Saudi Arabia's Oil Problem

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Writing by Sam Denby
Research by Sam Denby and Tristan Purdy
Editing by Alexander Williard
Animation by Josh Sherrington
Sound by Graham Haerther
Thumbnail by Simon Buckmaster

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23. 09. 2021





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Komentáře 4 939
Hussam Moqhim
Hussam Moqhim Před 3 hodinami
Every ten second in this video, it make a grotesque error about Saudi Arabia
Derrick Bridges
Derrick Bridges Před 5 hodinami
MentalEdge Před 7 hodinami
Damn, the idea that oil production may have peaked, with it only going down from here, is seriously exciting!
Neccaps Před 9 hodinami
As someone who lives in saudi arabia I know that the majority didn't like this step and still don't. Me and allot of other citizens said out loud that us appealing to the other countries of the world is impossible and we should just try to focus our development as a country on industrial production but it doesn't seem that the government heard anything and instead they called anyone who wanted to say an opinion opposite of the country a terrorist. One of the things that country did very wrong to was trying to decrease unemployment rate. Instead of opening the private sector for us(males who were already pole of this society) they instead just started replacing foreigners with female workers which didn't move anything and instead just laid more male outside their jobs. Instead of providing more places of work they just restricted them by allowing females to work. And since there were no requirement for how much male to female workers private companies started firing male employees and hired female employees and the reason was cheaper labour and the same amount of productivity. And because of this pandemic and other things like the decrease of semi conductors production allot of prices were driven high. Gasoline cars and property they all raised in price like no before and jobs are now paying allot less per hour. Basically the government and society are leading us to a brick wall that we can't overcome.
Sedna063 Před 35 minutami
@Neccaps Absolutely correct, although the problem is exacerbated for women. As for corruption, it is perceived more in Saudi Arabia than in Dubai. Most publications estimate it to be more of a problem in SA than in Dubai. Absolutely true, overqualification can be an issue. You should look to South Korea where a bachelor degree qualifies for a McDonalds... Saudi Arabia needs to attract businesses and innovation that would use those highly skilled talent that is there. But that doesn't happen all that often in highly restrictive nations. There are lots of studies on how male-female interaction is the most productive.
Neccaps Před hodinou
@Sedna063 highly educated men and women are still sitting about right now. And the structure of dubai allows allot of corruption to slip under the radar and the saudi government doesn't like corruption at all and won't let anything run under the radar. BTW the private sector favours efficiency and savings at the save time which could mean that if you are too educated the company will reject because it doesn't want to pay more just for education. So the companies usually look for low to mild education but long and good experience. If a person is highly educated in our society he better set up anything on his own because companies won't pay you your education's worth so a person would most of the time just not accept any offer of work and the realise that not accepting those offers was a big mistake even they underpay the person by a huge margin of what they're supposed to be payed.
Sedna063 Před hodinou
The alternative was that highly educated women just sit about. They are generally better educated than men in Saudi Arabia, more study in universities... Oh yes, they can be overcome. But the government is trying to emulate the success of the UAE which, like Dubai, are now largely independent on oil income after a successful diversification strategy. And that means more private sector work which also means that there is a lot of competition. Saudi Arabia has a young population. But the success of Dubai cannot be repeated if you only consider 1/2 of the population. The main flaw is that innovation and private sector employment cannot be mandated from above.
Neccaps Před 10 hodinami
0:35 those territories are opposite. Nejd is hejaz and hejaz is nejd.
Ministry of Magic: Department of Mysteries
And yet somehow oil trading at $80 a barrel is considered "a huge price hike that is leading to a shortage!" in 2021.
Haider Al-Farhan
Haider Al-Farhan Před 16 hodinami
Worthless video. Aljazeera tv’s fake stories is here now.
