Taking The Emergency Exit From A Wind Turbine

Tom Scott
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Wind turbines have emergency exits, but they might not be for the reason you think. • Thanks to Octopus Energy: octopus.energy/octopus-fan-club/ (This video isn't sponsored, but obviously they did let me go up their wind turbine.)

Drone camera: Tom Francone
Edited by Michelle Martin (@mrsmmartin)

Thanks very much to all the team at Octopus Energy and EWT!

Filmed safely: www.tomscott.com/safe/

I'm at tomscott.com
on Twitter at twitter.com/tomscott
on Facebook at facebook.com/tomscott
and on Instagram as tomscottgo

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3. 05. 2021





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Tom Scott
Tom Scott Před měsícem
I couldn't find a way to fit this into the video, but rather wonderfully, this turbine is called Octopus Energy's "#1 Fan". Thanks to all the team there, and the rope access team at EWT. This wasn't sponsored, and Octopus had no control over the final video, but obviously they did let me go up their conveniently-branded wind turbine in an effort to boost their brand. (If any other companies would like to show me around their conveniently-branded spectacular facilities, they should definitely get in touch...!)
Thomas Dickson
Thomas Dickson Před 20 dny
@BrutalSwede The explanation makes sense, but I've never made a CSvid video because I don't want to, so I don't actually know how it works 😁
Fun Awesome
Fun Awesome Před 23 dny
Fusion Online
Fusion Online Před 26 dny
Braydon Williams
Braydon Williams Před 26 dny
Bvvv me vß
TrustGoat Před 27 dny
You didn’t fall 😒
Flies2FLL Před 29 minutami
You literally could not pay me enough to work on one of those things!
CASUAL OBSERVER Před 3 hodinami
That fall catching slider is based from the same principle of a sprag in an automatic transmission. It will allow a shaft to turn only in one direction.
Jaime Coburn
Jaime Coburn Před 6 hodinami
You can have that.
Javier Torres
Javier Torres Před 9 hodinami
I often wonder how many dead birds are at the bottom of those things. Bird strikes are constant in some areas.
Alexeut Před 22 hodinami
4:26 - "Happy?" ... "Happy!" > X DOUBT But I'm right there with you... figuratively... thankfully. That shit's terrifying for any well adjusted person.
Irfan Muammar
Irfan Muammar Před 2 dny
Can they fit a slide spiraling from the top instead? seems fun.
Rufs Před 2 dny
I remember absailing down a cliff after climbing (with rope). The scariest thing was looking up at the top and the second was leaning back into the ropes to abseil back down.
Stephen Ford
Stephen Ford Před 3 dny
What's not said is that the Weather is usually Windy (believe it or not !) and grey/probably raining ... So, it's not the pleasant experience portrayed here ... Furthermore, it seems that the number and extent of blade/other repairs has been so much higher than anticipated, vastly reducing the cost-effectiveness of these turbines for reasons of direct cost and aerodynamic inefficiency caused by damage ... The technology is moving on in a different direction to blades now ...
Charmaine Eng
Charmaine Eng Před 3 dny
I couldn't even jump down when there was an auto belayer on me when climbing an indoor rock wall... and that was me being about 3m off the ground. I can't imagine doing it atop THAT.
Mothman Před 4 dny
As a wind tech, huge props for getting the audio that clear inside the tower despite the reverb. I can barely understand what the guy next to me is saying half the time in person.
7B_26_Tyrant Qiu
7B_26_Tyrant Qiu Před 5 dny
I have intense acrophobia and watching this video literally made me have a panic attack
John Powell
John Powell Před 5 dny
1:43 That's a very informative, green sticker.
Outworld Studios
Outworld Studios Před 6 dny
We're lucky those ropes didn't break, otherwise Earth might have been destroyed by the impact of his massive balls.
Maggie Kandace
Maggie Kandace Před 7 dny
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Vincent Harris
Vincent Harris Před 7 dny
Luis Enriquez
Luis Enriquez Před 8 dny
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Noah Stolar
Noah Stolar Před 8 dny
idk how that whole turbine didn't come crashing down from the sheer weight of his balls. I'm sitting here getting genuine physical pains just from just WATCHING this
Ponk Před 8 dny
as always i feel like im a bit more informed after every one of your videos! thanks for following the facts so we dont have to!
wing tips
wing tips Před 8 dny
i wanna climb a wind turbine so bad
