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10. 04. 2021





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Jol Před 7 hodinami
Tbh I don't like strangerville either. I mean it's interesting story-wise but the gameplay and the infection mechanics makes it feel so hard to play normally and it's really annoying when your sims get infected from other sims.
Leo Grinsted-Sobie
Leo Grinsted-Sobie Před 17 hodinami
I have three in the delete category :(
Leo Grinsted-Sobie
Leo Grinsted-Sobie Před 17 hodinami
F in the chat I bought Batuu when it came out because I was excited for Star Wars and it was a terrible pack
Leo Grinsted-Sobie
Leo Grinsted-Sobie Před 17 hodinami
Strangerville is just straight up bad.
DulcetKitten Před 21 hodinou
Wait, how do you turn off that constant stealing thing?
Barnaby Trace
Barnaby Trace Před 22 hodinami
Occult sims are my life and it's kinda sad in struggle not making all my sims aliens
Alicia Giannone
Alicia Giannone Před dnem
Lmao I did Actually deleted strangerville and Journey to Batu 😂😂
FantasticFaker Před dnem
I actually like the get together pack but that’s probably cause I like making retail stores :)
Angelofthursday 99
The next time you do this you should add the tier "Buy it on sale". Which came to mind because a lot of the Sims 4 stuff is on sale right now. Some of it's 50% off, some of it's 20%, but I don't remember seeing that many fully priced Packs/Expansions on the EA website right now (other than the really new stuff). So what Packs and Expansions do you think are fun or pretty good, but just best bought while on sale?
jairus lin
jairus lin Před dnem
just downloaad everything for free!
Sage Snelbaker
Sage Snelbaker Před dnem
i just got all the packs off of ebay for like $10!!! what a deal!
Erin Alex
Erin Alex Před dnem
I have no packs as of yet, and this video helped a lot!
Ariana Davis
Ariana Davis Před dnem
seasons is like half the reason i play the game
Can Of catnip
Can Of catnip Před dnem
My tier list would be the same, apart from island living. Any game with the hint of tropical beaches rises to the top faster than any house with balloons.
Nomad Před dnem
“Getting rich from dirt was surprisingly enjoyable.” -lilsimsie, 2021
Lærke Helth Hansen
not to brag but.. like number 34k xD
Mae Snow
Mae Snow Před 2 dny
I actually love spooky stuff pack and vampires and just paranormal stuff all together so... 😂
Mae Snow
Mae Snow Před 2 dny
I don’t think she knows that she can get automatic vacuums so her floors will never get dirty...
Mae Snow
Mae Snow Před 2 dny
My mom bought all the packs. I bought a few for her bc she really wanted them and I love my mom and wanted to help her. ❤️ she introduced me to Sims 3-4 a few yrs ago and we still love sims.
progamer5556 Před 3 dny
wowee I can't wait to buy all of these for $800
Chapers Před 3 dny
imagine, just imagine how good this game would have been if they gave us these for free as updates. its sad we live in a world where EA owns the sims. sims 4 had/has so much potential but they make you pay hundreds of dollars for content
Stay Alive
Stay Alive Před 3 dny
Honestly my line up is relatively the same as Kayla’s. And I have legit only played in Strangerville one time. Got the game play from it and it’s a big “meh” for me now
Taheem Lewis
Taheem Lewis Před 3 dny
i liked in sims 3 when they introduced the college pack and the dark magic pack. i was a brooding and setting enemies on fire
Rena Eschenburg
Rena Eschenburg Před 3 dny
I personally really like Island Living because I am a real-life conservationist. I also love the furniture, the scenery, the water-front properties, etc... Worth the money imo. The rest I agree on though. EA needs to chill with the useless stuff.
Can Of catnip
Can Of catnip Před dnem
I’m in love with any game that has tropical scenery. Along with DS shipwrecked OST and you’ve got an amazing game experience.
Anahita Ruia
Anahita Ruia Před 4 dny
Can you tell me at what time during the year the sims stuff has it's best sale? I'm saving to buy a few of the expansion packs :)
Wandering Eyes 4ever
I think it's a seasonal thing where the sims 4 goes on sale. So every season, every 3months
Stingy Před 4 dny
Vlad never turns up at my SIms' house for some reason.
bannah_hannah Před 4 dny
wait why did I have no idea that they made vacation lots base game??? how did I miss this?? I feel so dumb I'm so excited right now, I have to open my game right now and make vacation homes in like every world omg!
