Quantum Biology: The Hidden Nature of Nature

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Can the spooky world of quantum physics explain bird navigation, photosynthesis and even our delicate sense of smell? Clues are mounting that the rules governing the subatomic realm may play an unexpectedly pivotal role in the visible world. Join leading thinkers in the emerging field of quantum biology as they explore the hidden hand of quantum physics in everyday life and discuss how these insights may one day revolutionize thinking on everything from the energy crisis to quantum computers.

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Original Program Date: June 1, 2012
MODERATOR: John Hockenberry
PARTICIPANTS: Paul Davies, Seth Lloyd, Thorsten Ritz

John Hockenberry's introduction 00:00

Participant Introductions 06:28

How is there a convergence between biology and the quantum? 7:45

Are particles in two places at once or is this based just on observations? 12:43

Are biological states creating a unique quantum rules? 17:32

Quantum mechanics is so counterintuitive. 23:00

Can nature have a quantum sense? 27:29

The quantum migration of birds... With bird brains? 31:50

Electron spin and magnetic fields. 37:00

Cryptochrome releases particles with spin and the bird knows where to go. 40:28

How is bird migration an example for evolution? 49:13

photosynthesis and quantum phenomena. 55:00

Bacteria doing quantum search. 1:00:21

Is quantum tunneling the key to quantum biology? 1:06:56

What are the experiments that prove this? 1:12:28

When fields converge how do you determine causality? 1:19:49

We have no idea how life began. 1:24:59

Replication leads to variation which is the beginning of life? 1:31:05

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17. 09. 2015





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Robiznes Natty
Robiznes Natty Před 2 dny
Jd Před 4 dny
Hug ty i
Albert Njenga
Albert Njenga Před 8 dny
@georgia ithaca Yes it will be a challenge because the culture is alien and some terms will be lost in translation. Note that a lot of non western cultures were ahead of the 'quantum' game before contact with Europeans. Europeans too, upon contact could not translate the concepts into English or French and it was then referred to as mysticism,animism,mumbo jumbo etsc An interview comes to mind when some Dogon gentleman was trying to explain to Kerry Cassidy a concept called Bayuali and Yenu. He could not get his point across due t o a lack of an equivalent in the English language.Her condescension was not helping either
Galeb H
Galeb H Před 9 dny
Anna Aurora
Anna Aurora Před 22 dny
It's an ancient understanding that everything is energy everything moves and everything vibrates. I think about Jesus in the desert being tempted by Satan also known as Saturn the world, once you believe the world is real physical sciences the only science your duped, you missed the memo this is Earth School and everything is energy. Best wishes magicians
Just Think
Just Think Před 5 minutami
If males evolved over millions of years how long would they have to live before the females evolved in order to reproduce??
rocklobster1976 Před 8 hodinami
This guy either needs to quit his job, or start a heavy diet of valium and stfu. So trite, so rushed, so insincerar. He just needs a new job reading employees their handbooks at McDonald's
jake hensley
jake hensley Před 10 hodinami
Life came from the subatomic dimension inside universe earth.
Tina N
Tina N Před 14 hodinami
Awesome video!
Sobekneferu Před 15 hodinami
I already love this guy within the first 4 minutes. love his joke about in god we trust. sure sure...... Surprised the audience didn't laugh at all
Stacie4Truth Před dnem
This guy is really funny and smart.
Epic Topic
Epic Topic Před dnem
The answer is 100% obvious. God created everything. And has everything doing what it’s supposed to do.
jeremy carrier
jeremy carrier Před dnem
My right ear really enjoyed this
Leslie Chamberlain
This one is really true, she has had contact and more with the Greys.
Real Earl
Real Earl Před dnem
I failed all science and math in school,got the the papers to proof it. For some reason I ain't or haven't bumped into any human known as a scientist over 20 years. Common sense tells me why.
Rick Moeller
Rick Moeller Před dnem
The fact this salesman is trying to reassure me is more than enough to make me worry.
S Ali
S Ali Před 2 dny
La ilaha illAllah
Notorious S.R.G.
Notorious S.R.G. Před 2 dny
The Trump joke hits different
severe Před 2 dny
Ive watched atleast 50 videos of quantum physics and i barely know what it really is
Hazho Human
Hazho Human Před 3 dny
Paul, if you don't know something, don't say "we don't know" but instead "I don't know", because there are many simple people and scientists (like me) knows
