind Nolans visual style lately. Its so lifeless and boring. The plot also is too inspired by Inception. Predictable, bland, boring.
C N Před 4 dny
You all should know that the composer for Tenet is the academy award winner Ludwig Göransson. His work includes Creed, Black Panther, and The Mandalorian. I am shocked he hasnt become a household name yet with those credits alone.
Jonathan Ortega
Jonathan Ortega Před 4 dny
@Darkseids' Darkside shhhh no spoilers.
Zachary Allen
Zachary Allen Před hodinou
First time watching a vid on your channel rather than being featured in Chris's videos, but I subscribed as soon as you spared me from watching someone who has already seen the video 10 times make shocked faces.
ffunit Před 23 hodinami
It's a parallel universe where time goes in reverse. The machine in the red lit room takes them to the other universe and that's why they use gas masks. Time travels forward for natives of the specific universe but backwards for the non natives of the universe. Items from the other universe have been brought over and that's what is stored in the drawers. There are parts where they're in the boat where the boat is moving forward but then there are scenes where it's going backward. Same boat, different universe. The machine to transport them is out in the ocean on one of the windmills.
William S Chinaski
When I saw the theater full of unconscious people it made me think of that horrible Russian hostage incident. Terrorists had taken a theater to use the civilians as hostages and the police used gas to just knock everyone out, fuck it, except dozens of hostages ended up vomiting and aspirating it and choking to death. Way to go Russia.
Matt Man
Matt Man Před dnem
5:36 agree with you there John, a bit like another certain Nolan movie
Tenet takes place in the same cinematic universe as Inception. In fact it may take place BEFORE the start of Inception. Nolan is making a loose trilogy of sorts. Inception is Part 1 in 2010. Tenet is Part 2 in 2020. And Part 3 will arrive in 2030 tying it all together.
Scott Sullivan
Scott Sullivan Před dnem
Not true.
defeatereater Před dnem
I was under the impression that they confirmed it was in the same universe as Inception. Oddly enough, multiple segments of this trailer look nearly identical to me stylistically and in terms of their cinematography/composition. Truly the most intriguing and hyped film release this year.
Hermes Dos Anjos
Hermes Dos Anjos Před 2 dny
Warner: You wanna crash a plane? Nolan: (...) don´t be soo dramatic . . somehow, Nolan's pitch for the opening sequence of The Dark Knight Rises found its way to TENET's script LOL
Raju Miah
Raju Miah Před 2 dny
Why no collaboration discussion with Chris Stuckman in regards Snyder Cut ?
Chaos is Coming
Chaos is Coming Před 2 dny
I think the trailer looks like a masterpiece. so the film will be. Even Batman and Alfred are in this too.
Andrew Botero
Andrew Botero Před 2 dny
My uncle uncle once told me, With a larger than average amount of power comes an above average responsibility to do what is considered right in certain situations
Sebastian Aliaga
Sebastian Aliaga Před 2 dny
Honest as always flick!
maruf javed
maruf javed Před 3 dny
Inversion-Its like reflection action.
Edd Guiltinan
Edd Guiltinan Před 3 dny
I like the theory that it takes place in The Inception universe and the people sleeping the huge conference room are in a dream state
Cisco Cabs
Cisco Cabs Před 3 dny
Nolan always with his let`s twist time shit
Steven Tyler
Steven Tyler Před 3 dny
The plane didn’t crash. The plane Exploded on the Ground.
The Flick Pick
The Flick Pick Před 2 dny
It crashed into hanger....
Moe Lester
Moe Lester Před 3 dny
havent watched John Flick Pick since like 2016, have to say he looks much skinnier these days. Off the juice? Not hating btw, love your channel mate
B Z Před 3 dny
This looks cool but SNYDER CUT!
werdle92 Před 3 dny
I was thinking the bad guys were the ones manipulating time and the good guys were figuring out how to adapt to it.
pepe barbas
pepe barbas Před 3 dny
Hey... Losing muscle? Looking slimmer. Damn quarantine! I can't work out...
Chopperwocky Před 3 dny
I really hope this movie isn’t delayed and more importantly that it will be relatively safe to go see it.
Arghya Sen
Arghya Sen Před 3 dny
What if the big twist is that it's set in the same universe as inception?
Karamoko Lopez
Karamoko Lopez Před 3 dny
Let’s play “wheel of fortune”...Time E...N...E...Time
Prasad Gujar
Prasad Gujar Před 3 dny
Too pretentious in my opinion , I found interstellar pretentious too, common , who in the right mind goes near a black hole, black hole by definition has gravity so high that even light cannot escape. Then how in the fucks name did they chose a planet which was near black hole. Common how is th planet even existing ....
I’m Batman !
I’m Batman ! Před 3 dny
Has anybody ever told you that you look like biff from back to the future
Arngrimur Před 3 dny
I hope Nolan really crashed a plane to the hangar like he did with the truck in Dark Knight
i dont think its gov related, i think its more of an outside thing like the matrix. i feel like the real world is oblivious as this goes on
The Flick Pick
The Flick Pick Před 3 dny
Correct, a secret government agency.
