Talking to Strangers

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I sure am glad I never have to talk to strangers :^)
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7. 06. 2019

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StickMan Hype!
StickMan Hype! Před hodinou
Stranger: Hi. James: How. James: *jumps out window and dies*
Maxolen 0
Maxolen 0 Před hodinou
Mi magyarok nagyon jól tudjuk, hogy mi történik, ha a boltba megkérdezel egy eladót. "Úr isten, hát oda van írva" (már ha vannak itt magyarok, bár miért ne lennének)
Arda Baki
Arda Baki Před 2 hodinami
Me: Hello James: * THINKING İNTENSİFİES * The same James : How
Lucia Murphy
Lucia Murphy Před 2 hodinami
Where I live our buses only have 2 seats, then an isle break - so no hard choices! ;)
Нурислам Алиев
Привет Джеймс я из Дагестана и даже здесь смотрят твои видео
Absurd Kraken
Absurd Kraken Před 2 hodinami
i just realized james kinda roasts morgz in this video..
let ALJACK explain Studio AL
can you put Timtom in one of the drawing games video
Mikey mad
Mikey mad Před 2 hodinami
Thanks james for making me laugh on the saddest days
Shauna Anthony
Shauna Anthony Před 2 hodinami
Terlik63style Před 2 hodinami
Play gartic io with Jaiden Domics something else yt and İtsAlexClark
mirahsan2 Před 2 hodinami
Stay quiet and move when you can
Amiwitos Lop
Amiwitos Lop Před 2 hodinami
Hola james tengo una duda existencial ¿entiendes el español?
Fallen Angel
Fallen Angel Před 2 hodinami
Lol the duck song 😂
Tyler Powers
Tyler Powers Před 2 hodinami
You don't work on your birthday month!? Damn, where can I get an application?
Roseann George
Roseann George Před 2 hodinami
Brian Ponce
Brian Ponce Před 2 hodinami
Is 3:46 a Jojo reference
Dana Vargas
Dana Vargas Před 2 hodinami
Yooo MRBEAST's friend BOUGT UR BOOK!!!!! and it was inthe wild in the walmart wild
Owen Raefield
Owen Raefield Před 2 hodinami
This is how many times James said STOP TOUCHING MY SHOULDER!!!!!!!!! 👇
Extreme Demolition
Extreme Demolition Před 3 hodinami
1: I kissed a girl 2:I went to bed i dreamed 3: I woke up 4: I realised Now read it 4,1,2,3
Hey It's Mckenzie
Hey It's Mckenzie Před 3 hodinami
Hey James. I'm just starting 8th grade and a beginner (and horrible) when it comes to Animation and drawing online. Got any advice for me?
Tatiana Baptiste
Tatiana Baptiste Před 3 hodinami
I saw you on a target add
lalo- kera
lalo- kera Před 3 hodinami
Max dubs :v
Candy Pop
Candy Pop Před 3 hodinami
haha very funny the video, the truth is that something happened to me so I remember that I sit in the middle of two people and when the guy on the low side I get off at the next stop to avoid that uncomfortable moment ... the truth is that I am not very sociable and I prefer to be alone, and good that's my anecdote goodbye :3
doom 76
doom 76 Před 3 hodinami
Zaid Asif
Zaid Asif Před 3 hodinami
My favourite jokes in the video: -Duck Song -James is a Furry -Alex v James Chess Boxing
Lwicko 123
Lwicko 123 Před 3 hodinami
My birthday is MAY 14 TOOOO AHHH.
Lucy Griffiths
Lucy Griffiths Před 4 hodinami
I can relate to this.🤪
Ellen Sullivan
Ellen Sullivan Před 4 hodinami
But what if you were I’ll seat guy then middle seat guy goes do you move or not. Then if you moved that says you like them wow I’d jump out the window I mean you would do that
chleana loretcha
chleana loretcha Před 4 hodinami
the duck songs
Andrenaline Studios
Andrenaline Studios Před 4 hodinami
1:52 is morgz
Hashtag Special
Hashtag Special Před 4 hodinami
I loved this.
