Robert Oberst's RECORD BREAKING Shot Put Throw | The Strongest Man in History | History

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At the Braemar Highland Games, the strongmen take on Donald Dinnie's shot put world record in this scene from Season 1, "Stronger Than a Scotsman". #StrongestMan
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4. 09. 2019





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Komentáře 1 215
Harlux Před 3 dny
airian girls
M. Hall
M. Hall Před 5 dny
“Putting the shot”, “hallowed ground”. “Putting the shot” is not throwing. If you throw the shot, you get disqualified.
Solomon Rivers
Solomon Rivers Před 7 dny
Eddie Hall is like the real life Zoltan Chivay
Jacob DeMar
Jacob DeMar Před 8 dny
These guys, if they worked on their form they could be legends
civilwildman Před 9 dny
At least this has some historical input into it, unlike much of the programming on this channel nowadays..
KalebTLT Před 9 dny
He didnt break Dinnies record he broke Brian's record
Robert DeVito
Robert DeVito Před 9 dny
I like how stoked he is to tell us about it.
Tarzan Untamed
Tarzan Untamed Před 9 dny
Rob should be Paul Bunyan for Halloween every year.
LION KING Před 11 dny
Surely Brian and Robert would be close to breaking the current shot put world record? I think they only use 16lbs stones for 70-ish feet and this is a 28lbs stone. That additional 12lbs requires exponentially more power because of gravity. I think with some training, losing a little bit of mass to increase fluidic movement and they could be competitors.
Best ROBLOX Parodies
Me: Running away from Brian Brian: Shot puts a rock from 31 feet and 10 inches away and nails me in the head, crushing my skull Robert: Three inches is three inches
The Boss
The Boss Před 13 dny
One was wearing a mr beast shirt
Reichen Beauparlant
Reichen Beauparlant Před 13 dny
Love how there wearing Mr beast merch
Jose Heredia
Jose Heredia Před 14 dny
I wish I could be that strong 💪
TheExPieRow Před 19 dny
I REALLY want to know how oberst threw in high scho as a senior. I do shot put now and I'm breaking 50 feet in practice (I'm a senior).
Pray Unceasingly
Pray Unceasingly Před 20 dny
I guess they can't shuffle before throwing. That extra momentum also makes a difference.
Andrew Aspromonte
Andrew Aspromonte Před 20 dny
That guy nick is never game for anything, and a pretty abstract pick out of a group of world famous lifters. I don’t get why he’s on this show
Balance !!!
Balance !!! Před 20 dny
Nobody: Beast titan
M D Před 23 dny
Those are some tough eggs they throwin
Worrawit Dulyavitya
Worrawit Dulyavitya Před 24 dny
I thought this channel is all about history?
TWIN FORD Před 28 dny
What a wonderful group, the three musketards. I think you guys are great. ESPECIALLY the food videoes. Keep it up as long as JACK LELANE. Please give notice to STUMPY RAINES. Uh oh , there were four of them, my bad. Last beer for me.
Zach Fure
Zach Fure Před 28 dny
If only Eddie was hydrated...
Mr.AJWorks Před 29 dny
Peyton Brimmer
Peyton Brimmer Před měsícem
Why dont they compete in the olympics i mean they’re the strongest people in the world
Peyton Brimmer
Peyton Brimmer Před měsícem
Kilts and cut offs
Brian Walker
Brian Walker Před měsícem
Crazy thing is Donald Dinnie was born in the 1800s and only weighed 210. Not to mention the lack of peds then...
Gabriel Carkhuff
Gabriel Carkhuff Před měsícem
I'm a weak man, I could never be Brian shaw, but I feel humbled to set a man beat him in some sort of competition, even if they are bros.
sheehan planas-arteaga
sheehan planas-arteaga Před měsícem
Only Brian Shaw can still sound like a nice guy as he says “I really wanted to beat him at that because I knew how much it meant to him”
Lenita Ramsammy
Lenita Ramsammy Před měsícem
I hope to b as strong as these guys one day i look up to them they motivate me
Yousef Sarmad
Yousef Sarmad Před měsícem
That’s not a shot put that was a rock not fair
xd Blanket
xd Blanket Před měsícem
‘28lbs Same weight as a 3 year old child’ My nephew came out half that.
