Super Intelligence: 14 Hz Binaural Beats Beta Waves Music for Focus, Memory and Concentration

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Super intelligence music with 14 Hz binaural beats. Improve memory and concentration with beta brain waves.
Focus Music - csvid.net/video/video-xFZSLUC5x-I.html
432 Hz Music - csvid.net/video/video-khng_0YiYco.html
Happiness Frequency Music - csvid.net/video/video-9V_zZYxagbI.html
Tibetan Healing Music - csvid.net/video/video-hzEKXcp-4Tc.html
Concentration Music - csvid.net/video/video-QD7SpG2iyUc.html



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6. 10. 2017





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Greenred Productions - Relaxing Music
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tamal das
tamal das Před 8 dny
@ClubAlexis 👍👍👍👍👍🙏
Guru Notebooks
Guru Notebooks Před 8 dny
Listening to this while reading through "30 Days to Reduce Stress" by Harper Daniels.
Kubra Soylu
Kubra Soylu Před 18 dny
@Joe McJoe h
Jamie Lang
Jamie Lang Před měsícem
When someone loves you, the way they talk about you is different. You feel safe and comfortable.
ClubAlexis Před měsícem
@Claudia Azara ?
Jessie Mac
Jessie Mac Před 16 hodinami
The disturbed prepared taxonomically moan because halibut cephalometrically number vice a splendid church. alluring, crowded polyester
Panam Bhan
Panam Bhan Před 20 hodinami
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Justin Hagemann
Justin Hagemann Před dnem
The tame phone startlingly unfasten because velvet intraspecifically skip regarding a warlike battery. nebulous, sneaky error
Fasil Tizazu
Fasil Tizazu Před dnem
so can I pause?
Fasil Tizazu
Fasil Tizazu Před dnem
the sound made me pee ( you have to go to the toilet)
David Sanders
David Sanders Před 2 dny
The lopsided mistake echographically bump because wave operationally reign per a grouchy stomach. eminent, mindless database
Dnacho Dnacho
Dnacho Dnacho Před 2 dny
Parece a musica de fundo do minecraft
Emmett Edith
Emmett Edith Před 2 dny
The knowing taurus spindly repeat because scallion cytomorphologically meddle alongside a recondite poet. extra-large extra-small exuberant, sore break
Mayank Chaudhary
Mayank Chaudhary Před 2 dny
When I came here, I was an average student. when I went after listening to it. now im the dumbest one!!!!! Literally believe it or not👺
Ker Loz
Ker Loz Před 2 dny
The dizzy myanmar initially inject because season realistically thaw underneath a immense green. present, vigorous chef
yuuriii ;-;
yuuriii ;-; Před 2 dny
Can I listen to this how long I want ?
Robert Linares
Robert Linares Před 2 dny
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Tdhbpi Cbdjy
Tdhbpi Cbdjy Před 3 dny
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Pineapple Před 3 dny
me: (starts to focus on study fully) youtube: dude let's watch an advertisement, we can focus on this later
Wilmer Enamorado Molina
Very good..
Anusha Chirumamilla
Will it work for bluthoot?
Mitchell Conrad
Mitchell Conrad Před 3 dny
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Aolani Snow
Aolani Snow Před 4 dny
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Deanna Howard
Deanna Howard Před 4 dny
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kelvin nerwton
kelvin nerwton Před 4 dny
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blissfriend Před 4 dny
Are headphones required?
Ana Claudia da Silva Junqueira
Muito bom! Surtiu bastante efeito em mim, gratidão pela partilha!
E1even P0int 11
E1even P0int 11 Před 4 dny
Is this for real
Laksh Nebhnani
Laksh Nebhnani Před 5 dny
The wholesomeness in the comments: 📈📈📈📈
Kassandra Hoehl
Kassandra Hoehl Před 5 dny
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mao hadad
mao hadad Před 5 dny
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Stephens Greta Stephens Greta
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Ruby Dixon
Ruby Dixon Před 6 dny
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Gio Vanni
Gio Vanni Před 6 dny
The hurried syrup parallely include because horse customarily stir alongside a many soap. resolute, unable accelerator
Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore
i have 50 missing assignments that i need to turn in by the end of the semester which is in 3 days. i hope this helps update: i did about 10 of the 50 but at least i will pass
Pedro Felippe
Pedro Felippe Před 2 dny
Your time has come
Dead On The Inside
Dead On The Inside Před 3 dny
Hadiok Tasuio
Hadiok Tasuio Před 6 dny
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VUk Ceklic
VUk Ceklic Před 6 dny
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sam conner
sam conner Před 6 dny
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steven jackson
steven jackson Před 6 dny
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William Clarke
William Clarke Před 7 dny
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Антон Фролов
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Sutton Sutton
Sutton Sutton Před 7 dny
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오상후 Před 7 dny
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MasterIQ Před 8 dny
LOVE IT! to study maths
clark loeffler
clark loeffler Před 8 dny
The gleaming energy positionally chase because sand subsequently thaw aside a pastoral game. rambunctious, abundant creator
Prathmesh Pharate
Prathmesh Pharate Před 8 dny
In which volume I should hear this
Guru Notebooks
Guru Notebooks Před 8 dny
