Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland (1989) KILL COUNT

Dead Meat
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21. 06. 2019





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Dead Meat
Dead Meat Před 5 měsíci
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squidman Před 4 dny
sounds to me bobby got disarmed
Roberto Iglesias-Sanchez
Roberto Iglesias-Sanchez Před 2 měsíci
Dead Meat I’m sorry but this kill count is your worst. “hardly any story,” “not anything to enjoy in the gore department,” “sorry excuse for a story,” your content here is flat out terrible. I thought you liked this movie after praising the first 3 Sleepaway Camp films in the past. Even if you’re joking around, the jokes aren’t funny here.
shoe lace
shoe lace Před 3 měsíci
O i went on a school field trip for a week and we did the blindfold thing and it was scary as fuck
Apollo_ 909
Apollo_ 909 Před 4 měsíci
Carlo V
Carlo V Před 4 měsíci
Can you do one on Silver Bullet
ladycplum Před dnem
6:41 And now he's Voldemort.
Rachel and Riley
Rachel and Riley Před 2 dny
Of course riff and tony have knifes and are trying to kill each other
Meg Spitzer
Meg Spitzer Před 3 dny
I bet Bruce Springsteen is very proud of his sister for Sleepaway Camp 2 and 3
FuddMcKoog Před 3 dny
I remember I had a blindfold trust exercise for my drama class in high school, it was weird and I ended up getting really dizzy while being blindfolded, it was disorienting.
FuddMcKoog Před 3 dny
I swear Michael Pollard smoked a ton of weed before each take, he seems stoned and it’s hilarious..... lol.
Roberto Iglesias-Sanchez
James, this film isn’t completely bad. Barney is a neat character, some kills are good, and the story is interesting. But hey, opinions are respectable. However sometimes I notice that some of your opinions are taken the wrong way by the internet. Trust me when I say it’s not ur fault lol
TrapNvthvn Před 10 dny
Sinister Kill Count?? You even mentioned Bughuul in the lawnmower kill. I just want a Sinister kill count.
Javonn Jones
Javonn Jones Před 13 dny
Best line from this movie BYE
Javonn Jones
Javonn Jones Před 13 dny
I can't be the only who thinks that both of Angela's actresses were actually really pretty
Tanjiro Takahashi
Tanjiro Takahashi Před 14 dny
That song was beautiful
Roberto Iglesias-Sanchez
Dead Meat, there is a story in this film. I know jokes exist but idk it seems like you put this film on the same level as Return to Sleepaway Camp or Sleepaway Camp IV. Didn’t you say that you liked the original trilogy in a livestream? Also my apologies earlier
Joppe Janssens
Joppe Janssens Před 16 dny
nice song!!!!!
Jacob Kaulback
Jacob Kaulback Před 16 dny
what is this guys blink count? -zero
Frodz Před 17 dny
I'm a theatre actor and it takes around 3 weeks to learn the lines and where you need to be be and when you need to be there. Fairplay for doing 2 movies in 6 weeks. That's damn impressive, even if its awful.
Nuutti Asplund
Nuutti Asplund Před 17 dny
That song at the end earned you a like
Goku Minecraft
Goku Minecraft Před 17 dny
why is baker always used as the bad ones in horror like Angela baker and the bakers from resident evil 7
Jennifer Aranda
Jennifer Aranda Před 18 dny
a camper: *kisses a guy* Angela: *YOUR A NAUGHTY CAMPER*
Ann Bushby
Ann Bushby Před 19 dny
Brock N.
Brock N. Před 20 dny
*Baba o’riley intensifies*
Brody P.C
Brody P.C Před 21 dnem
Can we remember how she was a biy
Roberto Iglesias-Sanchez
Dead Meat, there is a story in this film. I know jokes exist but idk it seems like you put this film on the same level as Return to Sleepaway Camp or Sleepaway Camp IV. Didn’t you say that you liked the original trilogy in a livestream? Also my apologies earlier
Shawn Schaworski
Shawn Schaworski Před 21 dnem
Seems like the ending of part 3 needed to be ending on part 2
ChocoKitty Před 22 dny
Wow, bot you and Bobby are wearing the same merchandise type!