Galaxy Vulture
Galaxy Vulture Před 4 dny
This just proves I'm a tier maniac since I dont even play the sims series and I still watched this
Brooke Anne
Brooke Anne Před 5 dny
I really like the vacuums but I wish that you could opt out of it like how you can opt out of laundry. if you don’t have a vacuum then there should be no dust
Brooke Anne
Brooke Anne Před 5 dny
spooky stuff is only fun and worth it if you have seasons because then the costumes and pumpkin carvings are useful for halloween time
Junghwan park
Junghwan park Před 5 dny
Author Cassie Beebe
I totally feel everything you said about seasons, but it pisses me off that that's an expansion. That should be part of the base game. At this point I have just refused to buy it because it's extremely stupid that they expect you to pay extra for seasons.
ImmaPandaRawr Před 6 dny
Seasons, University and Get Together are examples of worthwhile expansions but I still recommend everyone waiting until everything is 50% off. Everytime they release a new pack or expansion they drop the price of the rest of the packs. A little patience will save a ton of money. I’ve never spent full price on any pack but I still own most packs today except for the ones I don’t care for like Strangerville or stuff packs.
Mon B
Mon B Před 6 dny
Omg!! You built those homes so well, I was really impressed when I first seen them and I had no idea that was you!
Dino.fidgets Před 6 dny
Get together is probably by far my favorite pack just saying
cowgirl hat
cowgirl hat Před 7 dny
every person that plays the sims ever can tell you that “Seasons” is the best pack
Joseph Barnes
Joseph Barnes Před 7 dny
I’m still waiting for sims 4 werewolves tbh, I know it’s occult but I wish we could just get a supernatural pack again
Megan Kelly
Megan Kelly Před 7 dny
forgot for a sec that when sims 4 came out there were no toddlers and babies went straight to children :/
Megan Kelly
Megan Kelly Před 7 dny
can you do a video on get together gameplay/benefits?
Moonlit Ivy
Moonlit Ivy Před 8 dny
I love watching ur videos even tho i dont play sims lmao
Shadowtheultima & moonie
pov everyone iss buying sims and the packs with money me who used a app to get that all free oh i feel like a criminal
Shadowtheultima & moonie
Shadowtheultima & moonie Před 23 hodinami
@Katie it took me like 5 hours
Shadowtheultima & moonie
Shadowtheultima & moonie Před 23 hodinami
@Katie but lisen u need a LOOOOOTTT OF SPACE like 29gb free
Katie Před 23 hodinami
How?! Pls share lol I’m so broke
Creationator Před 8 dny
Bro, Kayla lowkey just quoted “The hub” and still has ads on this video.
jolene Před 8 dny
i agree with all except vampires.. GET VAMPIRES. I play with them ALL the time.
Alain Martel
Alain Martel Před 8 dny
I DO LOVE seasons. Even if it was only for the possibility to plant things anywhere. GREAT ! With vampire... WHY do those vampires even show up in Sulani ? In broad daylight ? It's the worst place for them ! I pretty much agree with you for the ones on the «delete» line. Tried those with a pirated version before getting the legitimate game. 💩🤮🤢
Ashley Noel
Ashley Noel Před 8 dny
I love to build so I love all the packs as they come with build items.
Karen Jane Flores
Karen Jane Flores Před 8 dny
I didnt even bother buying first pets and spooky, because why bother i already have pets and vampires and paranormal
Nadia Welter
Nadia Welter Před 9 dny
I only have 3 packs lol: Seasons OFC like how could I not, Cats & Dogs I just wanted my sims to not be lonely anymore and Island Living all i have to say is beaches.
Can Of catnip
Can Of catnip Před dnem
Ahh I see you are a person of culture.
Lola Marie
Lola Marie Před 11 dny
justice for island living
Can Of catnip
Can Of catnip Před dnem
Ben Breytenbach
Ben Breytenbach Před 11 dny
Jesse when kayla put spooky stuff in DELETE: 👁👄👁 🔪
Crystal Ortega
Crystal Ortega Před 11 dny
I have never fully played through the mystery of Strangerville. I always get too caught up in my sims life and my goals for them or the challenge I’m doing. So I feel the same way about it. I don’t use it. And I hated seeing sims in other worlds affected by it.
