Teacher Embarrasses Poor Student In Front Of Class

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17. 01. 2021





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Komentáře 100
Fayur Před 41 vteřinou
doha sweelam
doha sweelam Před 30 minutami
when she is pretedning to cry she is like laugjing like HEH
doha sweelam
doha sweelam Před 32 minutami
she like oop I didnt bring that note-
doha sweelam
doha sweelam Před 34 minutami
Andrea Cavenee
Andrea Cavenee Před 35 minutami
shes mean i hate her fr
Blaire Thompson
Blaire Thompson Před 49 minutami
Hey sniper wolf I really like your videos🥰
Frog Před 53 minutami
I. Jones-Tanner
I. Jones-Tanner Před hodinou
Maria kick that teacher
Agustin Tovalin
Agustin Tovalin Před 4 hodinami
dam and she is a Mexican girl man you dont know what Mexicans go thru to at least get food
Giselle Garcia
Giselle Garcia Před 4 hodinami
You sure she ruinning the photo and not that 20$ wig know that got me laughing
Blake Daniels
Blake Daniels Před 4 hodinami
This is so sad 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Daniel Backhouse
Daniel Backhouse Před 4 hodinami
4:30 I just realized that Mrs.Jeffries has a blue eye and a brown eye 👀👁️.
Lay’s Gacha life!
Lay’s Gacha life! Před 5 hodinami
RebekahAndDavidFun _
RebekahAndDavidFun _ Před 6 hodinami
What is a join
Anastasia Kotis
Anastasia Kotis Před 6 hodinami
It's like some sort of rich school that don't accept the poor
Karma Montaser
Karma Montaser Před 6 hodinami
Teatcher:WhErE aRe ThE chips!! Me:I'm so sorry
Ben Lane
Ben Lane Před 6 hodinami
jack_theman08YT & friend's
like when do 2 graders had a potluck.
Randa Figueroa
Randa Figueroa Před 7 hodinami
You is rude
life with nae nae
life with nae nae Před 9 hodinami
but it is sad
life with nae nae
life with nae nae Před 9 hodinami
hey girl (:
Iliana Guzman
Iliana Guzman Před 9 hodinami
Sniper wolf did you know the teacher has two color eyes
nard hufana
nard hufana Před 11 hodinami
I wish the teacher was nice im very disapointed to her😨😥
Oyun havasi Baki
Oyun havasi Baki Před 11 hodinami
I am crying
CloudyDrip Před 11 hodinami
why is their a good looking tv inside a classroom, don't schools have those horrible boxes
Sethule Kaseke
Sethule Kaseke Před 12 hodinami
I'm in grade six my teacher in grade 4 was like this
faridah ismail
faridah ismail Před 13 hodinami
Im gonna punch that teachers face You cannot treat kids like this If they grown up it will be the same.. Pls dont do this evryone
Hannah Dewar
Hannah Dewar Před 14 hodinami
Thank you for posting that. It meant a lot to me.
Mackenzie Morrison
Mackenzie Morrison Před 15 hodinami
Was the teacher calling her self a worthless piece of paper
World of Nature
World of Nature Před 17 hodinami
Im criying in my room
Aditri N
Aditri N Před 17 hodinami
I have a sweater and a pair of jeans just like Maria, and I thought it actually looked good. Then this woman comes along and says it's ugly 😳
Aldrick Letto
Aldrick Letto Před 18 hodinami
A jerk
Johnaton Nunez
Johnaton Nunez Před 19 hodinami
I just want to give Maria the biggest and tightest hug ever !! Such a beautiful kid !
Singer man of the Singer Sing every time
That teacher is a hater
Rithunand Rakesh
Rithunand Rakesh Před 20 hodinami
We gucci
Aizcky Penales
Aizcky Penales Před 20 hodinami
lany box watch this to
Taste Man
Taste Man Před 20 hodinami
That 20 dollar wig....
Faze Up
Faze Up Před 20 hodinami
How the hell did she not cry
Aiden Anderson
Aiden Anderson Před 21 hodinou
Im not crying your crying 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Adam Seezar
Adam Seezar Před 21 hodinou
Hey my names Adam
Steven Cannon
Steven Cannon Před 22 hodinami
It should be money money money money!!!!!
Azubuike Ware
Azubuike Ware Před 23 hodinami
im crying
Francis Silva
Francis Silva Před 23 hodinami
Francis Silva
Francis Silva Před 23 hodinami
Colby Sternicki
Colby Sternicki Před dnem
Zuleyka Mendoza
Zuleyka Mendoza Před dnem
Is sad..
