Talking to Strangers

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I sure am glad I never have to talk to strangers :^)
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7. 06. 2019

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Komentáře 96 512
Flamingo Fanboy
Flamingo Fanboy Před 2 hodinami
First part is me in church every time
inklingkid BOI
inklingkid BOI Před 2 hodinami
shrek man
Thomas White
Thomas White Před 3 hodinami
8:36 Furry? The same character has been shown in other episodes, is he hiding something?
Sergio Gaytan
Sergio Gaytan Před 5 hodinami
Wait what
daplushtuber 887
daplushtuber 887 Před 2 hodinami
BISCUITS AND GRAVY Před 5 hodinami
6:20 H O W?
C.O.B Productions
C.O.B Productions Před 5 hodinami
Me: lil courage James:yep why Me: *POURS SO MUCH COURAGE ON JAMES James: YEEEEEEEEET
AlyssaPlays Roblox
AlyssaPlays Roblox Před 6 hodinami
Mom Schroeder
Mom Schroeder Před 6 hodinami
I 💗💓❤u so muuuuuuuuuccccccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U make me laugh 😂 so hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😘😍🥰😅🤣😁😀😉! Luv u odd1sout!😘😘😘😘😘😘💖💝💘💓💗💕❣❤💞💟
Eric Powell
Eric Powell Před 6 hodinami
hi my name is johnny can you give idvice
Sophia Snyder
Sophia Snyder Před 6 hodinami
I love your videos every day I watch it on my phone I watch it on my TV
Nivar_Creed Před 7 hodinami
Damn, I have One Piece shirt, and I love it... I guess I'm weird guy xD
Chips Před 7 hodinami
MR YAZAN XD Před 8 hodinami
I always sit next to.mam
amazing Lovers
amazing Lovers Před 8 hodinami
I have that book the book that you wrote
TOL Před 8 hodinami
3:27 they point to it and it’s right in front of you
MlgAlex 1983
MlgAlex 1983 Před 9 hodinami
Dr. Ketchup
Dr. Ketchup Před 9 hodinami
2:25 ah yes, 5 inches tall
Hollow UwU
Hollow UwU Před 10 hodinami
I love animators but my favorite is Theodd1sout and SomethingelseYT and jaiden animations ANDDD Shuggur
Moto Moto
Moto Moto Před 10 hodinami
I have a story similar to the bus story but on a train But this time there are empty seat next to me then this 17-19 year old sits nest ti me and starts look at my phone and talking to people I dot want to sit next to him because he is being obnoxious and I want to have more space but I didn’t want him to take offence because I don’t like confrontation. I managed to move across one seat in a matter of 15 mins Am I weird
Ethan Ngo
Ethan Ngo Před 10 hodinami
*inserts clip of kid punching James in the face at Vidcon*
Isabella Leone
Isabella Leone Před 10 hodinami
0:53 lmao the shirt now says ‘don’t body shame me, BB’
toothless sister Raven
toothless sister Raven Před 10 hodinami
XD i love your videos
deadR041306s lol
deadR041306s lol Před 11 hodinami
John doe is a hacker on Roblox
Jack Mason
Jack Mason Před 11 hodinami
i wear anime
Total Domination
Total Domination Před 11 hodinami
𝕐𝕒𝕪! 𝕊𝕠𝕞𝕖𝕠𝕟𝕖 𝕖𝕝𝕤𝕖 𝕝𝕚𝕜𝕖 𝕞𝕖!
Тимур Болычев
Тимур Болычев Před 12 hodinami
Лайкайте кто из России
Freya Bawarshi
Freya Bawarshi Před 12 hodinami
6:19 had me dieng🤣
THE River Ross
THE River Ross Před 12 hodinami
James’ ID: Mr. Odd1sOut Race: Whyte Height: 420 in. Sign: *bubble figure smile*
Lollipop GLMV
Lollipop GLMV Před 13 hodinami
Turn on captions, thank me later ;)
Jorge Buitrago
Jorge Buitrago Před 13 hodinami
When he said then he walked away I was literally thinking of the duck song and then when singing it and then i thought I was telepathic
SushiRice 6
SushiRice 6 Před 13 hodinami
James in Buying Clothes: don’t judge people based on their clothing. That’s like the most shallow thing you can do. James in this video: YES IM TELLING YOU TO JUDGE PEOPLE BY THIER APPEARANCE THEIR THE ONE THAT CHISE TO WEAR AN ANIME SHIRT IN PUBLICC OKK
Chrisshawn Stroman
Chrisshawn Stroman Před 15 hodinami
😂😂😂 the duck song
Sebastian Sobiecki
Sebastian Sobiecki Před 15 hodinami
2:27 Chara Easter egg Undertale
Faithfully Weird
Faithfully Weird Před 15 hodinami
This is basically me in a nutshell... and I saw your book at Barnes and Noble!!!