EJM88BH Před 18 hodinami
First of alla nejd was is the right side not hijaz there is mess info inyour video
Alexandru Gisca
Alexandru Gisca Před 23 hodinami
Anyone else doesn't care about oil but just randomly watched this video
Sellsword Cito
Sellsword Cito Před dnem
Islam is wrong
K KK 2.0
K KK 2.0 Před dnem
I hope they are saving money because their main source of income will no longer exist. Tho Saudi have less population so they don't have to feed many mouths and religious tourism could easily make them not returning to Camel days. Other Arab countries like Iraq, Syria ,Yemen , Oman will suffer. Although they aren't in good situation even with oil . Oman too will somehow manage , I believe.
Sedna063 Před hodinou
Their main source of income will exist for the longest time. But their population is rising fast, more than 40% of Saudis is under 25 years and therefore going to start a family in the future. The TFR in 2013 was almost 3 (now down to 1.92) well above replacement rate. So no, they actually have a shit load of young people that will demand the same benefits as their parent generation received. As for tourism, they mainly have Riyadh and Mecca. Mecca for the religious pilgrims and Riyadh for the rest. If they want more tourism, they need to open the society. Nobody will do mass tourism if they cannot enjoy some western civilisation. Even in Dubai you can run around without a Hijab and consume alcohol in licensed places. Not possible in Saudi Arabia as of yet. And culture has basically been left to rot for the past 40 years. Pre-islamic history was silenced before. Doubt they can become a cultural and tourism hub. They should probably focus to turn Saudi Arabia into a knowledge society which will run industries and innovate. Doubt they can though.
Faisel Am
Faisel Am Před dnem
Video about my country! Feel like I'm famous
Worse Před dnem
You mixed up Hejaz and Nejd bro :S
Yaseen Mousa
Yaseen Mousa Před dnem
In the begging, you mixed up the regions of Hejaz and Nejd. Hejaz is to the west and borders the Red Sea while Nejd it to the central and eastern areas of Saudi Arabia.
J.H. Miretskay
J.H. Miretskay Před dnem
He confused Nejd with Hejaz. 😂 Assassinating journalists, hacking into Jeff Bezos’ phone, and encouraging one’s countrymen to keep grizzly bears as pets. Clearly, Putin has taught young MBS well.
Hugh Parker
Hugh Parker Před dnem
The social rule is inconsistent with cultural evolution. It requires running the economy back to the pre-oil era, where it is more fitting. The outcome for the people isn't the stability that the social rule fantasizes about.
Ziyad Al
Ziyad Al Před dnem
Misleading information, most of the information in this video unfortunately are wrong, regarding the internal leading of the Royal family House, the relationship between the citizens and government, the doubt about the government fighting the corruption, repeate the story of Jamal and Jeff to rise the suspicious again! however this has been settled and solved internally and internationally! judging the Yemen war without mentioning the first spark that was from Iran and their terrorisst group!! .. what you see in news not always correct, and shouldn't be a solid source of information to make a video about ! I'm here to tell you the truth. Thanks
Sedna063 Před hodinou
I trust western news more than Saudi news sorry. As for the success of the new strategy, he is correct though.
V V Před dnem
Saudi arabia is one of the country that usa didn't declair war on for their oil or resource's
Sedna063 Před hodinou
Actually the US declared no wars for oil resources. They have their own oil.
dream on
dream on Před 2 dny
It is true that this is the problem of oil, but in the next ten years, small oil producers will become extinct and we will sell larger quantities at higher prices
mood uci
mood uci Před 2 dny
I can detect the unfairness of the editor of this video about Saudi Arabia and I hope it is Because of ignorance not hatred. I am a Saudi citizen and the reform of the kingdom is more than what appears to the naked eye, the country is reforming from the bases starting with the people idea of the right way to live.WE used to depend on the wealthy and generous government ,but now we are having great Intrapreneurs that are leading the market. Regarding khashoqi the card which every enemy of the The kingdom is using, our Judicial system has dealt with it and everyone related to it has been convicted Case closed. Saudi Arabia is a big opportunity for anyone welling to get rich and saying all those things about Saudi Arabia wouldn’t stop it from being successful. It is the choice of any company or business that want to get rich nobody can deny that and nothing said is it going to stop it from happening. Cheers
Sedna063 Před hodinou
@ZiyadZerh While I agree about the instincts of Al Saud family, I do not think this as different from any other ruling family. As for the Ottomans, the Arabs are not Turks, are not Ottomans. That they want their own country is entirely justified and nobody should fault them for it. Yes, they are clandestine supporters of Israel. And why not? Israel is a highly successful nation with the highest standards in the middle east. A technological leader and investment hub with much of the same problems as Saudi Arabia has. Yes, their religious views are political weapons and need to be contained.