Tom Berent
Tom Berent Před 22 dny
Chased my a evil Mack truck? 😂😂😂😂😂
Amber133 Xo
Amber133 Xo Před 23 dny
The first 3 Sleepaway camp movies are Good Sleepaway camp 4 is so terrible
Herman and Lily? I see what they did there
BIG GAMER Před 25 dny
You need to do s kill count for the Movie MA
Roselyn Tavera
Roselyn Tavera Před 28 dny
Laurel Ticer
Laurel Ticer Před 29 dny
Who else went straight to the comments? also yes I know, I’m VERY late 😂
Noddiga norpan
Noddiga norpan Před měsícem
this Movies lookes exactly like something you would do with your friends when you are like 12 years old the exact same quality
Shawn Rodriguez
Shawn Rodriguez Před měsícem
When your mom asked you if you pooped on the sink and you damn know you did 12:09
meme boy
meme boy Před měsícem
Tony looks like my dad
Zechariah Soto
Zechariah Soto Před měsícem
Banana splits kill count please
Kiril The Fox
Kiril The Fox Před měsícem
When Arab Dies: Me:Yay Israel wins
Mr Maxamus101
Mr Maxamus101 Před měsícem
Here is the cancelled Sleepaway Camp movies 1. Sleepaway Camp Reunion
Alma S
Alma S Před měsícem
I had no idea they made a third one... I only saw the first one
War Feather
War Feather Před měsícem
Girl : that Tony boy is so cute Other girl : He's Mexican OH BOY
Izac Edington
Izac Edington Před měsícem
Ahh the dick shot perfect scapegoat
Thermodynamic Jellyfish
Thermodynamic Jellyfish Před měsícem
Cindys’ a gamer?!
Jude Fenwick
Jude Fenwick Před měsícem
Angela wears the absolute worst wig I’ve seen in my entire life
Mushroom Maple
Mushroom Maple Před měsícem
Who just casually asks a camper for coke?
Toxic Milk11
Toxic Milk11 Před měsícem
The next 'smorening'
Legendary Father
Legendary Father Před měsícem
"Truck and Stephen king with crocacin." killcount?
Joker_ 951
Joker_ 951 Před měsícem
Is it just me or did you think Cindy would be the final girl
Shahmir Anjum
Shahmir Anjum Před měsícem
The james version of the good camper is better
erica kelly
erica kelly Před měsícem
Tbh I didn't even think riff died
Deltawarrior Před měsícem
As a Kuwaiti.......Arab just makes me laugh so much xdd
ArtlygalKD Před měsícem
8:40 I love the flagpole sitta joke. XD
Doug Whalen
Doug Whalen Před měsícem
man the song during the title card sounds kinda rad anyone know the name of it?
DarkLight90 Před měsícem
Methods of Madness by Obsession. Awesome song!
ao el
ao el Před měsícem
3:40 the perfect woman doesn't exis... Never mind 😍
Ron 123456789
Ron 123456789 Před měsícem
i remember watching the explicit version on tv when i was 7. i thought it was horrifying how all these people died, especially Lilly's death, but now looking back, this shit weak lmao
Oscar De Paz
Oscar De Paz Před měsícem
12:08 funniest scene in this video.
Erik Q
Erik Q Před měsícem
11:47 Same here.
Draco Malfoy
Draco Malfoy Před měsícem
This is why I’m like 15 and haven’t been to a sleepaway camp
Girraffe_75 Před měsícem
She is so mean
Hippobuttgod9000 Crackerjack
I liked this movie
Austin Byers
Austin Byers Před měsícem
Micheal J Pollard was also in the beginning of House of 1000 Corpses
Shyguy ,
Shyguy , Před měsícem
What happened to molly
Cameron Domes
Cameron Domes Před měsícem
Honestly that guy getting his arms ripped off wasn’t bad at all. I’m pretty sure you can see the outline of his real arms under his shirt
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