Slapping Monster Just Can't Lose

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This is the greatest 14 rounds of slapping of All Time


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11. 04. 2021





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Jad Ali Dakroub
Jad Ali Dakroub Před 3 hodinami
Man, I feel bad for Wolverines future children.
Angel Okoro
Angel Okoro Před 5 hodinami
This almost feels like it could be a Key and Peele sketch
Chillfy Před 6 hodinami
I appreciate the audience when young James really looks like he could die, they asked him "u alright?"
Charles Foster
Charles Foster Před 6 hodinami
Slapped a instant fro on that dude
Totto Holm
Totto Holm Před 7 hodinami
Nobody stopped to mention the ref's beard? On point, my guy.
Dylan Evans
Dylan Evans Před 7 hodinami
These dudes are slapping the CTE out of each other.
some dude
some dude Před 8 hodinami
Rest in Peace that chicken hair guy.. I hope the best for him, fantastic slapper but wolverine... Wow.. he's actually a beast.
Philippe Collet
Philippe Collet Před 13 hodinami
Wolverine's slaps are sonically exquisite
DashingBoy 222
DashingBoy 222 Před 14 hodinami
They call him young James because wolverine slapped him down to 10 yo
Dr Mannyhattan
Dr Mannyhattan Před 14 hodinami
3:20 oh my god 😂😂😂😂 actually does look like him hahahaha
The Awesome Cabbage
The Awesome Cabbage Před 18 hodinami
Goddamn. I felt like that one simpsons meme. "STOP STOP HES ALREADY DEAD"
Miguel Palomino
Miguel Palomino Před 19 hodinami
Am I the only one who caught the mr beast donation.?
Accedentally Awesome
Accedentally Awesome Před 19 hodinami
Young James is the people's champion
Pahoua Yang
Pahoua Yang Před 20 hodinami
Tutorial island lmfaoooooo
David Avila
David Avila Před 21 hodinou
I can’t breath bro I can’t 🤣😂😭
Yuriy Lehki
Yuriy Lehki Před 21 hodinou
Young James took enough Wolverine slaps to kill 5 men, and wasn't even knocked out. I fear what this new anime protagonist will be like in 3 seasons.
Nolan Hartman
Nolan Hartman Před dnem
I think Young James was seeing 3 wolverines by the end
Squanch Daddy
Squanch Daddy Před dnem
Wolverine delivers insta-migraines
Simpson Rd Larry
Simpson Rd Larry Před dnem
Simpson Rd Larry
Simpson Rd Larry Před dnem
I can’t believe that dude James made it through the whole thing!
illmatic724 Před dnem
fucking hell, if Young James had gone against almost any mortal man he would've won
Laurent C
Laurent C Před dnem
Do they get tested for numbing cream use?
suh dude
suh dude Před 2 dny
Man young james fucking insane
PlebeianGaming Před 2 dny
Young James' hair helped dissipate the force of Wolverine's bombs
Masters of The Review
One of the best match in slap contest history, i'm sure this will be remembered for years long
Robert Hooks
Robert Hooks Před 2 dny
Young James endurance is impeccable. A true display of determination
Wicked Beats
Wicked Beats Před 2 dny
Young James was seizing out on a couple of those ... rip that mans brain
Ne0LiT Před 2 dny
Dude, Young James, I literally sat there like " omg those punches are so hard that he's throwing " and Wolverine is just brushing it off, then it is time for Wolverine to hit, and you could see how progressively fear was setting in James... I was just yelling in my monitor " No more James! Don't do it! You're already a hero, you don't have to take another one! " and there he just goes another round at just gets mauled, lmao
Ikanox 509
Ikanox 509 Před 2 dny
Bruh this is the best slapfight so far
OctorTheGiant Před 2 dny
Wolverine ascended to a superior realm after this
OctorTheGiant Před 2 dny
I think wolverine is actually left handed...which he uses against god's only
That Guy
That Guy Před 2 dny
Young James was the Mumen rider of this fight. Fighting against an absolute monster with no chance of winning but still didn’t give up
DARTH ASH Před 2 dny
entered as young james came out as old james
mrktrb Před 2 dny
Youn James with the heart the size of a mountain!!! A true warrior. If his face didn't give up, he'd still be in it!