Sedna063 Před hodinou
Yep, he tries to reform but if he is successful, that remains to be seen. What do you mean with "starting with the people idea of the right way to live". Does that mean alternative living concepts will become more acceptable? Please, what great innovators? Saudi Arabia is known to be advanced in oil processing and hydrocarbon tech but not in other fields. Khassogi - most commentators, including the CIA see some pawns punished and not the people who gave the pawns the job. Such a murder is not done without the knowledge of the highest powers! Saudi Arabia is indeed a big opportunity but as anyone knows, it could also be a big risk.
ZiyadZerh Před dnem
With all respect to you, the Saudi family is a power hungry, money hungry criminals, there're the ones who betrayed the ottoman by bombing ottoman trains near al-medina that contain resources to fight the British. They're the biggest supporters of Israel even if it's not officially said, they're the ones killing thousands of innocent Yemenis to stop Iran's influence, and they also use religion to fight their brothers in Yemen, Iran, and Syria. The Saudi family does not deserve ruling that holy land The Saudi family is just a puppet dynasty put by the west to increase their infuses in the region
sciure sci
sciure sci Před 2 dny
Saudi princes and princesses drink alcohol and throw parties on yachts. All of which are illegal and punishable by death for the regular citizens.
Sedna063 Před hodinou
I doubt the Princesses can.
sciure sci
sciure sci Před 2 dny
They're just putting up a front with “reforms”. A saudi citizen can accuse you of cursing god and you'd be put on trial for execution. Visiting or investing in saudi arabia is supporting the crimes commited by their monarchs.
SA Rocket
SA Rocket Před 2 dny
I like how everyone complaining about Saudi is not Saudi
Veo 16
Veo 16 Před 2 dny
So why did all the cultures living in those lands over the past thousands of years not stumble upon oil? Seems a bit lucky that all the oil was somehow overlooked until recent history.
Craig Anderson
Craig Anderson Před dnem
Oil is mostly useless if you don't have engines, plastics, or the chemistry knowledge to turn it into something useful.
M A Před 2 dny
2019 as the year of oil-demand peak is now behind our back, I understand that some people for some reason don’t like oil but I’m not big fan of wishful thinking myself! Unfortunately this video didn’t age well 😅
Namlas Yruhdwohc
Namlas Yruhdwohc Před 2 dny
Messenger of Allah (P.B.U.H) said: "The nations are about to call each other and set upon you (Muslims), just as diners set upon food." It was said: "Will it be because of our small number that day?" He (P.B.U.H) said: *"Rather, on that day you will be many, but you will be like foam, like the foam on the river (Weak and Useless). And Allah will remove the fear of you from the hearts of your enemies and will throw Wahn (weakness) into your hearts." Someone said: "O Messenger of Allah! What is Wahn?" He said: "Love of the world and the hatred for death."* Sahih: Related by Abu Dawud (no. 4297), Ibn 'Asakirin in Tarikh Dimashq (2/97/8) and others. It was authenticated by Al-Albani in As-Sahihah (no. 958)
صقر Před 2 dny
As a Saudi citizen, I would like to thank you for your efforts in research and investigation, and I would like to make it clear to you that change is real and we feel it as citizens, and this is the truth regardless of the opinion of others.
GoldenKnightGG7 Před dnem
أتفق معك 👍🏻
Patrick Kirby
Patrick Kirby Před 2 dny
@صقر انا عارف انك ماتكره بس انا اقولك كل حاكم في العالم فيه عيوب مافي شيء في العالم اسمه حاكم مثالي ايش العيوب الي انت تشوفها في محمد بن سلمان؟؟
صقر Před 2 dny
@Patrick Kirby لو تقرأ الكلام زين بتعرف إني ما كتبت إني كلمة "كره".