Jack Nasty
Jack Nasty Před 9 dny
I’m Nauseous just watching this
Catur lifelive
Catur lifelive Před 9 dny
thank you for sharing this information, i love it
carl joh
carl joh Před 11 dny
Nopitty nope nope nope!
Devan Key
Devan Key Před 11 dny
...anyone else sweating... goodness gracious
Shang Tsung
Shang Tsung Před 11 dny
why the fk is rope holding you getting down vs a cable wtf
spikester Před 12 dny
They can't seem to decide if they want to use ring generators or conventional gearbox designs, tells you everything you need to know about this tech.
Luz Reese
Luz Reese Před 12 dny
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rson Před 12 dny
should of done a mission impossible descent at full sprint.
Google Account
Google Account Před 12 dny
That's a good thing because I would have blacked out the moment I looked out the top!
Jure Klemenčič
Jure Klemenčič Před 13 dny
literally a dream job
Absolutely Average
Absolutely Average Před 13 dny
“It’s ok, I got two wires I’m on two wires. I got two wires I got two wires”. Ba-dum-Tsch!
Warren Cross
Warren Cross Před 13 dny
The tacky glass randomly bury because rub formerly rush around a testy box. mindless, nondescript bass
Sourin Basu
Sourin Basu Před 13 dny
4:52 Why can't we see the stick of the camera in the shot? Is it edited out or some angle by which we can't see it? Because Tom's hand and the shadow clearly shows that he's holding a stick with a camera attached to the top. This is so confusing 😵
Azrael Hex
Azrael Hex Před 13 dny
Omg I thought there was gonna be like a shaft kind of like a small elevator, but hell no id rather die than do that LMAOO
Andrew Jones
Andrew Jones Před 13 dny
Hi Tom, the answer to your question of "would emergency services climb the turbine" is probably YES. each ambulance service has a team called "HART" which stands for "Hazardous Area Response Team". They are trained for a variety of different scenarios, including rescue from water, enclosed spaces, and (in this situation) working at height. to confirm this, it may be worth putting in a FOI request to the various trusts to verify
Cale Phillips
Cale Phillips Před 13 dny
I'm a welder and metal fabricator. I repair feed bins and the bucket towers when work gets slow. No harness, no safety, climbing as much as 600ft with 40lbs of tools and grease covered hands on rusty towers held up by 1/4 cable. Somebody has to do it, and somebody has to pay.
TrutH HurTz*916
TrutH HurTz*916 Před 14 dny
My idea of an emergency exit is a parachute encased in a tin box with a glass front including a little hammer with a sign that says please break encase of emergency. Iv seen the video of the 2 men stuck at the top while a fire was brewing under them. RiP to them guys
TheOpacue Před 14 dny
1:20 how'd you film that?
Ahanaf Muttaki
Ahanaf Muttaki Před 14 dny
"....in my opinion"
Robert Gutheridge
Robert Gutheridge Před 14 dny
Ive been a wind turbine technician for 20 years. And because of the safety precautions we take it is the best job in the world
Nicholas Před 14 dny
reading the title I expected a parachute
ItsButterz Před 14 dny
I repelled when I had a huge fear of heights. I no longer have that fear :)
Richard Nightcore
Richard Nightcore Před 15 dny
there is a horror story in my country where a wind turbine cough fire while 3 people where working on it 1 persoon died in the fire in the engine room 1 persoon died in the fire on top of it and 1 persoon jumped to his dead, the is a picker on the internet of the last few minutes of those 2 hugging each other
VillaT Před 15 dny
I would have to be passed out until I got the bottom. My fear of heights wouldn’t let me do this!
Patrick Armstrong
Patrick Armstrong Před 15 dny
Heights make my balls hurt, even just watching it on youtube.
Hello Před 16 dny
Matt Mayo
Matt Mayo Před 16 dny
One of the most uncomfortable videos I’ve seen yet. My skin is still crawling and I still have a sick stomach.
Sawyer Ramos
Sawyer Ramos Před 16 dny
I had to go on a boom lift 35 feet up in the air yesterday. I HATED IT.... to feel your center of gravity shift and you have to trust the equipment....
Justin Crumpton
Justin Crumpton Před 16 dny
My testicles feel weird watching this..... And not in a good way......
23hublock1 Před 16 dny
Keep that!
Harry Schaefer
Harry Schaefer Před 16 dny
Whe I spotted this, I was shure it would involve a "base" jump.
Lucid Ferret
Lucid Ferret Před 17 dny
2:28 "to get casualties down" Im sorry what?
DextaMartijn Před 17 dny
That looked like fun
Kapish patel
Kapish patel Před 17 dny
How are you not scared howw