Xavier Clifton
Xavier Clifton Před 3 dny
Nice nod to dark knight when Michael cain referenced the russian love boat!
Joseph Cordova
Joseph Cordova Před 4 dny
TENET, Wonder Woman 1984, and 007 are the three movies I want to see this year. I can’t wait for the Cinemark: Rave reopens to see these, along with my refillable popcorn bucket.
a7xgunslinger Před 4 dny
TENET vs DUNE - Christopher Nolan vs Denis Villeneuve. 😱
jeffrey dahmere
jeffrey dahmere Před 4 dny
0:54 george tenet was a cia director I think under bush 43 or/and clinton administration I don't know if there is any connections but I find that a strange coincidence
TheCreepypro Před 4 dny
I love all Nolan movies and this looks great I can't wait to see it
Jacob Bastian
Jacob Bastian Před 4 dny
I think the movie starts at the end, like you said, and then the test of the movie is going backwards and they manipulate the events in order to change that future that we saw at the beginning
jaburkie Před 2 dny
And the beginning of the movie is the orchestra scene. It was shown before star wars 9. A terrorist attack on the audience and John David Washingtons character is trying to stop it on his own. Vey climactic scene so what youre saying could make sense.
Big K
Big K Před 3 dny
Kinda like the movie next.
William Frederick iversen
"There are people in the future who needs us.... Who needs TENET" IT'S NOT EVEN SUBTLE... THEY'RE LITERALLY TALKING ABOUT US
Oyin Jones
Oyin Jones Před 4 dny
I saw the orchestra scene in the cinema - I think it was before bad boys. It’s just sleeping gas
Logan Lockwood
Logan Lockwood Před 4 dny
The blond chick training him is fleur from Harry Potter And Robert Pattinson is Cedric Diggory
iamblackgambit Před 4 dny
Would you just shut up and just watch the trailer without pausing it!!!
The Flick Pick
The Flick Pick Před 3 dny
those videos are terrible, Ill break it down as I go.
iamblackgambit Před 4 dny
@The Flick Pick I cleaned them out this morning. I'm trying to listen but you kept pausing it. Just watch it and be like oh wow..hey that was cool, and then talk about it at the end like all the other movie reactions!! I agree with you though this a movie you HAVE TO SEE IN THEATERS!!
The Flick Pick
The Flick Pick Před 4 dny
I already watched it, clean out your ears and listen to the video..... I refuse to make a video staring at a trailer for 3 minutes without giving some actual substance.
jarkody Před 4 dny
Time travel never makes any sense no matter how they try to explain it in movies so I know I’ll be confused as shit when I watch this lol 😝.
Felix bla
Felix bla Před 4 dny
the opera sequence where everybody is knocked out was part of the 8minute prologue that screened in the theaters, that was dope see... the reason is pretty straight forward though.. i think it even leaked online
Savage 1
Savage 1 Před 4 dny
Looks boring. I can put video's in reverse too doesn't make good.
MSQ 54
MSQ 54 Před 4 dny
Worst Reaction
The Flick Pick
The Flick Pick Před 4 dny
Next time I'll do my best to overreact to a trailer with lots of fake screaming and crying..... this generation is doomed.
Manufanatic 99
Manufanatic 99 Před 4 dny
No impressed tbh
Ellipsis10 Před 4 dny
Can’t wait
Matien Azemy
Matien Azemy Před 4 dny
I wouldn’t be surprised if suddenly an older Cobb showed up playing with his spinning top
Om Patel
Om Patel Před 3 dny
I low key want that. The biggest plot twist in movie history.
Shadow Prince
Shadow Prince Před 4 dny
I'm probably going to drive 90 miles so I can see this at my nearest IMAX. Pretty much only Nolan can get me to do that.
lerch66 Před 4 dny
I got a bad feeling about this movie. The I'm in love with my own BS Westworld vibe is palpable.
Asha Smith
Asha Smith Před 4 dny
Love anything by Nolan especially The Prestige. I have no doubt he will provide us with something beautiful and smart
Mike Gray
Mike Gray Před 4 dny
The Orchestra scene was an IMAX preview before Star Wars. It was Incredible.
The Flick Pick
The Flick Pick Před 4 dny
I refuse to watch that until the movie.
iamblackgambit Před 4 dny
It was amazing!!! Gave me chills especially when they all passed out in a wave motion I was like 🤯
Sean Baugh
Sean Baugh Před 4 dny
Stick Wan
Stick Wan Před 4 dny
the best thing about this trailer is it shows loads n tells us laods yet i still have no idea whats going on
Stewart's Adventures
I'm kinda beginning to think this movie takes place in the same universe as inception
royandescartes Před 4 dny
Gotta watch the movie in reverse to fully understand.
MR RRL Před 4 dny
Given that this movie is going to be the first major blockbuster post-COVID, it's going to make TONS of money regardless of how good it is. If shitty Trolls 2 can make over $100M through streaming then this movie is going to make over $1B.
IFM Před 4 dny
What Nolan movie did you not like? (I never saw Insomnia)
Radical Centrist
Radical Centrist Před 4 dny
Big K
Big K Před 4 dny
.taerg skool tI It looks great.