Patrick Kirby
Patrick Kirby Před 2 dny
ايش الاشياء الي تكرها في محمد بن سلمان؟؟ عادي قول رئيك فيه مافي شي اسمه حاكم مثالي
Penn Whipple
Penn Whipple Před 2 dny
The problem with having too much oil is that the USA is gonna attempt to invade your country
Arthur Schnitzler
Arthur Schnitzler Před 3 dny
Strong video, but most of the images of King Abdulaziz at the start are actually king Saud, his son.
Srihari Rao
Srihari Rao Před 3 dny
Once the oil demand goes down, the terrorism funding will also come down and world Will live in peace.
Arturo Garza
Arturo Garza Před 3 dny
Imagine if Venezuela got their shit together and actually started benefiting off of their oil. They'd be the Saudi Arabia of South America.
Z I Před 3 dny
One day in the far future the oil will runs out not only in the Arabian Peninsula but in the whole world, it is going to be a big problem from the entire world.
Teo Před 3 dny
"Moham have been naive"
GraysonStealth Před 3 dny
Just look at alberta canada... second largest reserves in the world and with fall of oil prices, their economy has collapsed.
Shanae Před 3 dny
You keep saying THEIR interpretation of sharia law, that IS sharia law not an “interpretation”.
SA Rocket
SA Rocket Před 30 minutami
@Sedna063 that was pre 2015
Sedna063 Před 34 minutami
@SA Rocket I thought Saudi Arabia is mainly practising Sharia law according to Quran and Hadiths?
Shanae Před 48 minutami
@SA Rocket Yes Saudia Arabia does
Shanae Před 49 minutami
I’m talking about the sharia laws that don’t allow women rights or throw gays off of roofs which is the one most middles eastern countries follow to a certain extent, the other 34 sharia laws are irrelevant.
SA Rocket
SA Rocket Před 57 minutami
@Sedna063 lol Saudi Arabia doesn't have sharia law
Paul Kinley
Paul Kinley Před 3 dny
The problem once again is their brand of organised Religion nothing can change until common sense smacks them in the face .A rich oil based Nation living in the dark ages asses in the air heads in the sand.Who really cares ? when electric vehicles become affordable for the majority they will see a huge drop in crude oil prices.
Rana Alduhaiman
Rana Alduhaiman Před 3 dny
The map you show at 0:32 is wrong. You switched the two names. Hejaz is the seaside, and the rest is Najd. :)
mat sal
mat sal Před 4 dny
What happened to your sources link. U always posted your sources?
Khaled Před 4 dny
8:39 ?? that’s wrong he didn’t held captive he just said i think mohammed can make saudi a better kingdom and he gave up hes crown
George Jones
George Jones Před 4 dny
“The key to trading success is emotional discipline. If intelligence were the key, there would be a lot more people making money trading… I know this will sound like a cliche, but the single most important reason that people lose money in the financial markets is that they don’t cut their losses short.”
Gigachad McJahseh
Gigachad McJahseh Před 3 dny
@Bryan Myqel People stay poor because we have an economy of private ownership where those who don't work make up 3% of the population but own more than 4/5s of the world's assets. Trading does not solve any of this, if anything it makes the poor and desperate even more poor and desperate.
Ella Daniel
Ella Daniel Před 4 dny
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BitBoy Crypto
BitBoy Crypto Před 4 dny
Obviously trading in bitcoin is very volatile and risky to trade that's the reason now investors trade with a professional broker.
Maxwell Jude
Maxwell Jude Před 4 dny
Her intriguing strategies are really working for me.
