Shawn Mendes Takes a Lie Detector Test | Vanity Fair

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Shawn Mendes takes the infamous Vanity Fair lie detector test. Is he really the nicest guy in Hollywood? Was he nervous the first time he met Justin Bieber? How many times did girlfriend Camila Cabello put him in the friend-zone before she started dating him? Is it fair to say their dog Tarzan likes Camila more than Shawn? Is he upset Harry Styles doesn't follow him back on Instagram?

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Shawn Mendes Takes a Lie Detector Test | Vanity Fair

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20. 09. 2021





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Komentáře 4 939
Елена Кононенко
Я скучаю. Не не могла писать. Все бывает. У тебя все хорошо?
Luna Stark
Luna Stark Před 6 hodinami
I'm feeling second-hand embarrassment and nervousness for him
Nick Rucker
Nick Rucker Před 12 hodinami
I wanna see Camila take a Lie Detector Test. Ask her about her past as a young teen. About her racial slurs that she used on social media...💔
Sunshine STAR RITZS Před 13 hodinami
Interviewers:- questions 😄 Shawn Mendes :- yeah...yeah 😘🥰❤
Richard The Cub
Richard The Cub Před 15 hodinami
It’s giving Cher
Hanna Maria Shibu
Hanna Maria Shibu Před 18 hodinami
I feel so bad about him! Poor Shawn ❤️
Sriraj Rajendran
Sriraj Rajendran Před 23 hodinami
He is too innocent for a lie test 🤭🤭
Prabhatir Sondhane
Gorgeous Cat
Gorgeous Cat Před dnem
Ivy Osborn
Ivy Osborn Před dnem
It is so adorable how nervous he is!!!!🤣🥰😍
Kr G
Kr G Před dnem
Plzzzz. That’s still my dilema. Who’s more nicer? Harry or Shawn? I love them booooooth!!! But If I could choose who os nicer? Idk omgggfgggg.
Priyanshi Tiwari
Priyanshi Tiwari Před dnem
Oh god I watched it with earphones it's like a horror movie the empty room like sound uhhh~ I can feel the half of what he might be feeling n I am just too scared
azhaezah HA
azhaezah HA Před dnem
12:05 LMFAO why is he nervous 💀💀💀
Sultan Channel
Sultan Channel Před dnem
Hi shawn
alex acosta
alex acosta Před dnem
Camila is so lucky, wish there were more sweet men like him.
monster >:(
monster >:( Před 2 dny
i think that him, camila and ariana are the nicest people in hollywood and the music industry. they do so much for their fans and they are ridiculously funny! im so proud of where they are now
Bunny baby
Bunny baby Před 2 dny
I’m lying a little bit
Shaheda Khanam Shelly
Dude why is the other guy so creepy🤣🤣
Tina Belcher
Tina Belcher Před 2 dny
He's trying so hard not to come out
Janice Dalisay
Janice Dalisay Před 2 dny
eugenia *
eugenia * Před 2 dny
wait he seems so sweet hes got such wholesome vibes
Aurora Před 2 dny
It’s giving Cher
Aurora Před 2 dny
Should of asked if he’s 🍇🍐🍌🍋🍊
Juan Pablo Gonzalez Pulido
Cómo que Camila controla las redes de tarzán 🤨
Rachel R.
Rachel R. Před 2 dny
Ciarra Georges
Ciarra Georges Před 2 dny
don,t question him
hisham ahmed
hisham ahmed Před 2 dny
Lie detective guy: You’re the nicest person I’ve ever tested on a polygraph Canadians: YES 😂😂😂😂
Dude Kpoop
Dude Kpoop Před 2 dny
The fact that he has soo much to say about Taylor's boyfriend. He definable check out joe and many other famous celebs boyfriend.
no inspiration
no inspiration Před 3 dny
what’s on his fyp lmao
Riyo Před 3 dny
same Shawn, Harry doesn't follow me back too xD
Bharti Vatwani
Bharti Vatwani Před 3 dny
My heartbeats were getting faster like i am there 🤣🤣
José Rodriguez
José Rodriguez Před 3 dny
Shawn is sooooo hot
Katie H
Katie H Před 3 dny
cries in blue eyes
steven parker
steven parker Před 3 dny
13:34 FYP question
Kesha Lowlle
Kesha Lowlle Před 3 dny
This is so cute. Hope the rumors they broke up after Global Citizen isn't true.