Richard Philpot
Richard Philpot Před měsícem
Not too long ago in the future were 3 Giants living amongst the humans... Brian ,Eddy and cheeseburger Aliens: what was they like....?
Sus Gold
Sus Gold Před měsícem
Why they compare it to throwing a 3 year old
Cantin RipFist
Cantin RipFist Před měsícem
Only strongmen can hold a 28 pound stone like its a rock you found on the side of a lake.
Oseas Knapp
Oseas Knapp Před měsícem
Brian: Nice Nick Guy:23.5 feet Brian: His throw was not good
Cyrum64 Před měsícem
Kids ask why does it look so easy? Obviously because they are strong.
J bell
J bell Před měsícem
Just saying, I'm more impressed with the old record because steroids didn't exist back then and he still threw the stone farther than most of them
Charles Guinchard
Charles Guinchard Před měsícem
Love this show except the History channel's over editing
kaguth Před měsícem
My favorite thing about this show is that they're all so supportive and yet competitive at the same time. That's how it should be.
Tega X
Tega X Před měsícem
Wilt Chamberlain threw a near 60’ shotput in high school
God’s Honest Truther
God’s Honest Truther Před měsícem
I would smoke all of these guys ...💪🏼👁🤝👁
J Před měsícem
At 2:51, Shaw is a savage LOL
shm eeps
shm eeps Před měsícem
It bugs me that they wear skirts
Average American
Average American Před měsícem
There is a difference between fit and strong. You are NOT FIT your just strong
TheAnnouncer Před měsícem
That has to be the shortest amount of time someone has held a world record. In fact, that might be a record in itself
S Des
S Des Před měsícem
Technique is everything in the event. I've seen small guys throw a 16lb shot in the high 40's/low 50's. His technique was better so his throw was better. Your lower body is EVERYTHING in the shot put. It's by far the strongest part of you and both the explosive push up and the hip turn is what separates you from someone who's just really strong and muscling it out there.
Armando Castillo
Armando Castillo Před měsícem
heather swanson
James Wohltman
James Wohltman Před měsícem
This stuff looks faked.
Tonitro Před 2 měsíci
If midoriya was here nobody can stand a chance
Josh Alexander
Josh Alexander Před 2 měsíci
That’s not shot put, that’s Highland games. There’s a difference, I guarantee any pro shot putter would better any of these guys.
Timekiller2 Před 2 měsíci
Dude perfect want to know your location
Herbers Před 2 měsíci
Im pretty sure a caveman could double that easily.
Steve Spencer
Steve Spencer Před 2 měsíci
Awesome video so cool
suvrat dwivedi
suvrat dwivedi Před 2 měsíci
Rumour has it that Brian was late for this video as well
Rushikesh Před 2 měsíci
"Weak and ugly" ? Join our gym and just be "ugly"
Glywnnis Wells
Glywnnis Wells Před 2 měsíci
Robert could actually play in the Olympics as a shot putter and be an Olympic athlete with his win.The others beat Robert at every other endeavour except where it counts for Olympics
Inoa Cababat
Inoa Cababat Před 2 měsíci
Hey its the demo ranch guy
Rikin Thakkar
Rikin Thakkar Před 2 měsíci
Jesus is the most powerful man in history
FITNESS VALLEY Před 2 měsíci
U all are my inspiration n i m a big fan of all 4 of yours.. especially Brian..
illbbback Před 2 měsíci
Who are the idiots buying "groove rings" ? Those things were 25cents 10 years ago as kids toys. A marketing ploy to part the fool from his cash.
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