Shakira & J. Lo's FULL Pepsi Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show

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Shakira & J. Lo perform at the Super Bowl LIV Pepsi Halftime Show.
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Komentáře 60
NFL Před 20 dny
Para más contenido de la NFL en Español, suscríbete a csvid.net/u-nflenespanol
Jhoana Ocampo
Jhoana Ocampo Před 12 dny
@_11200415_ t
loves2 loom
loves2 loom Před 12 dny
Luis goliat 😱😱
loves2 loom
loves2 loom Před 12 dny
Grettel G Seria buena idea y asi demostramos el poder que tiene Shakira
Cenderella Cenderella
Latinos presente en el Súper Bowl 2020💃🕺🏻👯‍♂️
Fabián Méndez
Fabián Méndez Před 12 dny
Kevin Kitching
Kevin Kitching Před 18 hodinami
La Gagis brought me 😂😂
جوجي ١١
جوجي ١١ Před 18 hodinami
شاكيرا افضل
Wrench Xzayvior!
Wrench Xzayvior! Před 18 hodinami
5:31 lol wtf
Toffer Prieto
Toffer Prieto Před 18 hodinami
Who repeat 9:58 again and again ?
Toffer Prieto
Toffer Prieto Před 18 hodinami
Jlo be like Beyoncé u still there? Omg those moves I'm in shock....
Luis Carrera
Luis Carrera Před 18 hodinami
I think that most of the people here are screaming for but we are not going to ignore that jlo is 7 years old older
LETS BE FRIENDS Před 18 hodinami
1:58 that transition damn I kmow this song for forgot
Zane Hills
Zane Hills Před 18 hodinami
For such a high intensity sport, shouldn’t there be something a little more intense for the halftime show?
judge parker
judge parker Před 18 hodinami
If i had 2 pick one 2 go a date with it would take weeks 2 decide which one.
Disgraced Před 19 hodinami
What's the song at 10:30?
Neysi Celene Cortes Cortes
Neysi Celene Cortes Cortes Před 19 hodinami
Estados unidos país de racistas. Falsos.
Carlosjose Atencia Moreno
Carlosjose Atencia Moreno Před 19 hodinami
La mejor
Diane Sydney Forman
Diane Sydney Forman Před 19 hodinami
I just read a news report that there were 1300 complaints about the performance. Given that a few hundred million people watched it, I guess we can ignore that. Personally, as a 63 year woman, I thought it was a great show with two incredibly talented performers. People need to get over themselves and if you don't like something, that little remote thing changes the channel quite easily.
GRP REVELACÍON Před 19 hodinami
Shakira simplemente la rompió. 🇵🇪👍
Maria V
Maria V Před 19 hodinami
“The National Football League thanks you for watching the Super Bowl 54 Halftime Show” Me: No, thank YOU
Dan Traverse
Dan Traverse Před 19 hodinami
Looks like dem hips still don't lie... ¬_¬
Milk Flavored
Milk Flavored Před 19 hodinami
honestly I think this was a little much... a bit to lewd for a family event...
ulloaleticia Před 19 hodinami
Best f*ckin show in the world!!!!’ Thank you PEPSI for this Outstanding Performance!!! Vamos mi gente Latinaaaaa!!!!!!
Jeffrey Monahan
Jeffrey Monahan Před 19 hodinami
This is filth all of it... It makes me feel anxious there constantly changing the song it's so retarded. Less is more.
BRIAN RUSSELL Před 19 hodinami
How can anyone complain about this show. The pole being there is nothing to get bent out of shape about. It's in Miami last I heard it was hot there that day. Jlo and Shakira rocked it guys. So what if they were dressed skimpy, do the coplainers want them to pass out from the heat. Great job Jlo and Shakira.
Joy Před 19 hodinami
My priest was so upset about how sinful this show was haha
Juvencio Estrada
Juvencio Estrada Před 19 hodinami
Love this
Jennifer Schmidt
Jennifer Schmidt Před 19 hodinami
I don't understand all the supposed outrage. Dude for the halftime shows you have to consider who is performing. It's freaking J-lo and Shakira. Of course they were going to dance sexy. It's kind of part of their brand dude. And they killed it in this performance. Ya'll need to parent your own damn kids and quit relying on television to do your job for you lol
Bernard CAUNCE
Bernard CAUNCE Před 19 hodinami
Felt the NFA turned this into a trashy mid time event.
Salt Peanuts
Salt Peanuts Před 19 hodinami
What is a nfa?
1xandro Před 19 hodinami
Complaints? It’s just jealous of ppl who doesn’t are success like SHAKIRA and JLo
Catherine S. Todd
Catherine S. Todd Před 19 hodinami
"Over 1,300 complaints were sent to the FCC about Shakira and J.Lo's Super Bowl halftime show" edition.cnn.com/2020/02/25/us/shakira-jlo-super-bowl-halftime-show-fcc-complaints-trnd/index.html
KormanP Před 20 hodinami
Hips Don't Lie
mashomenos 593
mashomenos 593 Před 20 hodinami
shakira shakira!!!...
w0lf130 Před 20 hodinami
She played Gazelle from zootopia and now she brought it to real life
a n a y shiledar
a n a y shiledar Před 20 hodinami
I have watched this so many times I legit memorized the words for half of it
Ilse Meza
Ilse Meza Před 20 hodinami
JLo killed it, a complete artist: sings, dance, showwoman. Shakira was hmmm.. a little boring, not too much to offer.
