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Beta Squad play mafia, most savage game ever. Loser shaves head in funny forfeit. Mafia #4
Special Guest- csvid.net/show-UCtbuBqecjAUJcm27GOJN4Tg
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Komentáře 80
The realz Skrimz
The realz Skrimz Před 15 hodinami
Big shaq u shmuck
Irbaad Bashir
Irbaad Bashir Před dnem
Michael Dapaah: "Let's play a game on the African boy." Also Dapaah: * surrounded by 5 Africans *
Dxnny Před dnem
Whats the music that plays at the end
Dairy Malk
Dairy Malk Před dnem
12:24 niko crying
Dairy Malk
Dairy Malk Před dnem
In my opinion I believe Chungz is smart but can get weak with the visitor’s I believe niko is a star light but he is a bit stupid in what he chose Let face it aj is nothing The visitors can get pretty far but suddenly voted out Kenny just like niko he speak to much that why he get out early but when he’s the mafia WITH NIKO he pretty convincing Sharky is shy when playing but when he has a chance he takes it
Ye Olde Spoon
Ye Olde Spoon Před dnem
Chunks looks like Taaj
PancakeBoi420 Před dnem
bruh the amount that kenny has suffered in these videos is absolutely mad
Mohammed Hossain
Mohammed Hossain Před 2 dny
So you’re telling me that no one listed to Chunks at the beginning when he said Jack and Queen r the Mafia. No wonder only Micheal opened his eyes. Don’t even wanna finish the vid
Francisca Baffour
Francisca Baffour Před 2 dny
ghanian jollof is way better
Gekyume Před 3 dny
19:48 fucking killed me you got 100% of my respect
LifeOfSharkie Před 3 dny
The intro should of ended by saying all civilans are elminated sounds cooler
Afsana Islam
Afsana Islam Před 3 dny
Man said came in as rejection😭😭😭😭
Maesha Khatun
Maesha Khatun Před 4 dny
Niko came prepared for the coronavirus long before it was even established 🤣🤣🤣
Uzmirb 123
Uzmirb 123 Před 4 dny
19:50 ovio ting that's frr frr how bout u do the wax chew cheww 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Just gamers
Just gamers Před 4 dny
They deserve more than a million subs they are sick
Frennzyy Před 4 dny
Niko predicted the Corona virus
Keiran Baxter
Keiran Baxter Před 4 dny
No one: Literally no one: Kenny:I heard movement coming from that direction
Sully MH
Sully MH Před 2 dny
Did u just watch the anesongib one then come here 😂
Sully MH
Sully MH Před 2 dny
Facts 😂😂😂😂
Hayden Holt
Hayden Holt Před 5 dny
Click bait
Monk not gaming
Monk not gaming Před 5 dny
What is the w word
Itzlineraln Před 5 dny
My guy big shaq
lil bobo 1
lil bobo 1 Před 5 dny
Brooooo Nicko is smart
Raph03 Před 5 dny
they abused michaels inexperience😭
Mythical Jaguar
Mythical Jaguar Před 5 dny
V2ube Před 5 dny
Niko knew about the virus months ago...
Manchester United
Manchester United Před 6 dny
5:32 Michael "what are you smoking twix"😭😭😭
Thunder b8y
Thunder b8y Před 6 dny
MJarjue Před 6 dny
Ihbrahim Samed
Ihbrahim Samed Před 7 dny
11.34 chunkz was staring at sharkys belly
Abdul Magic
Abdul Magic Před 7 dny
niko is the best at this game innit???
Youdontknowme .56
Youdontknowme .56 Před 7 dny
“Pastor kenny” 😂
Youdontknowme .56
Youdontknowme .56 Před 7 dny
Aj is a doughnut how did he not know he was mafia
Ani 15
Ani 15 Před 7 dny
My favourite you tubers of all time!
THINKtwice Před 7 dny
meachal is such a idiot hes clearly mafia even if u allready kow that
ZuZubabyyy .-.
ZuZubabyyy .-. Před 7 dny
mv ad
mv ad Před 8 dny
If we are honetly being very honest. Niko has messed up more than Niko cause Nico let Aj win as a maffia while. Nico kind of controlled a whole game of maffia to end up letting 2 maffias win( Sharky amd Chunkz). and during Nico's failure Kenny was right as well as now.