Daniel28021991 Před 11 dny
Intresting list
《 FakeShadowDog 》
Gurl I would of panicked if u didn't like dogs and cats :0
ScoodleMcDoodle Před 11 dny
Imagine if we got a school pack. Hear me ou, it could be like Get To Work, except its school. Kind of like University. You could maybe choose if your kid goes to a private school, a normal public school, or maybe even a really bad run-down school. Maybe you can even enroll toddlers in daycare and it helps them get more skills You could get uniforms, you could maybe even homeschool, maybe even stuff for parents like seducing teachers, befriending teachers, being a Karen to the principal. Maybe you could even work as a principal I just think that would be cool and more realistic, Sims 3 kinda had it were your kids could actually walk and drive to school and be on the lot, but imagine if we could actually play INSIDE a school
Arrebol Před 10 dny
If you have a PC you can run the School Bundle System (I think?) mod that has exactly all of those features. Private vs public enrolling, school activities like Get To Work, interactions in school to shape your child, and daycares
Laurel Kieffer
Laurel Kieffer Před 11 dny
I forget pets and seasons aren’t base game I’ve had them since I got the game lol
obsidian Před 11 dny
So basically I should get the Sims 4 base game with the seasons expansion pack as my first expansion pack?
obsidian Před 10 dny
@Arrebol Ur right thx
Arrebol Před 10 dny
Just pirate it and get whatever you want without worry
OneLastHandspringOK Před 11 dny
Plumbellas gonna be heartbroken about the spooky stuff slander
Naja Před 12 dny
I OBJECT, Luxury Party was revolutionary to the time, looked so cool.
RainbowCat 101
RainbowCat 101 Před 12 dny
Vlad keeps visiting you!? I can't get that mosquito to visit me at all!
J Courneen
J Courneen Před 12 dny
thank you i am going to get the sims soon so this was very helpful!!!!
I only have parenthood so i am thinking about getting city living, seasons, get famous, and get to work. those are my dream packs!
Isabel Feehan
Isabel Feehan Před 10 dny
I would prioritize getting city living I use it so much, then seasons, parenthood, lastly get famous
Le Ghost
Le Ghost Před 12 dny
i always forget that luxury party and perfect patio arent basegame bcs they're literally the first packs i had 💀 my mom forgot that i had sims already when i was in like 6th grade and she bought me a version that came with luxury party and perfect patio bcs it was on sale at target lmao
Willow 4152
Willow 4152 Před 13 dny
One thing I like about get famous is that if your a artist or a writer people are gonna know you it's not just gonna be like normal life
Xxgam6rLuke Před 13 dny
katchatty26 Před 13 dny
sims 4 issue is building a pack around an activity/skill instead of lots of small changes / new things or whole gameplay changing like seasons ex. for get famous, a sim after on the pc could suddenly become star crazy or a teen sim could have a crush on someone or change their focus to whatever career their crush is doing
Serly's World
Serly's World Před 13 dny
Batu is the worst thing EVERRR
Celldweller Fangirl
Celldweller Fangirl Před 13 dny
Sell out
The FNaF Plush Show
The FNaF Plush Show Před 13 dny
Her: Windenburg is great, look at how many lots there are Me: there are literally like three
Erica R
Erica R Před 13 dny
I'd like to have residential lots in Selvodarada (or whatever it's called lol)
Erica R
Erica R Před 13 dny
I think they missed an opportunity for more waterfront properties in Del Sol Valley too. Just not enough lots there overall.
anna !
anna ! Před 13 dny
mosquito....mosquito.welp I guess the stuff pack is named mosquito now
Tania Feske
Tania Feske Před 14 dny
what is better kniffty knitting or laundry day
Ana Alina
Ana Alina Před 14 dny
4:18 No. People were upset that they can't control their damn pet, which was the most fun thing in that pack.