some user k
some user k Před 4 hodinami
May is my birthday month :0
Dragon Ball Super Duper
Dragon Ball Super Duper Před 4 hodinami
0:16 I remember that shirt you wore and you said it came from good will
PewterWalnut2 Před 4 hodinami
James just to say idk if this is something it could be you but I got an ad thats next to the video I’m watching and it said odd1sout.com and it was clothing and it looked fake Just to notify
gacha kitten
gacha kitten Před 4 hodinami
James are you going to vidcon if you are be aware of the reed hood she or he is planning something big
Eveangleion Morrow
Eveangleion Morrow Před 5 hodinami
Can you meet gamethery Please
Chaz Alicea
Chaz Alicea Před 5 hodinami
When are you going to talk about the pinewood derby
Eveangleion Morrow
Eveangleion Morrow Před 5 hodinami
Hi oddonesout I subscribed P.S. I'm 10yearsold and I'm allmost starting puperty hears my name Evangelion you can call me Evee for short :). P.S. My big brother uriel and he hasint even started puperty and he is 11
wogi playzs
wogi playzs Před 5 hodinami
Yooooo! You ve had 11m sub you grown alooooooot
lolbit plush Productions
lolbit plush Productions Před 5 hodinami
*JuSt StOp TuChIng My ShOlDer*
Jordon Logan
Jordon Logan Před 5 hodinami
John Doe is the name you would give a BOY who is unnamed and Jane Doe is the name you would give a unnamed GIRL
Mr. Hoxworth
Mr. Hoxworth Před 5 hodinami
Hey janes could you post all of the go pro from the airsoft battle royale please
Ved Matai
Ved Matai Před 5 hodinami
Hey james why isn't your dad in any of your videos
Firetwins Fan!!
Firetwins Fan!! Před 5 hodinami
0:53 When I’m Poor
Josh Krahn
Josh Krahn Před 5 hodinami
theres a game called painted plummet and u are in it u also have a theme song (not life is fun) just search wear your seatbelt! + math attack
Carlos Martinez
Carlos Martinez Před 6 hodinami
I got your book from Barnes & Noble the odd ones out
Jeremy Gerena
Jeremy Gerena Před 6 hodinami
Amanda Luna
Amanda Luna Před 6 hodinami
U know how u made that dark crystal episode im pretty sure on netflix there making a new one just to let u know if u don't. and if u see it can u make a video on it
Jeremy Gerena
Jeremy Gerena Před 6 hodinami
Why does James talk about his father James tell us
themanwhoPlays y
themanwhoPlays y Před 6 hodinami
themanwhoPlays y
themanwhoPlays y Před 6 hodinami
The captions make it lowkey funnier
Amber B.
Amber B. Před 6 hodinami
you were on snapchat. On try not to. 😰😱 im shook
ItsUwUsaladgurl Salad face
Eva Batchelor
Eva Batchelor Před 6 hodinami
Sooo, is nobody gonna talk about the duck song reference? Ok then...
HenWithaPen Před 6 hodinami
7:35 "I don't work on my birthday month" James is GOALS 👌🏾
Keeley McKenney
Keeley McKenney Před 6 hodinami
But i wear anime shirts in public-
Shawn Perez
Shawn Perez Před 6 hodinami
You:*moves Window seat guy:why
Mark Bomm
Mark Bomm Před 6 hodinami
Avalon RayAwesome
Avalon RayAwesome Před 6 hodinami
James, Your an amazing artist, And your sosoooooooo funny. I just wanted to say, but I think I may be your biggest fan! Please pin this comment, thumbs up it, or even reply or post your thoughts on it on the reply’s.
lopezgaming the og
lopezgaming the og Před 6 hodinami
James is SomethingElseyt your brother
Reilly Před 7 hodinami
I got your book and it’s SO good so far
Thesuperheroworld Mc
Thesuperheroworld Mc Před 7 hodinami
my b day is may 7
Hudson Hery
Hudson Hery Před 7 hodinami
i love the part where you are like " Then I jumped out a window and fell to my death."
