SML Movie "The Lamp!" REACTION!!

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In today's Episode of Couples Reacts we react to SML Movie: The Lamp! and they really went and made the Brooklyn guy blue to be the genie lol
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16. 06. 2019

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Komentáře 960
Dwayne N Jazz
Dwayne N Jazz Před měsícem
The "stupid" rich part had us dead lmao 😂😂😂
dat _boi
dat _boi Před 13 dny
U do realize if u have the infinity gauntlet u can get your other wishes without wishing for it by using the reality stone so once u get the gauntlet u can do pretty much whatever you want
Fuad. 14fuey14
Fuad. 14fuey14 Před 19 dny
Tf 800subz?? CSvid is drunk
J K23
J K23 Před 25 dny
You guys should turn up the video volume, it’s hard to hear
CaLiAkALoOnEy 1
CaLiAkALoOnEy 1 Před 29 dny
Can you react to Jeffys Foster home next?pls.
Lucy The Talking Dog
Dwayne N Jazz react to jeffys foster home
Najwah Tillman
Najwah Tillman Před 3 dny
First of all not to be mean or anything but do you think cookie Chris is supposed to taste like real cookies like it do you think your mom or your dad will let you have sugar for a breath fixed it it’s just gonna be a whole box of cookies is basically what you’re eating a whole box of cookies with milk basically would you like to eat sugar for a breath fix early up in the morning no I want it so it’s not supposed to taste like that
Najwah Tillman
Najwah Tillman Před 3 dny
Jasmine if you see this video I just want to say I love your shirt
Ghostmoney 04
Ghostmoney 04 Před 7 dny
The new wish glitch is the ____(whatever you name it) wish, instead of wishing for more wishes you name this wish and then list everything inside this wish for example- I wish for the X wish, which is to teleport, be rich, see in the dark, etc.
That ninja Squirtle
That ninja Squirtle Před 11 dny
Wr3d Networker
Wr3d Networker Před 12 dny
I kinda hate ya because i cant hear the video the volume is low charmx is better
Ivan Nanco
Ivan Nanco Před 13 dny
Make some merch
marcus dragon
marcus dragon Před 14 dny
Cody is so wrong
DJ Baby Otaku
DJ Baby Otaku Před 20 dny
Idk what i would wish for.
SuperMarioValde Před 21 dnem
You Guys are so Awesome I Subscribed to you guys and you guys are very Funny. I Love Your Reactions. Keep Up The Good Work.
The Motion of Pictures
“Ok, let’s do this, let’s gay it up. BOOM.” - Genie 2019
Hey heyyy I’m a geanie let’s get this over with had me dead because of that mood 😂
MannyGamez Před 22 dny
Why is the volume of your videos so low now?
Dat ass Mad thicc
Dat ass Mad thicc Před 22 dny
On the episode of sml when Jeffy was fat, they involved cookie crips, Dwayne said he enjoyed Cookie Crisp, and on this episode of sml he said he tasted Cookie Crisp once and didn’t like it, What ?🤨
RamyBoi Před 23 dny
what happened to the old background music
LilKingKeith Před 23 dny
0:38 well I like cookie crisps don’t @ me still love y’all though
Joshua Allen
Joshua Allen Před 24 dny
Bower jr AirPods
Ralph Leeb
Ralph Leeb Před 25 dny
You should react to bowser jr’s CSvid channel
Darealgee Ace
Darealgee Ace Před 25 dny
React to sml movie jeffys foster home
John M. Meyer III
John M. Meyer III Před 25 dny
Do a reaction to s m l Jeffys foster home
PurpleEx _XX
PurpleEx _XX Před 25 dny
This looks like an Old vid
Narrin Zoinks
Narrin Zoinks Před 26 dny
5:19 look at dwayne's shirt XD
FlashTheProTv Před 26 dny
Just fucking react too sml movi jeffy's foster pls pls pls I'm dyin to see yall react too it I even got my damn chips thinking that yall already reacted to it but noo..
Ashlyn Apgar
Ashlyn Apgar Před 26 dny
I really want you to react to this new sml video called Jeffy’s foster home
Magali Arismendez
Magali Arismendez Před 26 dny
It was a mace
xwingsta .reyes
xwingsta .reyes Před 27 dny
Dont worry jazz I expected it to take like cookies to 😂
Lorena Hernandez
Lorena Hernandez Před 27 dny
React to jeffys foster home
JoShawn Powers
JoShawn Powers Před 27 dny
Do a naked vido
Beary Awesome Gamer
Beary Awesome Gamer Před 10 dny
You need help
Thicc Thanos
Thicc Thanos Před 28 dny
James Charles’s wish came true
Niyyy Baee
Niyyy Baee Před 28 dny
The copped aildddin
Flash Boy
Flash Boy Před 28 dny
cody you gay
Flash Boy
Flash Boy Před 28 dny
cody you gay
Flash Boy
Flash Boy Před 28 dny
cody you gay
Miss Maknae
Miss Maknae Před 28 dny
The CRAZIEST SML Movie EVER!! Hands down!!!
XxxLilKiro Před 28 dny
It said all the food was cookie crisp but milk is cookie crisp but milk is a drink not food
Jr. Gomes
Jr. Gomes Před 28 dny
Gucci outfits IPhone XS Get a sexy girlfriend
Death_Mister_mc 38
Death_Mister_mc 38 Před 28 dny
React to the magic button
Aliahya Blackledge
Aliahya Blackledge Před 28 dny
Aliahya Blackledge
Aliahya Blackledge Před 28 dny
Dizzle. Dark
Dizzle. Dark Před 28 dny
guys jasmine always looking good
Dizzle. Dark
Dizzle. Dark Před 28 dny
i love your hair
Kaijie Koh
Kaijie Koh Před 29 dny
Jeffys foster home!!!!
ten zai nono
ten zai nono Před 29 dny
Xayvier T. Jennings
Xayvier T. Jennings Před 29 dny
Joseph sound gay
Xayvier T. Jennings
Xayvier T. Jennings Před 29 dny
Do Jeffy's Foster Home
Armani Brisbane
Armani Brisbane Před 29 dny
"Or I can be your daddy"😂😂
Jose-Luis Escobedo
Jose-Luis Escobedo Před 29 dny
Dwayne dude you were wearing an ace attorney shirt that is so cool. I started watching it like 2 weeks ago. If you wear that shirt in a future video and yell OBJECTION than you are officially Awesome.
6/19/Judgement Day
6/19/Judgement Day Před 29 dny
SML Movie: Gravity. You guys missed it.
Lucy The Talking Dog
react to jeffys foster home
ICE SERY Před 29 dny
Hi, Dwayne N Jazz react to sml Joseph mom
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