Luis 🇮🇪
Luis 🇮🇪 Před 3 dny
Wait no shade I love Shawn but Harry is the nicest male artist right there 😭
Boobz Před 3 dny
He’s softer than a creamy ice cream….
Kamila Guzmán Torres
"i was friendzoned a few times by the same girl, but she's my girlfriend now so everything's okay" JAJAJAJAJA i love him
Anee Thamanna
Anee Thamanna Před 4 dny
💜ᗷTS⟭⟬💜 💜🅐🅡🅜🅨⁷⟬⟭💜 be like: oh yeah.. army is army ⟬⟭💜😁 Hey army's 💜
Manisha Timalsina
Manisha Timalsina Před 4 dny
I really wanna do it to my boyfriend.
Chrystyna Pizhyk
Chrystyna Pizhyk Před 4 dny
The end of this video says it all “The nicest person who has ever been tested on polygraph”. Totally agree.
Manny leon
Manny leon Před 4 dny
Pls- we all know 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈
Jethro Teece
Jethro Teece Před 3 dny
I wanted them to ask that 😂
lullu aa
lullu aa Před 4 dny
Is he too cute or it's just me
Emma Davis
Emma Davis Před 4 dny
I swear to god he is the nicest celebrity I'm obsessed with
Ritwika Sen
Ritwika Sen Před 4 dny
“okay now, we’re going to move on to the category of relationships.” shawn: okay. did my heart rate just rise? lie guy: a little bit, yeah. shawn: oh - *nervous laughter*
Energy Princess Star
I'd love be his friend I love honest ppl!
Jasmine. Myat
Jasmine. Myat Před 4 dny
i love him so muchh and i love how pure he is. Justin's the reason why hes doing all this and maybe one day I will succeed like Shawn because he truly is the reason why I want to be a singer. I love him
Neetya Reddy
Neetya Reddy Před 4 dny
Shawn be like why tf am I even here...lol he is getting EXPOSED
Balakordor Basaiawmoit
No offense or anything but I'm a HUGE Harry Styles fan and in my opinion, Harry is the nicest artist in the music industry. Again no hate no shade just my opinion as both a Harry Styles fan and a Shawn Mendes fan.
Tania Burguete Vilaplana
Should I be concerned I am in both Mendes and BTS armies? 😂😂
hiba binth haris
hiba binth haris Před 5 dny
Like? Like? Like?
hiba binth haris
hiba binth haris Před 5 dny
Bhumi Sharma
Bhumi Sharma Před 5 dny
Me hearing army is also called bts fanbase name and my hearteu bouncing like yeh ! BTS is everywhere 😂
Cream B
Cream B Před 5 dny
Omg why would he agree to this everyone’s so 😐🤐🤔
Sir JM
Sir JM Před 5 dny
What the eff
Arnold Smith
Arnold Smith Před 5 dny
Dang, Shawn Mendes was so goofy throughout the entire Lie Detector test.
Paige Mann
Paige Mann Před 5 dny
How is he only 23?!
Neishu T Maymac
Neishu T Maymac Před 5 dny
That's literally me nervous laughs everytime!
Liz Macias
Liz Macias Před 5 dny
Shawn is sooo sweet!!
jen ً??