Elizabeth Mark
Elizabeth Mark Před 4 dny
I got skeptical because I was cheated before but after giving her a try it was of no regret but my happiest moment after my first profit withdrawal
Omar Alanazi
Omar Alanazi Před 4 dny
🛑How funny you keep imposing your wicked hopes into your videos. Thousands of companies and governments are rushing to take a share in Saudi vision. Hundreds of projects are being constructed in to many parts of the country by foreigner investors. Facts never be barred by a incorrect information❗️
Omar Alanazi
Omar Alanazi Před 4 dny
🛑 According to the CIA when they declassified the documents during Biden administration (there is no smoking gun that MBS ordered murmuring Jamal) ❗️❗️❗️
Michael Stross
Michael Stross Před 4 dny
Too bad this video is 1 month too early with Oktober 2021 seeing the highest petrol prices ever. I would have liked to see why...
Kevy's Random Stuff
i say bull shit oil still makes a profit at $25 a barrel
Arch Design
Arch Design Před 4 dny
0:35 false information hejaz is in the left nejd on the right. that is a shame to be displayed like that
JR Allen
JR Allen Před 4 dny
This guy is full of crap .Period !
Rob Před 4 dny
farra smit
farra smit Před 4 dny
Mr. Bone Saw can't open up too quick. He isn't in total control, he has to walk a tightrope between opening up and appeasing Wahabe strict islam. The reforms he has been able to bring in are impressive, it's going to take decades to turn this Islamic backwater to somewhere that's interesting and welcoming to the world.
Thomashoe hoe
Thomashoe hoe Před 4 dny
is it just me or is there an easter egg at 11:32 in the video that says ministry of HAI signaling to his second channel.
RPG Tandem
RPG Tandem Před 4 dny
Human right for journalist that supported ISIS
Aziz Khaled
Aziz Khaled Před 4 dny
Beautiful work! I do not agree with many things mentioned in this video but I know the amount of research you've done to come up with this. Ive noticed many flaws in this video many of them is mentioned already in the comments so I won't repeat what's been said. 17:13 A big flaw here I believe your comparing the same metric from two other sources which makes me question if you are picking and choosing what matches your believes. In 2017 you took the numbers that was announced by the saudi goverment it self but in 2021 you chosed the number published by the world Bank! I wouldn't mind if you compared any two numbers from the same source. But this is very misleading. I also think you might underestimating the Saudis willingness on shift there economy to less oil dependence. The biggest green hydrogen plant are being built in Saudi not to mention the many world records achieved in wind and solar. I do think its a long journey and might as you said mega project is not the ideal way but it's definitely a move in the right direction.
Reshad Před 4 dny
I hope Saudi Arabia fails and completely collapses asap.
RZQAX Před 3 dny
lutfur rehman
lutfur rehman Před 4 dny
if you are not received western culture you are not modern, and brainwash with media western culture so good.
Zeyad AlAamer
Zeyad AlAamer Před 5 dny
This video is filled with errors and incorrect facts. Hejaz and Najd are switched in the map at the beginning. Stock videos are showing people and places from different continents and places and implying them to be saudi. Saudi doesn’t need anything near to $85 to break even, actual figure is less than $10 if not less than $5. Did you even talk to someone from saudi or is your only source r/formuladank comments?
Sedna063 Před 59 minutami
Saudi Arabia needs an oil price of some 80$ to break even the government budget. The costs of oil production can be as low as you said.
suzercatel Před 5 dny
nedj and hedjaz are changing places on the map :)
John Ross
John Ross Před 5 dny
I don't think the narrator is correct about Saudi's barriers to investment. UAE is not a democracy, woman are not "equal", and many aspects of its laws are authoritarian. Yet it gets more investment. All investors care about is will they lose their investment and will they make enough money. Saudi should drop the requirement of joint Saudi ventures and increase tax haven status.
Sedna063 Před 57 minutami
Yes, because it carefully created an image over the past 60 years and developed a unique way of "tolerance". They actually allow alcohol in some places et cetera. Their investment is heavily into tourism and trade which needs an openness. As for Saudi Arabia, the costs of doing business are just very high. Gender separation is such a stupid and business killing concept.