Paula Před 14 dny
me genuinely liking Batuu bc I love Star Wars ☹️
Caitlyn aka Aangifte
U BUILD SNOWY ESCAPE HOUSES? ahh thats why the houses are so so pretty
Minti Před 14 dny
other youtubers: Hey guys welcome back lil simsie: Probably
AW HD Před 14 dny
i think a good expansion pack would be like, country living. • adds horses, cattle, sheep, goats, pigs •big barn doors, windows, farmhouse clutter •cow print everything, more rustic/farm clothing •more farming, more plants •a new country world
Will Před 14 dny
I think it bodes well for the game as a whole that the expansion packs rank high consistently
Arrebol Před 10 dny
Not really, it's just good quality trash vs complete trash. It shouldn't cost $300 to get half of the packs at usual prices. And many of these packs could easily be one but get split up for extra cash. (Cats & Dogs - My First Pet. Get To Work - Home Decorator - Dine Out. Tiny Living - Eco Living - City Living. Vampires - Realm Of Magic - Paranormal Stuff Parenthood - Kids Room Stuff - Toddler Stuff)
Will Před 14 dny
Take a shot every time Kayla says ‘objectively’
Kira HD
Kira HD Před 14 dny
I need everything in the sime other than the vampires
Christina T
Christina T Před 15 dny
I know like almost everybody hates journey to batuu and I haven't played it myself, but I haven't seen any simmer get into this so it makes me wanna explorer it even more.. also I really think it be alot more popular if they would of done a harry potter/ howgarts gameplay instead of star wars.
|Lisa Abdou
|Lisa Abdou Před 15 dny
Thank u so much for that amazing overview and I am sure the latest dream home decorator game will suit u quite well! Used to have all the add ons as well. Thank u for ur opinion and can't stop talking about Sims as well and get more people addicted to it. 😂
Lila Britton
Lila Britton Před 15 dny
Simsie: “cats and dogs is great, I love it” Vixella: “wHaT, how” (This is just a joke, and meant as a joke bc I know Sasha doesn’t like cats and dogs)
Erika Před 15 dny
Watching this to decide on a new pack because I hate spending money on a pack only to hate it
Sarah Munoz
Sarah Munoz Před 15 dny
When I was new to the sims my thing was weird so cats and dogs never showed up only my first pet so I bought it then learned I need cats and dogs💀
Nadia McGovern
Nadia McGovern Před 15 dny
Play-Games- Girl
Play-Games- Girl Před 12 dny
You need dogs and cats to get my first pet
Play-Games- Girl
Play-Games- Girl Před 12 dny
How can you like my first pet?
Nadia McGovern
Nadia McGovern Před 15 dny
simsie: when u compare it to paranormal-i objectively- im gonna say it- im obsessed with this pack. me: me too gurl. me too.
K. W.
K. W. Před 15 dny
I’ve seen a random sim in public that’s looks EXACTLY like you… weird.
Kayla Miller
Kayla Miller Před 16 dny
Am I the only one who likes the Star Wars pack?
al1ssa.sm1th Před 16 dny
Okay, I only own parenthood, University, cats&dogs, holiday and island living, but I absolutely love cats&dogs and parenthood. I got parenthood for my birthday and I wish I got it sooner! It's fantastic for gameplay and I think it's gorgeous! All the cas and build items are just lovely!! And Cats&Dogs are also gorgeous, I love the world and play in it whenever I can!! I think the cas and build mode are great and it's also fantastic for gameplay. If I get another pack, I would either get seasons or city living 💕
Chloe Jones
Chloe Jones Před 15 dny
I really recommend seasons, it’s my favourite expansion pack. It adds so much to the game with the snow and rain, plus there’s Santa and christmas, trick or treaters, a calendar to arrange events and holidays and so many decorations. I would really reccomend 💕
anabella joy
anabella joy Před 16 dny
i think strangerville is empty cause it’s supposed to be “strange”
anabella joy
anabella joy Před 16 dny
i needed this cause i’m finally not poor and i have money so i can finally get more packs. 💀
EmsieYT Před 16 dny
i just realized. why does lilsimsie´s background look like Gloom / Kassie´s background?
Quintavius Renatry
Quintavius Renatry Před 16 dny
I like season's and city living but can you hate journey to Batuu it's so fun having a star wars story idiot
catshlt Před 16 dny
Spooky stuff honestly could have been in seasons lol
Fre Law
Fre Law Před 17 dny
Batuu is so good if you are a star wars fan. And I love the buildings
Taylor Joy
Taylor Joy Před 17 dny
I really enjoyed this video
eKarly Před 18 dny
*CONTROVERSIAL OPINION* I like My First Pet Stuff, it was my first stuff pack and I love the hamsters
eKarly Před 18 dny
Parenthood was my first game pack so I never even realized school projects were a part of that pack I LOVE THE PROJECTS SO MUCHHHH
james jones
james jones Před 19 dny
i loved vampires i had a vampire turn my wife into a vampire and i dedicated myself to cure her lol
Jade Jordan
Jade Jordan Před 19 dny
I love that I can bundle up now and get 3 for $60 instead of feeling guilty I bought a game pack or expansion I didn't like that much
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