jen ً?? Před 5 dny
Marie ann
Marie ann Před 5 dny
He’s never gonna beat the allegations huh
wendy sibelle brito santiago
Make camila cabello
Siddhartha Sharma
Siddhartha Sharma Před 6 dny
this looks scripted
Jared DePew
Jared DePew Před 6 dny
It gives me... Cher
Lujayne Rashid
Lujayne Rashid Před 6 dny
OMG!! Shawn Mendes being friend-zoned by Camilla is the best thing I heard in a long time. IT HAD ME!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
10969 Orube
10969 Orube Před 6 dny
Idk but I find it really cute when it's about Camilla hes like a 16 yo kiddo who's madly in love
Pigxxis Marte
Pigxxis Marte Před 6 dny
Pleaseeee Shawn is so cute, we don't deserve him
Alisa Schmidt
Alisa Schmidt Před 6 dny
did it hurt ur feelings that tarzan posted for camila on mothersday and not for you?…. uhhmmm what kind of a question is that lmao.. no.. maybe.. cause it’s.. mothersday?! and fathersday does exist too
Rhett Ohlerking
Rhett Ohlerking Před 6 dny
Paulina Rivas-Silverio
Explains how to do laundry. “He’s telling the truth.”
Simon Ives
Simon Ives Před 7 dny
Few little things he said reveal a lot, I don't believe he's straight
MarÍa Eugenia Pico MerchÁn
Stop with the baseless assumptions/stereotypes!
A Blessed Woman
A Blessed Woman Před 7 dny
Loved this and I don’t even know or listen to his music. Genuinely sweet guy.
ALhanoof 175
ALhanoof 175 Před 7 dny
He is so cute😂
Keith Před 7 dny
oh i didnt know he is so sweet and cute like this.
SimplyCxt Moved :/
SimplyCxt Moved :/ Před 7 dny
SimplyCxt Moved :/
SimplyCxt Moved :/ Před 7 dny
Thank you so much for saying that brown eyes are beautiful I have brown eyes 👀
Ria K
Ria K Před 7 dny
4:42 “I can achieve it” 😂 lol this answer was adorable. also “I don’t remember what the question was”
Bammer Flannelly
Bammer Flannelly Před 7 dny
I'm trying to be good to you yes or no I'm just trying to be nice this is bammer Lynn flannelly
Bammer Flannelly
Bammer Flannelly Před 7 dny
A bill I'm just asking you if you want to be my friend yes or no
Bangtan's Galaxy
Bangtan's Galaxy Před 8 dny
Confidence I like that!
Kevaughn Richardson
These ppl are scary lol
Kevaughn Richardson
Lmao every second of this I felt how uncomfortable he was right know
Kevaughn Richardson
Like these ppl or looking for tea lol
Kevaughn Richardson
He seem nervous af lmao
abigail Selvaraj
abigail Selvaraj Před 8 dny
Im a huge fan of mendes army❤️❤️ and recently I beacame army💜 I can't give up both❤️💜
Thao Pham
Thao Pham Před 8 dny
Shawn is a precious specimen 🥰 He is adorably funny!
Aya abdelaziz Yousef
4:18 was it by camilla or what!!
Ryan Solomonsz
Ryan Solomonsz Před 8 dny
I hate this dude 😑
Serene Bieber Mendes
Serene Bieber Mendes Před 22 hodinami
we dont care
Anna Gordon
Anna Gordon Před 8 dny
harry styles doenst even follow his mom back…
CelebIGLives Před 8 dny
He took this way too seriously 🤣🤣
Dinuga Dewdun
Dinuga Dewdun Před 8 dny
What if He said ''YEAH'' at last..
Eliel Arancibia
Eliel Arancibia Před 9 dny
Evafonsie Fonsie
Evafonsie Fonsie Před 9 dny
Yo!...he said that Mendes army is probably not more intense than BTS army.....but I'm a bts army as well as Mendes army....😭
Sonia Violeta
Sonia Violeta Před 9 dny
I would like to see Camila on the lie detector!!
Nazrin Jamalkhanli
Nazrin Jamalkhanli Před 9 dny
4:23 😳✨
Nazrin Jamalkhanli
Nazrin Jamalkhanli Před 9 dny
Jair Rivera
Jair Rivera Před 9 dny
They could’ve just asked him🙄 yall know what im talking about
Owen Rodríguez
Owen Rodríguez Před 9 dny
M M Před 9 dny
Omg he’s so cute
Michelle Belle
Michelle Belle Před 9 dny
This was really awkward to watch I’m not sure why, but Shawn Mendes was funny
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