Brendon McKenna
Brendon McKenna Před 2 dny
I reckon visili would beat wolverine
Romulus Paralescu
Romulus Paralescu Před 2 dny
m.csvid.net/video/video-OeURt5VTJJY.html Make a video of this🤣
Oli D
Oli D Před 2 dny
Imagine if aliens landed and saw this..
Mr Michael
Mr Michael Před 3 dny
I would love to se Papa denis vs wolverine, papa gets first slap ;)
Ben Ewald
Ben Ewald Před 3 dny
This dudes comments are legendary
fortunately ded
fortunately ded Před 3 dny
young james is in pain you can see it. but with that stupidity to go 14 rounds I wanna see him get beefed up and take on the dumpling and wolverine at once and lose or retire because of the damage wolverine did
Pen Island
Pen Island Před 4 dny
Wolverine deserves statues made for him
pseudo Před 4 dny
at 1:24 you can see Young James' hair move a little just by the sheer force of Wolverines hand alone
Lord Inquisitor Skorn
Wolverine just went and slapped the hair spray and gel off the man's head in a few minutes, like damn that is some seriously powerful slapping.
travos k
travos k Před 4 dny
I mean Young James definitely has the DPS to match other top players, but that medium defense just isn't enough to tank the gourmet dishes Wolverine was serving.
Drew Před 4 dny
Can we appreciate Wolverine giving Young James a hug after the match was called
Jason Bernard
Jason Bernard Před 4 dny
Wolverine vs Darius would be really dope as well
Zane *bio weapon*
Zane *bio weapon* Před 6 dny
I was expecting this to be over within the first round the moment I saw wolverine
Andrew Odinson
Andrew Odinson Před 6 dny
Wolverine's face got slapped so hard he damn near became Two Face, and the only signs of pain he ever showed were occasional eyebrow raising.
Renegade Před 6 dny
Young James aged by almost 200 years from the slap trauma.
unidentified Před 6 dny
Young james is that persistent main character that still needs the training arc.
SuperKieren Gaming
SuperKieren Gaming Před 6 dny
They need to do a slapping world cup or International tournament
ajja bajja
ajja bajja Před 6 dny
at this rate man vs car might not be just a dream I feel like wolverine could slap one in half.
xXBDawkinsXx Před 7 dny
Wolverine vs Young James was looking like Gara vs Rock Lee
Eric Cano
Eric Cano Před 7 dny
Cauliflower Ear: "Allow me to introduce myself"
madvova118 Před 7 dny
Young James looks like JayZ
Jb Před 7 dny
Wolverine is the hardest slapps in the game.
animatiz Před 7 dny
slapping monster John Martyn
Tommot92 Před 7 dny
9:59 The genuine admiration that Charlie manifests towards Wolverine is hilarious
Eggz Před 7 dny
Punching monster When bro
police station
police station Před 7 dny
When unstoppable Force meets an immovable object
Asad Moghul
Asad Moghul Před 8 dny
Young james reminds me of Naruto
jinx86 Před 8 dny
Young James is a legend but wolverine is not human
bennymac1313 Před 8 dny
Young James is going too do great things in the slapping circuit. He went 14 rounds with the undisputed champion Wolverine. That alone shows that he's a man and will go the distance. Those slaps Young James was throwing were amazing, but Wolverine has adamantium throughout his body just like Wolverine in X-Men.
bennymac1313 Před 8 dny
I just discovered Charlie's channel a week ago. I gotta admit I'm hooked on everyone of his videos. The slapping ones though are my favorite! He seems like a real chill and cool guy also.
Imanol Pulido
Imanol Pulido Před 8 dny
When will crazy Hawaiian fight Wolverine. Maybe a global tournament should happen first
Luna 3clipse
Luna 3clipse Před 8 dny
Dude what happened to his face😭😭😭
Thebatman 2147
Thebatman 2147 Před 8 dny
Wolverine look like captain price but with long hair
Nick Almeida
Nick Almeida Před 8 dny
Content slaps
「S」 Před 8 dny
I notice both Wolverine and Vasily shaved their beards around the same time...
Puxt Buck
Puxt Buck Před 8 dny
That guy probably didn’t eat solid food for a month
「S」 Před 8 dny
Young James is what you get when you invest everything into HP.
