spending $1000 to glow up after being cheated on (boys suck)

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brow lamination kit: www.amazon.ca/Libeauty-Professional-Complete-Applicator-Semi-Permanent/dp/B07S647VVR/ref=sr_1_40?keywords=lash+lift&qid=1583518339&s=beauty&sr=1-40
⇢ Q: How old are you? A: 17
⇢ Q: Where do you live? Calgary, AB, Canada
⇢ Q: What camera do you use? A: Canon M50 + 11-22mm
⇢ Q: What editing software do you use? A: Final Cut Pro
⇢ Q: What is your ethnicity? A: Vietnamese
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6. 03. 2020





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maiphammy Před 2 měsíci
still reading all my comments! also replying to DMs on Instagram @maiphammy
Kana Me
Kana Me Před 10 dny
that boy suck not we
V R Venom
V R Venom Před 11 dny
U go girl
Selota Salele
Selota Salele Před 13 dny
I don’t suck
Selota Salele
Selota Salele Před 13 dny
I’m a boy
Pim Daily
Pim Daily Před 14 dny
Loveee your energy girl ;)
Ghost IcylifeX
Ghost IcylifeX Před 9 hodinami
Wait so all boys suck because I'm a boy and I'm 12 that still sad that you got cheated on wow #yourboyfreindacheater
Sayja Carter
Sayja Carter Před 10 hodinami
Ice coffee
Lysa Johnston
Lysa Johnston Před 11 hodinami
Iced coffee
Scrabblezoe Tuts
Scrabblezoe Tuts Před 18 hodinami
this video is a whole mood, i love it
HolyCannoli Před dnem
I like your content! If you have a minute, please come check out & subscribe to my channel! Thanks & god bless!
FuckYouKaren Před dnem
"BUt nOT aLl bOYs-"
BTSJinnie LUV Před dnem
Bro, this isn’t a Glow up. This is just an intense pamper session.
Queen litza
Queen litza Před dnem
Ice coffees
oopie__ Před 2 dny
but not all boys are like that- i kinda feel offended
Jaanus Odras
Jaanus Odras Před 2 dny
girls suck
Luca Callahan
Luca Callahan Před 2 dny
I understand that you were cheated on and i'm sorry for that but to be honest, your acting like a little kid. Just because you broke up with your boyfriend does not mean ALL THE BOYS IN THE WORLD SUCKS. bruh, that's what a 5 year old would say. we are all equal. So deal with it and get a new boyfriend. Hopefully he's nice and good day!
breshaiah burley
breshaiah burley Před 2 dny
I love this video sm she's hilarious 😂
A Human Being From Mars
did i see james charles? 14:51
Makenzie Moore
Makenzie Moore Před 2 dny
I will hate it
You Just got vectored
Shiela Corpuz
Shiela Corpuz Před 2 dny
Giiiirrrl! You're so beautiful! I love you ❤️
Ashley P
Ashley P Před 3 dny
iced coffee
Paulette Williams
Paulette Williams Před 3 dny
You're very beautiful... Your voice is amazing! Ever thought about a singing career? Please make a video with you singing!
Hilopalikū Roback
Hilopalikū Roback Před 3 dny
ice coffee
dakota hillenbrand
dakota hillenbrand Před 3 dny
what was the name of your nails they are so cute like i know there louvis vouton but like how did you ask on how you wanted them done?if that makes sense at all ahahhaha
mars santos
mars santos Před 4 dny
she looks like Nadine Lustre
Naomi's Channel
Naomi's Channel Před 4 dny
ice coffe
marryl dan
marryl dan Před 4 dny
She kinda looks like Nikita Dragon after her glow up 🙈
Amelita Torino
Amelita Torino Před 4 dny
So aa yeah , I did that too , coz my bf keeps saying his ex was way too beautiful than me , I dumped him after my glow up , asshole.
Elisa R.
Elisa R. Před 5 dny
Love the background music 🎶 😏❤️
Nevaeh Arsenault
Nevaeh Arsenault Před 5 dny
i cant find your instagram??
Lucie Manson
Lucie Manson Před 6 dny
I love this
Nessa P
Nessa P Před 6 dny
You got no need to glow up girl you're perfect
SophiaTheHuman Před 6 dny
You look so different f THAT CHEATER
MGB is the NAME
MGB is the NAME Před 7 dny
at least she didn't title this video to (Men sucks
Adrienne Clough
Adrienne Clough Před 7 dny
You should take some time or make a vlog with you cleaning up your house. It's a mess. You look pretty going out but your house is filthy. You cute though.
Thato Makhafola
Thato Makhafola Před 8 dny
Girls rule Boys drool I know I'm childish for this
Bibble Před 8 dny
“It’s because I walked up my stairs” I SCREAMEDD, I’ve never related more 🤣
Abigail Davilmar
Abigail Davilmar Před 8 dny
1. ICED COFFEE IS MY FAVORITE 2. you are over here glowing while my BF dumped me for a CCP (cute cool and popular) and i'm eating ruffles watching your glow up. you know what i'm going get started on glowing up right now.