Hudson Hery
Hudson Hery Před 7 hodinami
your so funny i love your vids ( also how much does the animation drawing thing that you have to make these videos cost )
Mariogamer64/fortnite pro
Mariogamer64/fortnite pro Před 7 hodinami
But theodd1sout is my favorite Anime
Clutch InHD
Clutch InHD Před 7 hodinami
The mighty mar- I mean oddonesout
kyle mellor
kyle mellor Před 7 hodinami
Is James a... FLAT EARTHER?!
Braian Regalado
Braian Regalado Před 7 hodinami
Soy de Argentina dale like(a este comentario) sabes hablar español
Konoha Před 7 hodinami
2:04 Hello My Name is John Doe
Dustin Whitaker
Dustin Whitaker Před 7 hodinami
Watch Endigo
ColeBrosEnt Před 7 hodinami
Mr.James I Love Your Vids And I Actually Made A Character Named Danny Also How Can You Tell Me How To Send Pictures On CSvid
Firestream11 Před 7 hodinami
When James gets old will he call himself TheOld1sOut
Naruto Uzamaki Of The Hidden Leaf Village
But I wear Dragonball shirts in public..
Issa Ahmed
Issa Ahmed Před 8 hodinami
artjet1 Před 8 hodinami
James I have been so lonely I also have my birthday on may
Aden Jeremiah white
Aden Jeremiah white Před 8 hodinami
You should play a game on app store called Roblox please ill sub to you
PICKLE RICK Před 8 hodinami
Wait. Think for a moment if you don't know someone they probably don't know who you are. So that makes both of you strangers. Strangers are bad so..... "ARE WE THE BADDIES?"
Sans Van
Sans Van Před 8 hodinami
Haha not
Karel Adam
Karel Adam Před 8 hodinami
Wolf Mastermind88
Wolf Mastermind88 Před 8 hodinami
6:07 my favorite
Mom Sanchez
Mom Sanchez Před 8 hodinami
Jimena Jimenez
Jimena Jimenez Před 8 hodinami
G Man
G Man Před 8 hodinami
Happy late B-day James, thank you so much again for what you do.
Rigel's fun and adventures
Jamie Bronson
Jamie Bronson Před 8 hodinami
Jamie Bronson
Jamie Bronson Před 8 hodinami
Really Jon doe
MK Plazs
MK Plazs Před 9 hodinami
can you sub to me please
Sans172723 RBLX
Sans172723 RBLX Před 9 hodinami
Me : help somebody is threatening to kill me
JJiscool488 Před 9 hodinami
This is made 1 day after my 7th birthday
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki Před 9 hodinami
I have a question.. How do i give you a fan art i made? Please i really want to show you how i draw! And i just want to say that your drawing style is amazing and i tryed to draw like you and its REALLY harder than I thought.
I ain’t cool Hi
I ain’t cool Hi Před 9 hodinami
Dear James I am coming to Arizona my trip starts tomorrow so I wish we could meet up
Cormac Steffann
Cormac Steffann Před 9 hodinami
When I watched this video I noticed that this video has more views than James’s subscribers
Kalamaroe Před 9 hodinami
0:15 when James draws a character that somewhat resembles him.
TheGaming ZCatZ
TheGaming ZCatZ Před 9 hodinami
I relate so much. i HATE it when i touch other people, i don’t like talking to employees cause i feel like I’m bothering them, and i hate returning stuff someone gave me that i don’t want.
oh yea yea
oh yea yea Před 9 hodinami
Why do you always say you should always wear a seat belt
Kenneth OMG
Kenneth OMG Před 9 hodinami
Kenneth OMG
Kenneth OMG Před 9 hodinami
Do your moth moveing
Sara Hourigan
Sara Hourigan Před 9 hodinami
When he says that he's lonely 5 minutes later he talks about Adam
Mr Csgo
Mr Csgo Před 9 hodinami
Merhaba James umarım günün iyi geçiyordur bana yardım edebilirmisin bu dünyada bi işte çalışıp para kazanmak ve yeni bir bilgisayar almak istiyorum ama babam buna asla izin vermiyor tavsiyen varmı nasıl ikna edebilirim bu arada ben türküm ve liseye başladım yani bazı yerlerde çalışa bilirim doğru deyil mı?
LAUREDA PICKENS Před 9 hodinami
We are Young life is Fun
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