J S Před 3 dny
I want to know “Their” vaccination status!?
Kahleeto Trez
Kahleeto Trez Před 3 dny
Yeah right
Kahleeto Trez
Kahleeto Trez Před 3 dny
In other words they don’t know.
Kahleeto Trez
Kahleeto Trez Před 3 dny
In other words they don’t know.
SleepyJeaux Před 3 dny
And all this because of an explosive destructive cataclysm billions of years ago...lol, fools!
T D Před 3 dny
And maybe in the case of chlorophyll that the wall in the plant machine photoreceptor I should say that there is the gate that allows certain frequencies or qualities of light through and others not, that gate vibrates at a certain frequency which will allow its matching photon wave to penetrate into the machine cell structure dislodging the carbon from the oxygen converting the carbon dioxide molecule into oxygen and sugar. Yes maybe quantum resonance is controlled by the resonant field of the vibrating crystaline DNA structure... Food for thought
T D Před 3 dny
It's all resonance. However when we attempt to measure such things with digital systems it it impossible for a bit to be a wave particle so we are getting a distorted observation no matter what we do. Only analog systems are capable of observing registering monitoring duplicating the natural analog wave particle. The key is in the bible itself where the word(Logos) spoke everything into existence and the unified field is Love. We cannot quantify Love we can only observe its effect on the physical analog word of resonance and frequency. Love is more difficult to prove than gravity, you can observe it measure it but cannot prove it exists. Tesla was messing with such things and we now have A/C power, microwave technology, induction motors etc etc he still could not quantity Love which light is it's most abundant observable particle. Once again digital equipment cannot convey or duplicate the analog unified field. Only create a imperfect facsimile of the wave particle. Love is the unified field, good luck capturing it.
MORZYMOO Před 4 dny
Quantum physics the one thing in science that could theoretically prove the existence of a prime creator and still men show their arrogance to that particular subject
Farq Farq
Farq Farq Před 4 dny
Never trust Experts
Joe Mnk
Joe Mnk Před 4 dny
Here a year later after taking the heroic dose of mushrooms 🍄
Btugs Btugs
Btugs Btugs Před 4 dny
What does alcohol do in the brain in regards to quantum mechanics
Chiffon McMillian
Chiffon McMillian Před 4 dny
This should’ve had a visual…. Either way great video
Gedis Před 4 dny
why we getting more and more those s***y videos like this one here?
RiZe SuBZeRo
RiZe SuBZeRo Před 4 dny
I woke up and this was playing at 30mins… now I’m almost done and I’m still tryna figure out what there were talking about 😭😭 I might rewatch now
Own Ski
Own Ski Před 5 dny
From my understanding, with the e.t’s the galactic fed of light (dark) the dimensions are replicated for the reptilians, archons, whatever else up the chain on command. The moon 🌙 isa replica not authentic. They need us because we are the door way between dimensions. I think influence and intention plays a big part to mysterious mysteries
Joe Schofield
Joe Schofield Před 5 dny
These people need Jesus
Louise Bozagie
Louise Bozagie Před 5 dny
It's not hard...
Makinna Fox
Makinna Fox Před 5 dny
Quantum = Purpose
UndergroundForEver Před 5 dny
Please do somting with dutch subss, thanks🙏🏻
Max Nicks
Max Nicks Před 5 dny
Quantum Biology genius' can't figure volume control.
NylonHate Před 6 dny
HallieEva Před 6 dny
Brings up the Illuminati nobody laughs .... lol
Bekende_Wolf_9 Před 6 dny
Stop trying to be cute and explain this shit as if you're talking to humans, I came here to learn something useful. Not to watch you indulge your ego by acting like the cutesy funny genius man, thankfully the jokes are so lame that there's no chance of landing a TV show to inspire the continuation of this trash. The reason you all have this weird cultish outdated pro(RE)gressive world view is exactly because of this low rent celebrity scientist culture. I don't take anything you say seriously because it looks like you don't.
Cant Just Exist
Cant Just Exist Před 7 dny
"It's not so well understood" and that is the point. You are all trying to explain away the truth of a reality being hidden in plain sight. It is fairly obvious that what we are being taught is an attempt keep our minds distracted and confused while still maintaining cognitive function. "It's not so well understood". Hidden in plain sight. So many "if, may, maybe, possibly, spooky, freaky, unexplained". This is psuedo science attempting to explain away reality.
Meditation Limits
Meditation Limits Před 7 dny
