Ricky Gervais uses Golden Globes monologue to roast all-things Hollywood

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Actor and comedian Ricky Gervais joked about Jeffrey Epstein, Felicity Huffman and more at the 2020 Golden Globes on Jan. 5. Read more: wapo.st/2QvjCgZ. Subscribe to The Washington Post on CSvid: wapo.st/2QOdcqK
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6. 01. 2020





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Komentáře 100
karna pratap singh
karna pratap singh Před 17 hodinami
"It's funny coz It's true"
Cozza Will eat u
Cozza Will eat u Před 21 hodinou
notice there’s no black peeps):
The woman behind Tom Hanks...... lol think she's storing things in her cheeks like a hamster.
beetle juice
beetle juice Před dnem
he exposed them when he said like jeffrey epstein shut up i know he’s ur friend
Qino Qino
Qino Qino Před dnem
👁️✝️👁️🌋👀👂 CSvid Total Onslaught series #211,226 / Moment Of Crisis via Walter Veith
Craig Storey
Craig Storey Před dnem
Someone needs to expose the Washington Post to. Jeff Bezos owned and beholden to the CIA. The same CIA that ran Epstein as an asset. The same CIA that are involved in human trafficking at the highest levels
Ruhrpotter -
Ruhrpotter - Před 2 dny
Tom Hanks Game over
Paul Revere
Paul Revere Před 2 dny
What a hero.
Fredy Garcia
Fredy Garcia Před 3 dny
Good job!!
aadrianlee Před 3 dny
1:17 i know they all froze when they heard the word "pedophile" .
zights Před 4 dny
you know its true when your sipping on some beer...
Snortch Gortch
Snortch Gortch Před 5 dny
Tom Hanks is a pedophile. He is fucked and he knows it
Hannah Banana
Hannah Banana Před 6 dny
Ricky Gervais is my hero for having the gonads to tell it like it is. Bravo !
Dalton Zimmer
Dalton Zimmer Před 6 dny
Is there a reason why this popped up when I searched “Jeff Epstein”?
Eugenia Před 2 dny
Because he referenced Epstein.
Gaffner89 Gaffner
Gaffner89 Gaffner Před 6 dny
Ha that was great
Suren Manatunga
Suren Manatunga Před 6 dny
Good stuff, need more people like this with balls to stand up to Hollywood
Jesper Před 6 dny
Wow so he wasn’t criticizing lack of diversity rather criticizing the focus on dicersity in all the categories. Watch the whole version and you’ll understand. Welcome to media framing 101
James Koisen
James Koisen Před 6 dny
Hollywood exposed...facts!
Yarisken12 Před 7 dny
Shut up i know he is your friend ... :-)
Ahalya Vijayaratnam
"I do not agree with that in the workplace." But that aside, he's spot on about what's actually happening in Hollywood.
Ricardo Před 8 dny
I'm so happy he called this out I didnt even know most of this and realize the importance now.
Thomas Merrigan
Thomas Merrigan Před 8 dny
He’s not joking he’s telling the truth thru comedy. -2:43, -2:59. Good on him he had the balls to tell the sheep in our society that all is not what it seems
Kailerification Před 9 dny
This is even better today
Soura Man
Soura Man Před 9 dny
Like always cant beat english toook a british to do it applaus and im proud to be british
grown down
grown down Před 10 dny
This is why these p3dos want to censor free speech by deeming almost any criticism "hate speech"
Gary A. Valenzuela
Gary A. Valenzuela Před 11 dny
Literally, many of these people won't have sequels of any kind...
Tina Scott
Tina Scott Před 11 dny
Love this guy. He knows who the Hollywood pedos are
Gothivore Před 12 dny
This plus Matt and Trey’s movie team America is a perfect description and depiction of liberal celebrities.
Tim Tabatt
Tim Tabatt Před 13 dny
Yeah how funny. It took decades of looking away.We were robbed of life by a couple of pedophile filthy sows and now we can also bathe the whole filthy swamp. Becos still these whole pigs are protected. Every generation had these phases of waking up. please THIS TIME make something out of it, your straws in the wind. And If you can't get it back in line now and don't drain the swamp with all the Clintons, Winfreys, and the many other child fuckers, then build a toilet that is big enough to wash yourself down.
barry allen
barry allen Před 14 dny
This man is a legend.