Krzysztof Kozon
Krzysztof Kozon Před 9 dny
Michael Dapah wheres your hairline
Ybn Nby
Ybn Nby Před 9 dny
Elena Charchi
Elena Charchi Před 10 dny
Why tf have yall not hit 1m subs yet
Bashir osman
Bashir osman Před 10 dny
Niko is protected from the Coronavirus
Lil Jahseh
Lil Jahseh Před 11 dny
I'm still dying at how aj was mafia but thought he was civillian the whole time😂😂😂
Munib Ahmad
Munib Ahmad Před 11 dny
Where's the next vid like two days have past you smucks
Munib Ahmad
Munib Ahmad Před 11 dny
Guys upload you losers
Munib Ahmad
Munib Ahmad Před 11 dny
Chris Swata
Chris Swata Před 11 dny
Why tf is yung filly not in this yet
Jakub Gaming
Jakub Gaming Před 11 dny
Can u guys do more Mafia on camera cuz it's so funny and great to watch
Gruff Rimmington
Gruff Rimmington Před 11 dny
How has this only got 700k views.
Mohamed Ikhlef
Mohamed Ikhlef Před 12 dny
make another video of MAFIA
Powsay Skrr
Powsay Skrr Před 12 dny
Is kenny nikos real brother
Sami Zaman
Sami Zaman Před 12 dny
Darkest man scammed me £250 if you message me chunkz I’ll explain and expose your friend
IZ Gunnrz
IZ Gunnrz Před 12 dny
Niko is the goat of this game
Jessica Nathan
Jessica Nathan Před 13 dny
Niko you’re a smart guy in this one
Nahim Ahmed
Nahim Ahmed Před 13 dny
I think kenny got pissed when the beta squad crew thought that kenny was the mafia and the waxed the hair at the back of his neck and pulled it of his neck off the hell of the life out of him
MountainDew Boy
MountainDew Boy Před 13 dny
Have Qasa on the next mafia video
PC Brownie :
PC Brownie : Před 13 dny
Niko came prepared for Corona virus
RaZ1er Před 13 dny
Niko is going to be mafia next episode. Like if u agree.😂😂😂
Abdullah Elsadawi
Abdullah Elsadawi Před 14 dny
8:40 has me dyiiiiinnnggggg 😂😂😂😂
GamemodmakeGAME Před 15 dny
More mafia plz :)
ALegendFX Před 15 dny
Ain’t it ironic how every time the guest in mafia
Xero Před 16 dny
What green and red lights are those?
GAMER GIRL915 Před 16 dny
12:21 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂
flip check
flip check Před 16 dny
Isnt the special guest mans not hot
FaZe Schoey
FaZe Schoey Před 16 dny
mans not hot
Jxliuss Giveaways
Jxliuss Giveaways Před 17 dny
Naa that would be mad for a mafia with fillyyyyyy
Sleepy_2005 Před 19 dny
No one : The duck at the park : 13:38
JuansLuckyDay Před 19 dny
Kenny’s the real mastermind
Thunder Dude
Thunder Dude Před 19 dny
Who's Michael dapper?
Dio Před 18 dny
The 2+2 is 4 - 1 das 3 quick mafs
Goaldz IKM
Goaldz IKM Před 19 dny
This video was so good it inspired me to record a mafia video myself... nearly ruined my friendship group😅 u should check it out on my channel🔥
Brian James
Brian James Před 19 dny
I disliked just because Michael said Ghanaian jollof rice was better
Aaqib Gaming
Aaqib Gaming Před 19 dny
hahahah i love this
deejay earth
deejay earth Před 19 dny
Nikos genius is almost frightening
Chloe Smith
Chloe Smith Před 19 dny
love how scared they are of the waxing and girls literally don’t flinch it’s the same w eyebrows n shit
Fortnite_Player 123
Fortnite_Player 123 Před 20 dny
Essam Kokash
Essam Kokash Před 20 dny
So under rated
Mariah Khan
Mariah Khan Před 20 dny
So so so so funny 🤣
Kevin Ray Banks
Kevin Ray Banks Před 20 dny
That was funny foreal lads you all go well together 👍🏾👊🏾✌🏾💯😂 Michael 👊🏾👍🏾✌🏾😂😂
Heaney_S Před 20 dny
5:28 😂
Gene Paul Santos
Gene Paul Santos Před 20 dny
Amir Abdi
Amir Abdi Před 20 dny
Michael Dapaah looks like big shaq
Ridz Před 20 dny
Tf is a boiler suit😂
Hamzah Mahmood
Hamzah Mahmood Před 20 dny
For Coronavirus.
MSP AriMaßæ
MSP AriMaßæ Před 21 dnem
are they all brothers ??
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