「S」 Před 8 dny
I *need* to see Wolverine v. Darius
Ruxis256 Před 9 dny
Young James is such a fucking unit dude. 14 fucking rounds, clearly taking more than anyone should but he still pressed on and dished out some absolutely brutal slaps. What a guy.
Lucidity Před 9 dny
That looks like it hurts
Frosty VR
Frosty VR Před 9 dny
By the end of that fight young James looked like he was about to collapse and cry. Good on him for pressing on
Avery Phillips
Avery Phillips Před 9 dny
If Young James faced basically anyone else, he probably would’ve won to be honest
Hyztt Před 9 dny
The guy in the middle looks like Moe(Yassuo)
A B Před 10 dny
The slapping commentator is so stupid 😂😂😂😂
Idkwhattoputhere Před 10 dny
i gotta hand it to young james even though he was clearly feeling the full extent of those slaps he soldiered on to the very end
Fox Unorthodox
Fox Unorthodox Před 10 dny
Wolverine got bodied that whole match ...
Power angel
Power angel Před 10 dny
He is just to strong
Saint Chadam
Saint Chadam Před 10 dny
this is like gaara vs rock lee
BrolyLSSJ01 Před 11 dny
You know, the more I see of Wolverine, the more I start to think he is fully capable of potentially knocking out Vasily or Papa. Even though there is a major weight class difference, Wolverine is such a monster that I don't even think weight class differences would affect him all that much. Shoutout to Young James, though. Mad respect for that dude being able to damage and endure the onslaught of Wolverine.
Jean-Michel Random
Jean-Michel Random Před 6 dny
I think he can hit harder than vassily, is technique is better, and he can take as much as him
JYD2020 Před 12 dny
so technically wolverine is a monster so you need a silver weapon to defeat him, with out that it's like slapping a steel plate with a spoon
OmegaWilliam95 S
OmegaWilliam95 S Před 11 dny
His next opponent will have a piece of silver hidden in his palms.
naj Před 12 dny
Wolverine will est Vassily Komaski for breakfast...
Sen So
Sen So Před 12 dny
You know wolverine's slaps are hard when even the referee can feel them xD
Swag Swag
Swag Swag Před 13 dny
This doesn’t seem to be about power ever slap is almost the same on both sides it’s really about who can absorb the most punishment and keep slapping
Faker11 Před 13 dny
The thing is even when young James was the only one slapping and wolverine would just take the hits I still think James would give up earlier or just break his hand
danielisnotafluid Před 13 dny
Wolverine's beard was merely a training weight. Like Goku's jacket or Rock Lee's wristbands as soon as it came off he became able to unleash his full power.
Keith Parma
Keith Parma Před 13 dny
Young James is that one really good character in an anime, but he was unfortunately paired to fight the big badie.
Jacob Graw
Jacob Graw Před 13 dny
This was like watching someone hey beat to death and repeatedly crawl back to continue the murder.
Robert Thibeault
Robert Thibeault Před 13 dny
"Hes like that guy from God of war" I'm gonna assume he means Kratos but even then there were some pretty tough other characters like baldr especially, dude keeps up with Kratos for the most part until you piss a very calm spartan off. Then your fucked.
Ivan Pavlov
Ivan Pavlov Před 15 dny
Dude the guy in the white shirt almost every time moves his head to the side when he is about to take a slap, look in 0.25 speed, is that allowed or did nobody notice that ?
Jacob Fonseca
Jacob Fonseca Před 15 dny
That's some MK shit
guest1754 Před 16 dny
Wolverine is the definition of built different
Gnarbak Shin-taro
Gnarbak Shin-taro Před 16 dny
Man, at 2:13 you can see young james turn his head with the slap. Big ol' sissy
Matthew McConaghy-Shanley
Wolverine ❤️
Michael Fataaikitama
🤬🤯He felt that shit. I felt the vibration down here new Zealand. I'd rather get punched by Mike Tyson. Okay I'm lying no I wouldn't.🤪🤪
XXXBullseye Před 17 dny
This reminds me of runescape combat
Fudge Mcgousty
Fudge Mcgousty Před 17 dny
I think my fav thing about these fights is watching the refs expressions after each slap, they are priceless
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