24:50 I heard weird loud laughter that gives us a hint that intelligent on quantum mechanic are link to Autism
MichaelGaribaldi Před 7 dny
The moderator needs to STOP interrupting - it's extremely annoying and makes him come off as arrogant.
Omniscient Sloth
Omniscient Sloth Před 7 dny
I’d love to see these scientists experiment with different hallucinogens like DMT and psilocybin and meditation training. There is so crazy information there we are ignoring as a science…
suk Lee
suk Lee Před 7 dny
(English) Do you know this truth? 1. The clouds of the sky from all over the world are coming down to the earth more and more every day. 2. The sun and moon in the sky are super moon and super sun every day. 3. If you look closely at the sunrise and sunset, you can see the pink sky. 4. The chemical components of Chemtrail are spraying like crazy in the sky around the world. 5. If you look closely at the moon now, the moon is rotating. Yeshua is coming very soon. - Yeshua Coming -
JulianShagworthy Před 7 dny
The Asian guy sounds like a supervillain.
Chris Bowman
Chris Bowman Před 8 dny
Ah yes... To listen to a bunch of reductive materialists pontificate on their limited understanding. Knowledge without a shred of wisdom. Entertaining, of course, but relatively meaningless. Hairless primates still fresh from the trees reveling in hubristic, self satisfying discussion as they completely destroy the very systems that sustain them. Have fun!
Andrea Calkins
Andrea Calkins Před 8 dny
A presentation where they can't figure out the secrets of God's creation. He laughs at your folly.
mcoram3486 Před 8 dny
Does Thorsten act on 2 broke girls?
First order commander games
This guy is a babbler and rambler. Never latched onto his train of thought and checked out in 10.
MARYANNE269 Před 9 dny
It's so nice to see that the 'dislike' funtion is being used much less if at all on many on the CSvid videos I've watched lately 😁👍
Mushfique Khurshid
Mushfique Khurshid Před 10 dny
Why didn’t they invite Deepak Chopra?
Pink Droid
Pink Droid Před 10 dny
Can’t quantum entanglement just be explained as two particles that are not local in 3.5 dimensions, being adjacent in a higher dimensions?
Mathias Moen
Mathias Moen Před 11 dny
A game designed for the human mind has been infiltrated by a computer. Essentially, it is a cheat. What's more sad is the people who root for a cheat instead of supporting it's own race.
CERO PRIDE Před 11 dny
wasnt this guy at the start walking ?
Nama'Eleijas Před 12 dny
there was no big bang....it was a Membran function
Annette Tozer
Annette Tozer Před 12 dny
I just started enjoying watching this with closed captioning but 20 minutes in, it stopped working. I hope this can be fixed so I can watch the whole segment. Absolutely loved what was mentioned already so far. Thank you all for putting this together!
Andrea Dingbatt
Andrea Dingbatt Před 13 dny
Them Words,,, I know what they mean separately but put them together in this order,,, I Don't Understand.... My brain is hurting!! Nurse!!
Mystic Waters
Mystic Waters Před 13 dny
The same plastic you throw on the ground can go too the sea and be eaten by the same fish that’s been served on your plate,stop poisoning yourself and your loved ones ~use a thrash can❤️
Anon ymous
Anon ymous Před 13 dny
Terrible audio omg someone turn the volume UP
Bob B.
Bob B. Před 13 dny
Hypothesis "The bird brain has a hardwired genetic map of the world.."
kei Před 13 dny
white folks are confusinf asf
Turner Williams
Turner Williams Před 13 dny
I deadass started cleaning up my room when he was describing entropy and used the room cleaning example
Michael Gilbert
Michael Gilbert Před 13 dny
To bee dance in six dimensions is a quantum magnetic event in biology
Michael Gilbert
Michael Gilbert Před 13 dny
Look up the bee dance in six dimensions that relates to biology
osmosiss 1
osmosiss 1 Před 13 dny
Have we made synthetic chlorophyll yet?
osmosiss 1
osmosiss 1 Před 13 dny
Why aren’t we using chlorophyll to produce electricity if it’s that efficient (100%) at transfer
Nuggzilla1 Před 13 dny
The number of times I've heard "we don't know" and "partially understood" gives me even more trust that everything is carefully CREATED based on a project, thus there must be A CREATOR. Repent and belive in Jesus Christ Yeshuah hamaschiah, The One and Only God The Father, The Creator of all things
Achilles Jsmooth
Achilles Jsmooth Před 13 dny
Created by the living God Jesus the Christ.
Donald W.
Donald W. Před 14 dny
How is it, someone can be so smart and not have a proper understanding of God. It's amazing that these professors can be so incredibly smart and yet such fools.
UCzDwella201 Před 14 dny
North Korean sympathizers?
CC Před 14 dny