Invincibletro Před 17 dny
My Sphincter's Auto Clinch just activated.
Landie Man
Landie Man Před 18 dny
That looks a lot higher than 150ft!
Eard Garcia
Eard Garcia Před 18 dny
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A&A Britten
A&A Britten Před 18 dny
The not so green energy, they still have no route for disposing of wind turbine blades, they are currently being landfilled across europe and UK.
Mistah King
Mistah King Před 18 dny
That made my hands sweaty just watching the video
nesh dez
nesh dez Před 18 dny
What a thrill....
Beat Saber Player
Beat Saber Player Před 19 dny
3:03 anyone else see the box glich?
Jorge Před 19 dny
🤢 🤢🤢🤮🤮
Tommy B
Tommy B Před 19 dny
As an experienced rock climber, I still hate leaning backwards to descend
Emily Dunlap
Emily Dunlap Před 19 dny
6ft ladders are THE most dangerous ladders
Jim C
Jim C Před 19 dny
I'd need to be unconscious to do that
Nimesh Patel
Nimesh Patel Před 19 dny
The itchy vegetarian informally flash because shingle molecularly pretend till a ultra owl. simplistic, slimy shovel
chrismar29 Před 20 dny
I think it is safer to have one camera and not hold it in your hands
Eddie Arcega
Eddie Arcega Před 20 dny
It's all fun and games untill a gust blows the person descending into the blades
Claribel Penick
Claribel Penick Před 20 dny
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LAF filmfest
LAF filmfest Před 20 dny
Thats wild!!!
Oliver McKay
Oliver McKay Před 20 dny
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armybeef68 Před 20 dny
1:00 Why don't you intentionally fall and show us how it works? Scared? 2:03 Ignorance knows no bounds.
June's Outside Contact
NOPE! The people that work on these things are an anomaly to me.
Arizona Driver
Arizona Driver Před 21 dnem
Now descend with a 50 MPH wind blowing!!
Québécois Foie Gras
Québécois Foie Gras Před 21 dnem
Why do British find boring things exciting
Aquarius Před 21 dnem
4:29 *_s n i p_*
Pandora TheClay
Pandora TheClay Před 21 dnem
Tom is actually doing this and I’m getting a shiver in my bones looking at it
mark m
mark m Před 22 dny
I'm glad it will still take you down if you're unconscious, because that's what I would be after I looked down from up there🤮🤣
David G
David G Před 22 dny
that wind turbine can power 17 average homes according to google
Drew Lovelyhell
Drew Lovelyhell Před 22 dny
It's like being inside a spaceship!
YouTube-Kanal Před 22 dny
If Tom got an e-mail, 99% it's about him wanting to learn to fly.
TheSeventhChild Před 22 dny
In the more than a decade of this channel I had to wonder if Tom had somehow managed to never abseil before.
Rain Gaming278
Rain Gaming278 Před 22 dny
For some reason i thought it would be really badass and jump off with a parachute but its actually a rope which puts you in the ground safely, still a little badass ngl
jason ford
jason ford Před 22 dny
Cool stuff
shadowofthecandle Před 22 dny
Is no one talking about Tom's helmet's googly eyes??
Roselle Mariah
Roselle Mariah Před 23 dny
The elite part internationally satisfy because entrance energetically memorise a a roomy copper. silent, irritating policeman
Rimuru Fempist
Rimuru Fempist Před 23 dny
By the title I thought I stole like broke into a wind turbine and went to steal the emergency exit
Nikolas lima
Nikolas lima Před 23 dny
This gave me a unhealthy amount of anxiety
PDB's studios
PDB's studios Před 23 dny
thats a new turbine
KevDaGamer Před 23 dny
Ive got 2 wires on me, I've got 2 wires on me, I've got 1 wire on me.. WAIT WHAT! 🤣😁
Mark Allen
Mark Allen Před 23 dny
Shocked by this. Personally always thought the "emergency exit" was the Express, if you catch my drift
QuantumRads Před 23 dny
What if the break system fails and doesn't prevent him from going down slowly.
Raul McCai
Raul McCai Před 23 dny
Inertia driven, I'd have to take one apart before I d could trust it.
KC Smooth
KC Smooth Před 23 dny
I’ll never forget the photo of those two wind turbine workers trapped at the top during a fire. I’m glad they have better safety measures in place now.
nocalsteve Před 23 dny
Me: I’ve ONLY got two wires on me!
Anatolij86 Před 23 dny
Honestly, the most amazing thing about this is there ain't a single cloud in that British sky.
Michael Penner
Michael Penner Před 24 dny
No way Jose
Tony Flies
Tony Flies Před 24 dny
I want a Tom Scott "I've Got 2 Wires On Me" t-shirt.
Greg Gonzalez
Greg Gonzalez Před 24 dny
What if there is a fire that breaks out? With that slow decent wouldn't the rope burn and snap before you're down?
Mbot02 Před 24 dny
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