Chazar Před 5 dny
0:39 you misplaced hejaz and nejd
DeFlekkie Před 5 dny
Just here to stress how excellent this video is. Clear message, in-depth discussion of that vision 2030 document while at the same time critically evaluating with side-stories and examples, all while staying focused on the main topic. A+ work, Sam!
Phyx1u5 Před 5 dny
Saudi Arabia: only 2 trillion in debt USA: hold my printer
Bradley Noneofyourbizz
MBS = Mohammad Bone Saw You'd think right wingers, who believe ALL Muslims are terrorists, would embrace renewable energy investment in order to cut financial ties with this lot.
SA Rocket
SA Rocket Před 2 dny
yeah and he got away with it so eat shit no can do what mbs did 💪💪
Rob Před 5 dny
Roger Desbiens
Roger Desbiens Před 5 dny
pipper donnie
pipper donnie Před 5 dny
"run on an economy on oil is not a good idea" United States 11,307,560 oil production BBL day Russia 9,865,495 oil production BBL day Saudi Arabia (OPEC) 9,264,921 oil production BBL day Canada 4,201,101 oil production BBL day Iraq (OPEC) 4,102,311 oil production BBL day China 3,888,989 oil production BBL day United Arab Emirates (OPEC) 3,138,249 oil production BBL day Brazil 2,939,950 oil production BBL day
CuddleMuffin .
CuddleMuffin . Před 4 dny
The us produces all that oil to supply its domestic demand
LightninLarry Před 5 dny
Are we not going to talk about how the king had 45 sons?! How many daughters did he have? Good golly that man was busy!
M7SN333 Před 5 dny
that's what kings do, they need to make sure that their blood won't go extinct.
NoMercyInc Před 5 dny
those pushing lithium mining are morons who deserve stroking out.
NoMercyInc Před 5 dny
no such thing as too much oil. if thats the case then going away from oils as fuel is pretty fucking retarded.
Albara Qahtani
Albara Qahtani Před 6 dny
0:32 You can tell how well researched this video is.
Sams Před 7 hodinami
What he do?
J.H. Miretskay
J.H. Miretskay Před dnem
AbdulAziz4CaNaDa Před 4 dny
Haha.. that’s not the only mistake he did 😅
Dimitri Mariutto
Dimitri Mariutto Před 6 dny
LOL, peak oil (production) has not occurred if you understand politics and economics
Ziyad Malibari
Ziyad Malibari Před 6 dny
I respect that you worked hard on making this video. However, you should have known that a good researcher should try his best to pick the right information from many biased sources or at least present both points of view and compares between them and finally add his opinion. With that being said, i can easily spot many misleading information you have presented in your video. You can argue that I'm Saudi and my opinion is biased however you should have illustrated both opinion regarding but not limited to the death of Jamal Khashoggi, women rights and many others. Due to all these factors, I will unsubscribe from your channel since I can't trust the information you are providing anymore and I'll come back by end of 2030 to remind you that Saudis have achieved most if not all of the 2030 vision goals.
Otavio Franco
Otavio Franco Před 6 dny
Great vid as always, but @9:40 the fast moving text made me dizzy
Walid Fakhouri
Walid Fakhouri Před 6 dny
You flipped hijaz and najd at 00:32
Jim Unland
Jim Unland Před 6 dny
0:31 the map is wrong, the two names are flipped
Sam 2014
Sam 2014 Před 6 dny
The map at the beginning in green is wrong, it puts najd and the Hijaz in the opposite places.
jehn Před 6 dny
oil make acid rain gg
Amal Arab Girl
Amal Arab Girl Před 6 dny
13:38 terrorst
Amal Arab Girl
Amal Arab Girl Před 6 dny
11:38 DUBAI not Saudi Arabia.
MasterMAT Před 6 dny
The world must reject religion in order to move forward.
68Charger Před 5 dny
I'm in, but hat's not looking exactly promising. We don't have a prayer.
Peter D Morrison
Peter D Morrison Před 6 dny
Peak oil used to be based on dwindling reserves. The planet needs renewable energy to survive. Peak oil won't be about dwindling reserves, but lack of demand.
mattie Před 6 dny
Yea production definitely peaked in 18/19 consumption is growing rapidly think of the economy bouncing off the Rev limiter
Brett Hagey
Brett Hagey Před 7 dny
If I ever need a Bone saw, I know where to go.
