Robert Oberst's RECORD BREAKING Shot Put Throw | The Strongest Man in History | History

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At the Braemar Highland Games, the strongmen take on Donald Dinnie's shot put world record in this scene from Season 1, "Stronger Than a Scotsman". #StrongestMan
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4. 09. 2019





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Komentáře 1 094
Wendel Bolide
Wendel Bolide Před 13 hodinami
I wonder if you could do that when it matters...when it matters in battle...could you crush a man with that throw?
Joe Shmoe
Joe Shmoe Před 19 hodinami
The idea of this series is great, but the over all production and editing is no where near as good as it could be. It is interesting to have these guys peer into the past and try to replicate the feats of strength, but this could be done better. Like many reality shows the producers can't get by with out adding artificial drama. Some episodes are worse than others. At least there is a bit of history involved, unlike so much on the 'history' channel.
SAMSUNG Před 3 dny
I still wonder..why the BEAST wearing skirt?
Curbell Před 8 dny
anyone else notice mr beast merch?
Superstar Boy
Superstar Boy Před 10 dny
Did anyone see one of them was wearing Mr Breast merch?
f C.
f C. Před 11 dny
How heavy is it
general gold742
general gold742 Před 12 dny
nvm that's not a Mr beast shirt
brian6speed Před 13 dny
Robert did a better job of timing his arm with his hips, the others mainly used arm.
The Undead Alpha
The Undead Alpha Před 15 dny
Robert isn't just strong and pretty, but he also has a sense of respect. Nice! :D
Tucky Boi
Tucky Boi Před 15 dny
3:11 4:42
Lenishia Lear
Lenishia Lear Před 16 dny
Matthew Mukkala
Matthew Mukkala Před 16 dny
Imagine these guys in MMA
Carlos Colon
Carlos Colon Před 16 dny
Robert has tiny legs
manohar p.j
manohar p.j Před 16 dny
Nice frndshp....
jooka2010 Před 16 dny
This is my new favourite tv show
MTPatriot1787 Před 17 dny
4 huge guys and only one of them has ever put a shot before? They must have been late bloomers. Even if the other 3 were half their current size in HS they would have been familiar with the shot put and how to put the shot. Seems like History Channel man-drama nonsense. Nice Sport-Kilt's though!
Mike Baxter
Mike Baxter Před 18 dny
Second Place ... if the first loser
Mateo Před 18 dny
28 pounds...I dont even know if I could throw a yoga ball 30 feet, even if wind at my back.
e d
e d Před 18 dny
they put the shot about the same distance as pros, or little less. That is 7 kilos . so they put it twice as long
Shaboygin Před 18 dny
Brian is such a nice dude to be one of the strongest.
AttilatheThrilla Před 19 dny
The look real strong and manly in those schoolgirl skirts!! 😂😂
Joshua McLean
Joshua McLean Před 19 dny
Yeah lets just show up to something we’ve never done before and break a world record like its east…
Wearing Mr.Beast Merch 3:42 Respect
if you roast me my profile will kill you
Why does he look like maui
Md Abdullah
Md Abdullah Před 21 dnem
Ye sab sale ghgra kahe phnte hai be
Sean Reid
Sean Reid Před 21 dnem
3 inches
TranscendentalTunes Před 22 dny
Recovering from multiple pinched nerves in my spine, no surgery. Massively inspiring to watch all you guys and the way you carry yourselves as strong men.
iX Relaxx
iX Relaxx Před 22 dny
These guys are obviously past their prime, and while still strong, are almost made of more fat than muscle..They are obviously just doing this TV show as a cash grab. The fact that History attempts to make this the same format as almost a reality TV show, while using these guys, shows how unnatural and forced it looks.
Ben Teed
Ben Teed Před 22 dny
One is wearing mr beast merch
M. Hall
M. Hall Před 22 dny
You put a shot. A “shot put throw” is redundant, and, anyway, this is a Braemar Stone, which weighs between 16 and 28 pounds.
KiDD ViDD Před 23 dny
Oberst- "win the day"... Ol Oregon boy
Xtended Clipz
Xtended Clipz Před 23 dny
I know this guy from demo ranch anyone else?
notafraid06 Před 23 dny
Yeah, you're strong. Keep giving your country away
yasub mir
yasub mir Před 24 dny
This game is not all about strength. If your technique is weak even strength of Hercules is useless.
draxx Sklounst
draxx Sklounst Před 24 dny
Has any one seen Robert wear a shirt with sleeves? Like does this dude wear the cut offs in the winter too lol?
Save Point
Save Point Před 24 dny
Legendary shot putt throw....4 Giants are bored....."Bet I can throw a rock further than you!" New Record
JadinYT JJ
JadinYT JJ Před 24 dny
I'm Scottish Irish native American German and more I go to the highland games
Heroic Testicles
Heroic Testicles Před 21 dnem
Stevens Ranch
Stevens Ranch Před 24 dny
The demolitia wants you back robbert
HaltTheRanger5 Boone
I feel like Nick is like the father out of all of them 😂
jessie Parker
jessie Parker Před 25 dny
Now if Mel Gibson would only walk up and nail each one these guy's in the head with a rock.
GROMINOL Před 25 dny
i know it means a lot to him so i wanna crush him lol
Buyer Jay
Buyer Jay Před 25 dny
why am i watching this
Prismuh Před 25 dny
3:12 me trying to get laid
Deathrule 14
Deathrule 14 Před 25 dny
This proves that you can Yeet a child
ZS Před 25 dny
So why this guy is not competing on Olympics? Doping control??
Falsafa Kalam
Falsafa Kalam Před 26 dny
What in the world are they wearing
Universal _Wisdom
Universal _Wisdom Před 26 dny
I’m sorry but the skirts are literally impossible to look past. Do they really not feel awkward at all?
Soetpotatis Před 26 dny
I would totally roast Brian if I won this right after he broke the record... "sup, your record didn't hold up long" xD
Hassan Khalil
Hassan Khalil Před 26 dny
Imagine throwing a 3yr old baby😅
FriezaDBZKing69 Před 26 dny
I remember when the History channel used to be good. Now it's worthless reality television.
YungUpgrade858 Před 26 dny
Robert looks like a buff Post Malone
julle huu
julle huu Před 26 dny
they seem suprisingly nice guys
Dave zombie
Dave zombie Před 26 dny
100 percent fake and scripted.
Kujo Před 26 dny
Be careful walking on that “hollowed ground”... u break thru that surface and who knows how long the drop is...
scenemaker03 Před 27 dny
I like how brian knows that OB makes up stories
Akhil Singh Khyalia
Akhil Singh Khyalia Před 27 dny
Why does history channel does not show any history?
DudeMcAwesome Před 27 dny
Emphasis on "breaking", he demolished with that throw.
plecofan adam
plecofan adam Před 27 dny
Man throw stone!
Tyroxinas -
Tyroxinas - Před 27 dny
these are the type of guys to do a layup with this rock.
Jake Zepeda
Jake Zepeda Před 27 dny
I'm not even strong enough to lift my spirits, why did I watch this. Also, there is something oddly intimidating about burly men in skirts.
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