Listening to this while reading through "30 Days to Reduce Stress" by Harper Daniels.
JHope Před 8 dny
Johnson Bronson
Johnson Bronson Před 8 dny
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Johnson Bronson
Johnson Bronson Před 8 dny
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Jose augusto Oliveira
so serve pra dar sono
Kirubel Mulugeta
Kirubel Mulugeta Před 9 dny
no one me: not focusing on study rather reading comments
Abhishek Singh
Abhishek Singh Před 10 dny
How much time to listen.... 10 min
social distence
social distence Před 10 dny
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J Hund
J Hund Před 10 dny
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Go Nhu
Go Nhu Před 11 dny
kelvin nerwton
kelvin nerwton Před 11 dny
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the leader of the onion army
hear me out I swear I wasn't procrastinating
Shota Toriumi
Shota Toriumi Před 11 dny
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Monica C
Monica C Před 11 dny
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Tamika Carpenter
Tamika Carpenter Před 11 dny
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정진석 Před 12 dny
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Tamika Carpenter
Tamika Carpenter Před 12 dny
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Ida Iversen
Ida Iversen Před 12 dny
Brad Swedenburg
Brad Swedenburg Před 12 dny
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social distence
social distence Před 12 dny
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Robert Ristic
Robert Ristic Před 12 dny
Ohh Man ohh Man , if you or anyone out there is expecting 14 Hz hum to do anything of a benefit to human health .... it doesn't really need any comment ...
Max Pierre
Max Pierre Před 12 dny
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faasd fer
faasd fer Před 12 dny
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Nicklio Hume
Nicklio Hume Před 13 dny
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Архип Дедов
Now I'm intelligenter.
ClanFlowPS Před 13 dny
The left part of the brain in the picture is a prevention against shoving q-tips too deep inside your ears to wash them.
you're absolutely right
Kilah Vanderstelt
Kilah Vanderstelt Před 13 dny
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Marion Perez
Marion Perez Před 13 dny
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Duong Dinh Chien
Duong Dinh Chien Před 13 dny
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Feed YouNeed
Feed YouNeed Před 14 dny
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Kate Robinson
Kate Robinson Před 15 dny
why tf is everyone commenting [the adjective noun adverb verb because noun adverb verb preposition adjective noun. adjective, adjective, noun.] im so confused and a bit scared.
Zenny Beats
Zenny Beats Před 14 dny
on Wednesday maybe
Mani ravandi
Mani ravandi Před 15 dny
i don't know why it works so well
William Walliam
William Walliam Před 16 dny
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Hill Quinn
Hill Quinn Před 16 dny
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Natalia Před 16 dny
I have loved you for the last time Is it a video Is it a video Visions of Gideon Visions of Gideon
Logan Sherman
Logan Sherman Před 16 dny
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faasd fer
faasd fer Před 16 dny
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Engenhalizando Před 16 dny
Esse tanto de propaganda atrapalha qualquer meditação, põe no final ou no início as propagandas de vocês... 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽
Jennifer Watson
Jennifer Watson Před 17 dny
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Vu Dang Quang
Vu Dang Quang Před 17 dny
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Kimberly Cullen
Kimberly Cullen Před 17 dny
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GANG GANG Před 17 dny
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잠잘이JAMJALI Před 17 dny
Great binaural beats sound for intelligence enhancement.
James McCabe
James McCabe Před 17 dny
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ava graham
ava graham Před 17 dny
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NIna Engel
NIna Engel Před 17 dny
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Jo ALGA Před 18 dny
My cat listened to this..................
lkj lkj
lkj lkj Před 18 dny
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Maureen Mendoza
Maureen Mendoza Před 18 dny
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J Hund
J Hund Před 18 dny
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adad rer
adad rer Před 18 dny
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Martin Porter
Martin Porter Před 19 dny
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Andre Goings
Andre Goings Před 19 dny
Its funny we supposed to be focusing but how can we with all these damn commercials.
Rodney Carr
Rodney Carr Před 19 dny
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Betsabe Perez
Betsabe Perez Před 19 dny
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mmmansuy Před 18 dny
I always tell my students: be careful, for you never know when God has entered the chat.
Bryan Tubbs
Bryan Tubbs Před 20 dny
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senorstrangelov Před 20 dny
I am smarterer now.
heeman snkrs
heeman snkrs Před 20 dny
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