Gina Rodriguez
Gina Rodriguez Před dnem
If my teacher be rude to me I would have gone to another school
Efi Agapiou
Efi Agapiou Před dnem
It made my cry 🥺💔
Reborn baby peanut Johnson
I would be like f**k off and I’m calling to I’m calling my mom and going to the office and say I’m gonna rip that girls hair off
*Mangle_ Endo*
*Mangle_ Endo* Před dnem
Gamerellyz Před dnem
No my teacher
Alexander Ordonez
Babe sorry por equivocarme🙈🐀🐑 usar my ex for my benefits I love for always have my back I promise I will try be a Best I can I love you love 🌅💌😍
sonic Mario plush productions
Teacher: that is a worthless peace of paper Me:good it's just like you you are a worthless peace of used paper
Ki_e22 Před dnem
Omg she’s my favorite 😭🦋💖💖💖
•Miss Randøm•
I'm not crying my eyes are just raining 😔
Sharyl Dickason
Sharyl Dickason Před dnem
Khalid Sheelil
Khalid Sheelil Před dnem
jayden Johnson
jayden Johnson Před dnem
Is sleeping. She ok
Lillian Squire
Lillian Squire Před dnem
the teacher should feel ashamed
Imani Kodila
Imani Kodila Před dnem
Hi sniperwolf I hope you know you make everyone's day better
Lillian Squire
Lillian Squire Před dnem
man that teacher mean
Lillian Squire
Lillian Squire Před dnem
poor little kid
kammorie Fortnite
Love your vids keep it up
Dan Krueger
Dan Krueger Před dnem
Miss teacher lady 😂
Athlon 8 airborne gaming
its embarrassing how the 40 to 50 year old teacher is making fun of some 10 year old lol
Makayla Henry
Makayla Henry Před dnem
My teacher didn’t like me At all
Heather Macantan
Heather Macantan Před dnem
OK the important in Christmas is shere caring not can I have this I like this
Watching at morning squad and you remember u at school
Keith Stone
Keith Stone Před dnem
I bet mr. Freeze about the biggest amount of guilt when she read the note
Farzana Waseem
Farzana Waseem Před dnem
When teacher was i was crying i was like hahahahaha😂😂😂😂
School Account
School Account Před dnem
ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhh burn
Joshua Newton
Joshua Newton Před dnem
Joshua Newton
Joshua Newton Před dnem
Joshua Newton
Joshua Newton Před dnem
It’s not good to bulky
Joshua Newton
Joshua Newton Před dnem
And mean
Valda Carwin
Valda Carwin Před dnem
Awe so sad
Tajrian Hossain
Tajrian Hossain Před dnem
Santa Teacher: Maria What Are You Wearing Maria: Dark Blue Shirt Santa Teacher: I Told You To Wear Nice To Christmas
Dina Gonzalez
Dina Gonzalez Před dnem
Јована Куриш
I know how is she feeling my teacher was always thinking im poor because i was didnt go on sea when was school holidays and i was hate my teacher because of that. But now when i going in fifth grade nobody of my teachers dont think that and they are kind on other kids like and on me👍❤😜
Nocternalizer Před dnem
I love when u go hehe
Ocêán Cloūd
Ocêán Cloūd Před dnem
Maria: This is for ME Me: bruh IT SAYS TO MARIA
CAM- MAN Před dnem
4:58 I'll be calling my mom to pick me up without permission if this happened! She just snatched her toy due to not bringing a gift o.o
Renae Cassidy
Renae Cassidy Před dnem
Renae Cassidy
Renae Cassidy Před dnem
Eik Lee Foo
Eik Lee Foo Před dnem
I agree with the teacher.. No chips is the worst feeling ever
Erin Galloway
Erin Galloway Před dnem
I love the ending
Sofia kambo
Sofia kambo Před dnem
Hi ssniper wolf
Dhilan Trivedi
Dhilan Trivedi Před dnem
No one: Lia: I’ll snatch your wig!
peachy_pink sahmer
Hey at least the poor girl had something to give like the note is ok but like having a teacher like that is super super bad at least she had something to give you can see she has no money until the teacher gave her some gifts
jl fresco
jl fresco Před dnem
SSSsinper wolf you did a savage alert at 1:18 to 1:21 and don't judge the book by its cover
tantan D'Ultimate gamer
that small tree was the crismas tree
Buttercup Pom Pom
Hello, I am Butter cup the Pomeranian, I bless you with happiness, love, and most importantly, snuggles and protection! For no cost at all,
Agata D
Agata D Před dnem
Teacher: You can be the last in line to eat. Me: BISH WHAT, YOU CANT DO THAT >:(
P.B Gaming
P.B Gaming Před dnem
Kim Angeline Llavore
SSSniperwolf: you sure its her? ruining the photo? and not that thirty dollar wig *me dabs* me: SNIPERWOLF COMING IN WITH A !BOOM!
Cherry Caroline
Cherry Caroline Před dnem
Me if i was one of the student: Miss i don't like chips i like PIZZA AND COOKIE I REAALY LIKE THEM
anoopchacko k
anoopchacko k Před dnem
•Pokemon Pikachu•
My face: Mom's face: Maria's face: Tears
Kareem Underwood
Kareem Underwood Před dnem
I swear I would scream at her like I don't even know
Kareem Underwood
Kareem Underwood Před dnem
Did this teacher just say that
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