SA Rocket
SA Rocket Před 2 dny
Fathy Sroor
Fathy Sroor Před 7 dny
00:36 You have mastakenly exchanged Hegaz & Naged
Khalifaz Před 7 dny
4:52 Why do you use footage from other countries like Indonesia to try and portray your point of view??
Khalid AlAli
Khalid AlAli Před 8 dny
Wow, never knew that Najd is Hejaz, and that Hezaj is Najd hahahaha!
Enes Samed Dereli
Enes Samed Dereli Před 8 dny
Loved it!
Yousuf Před 8 dny
0:33 Nejd and Hejaz are inversed
Ahmed M
Ahmed M Před 8 dny
0:33 I was excited until I saw Nejd and Hejaz; it’s clear that you don’t know anything and you making me questioning whole video.
Ahmed M
Ahmed M Před 8 dny
And BTW we are paying 15% VAT. 4:45
Aidan Carlin
Aidan Carlin Před 8 dny
Very interesting watch this after the Newcastle United takeover
Joe Před 6 dny
Up the mags
HECKproductions Před 8 dny
i mean to be honest saudi arabia is a shit show from start to finish imagine the most high end technology in the hands of stone age men bound to go south eventually no?
Simple Pixel
Simple Pixel Před 8 dny
Was the Jamal Khashoggi part, a section of the reform?
SA Rocket
SA Rocket Před 2 dny
Jamal Khashoggi is many parts now
timjs1018 Před 8 dny
They have a place in the 2030 world if Islam dies, maybe. If all religions would die, maybe humanity can make the next big step, whatever it may be. Alas, humans will always need something to explain the unexplainable, and therefore religion will always exist. Maybe future religions won't be so rooted in evil, who knows.
Iseenoobpeoples Před 8 dny
Plan-demic is about oil, USA has a problem with oil not Saudi Arabia, I bet against sheep and make huge $$$$$$$$
Placeholder 123
Placeholder 123 Před 8 dny
Also because the people don’t have many rights
Ahmad Iskander
Ahmad Iskander Před 8 dny
This lazy piece of work, still spreading the debunked the story of MBS hacking Jeff Bezos's phone. Are you guys sleeping or deliberately spreading false information. As for the last part about "the radical change yada yada" ... hello China, have you heard about it? Economic prosperity does not require democracy or human rights or any changes except economic reform and focus on growth.
Frederico Ribeiro
Frederico Ribeiro Před 9 dny
Think of the countries that are struggling due to US sanctions. People of Venezuela, Cuba, Iran. These countries have totalitariam regimes? Yes, they do. Russia and China also, and accordingly are given sanctions --but they can circumvent those. Saudi Arabia has no sanction but is the most radical, extreme regime. Why? The rhetorical question is just to conclude: the dictatorships are bad only if you they go against U.S. business --otherwise is their problem (the country's).
DozaArchives Před 9 dny
Absolute monarchies are about maintaining power. To do that they need control over their people and country. They will never give up that control.
Bob Quigley
Bob Quigley Před 9 dny
34 million living in a desert which regularly exceeds 100F degrees and has no rivers... Yeah that's the ticket!
STuIK4 Před 9 dny
In 2:15 you skip king Abdullah bin abduaziz Really, too many mistakes in this video!!
pixelmasque Před 9 dny
sounds exactly like the aussie guy from economics explained, but with an american accent.
Dia Feda
Dia Feda Před 9 dny
You put the wrong name on the map, Small area on the left is Hejaz, the one in the middle/right is Najd. In 0:33
Blake Ryan
Blake Ryan Před 9 dny
I wish I could go to Saudi Arabia because I’ve heard it’s a beautiful country, but I would be executed so thats not going to happen
JustFrankJustDank Před 9 dny
one of the first movies sjown fun fact was get this, thr emoji movie
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