Sukhwant Bassan
Sukhwant Bassan Před 16 hodinami
It’s also my bday month mine is on 28
Nathaniel Sawich
Nathaniel Sawich Před 16 hodinami
Go on to safari and search up theodd1sout and go to image
Hatris Před 17 hodinami
Moral of the story; stand.
ERroR__ Před 17 hodinami
690K.... niiiceee
Neko The GrumpyCat
Neko The GrumpyCat Před 18 hodinami
Yeah i am look like this guy too i fear to talk with another people it is very hard life without talking with another people T_T
Neko The GrumpyCat
Neko The GrumpyCat Před 18 hodinami
and i am lonely
Laura Před 18 hodinami
I don’t have Home Depot
Laura Před 18 hodinami
I bought the book you made James rallson
sky lambert
sky lambert Před 18 hodinami
I like the window seat
Bonnieplayz 2018
Bonnieplayz 2018 Před 19 hodinami
............. I don’t have a bus ticket 🎫
Nolan Odoms
Nolan Odoms Před 21 hodinou
Fuck you anybody can wear anim shirts
Doggo Biscuits
Doggo Biscuits Před 21 hodinou
Roch Yves
Roch Yves Před 21 hodinou
Hey James can you give me one of your books and I live in Canada so you're going to have to get your mailman to fly to Canada and my street is 10200 146th Street okay bye
Fandom Human
Fandom Human Před 21 hodinou
*”JUST STOP TOUCHING MY SHOULDER”* *james has just Made a random guy petrified*
xXCrystal BlossomXx
xXCrystal BlossomXx Před 22 hodinami
James: just a meat eater so
Турал Гаджиев
Турал Гаджиев Před 23 hodinami
It's nice 😄
Felix Pal
Felix Pal Před 23 hodinami
690k likes Nice
Eddie Mattinson
Eddie Mattinson Před dnem
Guys so I was looking for the bible but instead I bought a book by a youtuber
Angst Alice
Angst Alice Před dnem
Th-,,, The jojo reference
jacob pihama
jacob pihama Před dnem
I now that song!!!!!!!!!
JustAMeme Před dnem
J: ust A: M: an E: ating S: ooubway
King Kyah
King Kyah Před dnem
It’s normal almost every one goes through this you just have to let go of what other people think of you because it’s easy for this to make people feel different and it can have an effect on your life
Angel Blue
Angel Blue Před dnem
At 2:28 he says you never get the time to know them, because you died. Pls don’t kill me for this
Hermie john Satojito
That happens to me too
Anime Furry squad
I make fun of my self for being awkward soooo... am I an a-hole?
Joel Guerrero
Joel Guerrero Před dnem
I thought he meant I should be gay 🏳️‍🌈lol 😭
The video is at 690k likes and 96k comments this is amazing
Zachary Shevchuk
Zachary Shevchuk Před dnem
*and the duck walked up to the lemonade stand, and he said to the man runnin the stand. HEY. Bum bum bum.. got any grapes..* *No we don’t have any grapes be we sell lomonade. It’s good fresh and it’s all homeade!!*
Clarissa XD
Clarissa XD Před dnem
*STop ToUchInG mAH ShoUldERs!!*
Carter Hughes
Carter Hughes Před dnem
StOp toUcHinG My ShouLDeRS
Life and Rice Animation
buying something because i didnt want people to think i stole something.... Thats how i got my sick stuffed unicorn collection.
Jaevyon Panyasiri
He spelled Home Depot right
Isai Saavedra
Isai Saavedra Před dnem
Am i the only one who saw 420 on hes id?
Akira Toro
Akira Toro Před dnem
Freck you James I'm gonna wear all the anime shirts in public!
joshsocoollfc Před dnem
In my Barnes & Nobles it was in the Adult Comedy section. :/
Jack Klee
Jack Klee Před dnem
The fact that there is nobody in the middle seat means that they probably moved
**THE BIG H** Před dnem
This guy needs more subs
Gabija Milkintaite
Make money out of them ayyyooooo
Abdalla Mohammed
Abdalla Mohammed Před dnem
Moahmad Usama
Moahmad Usama Před dnem
7:14 flat earther lol
Shiny. Sonic
Shiny. Sonic Před dnem
Everytime I go on Instagram I get ads for your merch and I just wanted to say thank you because it got rid of all the bad ads from my feed
Dylan Wheat
Dylan Wheat Před dnem
just a clever guy
Shut up Nigge
Loser Emma
Loser Emma Před dnem
Once I was in walmart I had a blue jacket on (I'm 12) and this midled aged man came up to me twice asking about stuff even tho I told him I didn't work there
KEН YT Před dnem
Есть кто русский?
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