Lorenzo Před 14 dny
Ricky Gervais is my new Hero
Carpet Climber
Carpet Climber Před 15 dny
Look, a man not afraid to speak up against that filthy corruption infested hole called Hollywood with the morality of the the industry cartels. And Tom Hanks? I don't know if he's just disgusted about hearing the truth publically, or if he's guilty as hell.
RiTisH M
RiTisH M Před 15 dny
TyDie85 Před 16 dny
Ricky Gervais does what I'd LOVE to do. Oh, btw, WAPO... YOU SUCK! You're still heavily corporate and are not covering the protests happening 07-25-2020 at over 30 members of congress' houses. ✌️,🖕
Robert OSBORNE Před 17 dny
LOL A DEM......telling jocks to his mates..........DEMS.
peterskallarp Před 17 dny
I never liked Garvais before..... now I love him....he realy let them PK-liberals have it ! Ricky Garvais is now a God ! Every word he said was true, he was not joking, and HE DID NOT CARE !
Terry Garay
Terry Garay Před 19 dny
WY M Před 19 dny
love it....got balls brutally true and hata off sir
Siddhartha Choudhury
Wapo crying
donna ward
donna ward Před 20 dny
I know like that guy!!
K G Před 20 dny
Investigate each and every actor in that room, bunch of pedophiles. Thank you Ricky Gervais for being so on point. Comedians are always talking the truth & we laugh because we are in agreement.
William Budka
William Budka Před 20 dny
Tom Hanks is a loser. He is exposed !!
William Budka
William Budka Před 20 dny
Ricky is awesome !!
Eiry Thomas
Eiry Thomas Před 21 dnem
Celebrities be like 👁 👄 👁
Bike Girl
Bike Girl Před 21 dnem
I love it, thank you for standing up to hollyweeds hypocrisy
Shawn aka Trust Luby
Shawn aka Trust Luby Před 21 dnem
That's the best damn thing I've seen in awhile. Love it!!!😁😁😁
Deedee 60
Deedee 60 Před 22 dny
He really is on top form here!
legasiguy Před 23 dny
I didn't hear Ricky with a disclaimer saying that he's part of the same entertainment industry. It's good that he called it out but he should have this disclaimer, as well.
Dale Cooper
Dale Cooper Před 23 dny
Oh I see... the Washington post
Mary M
Mary M Před 23 dny
Seriously, that was the only thing people watched of that entire award show.
ElR7 Před 24 dny
Tina Brown
Tina Brown Před 24 dny
that was awesome
LACHO Před 25 dny
keep in mind! : That was not roasting, that was crystal clear exposure! Ricky Gervais best man!
Scarlett Taylor
Scarlett Taylor Před 25 dny
“You know nothing about the real world” so true, love it, they have no obligation to say what they feel about the world most of them haven’t lived a day in the real world
Kyle Buudah
Kyle Buudah Před 25 dny
tom hanks face "the cabal has fallen"
Buck Buchanan
Buck Buchanan Před 25 dny
I always found Ricky Gervais somewhat funny, but wasn't a huge fan. After seeing this, He is the greatest guy in Hollywood!
Matthew McCormick
Matthew McCormick Před 26 dny
Doesn't John Podesta work for you guys at the Washington Post?
DidHe- SayDat
DidHe- SayDat Před 26 dny
Ha ha ha i know they big MAD - great job
Redemption Faith TV
Redemption Faith TV Před 27 dny
He's been doing the same thing since 2009. No different. I g society has changed, tho. it's more PC and sensitive.
Daniel Sweeney
Daniel Sweeney Před 27 dny
“Come up, accept ya little award. Thank ya agent, thank ya god! An f**k off!!” Creased 😂
Article 69
Article 69 Před 27 dny
It takes balls to just plug your show and rost everyone in front if you
seth leighton
seth leighton Před 28 dny
Ahhh the truth is funny
Megan Carter
Megan Carter Před 28 dny
Brilliant 🤣
titanus creature44
titanus creature44 Před 29 dny
Respect to this man for speaking the truth to all those pedophiles and fakes in Hollywood. He not only ended their entire career but he exposed the truth among these pedophiles . And he did it at a very good time especially since everyone is all together.