Rucha3rucha Před 20 hodinami
Monatik, Maruv
Derek Sanderson
Derek Sanderson Před 20 hodinami
What happened to "Up with People"?
•By DONATTO• Před 20 hodinami
Se nota que j balvin usa mucho autotune que milagro que no lo uso
Marchie Ann Tacang
Marchie Ann Tacang Před 20 hodinami
I must say Shakira's hips doesn't lie. 😍😍😍😍
Palneeka Kaur
Palneeka Kaur Před 20 hodinami
Anyone else who can’t understand why this show received 1300 complaints??
Erika Macias
Erika Macias Před 20 hodinami
Shakira’s performance was the best. She is simple, natural and beautiful. She doesn’t act like a diva. She is very humble. As well as, She can perform great Playing instruments and her dance moves and her talent.
Jessie Hernandez
Jessie Hernandez Před 20 hodinami
Jlo part 6:16
no body
no body Před 20 hodinami
5:30 someone had to do it. you are welcome.
E. I.
E. I. Před 20 hodinami
Almost all the comments here are about Shakira. Come on, JLo did great too!
Jim Richmond
Jim Richmond Před 19 hodinami
@1xandro JLO IS THE BEST. Would have never even watched if it were not for JLO. Only watched for JLO 😍😍😍😍😍😍
1xandro Před 19 hodinami
E. I. Yes she did. But def I’m here for Shakira ! I live her so much
lovelyblkwoman Brown
lovelyblkwoman Brown Před 20 hodinami
See how they stick together black people!!!! Majority of their own in show..stop standing behind these people. They don't care about us and think they're way better. Where are they went cops shoot us or when we are marching for rights...nowhere to be found. When the whities turn on them they want us to support them. Stop worrying about other races and uplift ur own.
Jim Richmond
Jim Richmond Před 20 hodinami
There were Black dancers. In fact most of the dancers are Black.
Lesley Trujillo
Lesley Trujillo Před 20 hodinami
Here I am watching this for like the 1876839397 time lol can’t get enough 😍😍💛💛💛💛💛
Marco Navarro
Marco Navarro Před 20 hodinami
boring half time superbowl
Jessica Marissa
Jessica Marissa Před 20 hodinami
Si Selena Q. viviera habría llegado hasta ahí cantando en vivo :(
Jim Richmond
Jim Richmond Před 20 hodinami
Quique Campos
Quique Campos Před 20 hodinami
Con esto queda demostrado que la mujer latina es lo más hermoso que pueda a ver y lo sensual al mover las caderas... son hermosas 😍🤤
Barbie Bitch
Barbie Bitch Před 20 hodinami
Jajaja en la madre parecen bien gringas XD jajaja
Exe Utiy
Exe Utiy Před 20 hodinami
Imagine waving someone else's flag in America. What a joke.
Exe Utiy
Exe Utiy Před 20 hodinami
@Elvira Diaz Yeah sure.
Elvira Diaz
Elvira Diaz Před 20 hodinami
Exe Utiy 👍🏼 ok. Hard to argue with stupid, ignorant and closed minded people. Truth is, she can care less about opinions like yours. There is a reason she is so famous...and rich! And never hiding where she came from.
Exe Utiy
Exe Utiy Před 20 hodinami
@Elvira Diaz it's not really though...
Elvira Diaz
Elvira Diaz Před 20 hodinami
Exe Utiy Puerto Rico IS part of the US!!! There is NOTHING wrong with JLO waiving the Puerto Rican flag! She is proud of her roots and is not going to hide it from anyone.
Exe Utiy
Exe Utiy Před 20 hodinami
@Elvira Diaz I'm not American. I'm Hispanic. I just don't think it's culturally beneficial to America.
Dy’s TV
Dy’s TV Před 20 hodinami
Ill just SAY IT the women complaining are just jealous that they dont have such an amazing body as the singers do and for man come on, thats how KIDS BECOME GAY Kids SEE WORST STUFFF IN SCHOOL and its ☺️
Howard Gofstein
Howard Gofstein Před 20 hodinami
They both look ridiculous
oswaldo suarez yara
oswaldo suarez yara Před 21 hodinou
wow shakira that sexy woman and her cool songs were great, do not know how much I admire her, I want to learn to dance champeta ..... I get excited.
Raul Calva
Raul Calva Před 21 hodinou
Yo lo sigo viendo en lo que reste febrero shakira y jlo exelente show de medio tiempo el mejor de este año
Edgar Acevedo
Edgar Acevedo Před 21 hodinou
Y esa sombra en el minuto 12:31???
ManPursueExcellence Před 21 hodinou
This is the only video in the modern day that I can watch repeatedly. I haven’t done something like this since the 90’s.
anyel rodriguez
anyel rodriguez Před 21 hodinou
las 2 bailaron genial pero una resalto mas por los trajes y sus coreografías
The Great Wall
The Great Wall Před 21 hodinou
Came here to see what’s the complaints about and America has became a crybaby’s country
Carlos Rumaldo
Carlos Rumaldo Před 21 hodinou
Está súper chingon
Agustín Luna
Agustín Luna Před 21 hodinou
No me canso de verlo! Era mas que obvio que ibamos a tener un medio tiempo por demás latino pero cuando Shakira abrió diciendo "Hola Miami" fue otro nivel!! 😍🤩👑
Irvin Dominguez
Irvin Dominguez Před 21 hodinou
alright it’s like my 1,000 time watching this i still don’t see nothing wrong with it just a great performance!!!!!!!
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