Lee Croft
Lee Croft Před 4 dny
Looks great, can’t wait to catch it on Netflix
Lefteris Beck
Lefteris Beck Před 4 dny
The new trailer brought a new spark. It’s really mysterious and it has inspiration from Inception (one of my favorite Nolan films) which I really like. Tenet will be a great film with many scenarios that will be mind blowing. Also the soundtrack sounded good so far for the trailer.
Timon Steup
Timon Steup Před 4 dny
Soundtracks for trailers are almost always not made by the film composer though. So the soundtrack might sound drastically different for all we know.
Mad the Monk
Mad the Monk Před 4 dny
I’m so hyped and I’m not even that big of a Nolan fan - this just looks so good
Nilbanas Před 4 dny
The people in the concert hall are all in a dream sharing experience :) confirming is the same universe as Inception!!! xD I'm joking.
Apollo Creed
Apollo Creed Před 4 dny
That was a brilliant analysis John.
Edward Abreu
Edward Abreu Před 4 dny
Did u see the snyder cut announcement?
Bilal Khalid
Bilal Khalid Před 4 dny
@C.D. Riley Snyder cut of justice League was announced a few hours ago.
C.D. Riley
C.D. Riley Před 4 dny
Snyder cut of Tenet?
Markymark Před 4 dny
It would be cool if they create two movies. One forward, and one backwards. You’ll have to see both.
Jack Monaghan
Jack Monaghan Před 4 dny
Pattinson seems to be channelling Tom Hardy's character from 'Inception'.
Dazzen Seabiscuit
Dazzen Seabiscuit Před 2 dny
Speaking of...I love how Nolan kind of makes films about time or the manipulation of time/reality. I love how he gets to make films that all have a very similar feel, like if you saw the trailer for Inception, memento, Tenet you would easily think its a trilogy.
Ra Senché
Ra Senché Před 4 dny
A movie that even when you don't like them you still like the looks.... If you get it? Dude Avatar exist. XD great visuals not much else.
Jim D
Jim D Před 4 dny
I bet that is a real 747, now that they are being taken out of service. It’s Memento meets Inception with a little Insomnia thrown in.
JMN STL Před 4 dny
I'm very excited about.
TheLandoSystem Před 4 dny
We’ll eventually be going to the theater having already seen it, sit down, watch the movie backwards, and forget it once it ends (or begins). And then go home.
N&K 98
N&K 98 Před 4 dny
Years later Blake: No one's gonna know who saved an entire cinema. Gordon: They know. It was the NOLAN.
IronWolf Před 4 dny
After seeing the new trailer, im even more confused now?
El Tornado
El Tornado Před 4 dny
The movie would be even more complicated then 😂
Brody Weaver
Brody Weaver Před 4 dny
My prediction: I think jar jar will show up as well as Christian bale as batman . You think I’m crazy, watch the movie, because I made everything that happened in the universe go back to when the movie comes out and I can change that movie. Mind blown I know
Will baggiins
Will baggiins Před 4 dny
FINALLY someone other than micheal b jordan...i cant wait to see this
JATIN KUMAR Před 4 dny
Badass trailer
Gabe Před 4 dny
And so does Michael Bay. He’s gotta have explosions.
CypHiLL2007 Před 4 dny
Jeay but BUT. Its NOLAN!! He uses REAL Planes . No CGI 😁 That will look actually AMAZING on the big screen
Leon Wallace
Leon Wallace Před 4 dny
So David Washington has to do things in the past in order to reverse it and the Russian man can travel forward in time and they both collide, that's is called tenet event, like the word tenet is spelled backwards and forwards the same
MBT Records
MBT Records Před 4 dny
Time is linear we cannot go back only foward he's basically manipulating what is going to happen. But Nolan could use the narrative as he did in Memento and tell the story backwards to make it seem as the characters traveled back and forth when they would only predict and stop whatever event happened in the future.
Leon Wallace
Leon Wallace Před 4 dny
@babyKobe that why it great, you want a movie for audience to think there is no way to stop the villian, keep you invested in the storyline, probably Nolan figure a way out
Forrest Fire
Forrest Fire Před 4 dny
What I mean is I think it's time travel to just happens right where they are not affecting the whole world
Forrest Fire
Forrest Fire Před 4 dny
I think it's localized time travel.
babyKobe Před 4 dny
Yeah that’s what I think. Except I don’t think he can directly travel forward in time. They didn’t say that, and if he could I don’t think there would be a way to stop him. But I bet you it ends with the main character dying.
Edward Yeung
Edward Yeung Před 4 dny
BRO take your cursor off the controls
Tony Stark
Tony Stark Před 4 dny
John Washington is already wearing a mask in the movie so we know what to do! Great mystical break down! The airplane scene reminded me of face off!
Ryan McNeill
Ryan McNeill Před 4 dny
Nolan’s Twist: the movie never existed
Subscribe to me for no reason
I have a theory that this is connected to the same universe as Inception sort of like how Split was connected to Unbreakable
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