Talking to Strangers

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I sure am glad I never have to talk to strangers :^)
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100k subs challenge jcjzb
100k subs challenge jcjzb Před 6 hodinami
Move or you will get sick
Simon the Beast \Brawl stars
0:53 noice
Kasidy Salamandyk
Kasidy Salamandyk Před 8 hodinami
Muhammad Lorgat
Muhammad Lorgat Před 11 hodinami
5:32 got me
yuriy paul
yuriy paul Před 12 hodinami
Corona gang 2020
Marko Dizon
Marko Dizon Před 12 hodinami
Vanilla Rice
Vanilla Rice Před 12 hodinami
3:46 jojo reference
George Lamas
George Lamas Před 15 hodinami
in the remix I thought this a story vid where someone just kept touching him
Ruushi Berry
Ruushi Berry Před 15 hodinami
Hey I love anime! 😤
RevPar Ravager
RevPar Ravager Před 15 hodinami
The perfect example of overhyping fears about "Strangers" is the "Stranger Danger" panic of the 80s and 90s. Everyone would tell little kids to not talk to Strangers, not take Candy from Strangers, not to get into cars with Strangers, etc. While those last few are seemingly good sense if you REALLY think about it they are monumentally stupid. First off...the whole "children getting kidnapped and molested by Strangers thing"...complete and utter fiction. I mean sure there is the statistical possibility that some random crazy pedophile is out there plotting to do harm to innocent children and actually carrying it out but the OVERWHELMING incidence of genuine harm to children was, is and likely shall always be coming not from "Strangers" (*insert spooky oooooo sound*) but from those people with whom they are already associated. Now while telling your kid "Now little Timmy, if some random man pulls up to you on the street and asks you to get into his car you should scream and run for help" may sound like good advice, it would certainly put quite a crimp in the cab and ride share marketplace... If you tell your kid to not share their personal info with random weirdos on the internet and NEVER go to meet someone from the Internet without bringing your parents along, then I guess there goes Internet Dating... My point is that, kidding aside, the Fear of Strangers is usually way overblown compared to the actual threat or even just 'ickiness' of Strangers. We all trust Strangers with our lives every day and until you really stop and think about it you dont realize it. You certainly trust the Stranger driving the bus.We drive on roads surrounded by random Strangers at high speed in metal objects, we get on planes (maybe not now) and trust Strangers to fly it, We rely on Strangers to handle our food properly at Supermarkets and Restaraunts. We do all these things protected by the thin veneer of Trust that we all use to comfort ourselves.
Joseph Trabado
Joseph Trabado Před 15 hodinami
It's better to have people on your back and not to become lonely. Because we are all equal, and that's what matters
WarClan 1982
WarClan 1982 Před 16 hodinami
JoJo reference lol
Goodzone Před 16 hodinami
That's the most funniest video on CSvid! Still!
Goodzone Před 16 hodinami
"I had an option to say "Hello" and "How is it going" and I combine these two into one and ended up saying - "How"?!
blue uzamaki
blue uzamaki Před 16 hodinami
James us mean I wish he could be nicer
Bernadette Jeanchilles
Bernadette Jeanchilles Před 18 hodinami
Why is he the only one that’s naked
Alisher Khassanov
Alisher Khassanov Před 19 hodinami
Alisher Khassanov
Alisher Khassanov Před 19 hodinami
itsreal MeZoX
itsreal MeZoX Před 19 hodinami
0:27 i will mive a little Just as much to make that person think that im just getting comfy But not entirely to next chair
Kahliq Clinkscales
Kahliq Clinkscales Před 20 hodinami
He knows he Adam why something I T
Jed angelo Losentes
Jed angelo Losentes Před 21 hodinou
Give me HOTDOG pls i don't want a candy
Jim Kennedy
Jim Kennedy Před 22 hodinami
Coke on the name tag on The stranger it says John doe 7:40
Elder Dragon Highlander
Elder Dragon Highlander Před 22 hodinami
m... middle urinal? James? Are you feeling ok? Every guy knows the middle urinal is illegal.
DARK Zombie
DARK Zombie Před 22 hodinami
I love him u drew the earth flat
Mateo Reyes
Mateo Reyes Před dnem
If you think about it your friends were strangers 👀👀
SpLiTZ IB Před dnem
Leia Creates
Leia Creates Před dnem
I haven’t seen this one as much as the other videos... I watched this one like, three times???