Kaila Hon
Kaila Hon Před 8 dny
What was the point of spending $1000 when you could have looked pretty with $0
Thanrithy alex
Thanrithy alex Před 8 dny
i hate myself.
Thanrithy alex
Thanrithy alex Před 8 dny
ice late.
Erica Harris
Erica Harris Před 8 dny
Ice coffeeee~☕
Mar Angelica
Mar Angelica Před 9 dny
😍you look so pretty 👏🏼👏🏼🙌🏼
Cici Yu
Cici Yu Před 9 dny
Mai: this hurts so fking much *two seconds later* also Mai: wait- lemme snapchat this- me:...You do you shistor
Carrie Halsey
Carrie Halsey Před 9 dny
You're kidding right about the muffin top what muffin top
Jeri Prewitt
Jeri Prewitt Před 9 dny
love ya
jason mast
jason mast Před 9 dny
Hi I'm one of your biggest fans Ily
eq Před 9 dny
This was literally posted on b-day lol. Iced coffee
Amber Ingram
Amber Ingram Před 9 dny
she can ...she can SING. your already pretty and im looking like i just rolled around in cow poop...?
turtlejoy4ever Před 10 dny
club penguin pizza parlor soundtrack during brow lamination?? haha love the video though :)
nickell woody
nickell woody Před 10 dny
elizabeth jane
elizabeth jane Před 10 dny
i refuse to believe she's 17
kendra williams
kendra williams Před 10 dny
Your nails are so pretty.
Kyndal Davis
Kyndal Davis Před 10 dny
Ice coffee
ezekiel mascoll
ezekiel mascoll Před 10 dny
boys don't suck,It's your boyfriend that suck!
Suzy Barreto
Suzy Barreto Před 10 dny
you look like nicole laeno with long hair, just saying
Gaming Best Friends
Gaming Best Friends Před 10 dny
Ice coffee
Robert Antonio
Robert Antonio Před 10 dny
I discovered my wife of 13years was cheating on me through the help of HACKGOODNESS@GMAIL.COM or HACKGOODNESSTECH on instagram who help clone her cellphone and i was able to read all her messages and uncover her infidelity without having to touch her phone,all i did was share my wife’s phone number with hackgoodness and i got access to her social media accounts Thank you Hackgoodness for a great job!
Americanhoney Před 10 dny
Heads up anyone doing this - always get tour nails done LAST - cause everything’s easier w short nails and you don’t want to get tanner on fake Nails they will stain -trust me (:
V R Venom
V R Venom Před 11 dny
U go girl
V R Venom
V R Venom Před 11 dny
I go girl
Natalie Redmond
Natalie Redmond Před 11 dny
follow my tiktok @natalieredmond.1
Zee Happyzee
Zee Happyzee Před 11 dny
Ice coffee
z e y n e p
z e y n e p Před 11 dny
iced coffee :))
Andrea Jordan
Andrea Jordan Před 11 dny
Girl I love your vibes you’re like the best and you look so amazing!
Abach Lual
Abach Lual Před 11 dny
Ur eyebrows are already good❤️❤️❤️
Christy Pang
Christy Pang Před 11 dny
ice coffee
Mariah Gonzalez
Mariah Gonzalez Před 11 dny
I just love how raw this video is.
Inês Vieira
Inês Vieira Před 11 dny
Emily Snyman
Emily Snyman Před 11 dny
You feel like your hair looks better longer, because you have a round face shape (same here) and long hair pulls the attention down, which makes your face look longer (ultimately we want oval ;)) So I just wanna say, I love your long hair too😍😍😍
Elemental Mythical wolf
That boi better watch his back 👹cause screw his and his dumb face . Boys always and there pretty face also can I know the name of the bath bomb kit cause I could not really hear what u said the company was
Brian Před 12 dny
You got comfortable and he got a finer bitch, it's ok. You'll both be alright.
nxugget ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
You looked cute in before boys just cheat but I still respect your choice
Sana a
Sana a Před 12 dny
IMAGINE someone cheating on her.. dumb af
Neo Hermitess
Neo Hermitess Před 12 dny
Anyone who says you'd look cute with short hair is not a true friend. I live by that.
ezequiel pacheco
ezequiel pacheco Před 12 dny
uh im a boy
Alisa Weirmier
Alisa Weirmier Před 12 dny
i wake up and look at my self and cry
Brooklynn Dahle
Brooklynn Dahle Před 12 dny
ice coffee
D Muang
D Muang Před 12 dny
Okay, I know that this is off topic but, my legs are also super dry😂 😔🖐🏼
Lilly K
Lilly K Před 12 dny
why do i feel like your personality changed as your look changed
ii rocibel ii
ii rocibel ii Před 12 dny
iced coffee :)
Ashley Li
Ashley Li Před 12 dny
14:50 not gonna lie...james just had another flashback mary moment there 😳
OLIVIA HUI Před 12 dny
Iced Coffee
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