Sarah Blyth
Sarah Blyth Před 29 dny
The faces on the audience!!!!!Lol!
aadrianlee Před 29 dny
The best speech ever
laureen jewett
laureen jewett Před 29 dny
Best ever..Ricky Rocks
J Zilla
J Zilla Před měsícem
And dogs get cooked alive in China the world is evil
Yael Weinstock
Yael Weinstock Před měsícem
Wait, can someone explain the joke about Epstein please? (I’m not american)
Derek 1995
Derek 1995 Před 25 dny
Epstein provided sex trafficked children to A-List Celebrities and World renowned billionaires and had and island where they would all have big orgys and party’s and he got caught and was gonna bring everyone down with him and somehow killed himself even though he was under 24hr surveillance and had no access to any self harming instruments but somehow hung himself in his jail cell
matthew defoe
matthew defoe Před měsícem
This is why I love Ricky Gervais
eek0212 Před měsícem
i feel really grateful on his roast. i mean past few decades pop culture totally ruined by those pretentious "celebrities". ricky pick the very right point on this. We need more person like him can make voice in this industry.
hendrik blauw
hendrik blauw Před měsícem
Flower_Girl Před měsícem
Why does Tom hanks always look like a grumpy old hag whenever Ricky Gervais is telling jokes?? Just me?!
gambitojoss Před měsícem
Hollywood: illiterates teaching idiots
Dave Wilson
Dave Wilson Před měsícem
He exposed them because he didn't care good job buddy
bigbear76095 Před měsícem
Lets all keep him in our prayers for protection from these Demons!!
Ayylist Před měsícem
'Actor and comedian Ricky Gervais joked about Jeffrey Epstein, Felicity Huffman and more at the 2020 Golden Globes on Jan'' :) yea sure
Carl Browning
Carl Browning Před měsícem
Oh WP, if only you were a celebrity...
Carine Před měsícem
roast those egos!! well done ricky
78hooman Před měsícem
These Weinstein and Epstein loving sons of b's getting a reality check is wonderful to see
Denise Davis
Denise Davis Před měsícem
Amazing!!Thankyou for daring to speak the truth .
Navon Revleen
Navon Revleen Před měsícem
Trump 2020
Lydia Dimitriadi
Lydia Dimitriadi Před měsícem
SiriusDog Před měsícem
Yet we all let it happen if this is true and these celebs and elites are sick pedos. Why are we letting it happen. And dont tell me you will get shut up because there is more of us than them.
gary waddington
gary waddington Před měsícem
Tom Hanks eats kids, pass it on
Blywokeum Před měsícem
gary waddington Wow🙈🎭👀
top docus
top docus Před měsícem
Incredible :)
TheDoomslayer 121
TheDoomslayer 121 Před měsícem
He dont miss
Olly Mckenna
Olly Mckenna Před měsícem
Dudes a legend 🙌🏻 Need more guys like this.... Well they wouldn’t last very long anyway ☠️
Camille Kayseas
Camille Kayseas Před měsícem
Thank their god? ..*chills*
Omar Mohamed
Omar Mohamed Před měsícem
"Your boos mean nothing to me, I've seen what makes you cheer"
Troll Face
Troll Face Před 25 dny
Very Epic quote really...dude was on fire!
Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo Před měsícem
Ricky best watch himself, too many people tryna speak out been silenced in one way or another
Bogart Williamson
Bogart Williamson Před měsícem
I didn't really like The Office, but then I saw this, and I learned to appreciate it a little more. XD
AmericanPride Před měsícem
Awesome Hollywood Pukes
Riccardo Cacchioli
Riccardo Cacchioli Před měsícem
I still enjoy this after 5 months lol
Brendan Black
Brendan Black Před měsícem
Fun fact: Donald Trump was close friends with Jeff Epstein. 😎
Patrick stars Best mate
Patrick stars Best mate Před měsícem
1.20 minutes in some one cheered when he said pedo movies WTF
Jeremy Washington
Jeremy Washington Před měsícem
0:36 he spotted a glove
JC T Před měsícem
He rocks!
walter hank
walter hank Před měsícem
Imagine exposing Hollywood when they’re all kinda drunk in live television
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