Leia Creates
Leia Creates Před dnem
Oh btw I am an ax murdurer!!! I kill axes!!! Muhahahahahahaha
Princess Twilight
All you have to do is say: hear let me give you some space
TJMaster OV
TJMaster OV Před dnem
Angus Clarke
Angus Clarke Před dnem
I got your book at my warehouse. 10 outa 10 book by the way
Zonik Kek
Zonik Kek Před dnem
Class, super.
Eliška Chalupníková
mostly we have only two seats beside each other on buses so .. still, I rather stand
Chickyn Monkey
Chickyn Monkey Před dnem
6:20 HA HA HA.
Ryan Blackwood
Ryan Blackwood Před dnem
Whenever I see someone in the street I immediately think they're gonna kidnap me and if they talk to me I start running
Mateo Hernández C.
locdown binge list bruh
in the animation wood 214
Hay that's rush
Eize De Vries
Eize De Vries Před dnem
F#ck jou james....
June is typíng . . .
“I think that strangers are just friends you haven’t met” -Star from Star vs the forces of evil
Legends of Sports
Nightmare Fredbear
We’re all family because the first person married a girl and there children got children and they got children and it continues on and on
Bharat Mehta
Bharat Mehta Před dnem
Roblox John doe find it!! It is there
Charmander Před dnem
Are you a furry
Mohd Adam Mail
Mohd Adam Mail Před dnem
Just sit there wait for window sit guy gone
SOHellKite Před dnem
hey i always were anime shirts in public
RedBladeBlocks :is on roblox
I licked your phone number
RedBladeBlocks :is on roblox
I just look your phone number
RedBladeBlocks :is on roblox
People pic
RedBladeBlocks :is on roblox
People have to vote yes or no
RedBladeBlocks :is on roblox
Pick yes or no
RedBladeBlocks :is on roblox
I will leak your phone number
RedBladeBlocks :is on roblox
i have your phone number
You mean....stay away from the *odd1sout?*
RedskellyYT Před dnem
3:46 JoJo meme
Ezraeil Před dnem
at 2:22 slow it down to 25
Isabel Aguilera
Isabel Aguilera Před dnem
um i should not talk to unkown ppl T-T i rather sit with a unkown ppl ;;-;
Shelly Boyce
Shelly Boyce Před dnem
No One: Literally no one: Not even the bus driver: COVID:19 : SUPRISE MOTHERF***ERS
Guia Vee
Guia Vee Před dnem
My birthday is may
Evie Allen
Evie Allen Před dnem
Random SUKA BLYAT Před 2 dny
Me: Hey Jame- James: *how*
A Animation fan girl
How... is going lol
Tristan Sanchez Padilla
i'm a weird one :"(
joakim paul
joakim paul Před 2 dny
kanse du kan lage super mario epesod
Issac Hiram
Issac Hiram Před 2 dny
Talk about the toy you wanted when you you were a kid
joakim paul
joakim paul Před 2 dny
jeg elsker TheOdd1sOut
Dania Ahmed
Dania Ahmed Před 2 dny
David pattison
David pattison Před 2 dny
me: hello. james: how?
Angie Lilly
Angie Lilly Před 2 dny
my birthday moth is also in may
Jacob W
Jacob W Před 2 dny
wait this was 11 months ago what
Glitter Girl
Glitter Girl Před 2 dny
Don't worry about being awkward, because everyone is weird! -James 2019
Zibnee Mono
Zibnee Mono Před 17 hodinami
When I looked at ur comment he just said that 🤣
Nadie acá va a entender lo que escribo UwU intenten adivinar
Joel K
Joel K Před 2 dny
Ur dog die
Brodie Před 2 dny
this came out on my birthday
inc_S4ns Před 2 dny
Theres corona virus disease Co rona vi rus d isease 20 19 Means covid 19
Purx Před 2 dny
Elementa Summers
Elementa Summers Před 2 dny
everyone turn on the captions its very weird
BunnyBoy66 Před 2 dny
Pearl Terry
Pearl Terry Před 2 dny
Now I realize most of the editors are self-conscious about their selves and stuff
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