I love it when they say ‘quirky’ thing happens in nature. Nothing is quirky in nature. It happens for a reason and it happens right in front of us. We are far from understanding many things in biology. We are in the pre-school of understanding nature.
Marion Wilson
Marion Wilson Před 14 dny
How many 900 page legislation doesnt deviate? How many hired managers to be president for 4 yrs? Basically the nation's ceo's and or managers.?
Marion Wilson
Marion Wilson Před 14 dny
Are all coders trust worthy? Is every manager without personal interests? Etc. Special interests. Etc?
Bekende_Wolf_9 Před 6 dny
Look out guys, Marion's got a fibre connection. Red Pills incoming (it's like from the Matrix have you seen it? I think it came out in 2017 with that nice man from the motorcycle movie). Now look, Marion, as a purveyor of secret hidden knowledge available only to the gifted few, please be careful out there, you've taken a big step by coming out in public in this 4 year old video's comment section to lay down these truths, take care of yourself, get to the safehouse and remember the locations of the emergency ID's. The commander of the secret rebel force will be in contact soon, memorize the phrase "The Western Lord is High on a mountain, while the East is made of tongues". God speed child of truth, and Good Luck. Oh no... someones knocking at my
Barbara Garmon
Barbara Garmon Před 14 dny
Has anyone suggested that geese (plural) have the capabilty to detect the magnetic field, not a single goose?
Cube717 Před 14 dny
I just love how my mind wanders off watching this but somehow comes back to the quantum ... and in the end somehow it makes sense but in the end it doesn't but it does, do you? Gotta be that peekaboo and where are you
Rafayel Chowdhury
Rafayel Chowdhury Před 15 dny
That man is cloning Denver smile 🤣😂
Phoenix Skeptic
Phoenix Skeptic Před 15 dny
I thought this might be quackery, but then when I saw Davies on the panel, that confirmed it. You can't explain mysteries by invoking "quantum". You need Depac Chopra to do that.
Derek Pascal
Derek Pascal Před 15 dny
Arrogance destroyed America.
Kree Terry
Kree Terry Před 16 dny
This was 6 years ago?!? Are there any updates on any of these topics? String theory and quantum mechanics are my favorite science topics and I feel like a see a convergence (ha) of these coming 🤔
Ryne Andal
Ryne Andal Před 16 dny
Incredibly well-moderated. He added so much to the discussion.
planetizationrising Před 16 dny
The sleazy, juvenile locker room undertone was cringe-worthy distracting. C'mon guys, grow up.
NoSuchThing Před 16 dny
Funny, John sounds like Q.
Bas Groot
Bas Groot Před 16 dny
Sound...is of a poor quality
Jeffrey Lutley
Jeffrey Lutley Před 17 dny
Nice talk would have benefited by fewer jokes
Drew Chandler
Drew Chandler Před 17 dny
This is a long video just to say that magic is real.
daveidduha Před 18 dny
huckin fomos
Amar Pape Melanated
Amar Pape Melanated Před 18 dny
When we look material world we're biological but when we turn to energy we're Lights beings. Cannot be destroyed but can be transformed and/or move to another frequency
Alfonso Mena
Alfonso Mena Před 18 dny
Caught me yesterday. Any views in 2021 USA calender
riveratrackrunner Před 18 dny
...In god we trust, sure" 😂
liveuk Před 18 dny
Quantum the new ghost and religion in science
Neal - Stewart
Neal - Stewart Před 18 dny
math haha math and bio ha
TaZeR Před 19 dny
Is it possible the machine elves seen on DMT the unseen machinery of the universe is a representation of being consciously aware of quantum phenomena?
Ömer Güleç
Ömer Güleç Před 19 dny
Wow, it is hard not to be impressed everyone in this conversation is so humble. Let the knowledge talk!
Sober Yoda
Sober Yoda Před 19 dny
It does sound like a lot of ball and stick stuff
yoshicom Před 19 dny
Siobhan C.
Siobhan C. Před 20 dny
not smart enough to realize it is all in the word of God, our holy bible, and thru his son, Jesus Christ, that we obtain life and more important, eternal life in the kingdom of God in heaven in just a very few short years. Seek Jesus before you find out your intelligence got you nowhere.
Pure Energy
Pure Energy Před 20 dny
Clues mounted a long, long time ago. You just want to take credit for them. Well, guess what? Physicists that KNOW say time is simultaneous. We are being created constantly by the electrical energy field grids we are saturated with. WE are electrical energy field grids. We breathe, eat, walk and talk as electrical energy field grids. Quantum physics is not spooky. It is the oligarchs/communists/nazis of the world that want to keep this knowledge to themselves that are the SPOOKY/CRUEL ones.
Fruitdove Před 20 dny
Muhyadin Mohamed
Muhyadin Mohamed Před 21 dnem
Animal every where on earth inhel oxygen. Oxygen that is present every where!!
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